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106.1 The River

Upcoming ‘Stars’ Shine Brightly on The River

By Bruce Patrick

–I’ve spent most of my life, tryin’ just to get by… Stars Go Dim, “Like I Mean It”

Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Stars Go Dim began as a side project of Christian Rock band Pillar. But once this collection of guys got together and started writing, they knew they had something special. If you’ve listened to 106.1 The River anytime in the last few months, you’ve heard Stars Go Dim’s songs, “Like I Mean It” and “Crazy.” You’ll have the chance to see Stars Go Dim live on Friday night, August 19th at Relix Variety Theater in Knoxville, along with A Rotterdam November out of Nashville, and local favorite Brad Blackwell.

You may not have heard Stars Go Dim on other local radio stations, because there are many things that go on behind the scenes at big corporately owned radio stations that make struggling artists’ new independently made music much more difficult to get radio airplay. Many individual stations’ musical choices tend to be somewhat cookie-cutter and almost interchangeable across the country in many cases based on format boundaries.

106.1 The River, locally owned by Momentum Broadcasting, believes that good music deserves to be heard, regardless of the source. The River plays music from local artists like Jason Ellis, Stephen Hunley, and Brad Blackwell to name a few, from regional artists like Kimber Cleveland, Roxie Randle, and Michael Logen based out of Nashville, and from national artists that are on the cusp of breaking big, like Stars Go Dim. Obviously, a radio station has to play the big current hits from the big nationally known names like Lady Gaga, John Mayer, and Adele. But every one of those national names started getting radio airplay someplace, likely after ‘paying their dues’ by gigging in hometown bars in front of single digit crowds consisting of their families and girlfriends or spouses, ‘livin’ their lives, tryin’ just to get by’. Those acts saw growing audiences and fans once more and more people became aware of them, and before long, what started out locally for them exploded nationally and internationally.

106.1 The River strives to be in on the ground floor of breaking select deserving musical acts by placing their songs within the mix of the big name stars and songs we all know and love. I feel that a great song is a poem with music that touches a listener’s heart through their ears. That emotion relates to a listener and breeds passion. Whether it’s the voice, the instrumentation, the beat, or the lyrical message, a great song or artist is always out there, just working it, waiting to be found and make their impact upon the world. I really like the fact that I work for a station that can share these ‘yet to be huge’ artists with our listeners and believe in giving them a shot. Because for every John Mayer or Lady Gaga, there’s at least a thousand more artists striving and struggling for similar glory, and work it every hour of every day, because they believe in a dream of sharing their craft, their musical message, with the world.

We at 106.1 The River are quite fond of Stars Go Dim for a bevy of reasons. I hear a ‘total package’ band with SGD. These guys know how to write songs that connect emotionally. “Like I Mean It” not only sounds great, but it has a great message with its chorus, ‘How many moments passed me by? How many times have I said I won’t try… To live my life and love like I mean it’. When I heard that, it made me think, and feel, how many days do we all just kind of ‘go through the motions’? We’ve all got one life to live, and we should approach every day with zest and zeal, and put daily effort into loving passionately, like we mean it. It’s a song that made a connection, and I was singing it back in my head within two listens. The song sounds great within our 80s, 90s and NOW music mix, and this is a band that has the talent, the musical message, and, as the ladies might say, visual appeal (they’re easy on the eyes, according to their female fans!) to be big. I like hearing someone say, “I heard Stars Go Dim first on The River”… we take that as a great compliment, and it’s the kind of reaction we hope for, because passion for the music creates fans of the radio station. It’s mutually beneficial!

Michael Witting, bass player of Stars Go Dim, explains the band’s mission quite well: “We’re doing this because of the people. We’ve gone the extra mile and given a lot of our lives and time to this project, and we’ve done it for the love of the music, but it’s also because we genuinely care about people. I was that kid that followed the bands and couldn’t wait to see what they did next, and I genuinely like meeting the fans and making that connection.” 

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