Shae Design Studio

Shae Design Studio

Your New Standard in Kitchen & Bath Design and Furnishings

thumbnail-3If you are contemplating a kitchen or bath redesign or new home construction, you are invited to discover an entirely new experience in design. Shae Design Studio founder and owner, Shae Seeber, has revolutionized the area’s kitchen and bath design marketplace by combining a variety of disciplines that are often missing from more traditional cabinet vendors.

Shae Design Studio combines the latest 3D kitchen design technology, along with their interior design skills and decade-long experience in residential construction, to provide homeowners with a totally new, turn-key experience. Shae Design Studio is where great design meets functionality. Designed to meet the daily needs of your busy family, their designs also create that showcase designer quality look that you have been searching for.

But what you will appreciate even more is Shae Design Studio’s price tag. With prices up to 30% lower than competing cabinet stores, your money will go even further.

This month Everything Knoxville is proud to share with you their interview with Shae Design Studio founder, Shae Seeber.

EK: Tell us, who is Shae Design Studio?

Shae: We are designers, and we create beautiful and functional living spaces that people want to come home to. Whether you’re renovating, redesigning a space, or trying to select furniture pieces, the designers at Shae have the talent to assist you with all of your interior design needs. From flooring to lighting and anything in between, we do it all and walk you through each step of the process. We are the first ones you will meet, from a complete renovation to styling your space with the latest home furnishings from our design curated studio and showroom.

EK: What makes Shae Design Studio different?

Shae: As a female owned and operated company, we do so much more than sell people cabinet boxes. We want to understand your needs and how you live. Shae Design Studio is a total renovation and interior design resource, and we have things that you will not find anywhere else. We are one of the largest design teams in Knoxville and offer a wide breadth of skills. We’re not looking to keep the same layout in the same old kitchen; we’re looking to take out walls and do whatever we need to do to give your space the most potential. Designers are present from the beginning to the end of the process, and we are physically present at the job site before we even begin the design. Also, because we work in a collaborative atmosphere, I touch base with most projects that come into the studio.

EK: Your new design studio appears to be an interactive environment where homeowners can discover all of the potential that exists in their home’s kitchen and baths. How does your interior design experience benefit your clients?

Shae: During the past 10 years, I have had the opportunity to work on thousands of spaces. I’m very confident in the construction process. Having four children has given me a lot to consider – everything from storage to functionality. A lot of companies only offer single aspects of the design process, but we cover everything. We want to understand your needs and how you live in order to design not only a space, but a lifestyle.

EK: Tell us about your process. Where do I start if I want to renovate?

Shae: Whatever the project is, we begin by sending a member of our interior design team to discuss your space with you. After determining what your unique needs are, we create 3D renderings of your best options to help you visualize what other people often have difficulty visualizing.

EK: Why do homeowners find hiring an interior designer so stressful?

Shae: It’s not the least bit stressful with Shae Design Studio. Our objective is to encourage you to express your exact needs and wants. We are design facilitators who use our skills to incorporate your ideas into your new spaces. Your new design should be a reflection of you and not the designer. We also work within your budget parameters.

EK: Why should the 3D technology you use be important to your clients?

Shae: Our 3D renderings bring your design to life. They help you visualize and connect with the spaces we’re creating for you. Being able to show the homeowner what something is going to look like in advance helps to better connect them with the design, taking the customary guesswork out of the project.

EK: With so many options in Knoxville, why should I buy from Shae Design Studio?

Shae: At Shae Design Studio, you will work directly with designers who are passionate about both you and your story and not the typical sales environment you find elsewhere. Our designers travel extensively to hand select each and every unique piece that you will discover in our showroom. By offering our clients all of these designer-inspired items directly, it allows us to offer our customers the very best prices possible. You don’t have to shop all around Knoxville searching and trying to find all of the elements needed to complete your project. We bring it all together for you. Also, because we know that our furniture will be an important part of your life for many years, we have invested many hours searching for just the right lines that we are confident you will appreciate.

EK: In closing, is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Shae: We are visionaries. We see what others don’t see. We hear your ideas, understand how you live, and collaborate with you to begin the process of bringing your new floor plan to life with our 3D renderings. We launch each design project with an engaging preview so you can begin to visualize the potential we see for yourself. But don’t take our word for it. Discover all of the opportunities that Shae offers, and prepare to be inspired!

Shae Design Studio
10420 Kingston Pike, Suite C
Knoxville, TN 37922

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Veronica G Boutique

Veronica G Boutique Introduces the Bali Apparel Line for 2016

By Gail Edwards, Owner of Veronica G Boutique

During May, Veronica G Boutique will be featuring a beautiful and exciting new line – Bali Apparel. When I recently met with Bali’s owner, Frank, who resides in North Carolina, I became quite intrigued with his story.

About 30 years ago, Frank and his wife were vacationing in Bali and saw the unique Batik fabrics being produced there. Their unique method of adding wax to a white fabric to create patterns and then coloring the remaining fabric with rich color dyes results in the creation of striking designs. The fabric is then boiled in water to remove the wax, revealing the design. This process results in a “pre-shrunk” fabric with a lovely “soft hand.” Frank and his wife watched this process, and a fashion line idea was born. This small independent line is available exclusively in Frank’s personally selected boutiques.

Veronica G Boutique first introduced this clothing line last summer to rave reviews. Many customers bought multiple pieces, and then returned for more. These creations are my personal favorites to pack when we go to the beach in the summer, as it has that designer resort look. This year the line offers even more, and Frank added some fun touches to the pants and capris this season.

If you are searching for something truly unique and enjoy a soft, flowing design for your clothing, you must see these as soon as possible, because they will be gone before you know it!

Another new line we have discovered and have added to our collection is the exquisite creations of fashion jewelry designer, John Michael Richardson. These unique pieces blend the cultures of both East and West to create a look that is uniquely his own. The metal is hand-crafted in Thailand with etchings that bring unique detail to his jewelry. He mixes natural elements of horn, wood, bone, and shell from Cuba, metal stampings from the U.S., and glass beads from the Czech Republic. All items are assembled and finished in the United States. Rich in look but affordable in price, these pieces are immediately recognizable and make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or any special occasion!

Veronica G Boutique
11655 Parkside Drive
Knoxville, TN 37934

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Sweet Soles

Sweet Soles

Offering You Something to Mooz About

Marilyn Monroe once quipped,” Give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she can change the world!”large

“What we women know, however, is how agonizingly painful that perfect pair of shoes can be,” said Sweet Soles founder and owner, Mary Miller. “What women are really searching for are just the right shoes that are both comfortable and have tons of personality.”

Sweet Soles, located in historic downtown Sweetwater, is the place where area footwear fashionistas converge for not only the perfect shoe, but also the level of comfort that has eluded them for so long. Sweet Soles is now introducing Miz Mooz, a line of vintage-style footwear from New York committed to the principle that fashion and comfort can happily coexist. Hand-finished leather and unique and unexpected detailing demonstrate that you won’t need to sacrifice form for function.

Miz Mooz is just one of the many exciting brand name shoes you will discover at Sweet Soles in Sweetwater, next door to The Lily Pad.

Sweet Soles
211 N. Main Street
Sweetwater, TN 37874

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Gent Heating & Cooling

Experience the Gent Heating & Cooling Difference

By Shane Gent, Owner of Gent Heating & Cooling

So just how many choices do you have when you require the assistance of a heating and cooling contractor to service your home or business’s HVAC system? More than you might imagine. But if years of service, training, and experience matter – and they should – the field narrows rather quickly.

Selecting a qualified heating and cooling contractor is more important than you might imagine, because the level of service they offer can determine the efficiency of your system and, more importantly, the cost of operation. With energy costs skyrocketing, efficiency should be your number one priority.

Nearly every heating and cooling contractor can make your HVAC system respond to signals from your thermostat. But sadly, that’s the highest level of service that many customers experience.

Since I first founded Gent Heating & Cooling, I have used my more than 27 years of experience to provide an unprecedented level of customer service that most home and business owners no longer thought existed. Gent Heating & Cooling is your full-service company and sales partner that will maintain your system to operate at its maximum efficiency, provide fast, courteous, and affordable repairs, and replace your existing HVAC when necessary with a new, state-of-the-art, high-efficiency unit that is guaranteed for up to 10 years.

In addition to maintaining your system to operate at its peak efficiency, thereby lowering your energy costs, Gent Heating & Cooling is your expert when it’s time to replace your old and worn out HVAC system. When replacing your HVAC system, we offer you a wide variety of cost-effective choices, including the all-new comfort solutions from Mitsubishi Electric. They offer incredible efficiency, zone control, and air quality.

Many homes and businesses with older, less efficient HVAC systems can significantly reduce their energy costs when replacing these units with today’s high-efficiency units. It’s possible to reduce energy costs by up to 50% depending on the age of your existing unit and the new unit you select.

If you’re tired of rapidly increasing heating and cooling costs, or if your current HVAC system just isn’t operating as well as it used to, then I invite you to experience the Gent Heating & Cooling difference today.

Gent Heating & Cooling

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Kitchen Tune-Up

Update Your Kitchen Without Disrupting Your Life

thumbnailIf you’ve thought about making a change in your kitchen, you might already be dreading the process of tearing everything out of your space, as well as the time, cost, and inconvenience that can typically be involved. Well, there’s good news and more good news. Trusted remodeling company Kitchen Tune-Up and its local Knoxville franchise owned by Ryan and Michelle Thompson can provide a completely updated kitchen in less than one week and without the mess or cost of a complete tear-out.

“Our average remodeling project takes between one to five days to complete,” explained Ryan.

Kitchen Tune-Up specializes in cabinet refacing, cabinet redooring (new doors custom ordered to fit your cabinets), custom cabinets and design, and one-day wood reconditioning. Kitchen Tune-Up also offers cabinet modifications to accommodate new, larger appliances, along with custom closets, storage solutions, and garage cabinets. The company’s signature service is a unique, comprehensive, one-day wood reconditioning process called a “Tune-Up.” This process restores and repairs wood cabinets and interior wood surfaces.

“No other kitchen remodeling company in the Knoxville area offers this proprietary wood reconditioning service,” said Ryan. “It’s important to know that you don’t have to spend a fortune or live in a mess for weeks in order to update your space. You can keep your same cabinets and recondition them, or keep the cabinet boxes in place and reface them in a different style or color, or replace them with new cabinets. With any of our services, you can make your space more functional with the addition of roll-out trays and accessories. Whatever you can imagine for your kitchen, we have multiple options and will work within your budget. We also pride ourselves on working with your daily routine, so that improving your home is a fun and enjoyable process and not a disruption to you and your family.”

Ryan and Michelle have been Tennessee residents for more than 20 years and have called Knoxville home since 2009. The Kitchen Tune-Up franchise system has consistently been ranked first in their category by Entrepreneur magazine for more than 20 years, and Kitchen Tune-Up prides itself on eight customer service Trustpoints that are applied to every project.

“We enjoy having the benefits of being part of a national franchise while still being locally owned and operated,” said Michelle. “There are locations across the country, which helps us stay up-to-date on all of the latest kitchen trends.”

For more information, or to schedule a no-obligation consultation, call Kitchen Tune-Up today at 865-253-7805 or visit

Kitchen Tune-Up

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Amish Excellence

Amish Excellence

By Angie Chaffin

thumbnail-2I believe that the opportunity to serve others in my community is what ultimately led me to pursue a 30-year career in healthcare human resources. But as is so often the case, our lives enter a new season, and our life’s path forward evolves. Although I began pursuing a new direction for my life more than a year ago, my desire to serve my community is still a driving force in my life.

So how does a gal, born and raised in East Tennessee who has served others in the world of corporate human resources, make a decision to sell furniture? Thoughtfully and prayerfully. I really believe that discovering Amish Excellence was an answer to prayer. I’ve discovered a product where both quality and hand-craftsmanship, along with affordability, combine to offer customers an unprecedented opportunity to enjoy the finest furniture available anywhere – and at a price far below what you might expect to pay elsewhere.

As every piece of furniture I sell at Amish Excellence is custom designed, I have the unique opportunity to get to know each and every one of my customers. I also enjoy knowing that every piece of furniture I help design will likely become a legacy – furniture that will be handed down from generation to generation, much the way it was done in the past when quality built furniture was more prevalent.

What you will discover at Amish Excellence is a virtually unlimited selection of the finest, all-American, hand-crafted furniture certified as authentic Amish. If you thought that Amish furniture was limited to the “mission” and “craftsman” style of furniture, think again. These same skilled Amish craftsmen can hand-craft just about any design you can imagine, including Asian-inspired, mid-century modern, contemporary, and more.

Amish Excellence is about choices. Your choices. Furniture your way. Your design. Your wood selection. Your stain or paint. And, more importantly, your budget.

I would like to personally invite you to visit us at Amish Excellence to experience all the possibilities imaginable in a comfortable, non-sales environment while rediscovering a level of quality craftsmanship that you thought no longer existed.

Amish Excellence
613 N. Campbell Station Road
Knoxville, TN 37934
Monday-Saturday 10 am – 6pm

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Mr. Sandless

Mr. Sandless®

The Quick, No-Sanding Solution to Beautiful Wood Floors®

thumbnail-1Do you remember when your hardwood floors had the brand new, showcase home appearance? Now, after many years of use and damage from harmful UV rays, your once sensational looking hardwood floors are dull, scratched, and faded. Perhaps your floors are covered with wall-to-wall carpeting.

The solution is simple, but unfortunately, it’s not easy. You can either replace your hardwood flooring or refinish your home’s existing hardwood flooring. While refinishing is far less expensive, you won’t believe the mess. Talk to anyone who has ever had their hardwood floors refinished, and you’ll learn just how challenging refinishing can be. One thing you can count on is that there will be dust everywhere as your home’s HVAC system redistributes the dust throughout your home.

But here’s a refinishing alternative from Mr. Sandless®, the number one wood floor refinisher in the world and inventor of Sandless hardwood floor refinishing. Mr. Sandless® uses their proprietary system of refinishing to return that showcase quality look to your home’s hardwood floors but without the mess. Just ask their 120,000+ happy customers.

Using their trade secret method, the trained technicians at Mr. Sandless ® will restore your hardwood floors, sealing them with multiple coats of commercial grade sealer and finish with your choice of matte, satin, or gloss. Mr. Sandless® removes unwanted carpeting, moves and replaces furniture, installs new hardwood floors, and performs the carpentry needed to replace damaged flooring or to install wood trim. They can even refinish any hardwood surface in your home, as well as refinish your outdoor deck, fence, gazebo, or exterior trim.

Turn your dream of returning your home’s wooded surfaces to their original showcase quality look that only Mr. Sandless® can offer and without the mess. Call Mr. Sandless® today!

Mr. Sandless®
Satisfaction guaranteed. Each location independently owned and operated.

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Why Warren Buffett Keeps Getting It Right

By Tom Irmen

Why is it that investors everywhere hold this 85-year-old business magnate, investor, and philanthropist, with an estimated net worth of more than $66 billion, in such high esteem? Certainly his net worth speaks volumes, but it is much more than that. People respect his humility and his rather simplistic view of today’s financial marketplace. His personal perspective on investing differs markedly from the so-called experts armed with their reams of charts, graphs, and historical data.

One characteristic of Warren Buffett that small business owners could and should embrace is his long-term view on investing. So long-term, in fact, that many of the gains that will be earned from his investments that he is making today won’t be realized for decades, long after he’s gone.

Mr. Buffett’s long-term view on investing appears to be devoid of emotions and seems to de-emphasize many geo-political events that cause others to take pause. As small business owners, it’s not always easy to ignore our emotions or local, national, and world events. One of the unique advantages of being “small” is our ability to be agile. Unfortunately, this same agility allows us to become somewhat of an “idea of the week club,” where we’re constantly changing gears, which can be truly detrimental to our long-term success.

Although Warren Buffett is 20 years my senior, my age provides me with many of the same insights that most older Americans share. I’ve experienced 16 presidential races, 33 congressional elections, a half a dozen wars, and a host of international crises. Although these events were all portrayed as life-changing, and even apocalyptic, somehow we’ve just seemed to advance on despite these feelings of deep despair that we all experience in our lives.

Your life will be filled with both success and adversity, but you and your small business will enjoy far greater prosperity if you will embrace Warren Buffett’s long-term perspective and avoid all of the “theatre” that seems to surround all of our lives.

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Decorating Den Interiors

Decorating Den Interiors

“From Inspiration to Reality”

Decorating Den InteriorsEverything Knoxville was delighted to feature Decorating Den Interiors owner and interior designer, Sandy Kozar, in the December 2014 issue of our magazine, and we are even more enthusiastic about the opportunity to highlight Sandy once again in our current issue. Sandy is among a small group of interior designers whose designs will be featured in the 2016 Knoxville Symphony League’s Show House. Everything in the two guest rooms the Kozar team designed will be sold to benefit the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra. This year’s Symphony League Show House was custom built by Johnson & Galyon and is located in the all-new Legacy Cove subdivision in the Rocky Hill community.

Many of our readers are already familiar with Sandy’s award-winning design work, as well as being seen on HGTV as a Pro Network Designer, Knoxville’s Parade of Homes, Best of Houzz 2016, and Dream Room Winner, in addition to being featured in a variety of national and international design publications. Her design work is also featured in the book “The Kitchen Bible” by Barbara Ballinger, which is in its second printing. Clients appreciate Sandy’s unique approach to interior design, as well as that of her interior designer associates, Taryn Stait and Donna Prendergast. The Kozar design team is committed to delivering professional design assistance in a professional, approachable, service-oriented, and successful way.

EK: Sandy, let’s jump ahead and talk about your participation in this year’s Knoxville Symphony League Show House. Tell our readers about your participation and just what they should expect.

Sandy: As a participant, we donate a significant portion of our proceeds from the sale of items in our two designer upstairs guest rooms to the Knoxville Symphony. It’s our way of giving back to our community. The Show House is open daily to the public from April 9th through 24th, including two evenings. The Kozar design team of Decorating Den Interiors will be presenting design workshops on the grounds both Friday and Saturday, April 15 and 16, at 10 am and 1 pm and again at the same times the following Friday and Saturday, April 22 and 23. Decorating Den Interiors will present “Dream Makers” with before and after room photographs, as well as “Elements of Design,” which will teach you some basic principles of design that make your room “feel right.”

EK: Tell our readers how Adele and Justin Timberlake played a role in your design work at the Show House.

Sandy: I love Adele’s music style and her persona. To me, she is a strong woman with a voice just as powerful! So, I thought, what kind of environment would she want to surround herself with? Raspberry velvet! Shimmering, flowing fabrics and comfy places to sit and write, bright colors of raspberry, cilantro, lime, royal purple (yes – that’s Adele!). I see her as pretty down-to-earth, so a collage of pictures from home.

Now Justin Timberlake, well, that’s just fun! Doing a gentlemanly room with touches of whimsy – the “timber” giclee artwork and the fun tortoise shell chest with a tail drawer! Can’t you just see him relaxing on the crocodile leather chair? The distinguished fabrics certainly add to his identity.

EK: The Symphony Show House showcases your unique design talents, but how do you collaborate with your clients to ensure that your design work reflects their unique lifestyle and personal tastes?

Sandy: The best part of working with our clients is getting to know them. Most people are so anxious to show you their home and share ideas on how they’d like to see it different or share what they love about it. We are great listeners! We spend time considering all aspects of a design – from the function of the room, which always comes first, to the finishes.

EK: What sets you apart from other interior designers? You work from a full studio featuring tremendous fabric selections and a sample library with more than 200 lines of furniture, accessories, lighting, artwork, upholstery products, and more, yet you prefer to meet with your clients in their homes. How do your clients benefit from your in-home consultations?

Sandy: Our in-home consultation is always complimentary. Many others offer a consultation, but you have to travel to them. Going to a client’s home allows us to see your home from a holistic (whole house) approach. Also, we are able to see paint colors, fabrics, and finishes in the lighting they are going to be placed in. Most of all, it’s a service we provide to our clients to save them from spending their precious time traveling from place to place trying to find just the right piece.

EK: What’s the next step after the initial consultation?

Sandy: We discuss a decorating budget. (If you make a purchase of any kind, you usually will have a budget in mind. Those that say they don’t have a budget, well, that’s just not realistic.) We offer lines of good-better-best and luxury items, so we are able to meet most budgets.

EK: If a client is contemplating a design project, how much time should they allow for completion?

Sandy: If you truly want a beautiful room, it takes time. I know that in our instantaneous world, sometimes it’s hard to wait, but if you take the time to truly choose pieces that are made for you (like custom upholstery or window treatments), it can take up to six to eight weeks. The saying “it’s worth the wait” comes to mind.

EK: What services do you offer your existing clients?

Sandy: You may want to read this twice: We do not charge for our design time when product is purchased! Plus, I can honestly say that we will spend more time on your design than any other designer, as we do not have to “watch the clock.”

Another terrific part of our services is that we install your room in one day! We can complete your room while you’re at work, running errands, or simply having a spa day! That is the best day for us! Many people are so moved that they actually cry, and we always leave with a hug or two!

EK: Take a minute to tell our readers a little bit about your interior designer associates Taryn Stait and Donna Prendergast.

Sandy: Oh, I just love working with Taryn and Donna! I feel so fortunate, as we have such a creative, professional, and kindhearted environment in our studio. Taryn brings a fresh perspective to her clients. She is truly appreciated by her repeat clients for her attention to detail and creative designs. Donna, an experienced interior designer, has completed many designs in and around Knoxville during her career. Donna has a deep understanding of beautiful design and what it takes to create something lovely.

EK: As a Decorating Den Interiors franchise owner, you have more than 200 lines of interior design products available to you. Why is that important to your clients?

Sandy: We all love choices! Why not for our home as well? The majority of our lines are only available through us because we are a franchise; we have more “buying power” and have secured lines that are not available to most independent interior designers.

EK: Do you find that most clients have a vision of what they would like but just don’t know how or where to start?

Sandy: Yes! That’s why they initially call us. They are at a loss. Maybe they’ve purchased something somewhere else and it may not fit, they don’t like how it looks in their home, or the quality is just not what they expected. I always praise those clients that call me before they make a major purchase, because we can save them costly mistakes.

EK: What about clients with a limited budget?

Sandy: We really are able to meet most budgets because of our extensive lines of products. If it is a large project, we can break it up into stages. Remember what I said about “it’s worth the wait?” Well, this is also a way to get quality pieces and build upon it over time.

EK: How can a prospective client who may be considering using the services of an interior designer learn more about you?

Sandy: Just call us at 865-982-6368, visit our website at, or simply email us at We would love to talk to you and spend a few minutes getting to know you and your project!

EK: In closing, is there anything else you would like to add?

Sandy: I am appreciative of all of our existing clients that have helped to make Decorating Den Interiors a successful Knoxville-based small business for more than six years and counting. We have made many great friends and always feel blessed with each and every client we have assisted throughout the years.

Decorating Den Interiors
Sandy Kozar

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Premiere Consignment

Premiere Consignment

“The Smart Way to Shop… The Easy Way to Sell”

Premiere ConsignmentIf you’re interested in saving money – and who isn’t these days? – then Premiere Consignment is your answer to the high price of furniture, art, and home décor items. Centrally located in nearby Tellico Village and close to other upscale lake and golf front communities, Premiere Consignment offers you the finest in pre-owned furniture, art, and home décor items from many of the nation’s premier furniture manufacturers – and all at prices far below their original retail prices.

“Being in close proximity to communities such as Tellico Village and Rarity Bay provides our customers with a rare opportunity to take advantage of the incredible savings on the high-quality furniture we offer,” said Becky Hunt, co-owner of Premiere Consignment. “We acquire quality furnishings, art, and home décor items from residents moving into and out of the surrounding communities. Premiere Consignment also hosts Estate Sales.”

Another exciting feature offered to its customers by Premiere Consignment is its extensive eBay and virtual store managed by Becky’s son, Aaron Hunt. Premiere Consignment offers consigners an incredible opportunity to market a large variety of items to interested customers around the world by presenting your items through their highly ranked eBay store. Take advantage of their photography, listings, and in-house packaging and shipping – all designed to provide you with that professional look, as well as the safety and security that you deserve.
So if you’re in the market for furniture, art, or home décor for a room or your entire home, you’re invited to visit Premiere Consignment in nearby Tellico Village, where you can purchase brand name, pre-owned items at just a fraction of their original sales prices.

Premiere Consignment
320 Lakeside Plaza
Loudon, TN 37774

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