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You Might Need a New Closet

Borrowing from Jeff Foxworthy, here are some thoughts about organization:

  • If more clothes are on the floor than on your hanging rod, you might need a new closet.
  • If your wire shelving is falling from the wall, you might need a new closet.
  • If you wear the same pair of shoes every day because you can’t find the ones you want, you might need a new closet.
  • If your organizing system is to shut the closet door so you can’t see the clutter, you might need a new closet.

There are many reasons to consider getting a new closet system: To get better organized, to have more storage, to make a more beautiful space. The best reason to do any project in the home is to add joy to your life – to create a space that is welcoming and saves time getting dressed.

Before the current Maria Kondo craze, NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) members have helped clients deal with clutter and be better organized. Professional organizers help to demystify the challenges faced in being more productive at home.

Barbara Hemphill introduced the “Art of Wastebasketry™” in her book Taming the Paper Tiger at Home. It was Barbara that said, “Clutter is postponed decisions™.” In other words, the first step is deciding what needs to be edited. Then Julie Morgenstern wrote Organizing form the Inside Out, which states that we have to accept responsibility for our disorganization. She shares that change starts within us; the problem is not caused by others.

When Peter Walsh came on the national organizing scene, his theme was (and still is) we need to Lighten Up. Our clutter is weighting us down. Now it’s Maria Kondo’s time in the spotlight sharing that our things must bring us joy.

These are all great principles to learn from when organizing around the house, especially starting a closet design project. After the clutter is gone, a good custom storage design will give the best use of space. It can be grand or simple. Either way, having a system designed for your needs will keep things accessible and organized. And today’s closet systems have flexibility to change as your needs change.

If your closet does not add value to your life, then you need a new closet. Call Closets by McKenry for your complimentary consultation.

Closets by McKenry

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Who Do You Rely on for Your 401(k) Investment Strategy?

By Yvonne Marsh, CFP®, CPA

Did you know that 6 in 10 people think their 401(k) will be their biggest source of income in retirement?  Which makes sense when we consider that more than 73% of the employer pension plans that existed 20 years ago are now closed, frozen, or terminated.  We’re on our own when it comes to creating retirement income using our employer-sponsored retirement plans.

Your employer chooses which investment funds to offer within the plan, but they are prohibited by law from giving you investment advice.  It can feel overwhelming when it comes to knowing which funds to pick and how often to rebalance.  And who has the time or energy to research investment options after a long day at work?  That’s where our new service, Plan Confidence, can help.

A recent Schwab 401(k) participant survey found that more than 77% of people said they would be “extremely confident” or “very confident” in their investment choices if they had the help of a professional.  And in fact, a study published by the Vanguard Group in 2014 finds that using a professional investment advisor boosts your average return by 3% over time.  The increase comes from improved portfolio diversification, regular rebalancing, and behavioral coaching.

Using specialized software tools, we can provide customized 401(k) investment advice.  And it’s easy!  There is no need to roll your account over to an IRA.  Your money stays right where it is – in your 401(k) plan, and we help you choose from within the options offered.   

Step 1: We assess your risk tolerance with an easy-to-use questionnaire.

Step 2: Within your password-protected Plan Confidence account, we create personalized investment recommendations using your existing 401(k) options.

Step 3: We give you step-by-step instructions on how to implement our suggestions.

Step 4: We send you friendly quarterly reminders with rebalancing instructions and any updates.

With 24/7 access to your Plan Confidence account, you can review your recommendations and change your risk tolerance at any time. It’s easy to try because there is no long-term contract. And it’s economical: Monthly fees range from $35 to $95, depending on account size.

If you’re one of the 6 in 10 people who think your 401(k) will be the biggest source of income in retirement, don’t guess at your investment choices.  Get started building your Plan Confidence today.

Marsh Wealth Management, LLC
504 Ebenezer Road
Knoxville, TN 37923

Sources: Charles Schwab 2016 401k Participant Survey.  Retirement Offerings in the Fortune 500: A Retropective, WillisTowersWatson, Feb 2018.

Financial Planning & Investment Advisory Services are offered through Marsh Wealth Management, LLC (“MWM”), an independent investment advisor registered with the state of Tennessee. Yvonne Marsh is an Investment Advisor Representative of MWM in the state of Tennessee. Marsh Professional Group, LLC, is a TN registered public accounting firm and a separate legal entity from MWM. For a detailed discussion of MWM and their investment advisory fees, see the firm’s Form ADV on file with the SEC at

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Celebrate Mother’s Day at Sweetwater Flower Shop

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, look no further than Sweetwater Flower Shop and Kelly D’s at the Mansion Restaurant, located in historic downtown Sweetwater. Treat Mom with a special day on the town at Sweetwater Flower Shop, featuring two floors of gifts, ladies’ apparel and accessories, jewelry, florals, and some Southern-inspired cuisine at Kelly D’s at the Mansion, which offers a graceful and charming southern ambiance.

Let Mom try on one of Sweetwater Flower Shop’s latest fashions, which she can further enhance with a stylish new scarf or perhaps a handbag from their extensive accessories selection. And while you’re browsing all of their recently arrived fashions, have Mom select a stunning jewelry accent piece from Sweetwater Flower Shop’s array of designer-inspired jewelry.

Another way to please Mom is to surprise her with a gift certificate from either the flower shop or Kelly D’s. Also, don’t forget that a silk or a cut flower arrangement is another way to remember Mom on her special day. Call 423-337-6623 to place your special order.  Deliveries are available in the Sweetwater area, or you can call ahead and pick up your order for a more personal delivery.

Sweetwater Flower Shop also has a wide assortment of memorials that can help celebrate the memories of a mother or grandmother who may no longer be with us but whom you wish to remember this Mother’s Day.

However you plan on celebrating Mom this Mother’s Day, every celebration can be made even more special with a visit to Sweetwater Flower Shop and Kelly D’s at the Mansion.

“Creating Memories That Last a Lifetime”

Sweetwater Flower Shop
118 W. North Street
Sweetwater, TN 37874

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Discover Your Company’s Marketing Sweet Spot with Graphic Creations

“We view Jim and his team as an extension of our business,” said Matt Mincer, former professional golfer and co-owner of Brown Bag restaurants. Matt was referring to Jim Caughorn, owner of Knoxville-based Graphic Creations, and his talented team of marketing and graphics professionals. “Brown Bag is pretty good at the few things we focus on, but when it comes to design and printing of marketing materials, we need help; Graphic Creations is the perfect fit for us.”

Brown Bag, which launched its first restaurant in Knoxville in 2009, now has five locations in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Texas. Brown Bag’s objective was to create delicious, healthy, and affordable catered options as an alternative to the often greasy and heavy take-out food offered by many restaurants.

“We think we have built a menu that you can eat five days a week and feel like you’ve done something good for your body,” said Matt.

“When we started to think about our growth as a business, we sought the help of Graphic Creations. Within minutes, we had some of the most creative and energetic people thinking through ideas and planning for our business. We never could have done this on our own. The best part is that we get to spend our time doing what we do well and let Jim and his team take care of the rest.

“I’m sure that I’m not alone in wanting to know that my investment in marketing is going to produce results. With so many options out there, it would be easy to make a costly mistake. It is very encouraging to know that the people working for you have the knowledge and expertise to lead you in the right direction.

“Brown Bag’s success has led to expansion, with several new locations opening in the last five years. Graphic Creations has helped us provide our customers with a consistent, personal experience, no matter which store they walk into.”

If you want to discover your Marketing Sweet Spot, contact Jim and his team at Graphic Creations today.
Graphic Creations
213 E. 4th Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37917

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A “Nothing to Sneeze At” Level of Clean

By Kerry McDuffie, Owner of Superior Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Winter has passed, and the dogwood blooms have finally blossomed, welcoming our much anticipated spring. For a few precious weeks, we can open up our windows to allow the mild spring breezes to refresh our homes. But all too quickly temperatures rise, windows close, and air conditioners are turned back on.

One challenge many of us experience during those periods of time when our homes are “buttoned up” is that dust and allergens are trapped inside, and our home’s HVAC and ceiling fans only help to redistribute these contaminants throughout our entire house, as is evident by the dust on your furniture. No amount of dusting seems to alleviate the sneezing and coughing that many of our family members experience from these contaminants.

While there is no way to totally eliminate annoying dust and allergens in your home, there are steps you can take to significantly reduce these airborne contaminants. One surefire way is to remove dust and allergens from your home’s carpeting and Oriental rugs. While vacuuming helps, your vacuum only removes a small portion of the accumulated contaminants that are trapped deep in the fibers of your home’s carpeting and rugs.

At Superior Carpet & Rug Cleaning, we offer homeowners two proven solutions to dust and allergens in your home. For your home’s wall-to-wall carpeting, we offer a deep cleaning and extraction process that thoroughly cleans your carpets using only specially treated water from our truck-mounted cleaning plant that assures a level of clean that leaves our competition in the dust. For your home’s Oriental rugs, we offer our proprietary 11-step rug washing process at our state-of-the-art rug washing boutique that achieves a level of clean that is simply not achievable using any other method.

Call us today, and discover for yourself a Superior Carpet & Rug Cleaning level of clean – a level of clean that is nothing to sneeze at, and a level of clean that we have been offering all of our customers since 1985.

Superior Carpet & Rug Cleaning

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Discover Personal Space, LLC

Your Remodeling & New Construction Solution
By Susan Davis

Although I began my professional career as an architect, my true passion has always been to build affordable, custom- built homes that are a reflection of the occupants’ personal tastes – one that is designed to meet not only their current lifestyle needs, but their future needs as well. I have been blessed to have worked on some great projects in the past, both commercial and residential. But my real passion will always be in serving the needs of area homeowners.

That’s why I launched Personal Space, LLC. We’re truly unique. We are niche builders created for families that are underserved by contractors that build multimillion-dollar homes and contractors that build multiple homes simultaneously in area developments. My goal is to provide the average West Knoxville family with a custom home that they can both afford and will love for many years to come.

I am the founder and sole owner of Personal Space, LLC and a West Knoxville resident. Our crews are comprised of very talented and experienced people who truly love what they do and who want to share their diverse skills with families right here in our community.

If you’re wondering about the name Personal Space, LLC, you’re not alone. We have all become familiar with the terms “man caves” and “she sheds.” Many homeowners have had to sacrifice design for other factors when home buying, then they are left trying to find ways to make the spaces personal. I encourage homeowners to ask themselves, “How can I make this space work for my entire family?” Would this room make a better office, home theater, or wine room? Would an addition make our kitchen work more efficiently? Do the finishes in my home really suit me? Ask yourself if your home’s design “sparks joy” for you.

Personal Space, LLC offers homeowners a quality product, professional services, and a reliable partner. We show up when we say we will show up, and we stay with you until the job is complete. We pride ourselves in finding solutions for even the most challenging projects. Each of our foremen is a carpenter with more than 20 years of experience. Their long careers as craftsmen are your assurance that every project will be completed both professionally and to your full satisfaction

Whether you are contemplating an addition, a remodel, or a new home, I invite you to discover the Personal Space, LLC difference. We work with interior designers, realtors, and directly with homeowners. We are skilled in home-renovation projects from new additions to backyard decks, custom built-ins and trim, adaptive reuses, and restoration repair.

To learn more, call us today at 865-271-7998 and schedule your no-cost, no-obligation, in-home consultation and discover the Personal Space, LLC difference for yourself.

Personal Space, LLC

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CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee

Delivering an Extraordinary Experience with Every Painting Project

Spring has become that favorite time of the year when so many of us make plans to update our home or business. The experts agree that there is not a faster or more cost-effective way to update your interior and exterior surfaces than painting. With a virtually unlimited palette of colors and finishes to select from, you’ll no doubt discover those just-so-perfect colors for your every mood and space, magically transforming your home and business.

The success of every painting project depends entirely on your selection of a qualified painting contractor ahead of your selection of a paint brand, paint type, and colors. So just how should you go about selecting the right painting contractor?

In this issue of Everything Knoxville, we are excited to share with our readers this interview with CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee’s Jim Mazrimas (Residential Sales Associate), Salomon Velasquez (Job Site Supervisor), and Liz Kaleida (customer). CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee is the proud recipient of numerous awards and honors for their expertise in the fields of both residential and commercial painting during the last 16 years, including 2018 National Franchise of the Year. They continue to earn a reputation for honesty, integrity, value, and quality craftsmanship.

EK: How did you hear about CertaPro originally, and what motivated you to make the call for an estimate?
Liz: We got several estimates with references, but we just weren’t sure about hiring one of those painting contractors. Then we got a mailing from CertaPro. It was perfect timing. Usually we would consider those ads junk mail. This ad was a gem. We were happy we called. We HIGHLY recommend CertaPro and every member of this team.

EK: How do you make each estimate experience personal for your customers?

Jim: On the sales side, we try to connect with our customers even before we meet them in person. We do a setup call prior to the estimate to confirm the appointment time and to discuss the scope of work for their home improvement project. We attempt to get to know our customer personally and not just talk paint. We continue to build this relationship once we meet in person for the estimate. We want our customers to know that we are here for them and that we really care about their individual projects. We like to think that we are painting lives, not just homes.

EK: Describe the CertaPro Painters process and how this process differentiates from other contractors/home improvement specialists you’ve hired.
Liz: Jim came to our home to give us an estimate. We pointed out repairs that needed to be made, and we were pleased that CertaPro would be able to handle those. Jim went over the process and his plan to send sufficient staff so the work could be finished in a reasonable time. CertaPro recommends Sherwin-Williams paint. We had a preference for another brand, and Jim accommodated us without any pressure. CertaPro didn’t require a deposit and applied a discount for having the work done in the winter. Jim was very friendly and professional.

EK: You advertise that you “don’t paint houses, you paint lives.” How does that look from a painter’s prospective?

Salomon: Having clean shoes, leaving the home cleaner than when we arrived, offering to change light bulbs, or rearrange furniture. We’re happy when a customer loves the work.  We also make sure we put things back in the same place and communicate with the customer every day and let them know what progress has been made. 

EK: Did CertaPro Painters deliver on the promises that were made during the estimate?
Liz: Absolutely. We had our entire home painted, including ceilings and closets, and it was completed in a week. Jim said we would be pleased with the staff he sent. We liked Salomon, Luis, Alexis, Stephanie, and Felix so much that we were sorry to see them leave. English is a second language for some of them, and they were patient while we practiced our Spanish. We had no problems communicating. They are skilled painters and carpenters (as needed). They took great care with the trim and furniture, moving and protecting other surfaces.

EK: Poor communication is often cited as the number one complaint of both home and business owners when hiring a contractor. How do you communicate with your customers to overcome a challenge?

Jim: All of us at CertaPro Painters recognize that communication is key to a successful and long-lasting relationship with our customers. We have multiple levels of contact with our customers, starting with the office staff, to the sales team, and on through the production team. We try to ensure that our customer is fully aware of our process and what they can expect once the painting crew arrives. This communication continues with follow-up after the project is completed to be sure we have met or exceeded their expectations. Our main goal is building customers for life as we provide them with an extraordinary painting experience.
EK: How did CertaPro handle any potential issues that came up during the job?
Liz: We had done some remodeling since Jim gave his estimate. This required extra repairs. I let him know in advance, and he assured me they would be able to handle it. Additional charges for this work were reasonable. It was also necessary to put a third coat on one section of wall, where you could see the cutting in underneath – hatband effect. CertaPro paid for the additional gallon of paint, and I was pleased that Andy, the supervisor, readily agreed to the need for an additional coat.

EK: What makes CertaPro different than other companies you have worked with?

Salomon: They are more professional, a true partnership, and service managers come around and help.  It makes you feel like a family. 

EK: Tell our readers about the other services CertaPro Painters offers their customers.

Jim: We feel CertaPro stands out from the competition with the additional expert services we provide. Besides interior and exterior painting for residential and commercial customers, we provide all levels of drywall, carpentry, and remodel work as we strive to become your “one-stop shop.”

EK: How can our readers learn more about CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee?

Jim: You can call us at 865-470-0001 or visit us online at

CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee

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Art Market Gallery

Knoxville is home to some of the most creative minds in the nation. Area artists have proudly earned the city its Maker City title, as well as a spot on Forbes’ list of “America’s Most Creative Cities.”

At the heart of Knoxville’s bustling art district, nestled next to Downtown Grill and Brewery on Gay Street, is the crowning jewel, the Art Market Gallery. The gallery boasts more than 60 juried local artists in its collective. Creatives specializing in everything from painting, jewelry making, woodworking, sculpture, clay, fiber, photography, and more can be found there. The gallery also houses the largest collection of original, local artwork in the area.

Art Market Gallery made its debut during the 1982 Worlds Fair in a small sales gallery. It moved to 422 S. Gay Street in 2005. The move placed the gallery at the center of First Friday, Knoxville’s monthly celebration of the arts.

Art Market Gallery hosts a First Friday reception each month. The reception provides a welcoming environment for returning art lovers, and those new to the gallery, to enjoy the newest artworks. Many Art Market Gallery artists attend First Friday receptions and can often be found chatting with gallery guests. Among the new artworks presented during First Friday are exhibits that spotlight two featured member artists. These artists rotate monthly.

Whether you’re an established art collector or new to the art community, Art Market Gallery’s month-long Art Auction in April will provide a unique opportunity to own works from some of the gallery’s artists for a fraction of the original prices.

For more information about the gallery, its history, hours of operation or the roster of artists, visit The gallery always welcomes new sponsors, too. It’s a valuable way to support local artists. Come see why so many Knoxville creatives call the Art Market Gallery home.

Art Market Gallery
422 South Gay Street
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting

Showcase Your Home’s Exterior Architecture & Landscaping

By Holly Hill

As an artist uses a vast palette of colors to accentuate the beauty of a painting, the Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting team of Knoxville will use the artistry of light to enhance and illuminate your home and your home’s landscaping. Our lighting designers can highlight the architecture of your home and shine a light on featured focal points throughout your landscape.

While many landscape lighting businesses are fixated on the installation process, we are dedicated to bringing the night to life with our award-winning designs. By employing architectural and landscape lighting designers that are trained, certified, and highly qualified consultants, our team is ready to help you with any question you may have. From choosing the ideal fixtures with the optimal light beam spread to selecting wattage, color, and color temperature, Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting of Knoxville will bring out the architectural features and landscaping details of your home.

Our lighting fixtures are customizable and created to stand the test of time. In fact, they are backed with a lifetime warranty so you never have to worry. The fixtures we utilize are made of cast brass and finished with a warm bronze patina. This makes for a rustic yet refined lighting element that works for any style home.

As artists of outdoor lighting, our team will walk you through the entire process, from project conception to final installations. We want to collaborate with you to ensure that the design we create meets your needs for safety, security, and aesthetic appeal.

Call 865-484-4011 today to learn how illuminating your home with the artistry of light can turn your dark and empty nighttime appearance into a beautiful work of art.

Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting
11519 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37934

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