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Easier, Faster, Safer Cooking

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. You’re looking at one of the marvels of new technology in today’s kitchen – the induction cooktop. With induction cooking, the element located under the glass heats up the cookware, yet the actual glass surface maintains a cooler temperature. This new induction kitchen technology offers an easier, faster, safer cooking experience in the kitchen, and for many homeowners induction cooking is a great way to get the conveniences of gas cooking without the headaches of adding a gas line to your kitchen.

The main reason homeowners choose gas ranges over electric is because gas ranges have better control; they can turn on and off instantly whereas electric can’t. Induction cooking has the same type of instant on and off capability as gas. And most units automatically turn the burner off if the pan is not returned to the same burner within a certain time frame. Now that’s safety! Another great benefit of induction cooking is that induction cooktops clean up quickly and easily because it’s not the glass surface that provides heat to the pot. Spills become much easier to clean up since the cooking surface stays cooler than your cookware.

Induction in appliances is a simple technology, but many homeowners are not sure how it works. An induction cooktop has unique copper elements under the glass ceramic surface that use electricity to produce a magnetic field. The magnetic field reacts with the iron in metal cookware and transfers the heat to the cookware. The bottom line performance of induction is based on your cookware. An easy way to see if your current cookware will work is to do the magnet test. If a magnet will stick to the outside bottom of your pot, it will work.

An additional bonus that most homeowners don’t know is that induction cooktops are faster at cooking. The induction element technology heats up the pan faster and with less energy. The best example of the induction’s speed is the time it takes to boil water. With induction your time to boil water is greatly reduced; you can bring one quart of water to boil in as little as 90 seconds. Food gets to the table faster, so you can spend more time enjoying the food and less time waiting for food to cook.

Induction cooking is revolutionizing the kitchen. You can cook faster, gain the same convenient features as gas, have a safer cooking environment, and spend less time cleaning up. Life just got easier in the kitchen and induction cooking is leading the way.

If you want to see a live demonstration of these cooktops in action, just visit the new Friedman’s showroom and they’ll give you the surprise of your life. 

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