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Natural Pet Supply

Discover better health and longevity for your family’s best friend.

In response to the years of allergies, cancer, skin, and other health related issues experienced by their family’s pets, lifelong Johnson City natives and husband and wife, Don and Valerie Whaley, discovered that improper nutrition was largely the cause of their pets’ problems. Further, they found that proper nutrition, which avoided fillers, processing and chemical preservatives, greatly improved their pets’ health and contributed to their longevity.

This month Everything Knoxville interviews Natural Pet Supply, where you will discover how proper nutrition and education can enhance the health and longevity of your family’s dog or cat.

Everything Knoxville: Natural Pet Supply is a locally owned small business committed to promoting better health for the other members of our families – our dogs and cats. Describe Natural Pet Supply’s philosophy.

Natural Pet Supply: Basically, that better food results in better health. By better we mean the best sourced ingredients for health and sustainability, cleanliness, and consistency. When you and your pet(s) eat a wholesome, natural diet, you’ll naturally get better health results. Don’t discount the importance of a balanced lifestyle – regular exercise, good sleep, healthy emotional environments and relationships, moderation – those certainly add to the holistic well being of us and our pets and it all goes together with food to make us work properly and be healthier.

EK: Natural Pet Supply’s owners and founders, and husband and wife team, Don and Valerie Whaley, actually launched their small business after researching and discovering how improved nutrition overcame many of the health problems their family pets were experiencing. Just what did they discover?

NPS: That many popular pet foods are compromised primarily of lower quality “run off” ingredients from the human food industry. By the time those ingredients get into the bags of our pet’s food, the nutritional value is less than it could or should be. We learned that we need to be savvy consumers both for ourselves and our pet’s well being. You can be savvy by being an avid label reader, knowing the company’s philosophy, asking where they source ingredients and manufacture the product(s), and whether they hold any certifications for excellence. The internet is a great source of information, but remember to get verifiable information – make it a point to avoid blogs and personal opinions unless they are based on reliable facts that can be verified.

EK: When and where did Natural Pet Supply launch its first store?

NPS: We opened in Johnson City, Tennessee in 2005.

EK: What was the response from pet owners?

NPS: Slow but steady, and overall grateful to have the option of a healthy choice for their pet products.

EK: Describe how fillers, processing, and chemical preservatives can negatively impact the health and longevity of our pets.

NPS: A wise veterinarian once said that the “further away from natural one gets, the more problems one has.” That is such a profound thought and when applied to foods – whether pet or human – it’s so true. We live in such a fast paced technological world that we’re always looking for convenience and speed. As a result, most of our foods are already prepared. Virtually nothing is fresh and raw or freshly prepared from fresh ingredients, thus the need for fillers and preservatives. As a result of this madness, we’re not receiving the benefits of fresh food, we’re ingesting chemicals that our bodies don’t know what to do with, and we’re creating health problems as a direct result of the overload of chemicals. We can reduce the negative effects by taking a bit of extra time in examining the ingredients in our foods and making smart choices and purchases for the ingredients we’re putting into our pets and our bodies. Adding fresh foods, excellent quality supplements, fresh air, movement, and water to our life are ways we can improve the diet pitfalls that so many pets and people get into.

EK: What type of quality products will pet owners discover at Natural Pet Supply that will not commonly be found at traditional pet food retailers?

NPS: Holistic and super-premium food formulas, excellent quality supplements, unique treats, USA made and sourced items, and functional accessories designed to make you and your pet’s life more comfortable and fun.

EK: Tell our readers about the added resources that Natural Pet Supply offers pet owners which are designed to help educate and inform them.

NPS: Excellent customer service; all the products we represent are backed by the producers, and we love to get to know our customers and their pets. We consider it a privilege to serve the wonderful customers that NPS attracts and we do it with enthusiasm. Our team is equipped to provide excellent information to help make your pet healthier.

EK: Can we assume that your decision to open a new location in Bearden came as a result of the overwhelmingly positive response you received at your Johnson City location?

NPS: The decision to expand to Knoxville was a result of our brother’s interest in joining the company. He was the one who had the idea, selected the location, and built the business here in Knoxville. We are excited to be in this great town and it’s so much fun for us to break away from the Johnson City location and come here to work and serve. The customers are terrific and we couldn’t be more pleased with the location.

EK: Natural Pet Supply’s Bearden location is managed by Valerie’s brother, Eric. How did Eric first become involved in the family business?

NPS: Eric has a strong business background and has been involved with NPS since its conception in 2005. He was our main consultant for development of the business plan and has been a prime resource to us all through the years of NPS Johnson City. We were thrilled at his desire to join the business and expand to Knoxville.

EK: Anything else you would like to tell our readers about specials or events taking place at your Bearden location?

NPS: Once summer returns, we’d like to have group dog walks along the greenway that borders the store. We love doing community charity events and hope to do many of those in Knoxville in the future. In Johnson City, we have an annual Howl-o-Ween party that we want to bring to Knoxville beginning next year. We have an awesome email list where we regularly send out a newsletter containing great information, upcoming events, and a valuable coupon for you and your pet. If you’d like to be added, please visit our website at or email us at

Natural Pet Supply
120 N. Forest Park Boulevard
Knoxville, TN 37919

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