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Brad Rose

Golf Instruction • Golf Coaching

Brad Rose, Golf Instructor/Coach since 1996, takes great pride in the accomplishments and personal successes of each of his students. Brad’s teaching methods have proven to be successful with students at all levels. And in the last 10 years he has introduced players who have won on the PGA Tour, Nationwide Tour and other professional mini-tours, as well as amateurs on the state, college and junior levels.

Brad also takes great pride in his ability to help junior golfers make it to the college level with over 189 juniors signing scholarships in the last 10 years.

Everything Knoxville: When did your interest in golf instruction first begin?

Brad Rose: I was 13 years old and taking lessons from Davis Love, Sr. and his assistant, Jimmy Hodges, and was fascinated by their knowledge of the game and their ability to communicate that knowledge to their students. I wanted to watch them give lessons as much as take lessons myself.

EK: Why did you select golf instruction over competitive play?

Brad: I was a good player in college, captain of my team at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, but my desire was in instruction. By my senior year I was practically teaching everyone on my college team.

EK: Where did you begin your career in instruction?

Brad: I taught at the Sea Island Golf Learning Center where we had four of the top 50 instructors in America. I spent six years traveling the country watching many of the top instructors in the world.

EK: With a host of alternative golf instruction venues available locally, how does your method of teaching differ?

Brad: First and foremost, playing golf on the course can be much different than hitting balls on the range. I spend time on the full swing and short game technique, but I also focus a lot of time on the golf course with my students. I am able to communicate well with my students regarding what they are doing wrong, why they are doing it and, most importantly, how to fix it.

EK: You’ve had great success with junior players receiving golf scholarships over the years. Why?

Brad: I understand the golf swing and teach proper technique. My passion to help them achieve their goals is my driving force. Whether that means spending an extra hour in the afternoon with them, traveling to tournaments, or late night phone calls discussing tournament rounds, I have a vested interest in their success.

EK: How would you recommend that a student or parent select a golf instructor?

Brad: Simple. The one that is the best trained and, most importantly, the one whose students are seeing the most results. A golf coach is like any other coach – he is graded on how his players perform and what they achieve. Research the instructor, his qualifications and the overall success of his students.

Student Accomplishments include:
• PGA Tour Winner
• Nationwide Tour Winner
• 3 PGA Tour Qualifiers
• 3 Nationwide Tour Qualifiers
• 2 NCAA All-Americans
• 5 Rolex Junior All-Americans
• 2 Tennessee Match Play Champions
• 2 Tennessee State Junior Champions
• 4 Tennessee State High School Champions
• 5 Tennessee Middle School Players of the Year
• 189 Juniors have signed college scholarships since 2000

Brad Rose
Director of Instruction at Willow Creek Golf Club

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