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Audibel Hearing Aid Center

The Gift of Hearing
Nothing Sounds Better

Audibel Hearing Aid CenterAs a boy, Joe Simpson found it hard to sit still. During church service, much to the dismay of his mother, Joe would constantly shift and squirm while his mother would whisper to no avail for him to stop.

Joe was not an unruly child, so his mother suspected there was something else going on. Her suspicions were confirmed when she took Joe to an audiologist. Tests revealed that Joe had 70% hearing loss in his right ear as well as 15% loss in his left. As luck would have it, Joe’s father worked as a hearing specialist, so by the age of nine, Joe was fitted for his first hearing aid.

Not many people realize the scope of the problem. Approximately 33 million Americans experience some level of hearing loss, and surprisingly, only 10% who suffer actually seek treatment.

“My hearing loss as a child was the single greatest motivation for pursuing my career as a certified hearing specialist,” said Joe. “My quality of life was vastly improved through hearing aid technology and I wanted to help improve the lives of others suffering from the same problem.”

With a total of eight Audibel hearing care centers, five in the Knoxville area, Joe and his dedicated team of hearing aid specialists are committed to helping East Tennesseans overcome their hearing loss and to re-experience natural hearing.

“Overcoming this problem opens up an entirely new world for my patients,” said Joe. “I can’t imagine a more rewarding profession. Knowing how it’s changed my life, I’ve made it my life’s ambition to reach out to so many others whose quality of life I know I can impact.”

Audibel, one of the best known and most respected names in the hearing aid industry, was a perfect fit for Joe to team up with. Together they offer area residents a new level of smart technology hearing aids that provide the very best results available for users.

“Unlike the simple ‘amplifier only’ aids you see advertised on television, the Audibel difference has brought technology to an entirely new level by offering hearing devices that actually discern and adapt to their environment, providing not only a comfortable fit which is nearly undetectable by others, but also an unprecedented level of natural hearing,” explained Joe.

Why not experience what you’ve been missing by discovering the difference that Audibel and Joe Simpson’s team can make in your life or the life of a loved one. Call today to find a hearing care center near you and rediscover the gift of hearing. Nothing sounds better.

Audibel Hearing Aid Center
4817 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919

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