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Political Season Survival Tips

If you’re like most Americans you no doubt are already experiencing Profound Political Information Overload Syndrome, or PPIOS. And if you find yourself shouting at your car’s radio or disputing your version of the truth with a television political pundit, your PPIOS might be much more severe than you might have imagined.

The first tip for survival this political season is to keep your small business on its present trajectory for recovery during this period of modest, yet improving economic growth. Businesses that are “off-message” or that ignore the opportunities to prosper during this recovery do so at their own peril and to your advantage.

Secondly, and despite the outcome of the upcoming elections, accept the fact that our republic has survived countless elections over its more than two-century history, and we will survive this November’s election regardless of the best efforts of politicians from each party to divide our nation’s populace.

Thirdly, dial down the emotions a notch by limiting your exposure to the news. I preferred the good old days when television featured 30-minute newscasts; one in the morning and a second in the late evening. Today we are bombarded with 24/7 news coverage from multiple media outlets that are competing for viewers for the sole purpose of generating greater advertising revenues.

Don’t kid yourself. Media outlets feast on advertising dollars and the field of journalism is transforming itself into the field of entertainment in many instances. Close your eyes when you next watch cable news. What’s the deal with all the music? My guess is that its purpose is to heighten our emotions. I call that “theatre.”

I’d suggest that you catch five minutes of news in the morning, over the lunch hour and in the evening from varied media outlets.

Fourth, exercise your right to vote. Cynicism appears to be at an all time high this election season. It does every election season. But vote. Conjure up in your mind those brave Iraqi citizens who walked miles under the threat of death to exercise their first ever opportunity to vote in what they could only hope would be a legitimate and fair election that would help to determine the future course of their fledging democracy.

And finally, return to the first tip if you’re still experiencing PPIOS.

The best decision you can make for your small business, your family, your employees, your customers, and our local economy is to adhere to well thought-out and carefully implemented strategy for success. And try to ignore the fact that the next election season begins on November the 5th.

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