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Chef Don’s Table: Catering to a Healthier Lifestyle

Welcome to Chef Don’s Table where you’ll discover an entirely new experience in healthy eating. Chef Don’s Table promotes healthy living through positive changes in your lifestyle designed to achieve the individual goals and objectives of each of his clients.

A Personal Chef

Often confused with a private chef, personal chefs go to clients’ homes and prepare meals for their clients based on their needs and personal preferences. Personal chefs purchase all the required ingredients based on a preplanned menu developed jointly with the client and designed to be fresh, delicious, and nutritious, and to achieve your dietary and other health requirements. Your personal chef prepares your meals in your own kitchen on a scheduled cook date, packages your meals and cleans up after cooking.

Chef Don’s Table

Founded by culinary graduate Chef Donald Grannis, Chef Don’s Table strives to meet the growing nutritional and dietary needs of each of his clients.

“In my nearly two decades as a professional chef I have witnessed a great many changes in the eating habits of so many Americans,” states Chef Don. “Lifestyles are busier with added career and family responsibilities. Less attention is being focused on healthy eating, much to the benefit of the fast food industry. Time once allocated to healthy food shopping and cooking has been reallocated to our careers and other family demands.”

Once thought too expensive, personal chefs have become very affordable and are within the budgets of most busy professionals today.

Chef Don can now perform the tasks for you that you no longer have time to perform for yourself and your family. Performed in the sanitary conditions of your own kitchen, rediscover the joy of a healthier lifestyle. Call Chef Donald Grannis today.

Chef Don’s Table

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