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Granite Transformations

Unique Company, Unique Product

With offices and showrooms around the world, Granite Transformations offers new and exciting alternatives to traditional countertops. Their core product, Trend Stone, is formulated from 95% natural stone from the finest quarries throughout the world creating an engineered surface that is heat, stain and scratch resistant. Essentially maintenance free, that provides greater strength and durability than ordinary granite. And all backed with Granite Transformations’ Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Husband and wife team, Buddy and Patti Baker, combine years of retail experience and Granite Transformations’ cutting-edge technology to offer East Tennessee and Knoxville area homeowners a far superior alternative to ordinary slab granite. Overwhelming homeowner response has resulted in annual growth of over 30% since 2007 and the launching of Granite Transformations’ new, state-of-the-art, 3,500 square foot Design Center in Knoxville.

Everything Knoxville: Provide our readers with some insights into Granite Transformations.

Buddy: Our core product line, Trend Stone (Engineered Granite), was developed in Italy in the mid 70’s. It was originally used as a flooring material to cover cracked, sagging, and chipped granite floors.

EK: Are there other Granite Transformations locations?

Buddy: Yes. We are part of an international franchise system. There are about 80 locations in the U.S. and Canada, and more around the world. Granite Transformations has become the largest factory direct countertop company in the world.

EK: Both you and business partner and wife, Patti, left your retail careers to pursue your dream of being self employed

Buddy: After conducting a thorough investigation of available business opportunities, and possible locations, we opened Granite Transformations of Knoxville in January 2006. Both the product and community provided a perfect opportunity for success. Granite Transformations was clearly an innovation driven company that produced both unique and superior products that are preferred by most homeowners.

EK: How are Granite Transformations’ products used in the home?

Patti: Our products have so many more applications than just countertops. They can be used on fireplaces, bars, showers, baths, floors, furniture and backsplashes. That’s why we opened our new Design Center. We can now showcase the versatility and beauty of our products.

EK: Consumer reports rates engineered stone their top choice for countertops. Why is that significant to homeowners?

Buddy: It’s simple. It outperforms all other countertop options in key categories. It is heat, stain and scratch resistant. It is the cleanest and safest option.

EK: Granite Transformations’ engineered granite, unlike ordinary slab granite, is the only granite countertop approved by the National Sanitation Foundation. Explain.

Patti: The National Sanitation Foundation has put its name on our product because it exceeds all standards for safe food preparation. Unlike natural stone, our product is non-porous and won’t absorb bacteria.

EK: In addition to being the innovation leader in engineered granite countertops, Granite Transformations is also an innovative leader in installation as well.

Buddy: That’s correct. Granite Transformations, in addition to offering superior countertops, also offers a totally innovative approach to fabrication and installation. Most countertop installations are completed in a single day.

EK: Granite Transformations is also a recognized leader today in Green Technology. Explain.

Patti: Granite Transformations is approved by the U.S. Green Building Council and is a recognized leader in both Green and renewable resource technologies.

EK: With the wide variety of surfaces available from Granite Transformations, do you offer homeowners design consultation?

Buddy: Yes. We have fully certified Design Consultants. This service is a very important component of our fully turn-key approach and is offered in your home or at our “new” Design Center absolutely free.

EK: How has Granite Transformations’ innovative approach to the marketplace impacted you?

Patti: That’s easy. We have experienced a 133% increase in sales volume for the last four years. In fact, due to the overwhelming response of East Tennessee area homeowners, we’ve just completed a new 3,500 square foot Design Center to replace our original center which we outgrew in less than five years. We believe that showcasing our products helps our customers to visualize their own unique project that will create a showcase quality room in their home.

EK: Anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Buddy: Most important is a very sincere thank you to homeowners in East Tennessee and Knoxville for their support. To them, and our future customers, we owe our success.

We’d also like to extend a special invitation to all of your readers to visit our new Design Center. They too can create their own dream kitchen or bath without the demolition and the inconvenience of weeks or even months of construction.

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