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Dream Katcher Lodge

Our Mission: To provide maximum personal attention to each guest in a home-like environment, while allowing our two-legged customers a guilt-free travel experience.

Discover guilt-free travel by boarding your four-legged family members at Dream Katcher Lodge. Our guests enjoy private luxury suites with color TVs, raised beds, thick comfy fleece pads, and non-slip floors. Select suites have webcams and large picture windows with views of our courtyard, bird feeders, and koi pond.

We offer many activities to keep the kids busy. They can go for walks and take in all the scenery, lay in the courtyard and get some sun, get loved on by the Kuddlers, chase tennis balls, or play in the hose on those warm Tennessee summer days.

A Day in the Life of a Kitty Guest at Dream Katcher Lodge

My day starts very early when the Kuddlers awaken me. While I am out of my suite exploring, the Kuddlers are busy cleaning my suite, scooping my box, and fixing my toys so that everything is just the way I like it. After my food is warmed, it is served to me in Neman Marcus crystal and I am able to enjoy some of the special treats you brought for me. (Thank you!) After I enjoy my breakfast, I like to spend my mornings lounging on the cushion, washing my face, making biscuits, and rubbing my chin on the four-poster bed. Oh how I do enjoy these snuggly beds!

Midday rolls around and the Kuddlers once again wake me up to refresh my water, clean and tidy my suite, and scratch my chin. (I really like it when they do that.) For my afternoon kuddle time, I get to explore some more. This is when I usually play with the laser pointer, enjoy some brushing, snuggle into the Kuddler’s lap, or simply have lots of kisses poured on me by the Kuddlers. (I think of them as my servants because they are always checking in on me and asking if I need anything.)

Afternoons are great because I get to sunbathe and drift off to sleep while watching the bunny rabbits and bird/squirrel feeders right outside my window. You should see the squirrels hanging upside down on that bird feeder! For supper they warm some fresh food for me, clean/tidy my suite, scoop my box, and tell me how beautiful I am. (Like I didn’t already know that.) They sure do like to interrupt my naps a lot!

Last thing at night, long after dark and after my usual bedtime, the Kuddlers wake me up one more time to fill up my water bowl, kiss me goodnight, and wish me sweet dreams. Well, I am still thinking about that squirrel, so of course I will have sweet dreams! Thanks for letting me stay here – I really enjoy my time at the Lodge. Do you have to come back so soon?

Dream Katcher Lodge
11253 Kingston Pike in Knoxville

Mon–Fri 9am-6pm
Sat 9am-4pm
Sun 1-4pm

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