Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center

Even before the inception of national Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 1985, Dr. Kamilia Kozlowski, a Clinical Breast Radiologist, launched Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center, or KCBC as it is commonly known.  Recognizing the challenges that women with breast related health issues faced, Dr. Kozlowski founded KCBC in 1983.  A woman friendly, vertically oriented, streamlined, and cost-effective alternative to the fragmented and inefficient system of breast health care then in existence, Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center has been at the forefront of providing women with the dedicated education, screening, diagnosis, and treatment resources needed to combat breast cancer.  A pioneer in her field, Dr. Kozlowski and her team of 73 compassionate and caring team of health care professionals have served as an inspiration of other independent medical centers across the country dedicated exclusively to women’s breast health.

During the month of October and the 32nd anniversary of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is indeed our pleasure to feature Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center.

knoxville-comprehensive-breast-centerEK: Dr. Kozlowski recognized early on in her career that women’s breast health care was being delivered in a fragmented and inefficient manner.  How was that impacting women with breast related health issues?

KCBC: In the late ’70s or early ’80s, modern mammography began with the development and use of mammographic machines with better resolution and lower radiation doses than the general radiology machines that were being used for breast imaging at the time. These machines were located in the general radiology department at the hospital, so women had to sit with other patients having all types of x-ray procedures. There were no breast centers in Knoxville at the time, and less than 10 independent centers existed across the United States. In those early years, women with an abnormal mammogram report were referred to a general surgeon for further evaluation. Generally, a physical exam was performed and they were scheduled for surgery. The period of time between their appointments and the period of time for women to get the results of their testing could sometimes take weeks.

Dr. Kozlowski realized there was a better, more vertically oriented way to provide breast healthcare to women and established KCBC in May of 1983 in order to provide it to the women of Knoxville.  Dr. Kozlowski found that if there was an indeterminate mammographic finding, breast ultrasound was very useful in evaluating whether it was benign or suspicious enough to warrant a fine needle biopsy. If the biopsy was essential, she performed it at the time of the initial visit. Women received the results of their breast imaging studies before leaving the office. This placed breast health care in the hands of the clinical breast radiologist, who was then responsible for examining the patient, communicating their negative results, and making the diagnosis of breast cancer. The previous way of referring the woman from one doctor’s office to another with a delay in diagnosis only increased the patient’s anxiety.

Dr. Kozlowski was one of the first dedicated clinical breast radiologists in the country who took on the role as the primary doctor for the diagnosis of breast disease. These clinical breast radiologists were no longer just sitting in the reading room; they were also examining patients and interacting with them, taking care of their breast health needs and questions.  Breast cancer diagnosis was no longer a surgical specialty, but rather an imaging specialty for breast cancer diagnosis with the clinical breast radiologist accepting the role of the patient’s primary care breast doctor.

EK: How has KCBC’s concept of combining education, screening, diagnosis, and treatment within a single medical center dedicated to women’s breast care helped further women’s breast health in our community?

KCBC: Within 18 months of opening KCBC, the hospitals in the area updated their own mammographic equipment to state-of-the-art mammographic machines available at that time. Soon afterwards the hospitals began to move their mammographic equipment into a specified area separate from the general radiology department. Dr. Kozlowski was the primary agent in changing breast health care delivery in Knoxville not only with the development of KCBC, but also by indirectly influencing change in the surrounding hospitals.

EK: There are a variety of other area medical facilities that offer similar health related services.  At KCBC, however, you are dedicated 100% to women’s breast health care.  Why should your commitment to remaining focused exclusively on breast health be important to women?

KCBC: Of all the cancers that afflict women, breast cancer is the most emotionally charged cancer. It is closely interconnected with a woman’s physical appearance and her sensuality and intimacy. It is a very sensitive issue for women to undergo yearly imaging and possibly be faced with being told she has indeterminate findings or, worst yet, that she has breast cancer. At KCBC, although we offer similar services to other medical facilities in our area, we offer a much better experience in the delivery of those services. Our clinical breast radiologists specialize in, and read, only one type of imaging all day long. We specialize in breast health care and we are not distracted from that… ever. Women are treated in a kindhearted manner from the moment they open our doors and enter into our “spa-like” setting. At KCBC, patients are treated compassionately throughout every stage of their visit.

KCBC will always be dedicated 100% to women’s breast health care. Because we are exclusively devoted to this field and remain an independent breast center, we are, and always have been, free to incorporate the newest technology and treatments in the realm of breast health care. Through the last 34 years, KCBC has led the way in Knoxville with being the first to institute the latest improvements in breast health care.

EK: Many of our women readers delay (or ignore altogether) the need for screening.  What encouragement would you offer them?

KCBC: It is so very important for them not to delay in having their yearly breast imaging studies. Aside from skin cancers, breast cancer is the number one cancer that affects women. More than 200,000 women are diagnosed every year in the United States. What they often do not know is that 80% of all breast cancers diagnosed every year afflict women who have no family history of breast cancer! What is also not commonly known is that our chances of getting breast cancer increase as we get older. One in 227 thirty year olds get breast cancer, one in 68 forty year olds, one in 42 fifty year olds, one in 28 sixty year olds, one in 26 seventy year olds, and up to one in eight eighty year olds. The best screening interval is one year as the average doubling in size of a breast cancer is one year. It is best to find and treat a breast cancer when it is small, thus giving women more options to have conservative breast surgery and reducing adjuvant treatments.

EK: KCBC offers its patients a variety of screening technologies, including screening mammograms, ultrasound, and MRI.  Tell our readers a little about each of these diagnostic tools.

knoxville-comprehensive-breast-center2KCBC: A screening mammogram uses special x-ray technology specially designed for breasts to detect abnormal growths or changes in breast tissue. It is currently the best defense against breast cancer, as the x-rays can detect tumors and growths in early stages.

A breast MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, involves a specially-designed machine that provides high-resolution imaging while maintaining breast sensitivity and comfort. The MRI technology takes several images throughout the breasts at less than 1mm of thickness. Those images are combined to generate detailed pictures. MRI machines do not use x-ray but rather a combination of radio and magnetic waves. A magnetic field is put around you while radio waves are directed at specific areas of your body. In the AURORA® Dedicated Breast MRI machine that we have in-house at KCBC, both breasts are scanned simultaneously. The machine also allows for feet-first entry, which can alleviate some of the anxiety associated with having an MRI.

Breast ultrasound uses sound waves to make images of the breast. Breast ultrasound is non-invasive and is often used as a follow-up test after an abnormal finding on a mammogram, breast MRI, or clinical breast exam. Studies have shown mammography combined with breast ultrasound finds more breast cancers than mammography alone in women with dense breasts.

EK: Why is it important that KCBC have clinical breast radiologists on your staff?

KCBC: It is important to have clinical breast radiologists on staff who are solely engaged in breast imaging because it has been proven in the medical literature that dedicated breast radiologists have the highest sensitivity for breast cancer detection. Additionally, by being clinical, our radiologists interact face-to-face with our patients, addressing all their breast concerns and also explaining in a clear way what may or may not be of concern when reviewing their images with them. This is not a common practice in breast centers, as the quality of service varies from breast center to breast center. Dr. Kozlowski truly believes that it is an important feature of a breast center to educate women in breast health care while alleviating their fears of having breast disease.

EK: In addition to those services you’ve already described, what other services do you offer in-house?

KCBC: For the past 16 years, we have also offered genetic high-risk counseling and screening services. Genetics has become increasingly more important in cancer prevention, as well as in alleviating the concerns of those patients who were once overwhelmed with the thought they were at high risk. In addition to detecting breast and ovarian cancers, the hereditary cancer panel also tests for other mutations for cancers such as gastric, colorectal, pancreatic, melanoma, endometrial, and prostate.

KCBC also has the Unique Boutique, which is located in our main lobby. We have a mastectomy fitter who will fit patients for prosthetics and assist them in obtaining the products they need. The Unique Boutique also provides the latest products for women who have had breast surgery or are currently having breast surgery such as an array of lotions, post-mastectomy garments including swimsuits, and head coverings such as scarves and wigs. We also offer a wide variety of other retail items and gifts such as jewelry, clothing, candles, and more.

EK: Education and outreach are important components of Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center’s overall mission to our community.  Tell us about your upcoming 12th Annual Mission Mammography.

KCBC: One of KCBC’s missions to our community was to provide mammography screening to all women who needed it. We discovered that many women had difficulties in finding access to quality mammography services due to their busy schedules, work duties, lack of transportation, and family responsibilities, so in 1986, we started our mobile screening program, which was the first such program in Knoxville and one of only a few nationwide. While traveling to provide services to women, we realized that a number of them lacked insurance coverage or had a very limited means with which to pay for screening mammography or diagnostic services.  The Kim Rowden Breast Cancer Memorial Fund was established by KCBC to help these women.

Every year we hold a “Mission Mammography” event where we provide mammograms for free to women in Knoxville and surrounding communities who don’t have health insurance. This year we will be hosting our 12th Mission Mammography starting with a kickoff event on October 4th from 7 am to 1 pm. Women without insurance can come at any time during the kickoff event or any time throughout the month of October, and we will provide them with a mammogram funded by the Kim Rowden Breast Cancer Memorial Fund. We encourage uninsured women to take advantage of these free mammograms during October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

EK: In closing, is there anything else you would like to add?

Dr. Kozlowski: It has been a special, and at times a difficult journey, which all started in 1983 when I had the passion to find early breast cancer and believed it was time to change the delivery of breast health care. It has been personally gratifying for me to accomplish this goal.  In closing, to try in an endeavor is to risk failure, but to risk and succeed is most rewarding with a peaceful sense of fulfillment and gives encouragement to others to risk pursuing their dreams.

Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center

1400 Dowell Springs Boulevard, #200
Knoxville, TN 37909


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Shining the Light on Your Home’s Exterior

lighthouse-outdoor-lightingBy Heath Myrick, Owner of Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting-Knoxville

Beautifully designed and landscaped, you take great pride in your family’s home.  But if you really want to showcase your property, I encourage you to discover how exterior home and landscape lighting can completely transform your outdoor living space.

A full-service lighting, design, and installation company, Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting can provide an entirely new perspective on your home’s exterior that you otherwise may not have known existed.  Evening hours offer you an opportunity to showcase your home’s unique architecture and landscaping in ways you never imagined.  The right lighting design can provide a totally unique perspective that simply doesn’t exist during daylight hours.

Our lighting specialists at Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting are some of the best trained lighting designers in the industry today.  Their expertise enables them to work with you to design that custom, tailored look you’ve desired to showcase your home’s unique architectural and landscape design features.  Our expert installation teams will install your exterior lighting to the highest industry standards, leaving the installation site meticulously clean, as though we were never there.  All we leave behind is an expertly designed and installed lighting system that will surround your home and adjacent landscaping with the warm glow of elegance.

At Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting, our professionally trained staff will provide you with a free demonstration, design, and installation. Upon completion, your satisfaction is guaranteed by a final walk through and fine tuning of your newly installed lighting system. Finally, every Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting installation is backed with our one year, no-cost service plan, as well as optimal extended service agreements.

With an industry leader in landscape lighting located in Knoxville, why not let the professionals at Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting show you just how affordable exterior illumination can be and just how great your home can look after sunset?  Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting: Shining the light on your home’s unique architecture and landscaping.

Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting of Knoxville

11519 Kingston Pike, Suite 156

Knoxville, TN 37934


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Making Spirits Bright

The Bobby Todd Christmas Open House

bobby-todd-antiquesBobby Todd Antiques in historic downtown Sweetwater is hosting their annual Christmas Open House on Thursday, October 6, from 10 to 7.  The Bobby Todd Christmas Open House continues on Friday, October 7, and Saturday, October 8, from 10 to 5 and Sunday, October 9, from 1 to 5.

Each year Bobby Todd is transformed into a Christmas wonderland that captivates children of all ages.  From the magical holiday window display to the whimsical and nostalgic holiday décor inside, Bobby Todd evokes a vintage spirit that will take you back to cherished childhood memories.  Featured Christmas lines and artists include Byers’ Choice, Lori Mitchell, Shiny Brite, Cody Foster, Bethany Lowe, and Joe Spencer.

Bobby Todd’s sales associates have been as busy as Santa’s elves displaying these unique holiday décor items.  During the Christmas Open House, Bobby Todd will also unveil their newest gift selections, quality antique furniture, and colorful accessories for your home.

As always, Bobby Todd offers complimentary holiday gift bag packaging, which makes it the perfect place to “wrap up” your Christmas shopping.  Watch eyes light up every time someone receives a gift in a Bobby Todd gift bag.

During the Bobby Todd Christmas Open House, be sure to register to win fabulous door prizes, enjoy scrumptious holiday treats, and visit with old friends and make new ones.

Bobby Todd is located in historic downtown Sweetwater, approximately 35 minutes from West Knoxville.  Downtown Sweetwater is a shopper’s paradise with antique shops, ladies’ boutiques, gift stores, and cafés.

For more information regarding the Bobby Todd Christmas Open House, visit and click on the events tab or like us on Facebook.

Please note: Bobby Todd Antiques will be closed from Monday, October 3, through Wednesday, October 5, to prepare for the Christmas Open House.

Bobby Todd Antiques

305 N. Main Street

Sweetwater, TN 37874


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Garde Bien Spa Salon

garde-bien-spasalonHair Loss Hurts

Hair loss is just one of many side effects of chemotherapy visible to others.  At Garde Bien, we simply want you to have the most natural and beautiful hair options available both during and after your treatment. Garde Bien has become the preferred choice among women searching for alternative hair options during and after treatment, including wigs, hairpieces, volumizers, and extensions. Working with alternative hair is our passion.

Wig: Not a four-letter word anymore!

Because today’s treatments are so vastly improved, many women can return to work and remain active, so maintaining your natural haircut, color, and style is fantastic! And because human hair wigs have improved as well, they now offer women the beauty and comfort they’re searching for. Garde Bien clients are able to achieve a look so natural that even their husbands and kids have to look twice.  Human hair is an economical investment lasting years with proper care while replacing regular salon visits.

Thoughtful guidance from an expert stylist

A master stylist for nearly 40 years, Garde Bien owner and founder, Stacey Handel, has acquired all of the important skills needed to properly recommend, fit, and style the variety of human hair options available to her clients. Stacey has acquired multiple certifications throughout the U.S., including Beverly Hills exclusively, and with the world’s top quality wig designers in England to provide her clients with the variety of textures, densities, and colors, as well as cap designs, for partial or complete hair loss. As a national educator with Evolve, Stacey shares her skills with women asking for wearable hair; a unique option for partial hair loss. These highly specialized experiences enable Stacey and her staff to fit each client with a custom color and to cut these full or partial wigs to blend into an existing hairstyle or to completely transform their look. That’s why women fly from all across the country to visit Garde Bien.

Go dancing!

It’s not just about what you look like on the outside; it’s more than hair quality, style, and color. A great medical wig or cranial prosthesis helps you feel and look great from the inside, too.  Top medical wigs are hypoallergenic, hand-knotted for lightness and breathability, and very comfortable.  Silicone and polyurethane are added for grip and stability for confidence, even while dancing.  Choose from a variety of fine, medium, or course human hair fibers for the most compatible appearance. But, most importantly, it’s about the expert prosthesis stylists who create, cut, and color human hair to your desired style.  We now even offer human hair brows in a variety of shapes and colors.

Home care is a breeze! 

Wigs can be removed to shampoo, dry naturally, and style at home with lessons from us and the proper tools (such as a blow dryer, iron, and rollers), or you can bring them to us for styling and maintenance every few weeks if you prefer.

It’s also about giving back!

Garde Bien also accepts gently used wigs that they refurbish.  In conjunction with local medical centers, they provide a lower cost option for many women who need financial assistance in human hair and synthetic wig selections.

It’s time to get started!

Many brands are exclusive to Garde Bien SpaSalon. Samples of the various hair types and caps are available to learn individual preferences. Orders can arrive in one day or five days with free shipping. Call to schedule a private fitting during a risk-free consultation appointment. In addition, your first haircut on human hair full cranial prosthesis is complimentary. To learn more, call Stacey or Jenn at 865-671-1996 or visit  We’ve Got Hair When You Don’t.

Garde Bien SpaSalon, Inc.

12752 Kingston Pike, Suite 101

Knoxville, TN 37934


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Avoiding Burnout

Avoiding Burnout

By Tom Irmen

Is it actually possible to launch and build a successful small business and avoid owner burnout?  Probably not, especially if you’re new at entrepreneurship.  And avoiding burnout can become even more difficult if your small business takes off faster than you might have imagined.  You’ll often feel like the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker.

Small business burnout can negatively impact your health, your family life, and ultimately the very success of your company.  You may find yourself missing meals, eating fast food, putting your social life on hold, exercising less, you name it.  The impact to your well-being and the well-being of those around you can suffer to a level where the price you’re paying for your much hoped for success may be far too high.

Would-be entrepreneurs are wired differently. Because each of us are so very different, it’s not always easy, or even prudent, to offer advice to those that have chosen small business ownership as a career, but here I go anyway.

Small business ownership isn’t for everybody.  Seek the advice of successful entrepreneurs before you leap.  You’ll require passion, discipline, humility, tenacity, vision, self-confidence, and the ability to manage fear – skill sets that not everyone possesses.  Just like being financially undercapitalized, being personally undercapitalized might prove to be an even greater obstacle to success than the lack of money.

If you have the financial and personal resources, the next step is to surround yourself with “pillar” people.  These are key people in your life that understand and embrace your small business endeavor and who will guide and encourage you along the way.  And just for the record, this exclusive club is a “no whining” zone.

Finally, it’s acceptable to make sacrifices along the way on your journey to success, but it’s never acceptable to disregard your well-being or that of your family’s. You’ll discover that success, in the absence of balance, is a hollow success at best.

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The Town Framery & Gifts Fall Open House

Saturday, October 29th

10 am to 4 pm

town-framery-giftsIt is that special time of year again – the annual Town Framery & Gifts Fall Open House on Saturday, October 29th!  Meet and greet our exciting new artists who will be here along with our old favorites.  Get insight into all of our artists’ techniques, material, and reason for creating such amazing pieces. Missy will be demonstrating the intricate process of long pine needle basket weaving.   

Marianne Gansley will be showing her Piece of Sunshine Designs. Using her 12 years of experience in jewelry design, Marianne makes old things new again by incorporating items like antique buttons, spoons, and watch parts into amazing wearable art. She will have a wonderful display of her unique jewelry for you to find your little piece of sunshine.

Pam George, a self-taught artist, recently discovered the art of collage paper painting, and it became her passion. Each hand torn paper with different marking, texture, and color are collaged to make each piece of artwork created a truly unique original. Pam says each painting is a pure joy to make!

Welcome back to Jane McGinnis Glenn and her extraordinary weave stoneware. Jane has lots of new and wonderful designs ready to share with you!

Our Fall Open House is the time for the big reveal; Christmas décor, gifts, and accessories will be unveiled! Ginger has been working overtime to find that special piece of fall, holiday, or gift item perfect for you. There is truly something for every style and taste.

Enjoy sales tax-free shopping at our Open House as a thank you for supporting the shop throughout the year! You will also receive a 15% framing discount to be used for a future framing order. Please note that no new framing orders are taken during the open house event, but order pick-ups are encouraged and welcomed. Another can’t-miss is Mark’s incredible hors d’oeuvres, which will be served all day!

In preparation for our Open House, the shop will be closed on Friday, October 28th. The staff and volunteers of The Town Framery & Gifts look forward to serving you at the Fall Open House on October 29th!

Town Framery & Gifts

12814 Kingston Pike

Farragut, TN 37934


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The Lily Pad Boutique

the-lily-pad-boutiqueOne of our favorite presentations is always a Joseph Ribkoff trunk show… Thursday, October 27, from 10 am to 5:30 pm. You’ll be previewing not only fall and holiday for immediate delivery, but spring 2017 as well! You’ll be among the first to see this, and, as always, we’ll be presenting a fashion show so you may see how the styles look on.

Joseph Ribkoff is a world-renowned, award-winning designer and an official sponsor of Miss America. He has an amazing understanding of the female form and creates clothing that is complementary to all shapes and sizes… available from sizes 4 to 20 and flattering to every body type.

We welcome Doyle Baker, our Joseph Ribkoff representative, to The Lily Pad, where both he and our staff will be available to present this amazing line of women’s fashion to you and to assist you in finding your look and the very best pieces for you and your lifestyle. We are so pleased that our clientele can enjoy access to designer labels that are both timeless and current, in a chic and inviting décor, with expert personal service, and an accessible location!

Both The Lily Pad and Joseph Ribkoff offer the fashion forward customer a full range of designs, taking her from the business arena to a night on the town!

Please join us in viewing the latest Ribkoff collection on October 27! Bring a friend, spend some time with us as you enjoy mimosas in the morning and wine spritzers in the afternoon, and preview one of the most exciting lines in today’s market!

The Lily Pad Boutique
209 N. Main Street
Sweetwater, TN 37874

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Reconstructing the Reconstruction

By Jason J. Hall, MD, FACS

In the past few years, we have seen a quantum shift in the treatment of breast cancer.  Medical treatments for breast cancer – chemotherapy, hormone treatments, and genetic treatments – have changed significantly, and although no cancer treatment is “easy,” newer therapies are much more effective and patient-friendly than in the past.  Likewise, radiation treatments have become more targeted, meaning less “normal” tissue is affected.

Surgical treatments for breast cancer have also undergone significant changes.  Here are just a few:

» Mastectomy techniques have changed for the better.  Gone is the “breastbone to armpit” scar of the “old” mastectomy; a modern mastectomy respects the anatomy and shape of the breast instead of destroying it.  Contemporary mastectomy incisions are designed like breast reduction or breast lift incisions with the assistance of the plastic surgeon responsible for reconstruction.

» Nipple-sparing mastectomy techniques have been proven safe and effective.  In the right patients, a mastectomy that spares the nipple can result in a reconstruction that is difficult to differentiate from a normal breast.

» The “lumpectomy,” or partial mastectomy, is becoming more common.  In women who are able, removal of the tumor itself, sparing the rest of the breast, is becoming a more common form of surgical treatment.  The lumpectomy must be combined with radiation treatment but with newer forms of radiation (such as implantable radiation treatments or “partial breast” irradiation).  This is quickly gaining favor among breast cancer patients.

» Lymph node removal is rarely performed anymore.  With the advent of targeted “sentinel” lymph node biopsies, removal of the lymph nodes of the armpit are no longer routinely performed.  Removing the lymph nodes can cause severe arm swelling, which is difficult to treat without sophisticated surgery.

» Breast reconstruction is being planned as part of the cancer treatment process.  The most important aspect of a cosmetic breast reconstruction is that as much normal tissue (skin and the fat immediately under the skin) is left behind as possible.  Collaboration between the general surgeon and plastic surgeon BEFORE surgery is essential for this to occur.   

The benefit of breast reconstruction for a woman’s psychological and physical well-being has been well documented.  Proper tumor removal is the most important factor in a successful reconstruction, and “newer” techniques that respect the anatomy of the breast are the best first steps to achieving a satisfying reconstructive result.  Once we, as plastic surgeons, are left with a healthy skin “envelope,” any number of techniques can be used to recreate the breast itself.   A few of the newer techniques include shaped silicone implants, fat grafting, and perforator flaps.

Shaped silicone implants.  Newer, breast-shaped implants allow us to recreate the normal shape of the breast and avoid the “stuck-on” look that was common in older reconstructions.  When combined with nipple-sparing mastectomy techniques, these newer implants can allow us to reconstruct a breast in a single stage instead of the three stages that were common in the past.

Fat grafting, where fat is harvested from one area of the body with liposuction and re-injected somewhere else, has allowed plastic surgeons to further recreate the natural shapes and curves of a beautiful breast.

Perforator flap techniques, such as the DIEP flap, allow for reconstruction of the breast without the need for implants.  A DIEP flap is a lengthy, complex operation that requires a few days in the hospital to recover.  Every year more plastic surgeons are adding it to the list of techniques they use for breast reconstruction.

If you are a woman (or know a woman) who had breast reconstruction already, you may have a reconstruction that isn’t satisfying or that you feel you have to “live with” for the rest of your life. This is not the case.  Fortunately, asymmetric, unnatural breast reconstructions can be salvaged or, in some instances, completely transformed using newer reconstructive techniques.

» Hollowness in the upper part of the breast can be eliminated.  A hallmark of older breast reconstruction techniques, this can be eliminated using fat grafting, shaped implants, or a combination of both.

» Breast crease asymmetries can be fixed.  Using newer, shaped implants or acellular dermal matrix, the crease below the breast can be recreated in an even position.

» Old transverse scars can be corrected, either surgically or with the use of laser treatments or fat grafting (which, in addition to adding shape, can significantly improve the quality and texture of overlying skin).

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Introducing Gallian Medical Group

gallian-medical-groupWhen husband and wife team, Scott Gallian, MD, and Lauren Gallian, NP, set out to create a fresh and new approach to providing full-service primary health care, they relied on their own past experiences, and the experiences of their dedicated team of health care professionals, to create Gallian Medical Group.

“As a former member of the United States Air Force, and having been employed as a physician within a large health care organization, I experienced health care on a variety of levels,” said Scott.  “The entire field of medicine has changed and will likely continue to evolve to where growing numbers of health care providers will become employees of large regional and national health care organizations.”

“We became increasingly concerned about this loss of independence that we know to be so important when working in partnership with our patients to help them achieve their optimal level of health,” said Lauren.  “Our goal was to combine the latest innovations in health care with the one-on-one relationships our patients were seeking but thought no longer existed.”

Gallian Medical Group may be new to the community, but their team of caring and compassionate health care professionals is not.

“Each of our medical team members has worked extensively in the health care industry, with one member having acquired 20+ years of experience,” said Scott.

Gallian Medical Group sees patients 12 and up, focusing on evidence-based medicine and close collaboration with patients. Dr. Scott Gallian and Lauren are providing full-service primary care, including wellness and nutrition management, x-rays, physicals, sport and D.O.T. physicals, disease and diabetes management, mood disorder management, hypertension management, and much more.  Conveniently located with even more convenient office hours, from 7 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday, with walk-ins welcomed, you are invited to discover an all-new level of health care that puts you first.

Gallian Medical Group

10744 Hardin Valley Road, Suite 106

Knoxville, TN 37932


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Knoxville’s Only Plastic Surgery Center

Knoxville Plastic & Craniofacial SurgeryConsider This Scenario: After years of thought and research, you (or your spouse/significant other) have decided to have plastic surgery.  You asked a few close friends about good surgeons in the area and chose the one you felt the most comfortable with.  Very few people know about your surgery – most of them know you’re going to be out of work for a week or two, but you have been vague about the reasons.  You don’t want the world to know about your private business.

Surgery is scheduled for 7:30 am at one of the local hospitals.  You asked people about the hospital when you were making your surgical plans, and one of your neighbor’s friends knows someone who works there.  They reassure you it’s a “good” hospital.  The night before surgery you go online for some last minute research about your chosen procedure and review the information from your surgeon.  Since you have to be at the hospital at 5:30 am, you pull up the map on your phone and figure it will take 35 minutes to arrive, which means you have to leave home at 4:55 am.

You’re equal parts excited and nervous about the following day.  You can’t sleep well and get up after a very short night of sleep to leave for the hospital.  Arriving the dark, the main entrance to the hospital is difficult to find – there are three or four to choose from, and none are very well marked.  Entering the hospital, you don’t know where you are supposed to go to check in. You look around a mostly empty lobby until you find someone to direct you to the surgical check-in area, all the while looking at your watch.  You don’t want to be late.

Then you remember your neighbor’s friend.  What if the friend is working and runs into you?  What if the friend sees what you’re having done?  You compose yourself to find the check-in, arriving a few minutes late.  There you have to fill out 20 minutes worth of paperwork before being taken to the pre-operative area, where you spend the majority of the next hour sitting around waiting, nervous and uncomfortable, before final preparations for surgery begin.  After surgery you are wheeled through the hospital in a wheelchair and back to another busy entrance, where your ride home has been instructed to meet you.  After again waiting outside (in public) you are helped into the car and are on your way home.

This is the experience many patients who undergo plastic surgery in a hospital or hospital-affiliated surgery center have.  As you can see, there are many aspects of this experience that compound an already stressful situation and can make the surgery experience unpleasant.  However, there is an alternative to this experience that patients of mine have.

What many people in Knoxville do not know is that the only dedicated outpatient plastic surgery center in East Tennessee sits 10 feet below my office off of Cedar Bluff Road.  Built by Dr. Steven Smith in 2008, the Parkwest Plastic Surgery Center is the only fully-accredited, state-of-the-art surgery facility dedicated ONLY to plastic surgery in this area.

Having a private surgery center is a benefit to my patients for the following reasons:

» Privacy: Knoxville is a little big city.  It’s tough to go somewhere without running into someone you know or without running into someone who knows you.  I think it’s one of the things about living here that is wonderful – you rarely meet a stranger.  However, when you are choosing to have plastic surgery, running into someone who knows you on the day of surgery can be anxiety producing, especially if, like most of my patients, you want to keep a low profile.  At my office and in our surgery center below, the chance “run-ins” are unlikely. My patients who work in healthcare (or whose family members work in healthcare) find this particularly comforting.

» Convenience: On the day of surgery, patients are understandably nervous. By the time that the surgery date arrives, however, most patients have been to my office at least twice.  They know where it is located.  They know how long it takes to get there from home.  They know where to go when they arrive.  By being familiar with the surgery center and the office, there is a significant decrease in stress on the day of surgery.  Also, from the parking lot, it’s only 20 feet before you are standing in the lobby.  Contrast this to any other surgery center or hospital in the area: Circle the parking lot or the parking garage, looking for a place to park, and when you finally find one, you have to find your way from there to the front door, then from the door through the hospital to the surgery check-in desk.  Not only is it time consuming, but it adds stress to an already stressful time.

» Safety: Nothing is more important than safety, especially when you are having surgery.  Surgery is often compared to the aviation industry when it comes to safety checklists and the concept of the “team” approach to care.  A coordinated team that works together every day is probably one of the most important factors in making the operating room a safe environment.  At our surgery center, the team approach to surgery is something we practice every day.  We have the same team – from anesthesia, to the operating room staff, to the preoperative and postoperative recovery staff – day in and day out.  All they do is plastic surgery, every day. Everyone knows each other and what to expect both in and out of the operating room.  This allows us to function as an efficient team instead of each of us putting our head down and having “tunnel vision,” where something important can be overlooked.

» Cost: We’ve all heard the news stories of hospitals charging $50 for an aspirin or handing someone a $10,000 bill for a two-hour ER visit. One of the biggest problems in medicine today is that the costs of everything are hidden until after you receive care.  We do things very differently – you know exactly what things will cost before anything is done, including the charges for the operating room and anesthesia.  In fact, we have these prices published on my website and encourage you to visit our site and see for yourself.  There are lots of reasons that healthcare is expensive, but the main drivers of the rapidly increasing costs are the government and the insurance companies.  With them out of the picture, our center can provide high-quality, state-of-the-art surgical care at a fraction of the cost of most hospitals.

» Luxury: What good is all this if the experience is lacking?  Our surgery center is, modestly put, beautiful.  It is a serene environment that is clean and inviting.  You feel this from the moment you arrive through the front doors until you leave through a private exit after your procedure.

If you are considering plastic surgery or non-surgical cosmetic treatments, we would love to hear from you.  You can visit my website at to see more photos of both our office and the only dedicated outpatient plastic surgery center in East Tennessee, to research procedures and treatments, and to search for pricing information.

Dr. Jason Hall is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who completed his surgical training in Texas, followed by a fellowship in facial surgery at Stanford. In 2015, he established his practice in his hometown of Knoxville after practicing in Houston, Texas, for five years. He is married with two daughters. 

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