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Bill Cox Furniture

Humble Beginnings

In 1972, on the corner of Sutherland Avenue and Concord Street, Bill Cox Senior struck a deal to share a small space with the local flea market, an area now simply known as a booth. With his undying faith and his wife Linda by his side, he convinced a furniture manufacturer to sell him his first round of merchandise on consignment. He began selling carpet, furniture and salvage while raising his family. Bill Senior’s life lessons were simple, like his business plan, and have proven to stand the test of time some 40 years later.

Sell quality merchandise at a reasonable price.
Always educate the consumer.
Stand behind what you sell.
Be careful what you promise.
Help the less fortunate.
Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Everything Knoxville: How important has your family been to the success of your business?

Bill Senior: I’d say the major advantage of working with your family is that we all share a common vision, passion and dedication to serving our customers, many of whom have been with us since 1972.

EK: You really are a family-run business. How many Coxes work here at Bill Cox Furniture?

Bill Senior: Well, I’m always here. And so is my wife, Linda, who without we would have never succeeded. In addition, there is my daughter, son, nephew and our dedicated associates, who are our extended family.

EK: How has Bill Cox Furniture adapted to the rapidly evolving furniture industry?

Bill Senior: Adapting to our changing marketplace has not been that challenging, because of the stability resulting from family members committed to the same core beliefs for 40 years.

EK: Bill Junior, at what point did you realize that you were going to follow in your father’s footsteps?

Bill Junior: I started on a delivery truck at age 12. At the end of each 12 to 13 hour day dad rewarded me with whatever loose coins he had in his pocket that day. I never thought of myself as “working in the furniture business” as much as I did “working with my dad,” who I respected and admired. I was never bred to pursue the family business. It all came very naturally to me.

EK: Has working with two generations of Coxes and multiple generations of clients proven to be a challenge?

Bill Junior: I rarely think about the age differences between my father and myself and our customers and myself. Because of our well-known commitment to our shared beliefs, age has never been an issue. The age of many of our customers who have bought from dad since 1972, however, demonstrates their acceptance of these same core beliefs.

EK: You claim that “If you didn’t shop Cox… you didn’t shop.” Explain.

Bill Junior: While furniture is functional, it has an intrinsic value beyond its function. We don’t regard our products as merely furniture, but rather important items that, when combined, help to make your house a home, and a place where a lifetime of memories will be created. While other stores sell function, we help create dreams.

EK: Tell us about your new Bill Cox Home signature line of furniture.

Bill Senior: We combined our vast experience in the furniture industry with the quality, styles and designs our customers have come to expect from Bill Cox Furniture to create the Bill Cox Home signature series of furniture. The result is an eclectic line of home furnishings of exceptional quality at affordable prices.

EK: Why do you and your mother continue to travel to the furniture market several times each year to hand pick each and every piece of furniture sold at Bill Cox Furniture?

Bill Junior: Simply put, we know our customers. We know the styles, designs, colors and fabrics that they are looking for. Online and catalog shopping just won’t suffice. We want to feel, touch and see each furniture piece we select for our customers.

EK: If your customers see it… buy it… can they actually get it the next day?

Bill Junior: Absolutely. You’ve got our word on it.

EK: What can each of you share about the other that our readers may not know?

Bill Senior: Talking about my son is easy. He is one of the most caring individuals you’re likely to meet. I’m proud of his commitment to our family’s business and his dedication to each and every customer. He goes the extra mile for each of them.

Bill Junior: What many of your readers may not know about dad is that when he started the business, he sold furniture during the day and delivered it in the evenings. Dad is also unbelievably patient and a very caring individual, which is why people who purchased furniture from him in the early years now shop at Bill Cox Furniture with their grandchildren forty years later. They know that our father is a man of his word who will never stray from his core principles and beliefs.

Bill Cox Furniture
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