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Promote! Promote! Promote!

By Kiley Niles

If you’re a small business owner, you understand the absolute necessity to promote your company. The challenge for most entrepreneurs, however, is the overwhelming number of advertising platforms available and determining exactly which vehicle represents the most effective and cost-efficient choice. In other words, which advertising platform truly represents a legitimate investment and not just an unnecessary cost?

Recently, I combined my 11 years of experience as a news reporter, promotional director, news anchor and producer to create an opportunity for Knoxville area small businesses through Niles Production, a company that I founded and manage. At Niles Production, I produce 16 top local news headlines every Monday through Friday on Knoxville’s 100,000 watt news-talk leader, WNOX. And 16 times each weekday I incorporate a 30-second commercial spot which allows your small business to promote itself in a very effective and cost-efficient manner.

That’s why Everything Knoxville magazine selected Niles Production to help promote its publication and its commitment to Knoxville’s small business community by sponsoring Top Local News Headlines 16 times each weekday on Knoxville’s WNOX 100.3 News Talk.

If you would like to discover how Niles Production can help your small business to promote itself in this rapidly evolving marketplace, call me, Kiley Niles, today at (865) 755-8502, or email me at

Niles Production

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