Luxe Homes & Design

Luxe Homes & Design

Dream Homes Designed and Created for Each Season of Your Life

thumbnail-1In this issue of Everything Knoxville, we are excited to feature Luxe Homes & Design founder and president, Jenny Blalock. Jenny has successfully combined the entrepreneurial skills she developed early in her life while working alongside her father, Jim Blalock, in his plumbing supply business with both her skills as a general contractor and talents as an interior designer. A highly recognized and award-winning company, Luxe Homes & Design offers its clients a truly unique, one-of-a-kind experience in new home construction. They design and create a new home that not only meets the existing needs of each and every family member, but also the future needs of these same family members as they experience the changing seasons of their lives.

We will also introduce you to Plantation Reclaimed, a new company launched by Jenny dedicated to the preservation of our nation’s remaining old growth forests by promoting the environmentally responsible practice of recycling antique lumber that might otherwise have been discarded.

In this interview, it is also hoped that in addition to introducing or reintroducing you, whichever the case, to Luxe Homes & Design and Plantation Reclaimed, that the entrepreneurial spirits that exist within so many of our readers might be reawakened by this interview.

EK: To complete the narrative we began, please tell our readers about the very special father and daughter team that you have with your father, Jim, and how you benefitted personally from working with him at an early age in his company.

Jenny: I worked for my dad while attending the University of Tennessee. During those years, I watched how dad interacted with his employees and customers. He treated them all with great respect and always went out of his way to help any of them. It wasn’t just business with my dad; he took it personal. As a result of this, I also take pride in our work not only on a business level, but also a very personal level.
EK: How do you feel that your clients benefit from your expertise as both a general contractor and interior designer?

Jenny: I believe that it offers my clients a sense of comfort undertaking a project knowing that I possess the necessary skills and experience required to guide them through the progress of designing a home that fits their unique lifestyle. Most homeowners need help combining all of their ideas and designs together, and as a design builder, I help them achieve the desired end result.

EK: Why is it important to thoroughly understand a homeowner’s lifestyle prior to the design phase of new home construction?

Jenny: This is one of the most important aspects to building a custom home. I make it a point to get to know my clients on a personal level to understand what things are important to them, what their lifestyle is, and what styles they like. This helps me design a home for them that is completely customized for them.

EK: You encourage a homeowner to visualize not only how they plan to use their new home today, but also 10 or 20 years in the future. How does this benefit the homeowner?

Jenny: Although trends and styles change throughout the years, I try to encourage my clients to incorporate designs that are more timeless. More importantly, you do need to build looking into the future as the family grows and as lifestyles change. Incorporating in-law suites is popular with many of my clients as they think about their parents getting older. One-story living is popular for all age groups as well. Also, building a home that requires less maintenance and is as energy efficient as possible is important for my clients as well.

EK: Describe your hands-on approach to construction.

Jenny: I’m very hands-on as all of my previous homeowners know. I’m not your typical “cell phone” contractor. Not only do I do all of the design work, but I am on the jobsite doing whatever it takes to keep the construction process going smoothly. I also build many of the kitchen hoods in my homes and install the custom clay tile backsplashes. I enjoy building unique features and incorporating them into each home. I feel that it’s a way of putting a part of “me” into their home. Also, because communication is so very important, I try to be available as much possible for my clients.

EK: Like so many of our readers who are considering building a new home, you share their cost-conscious approach, yet your homes include unique features often offered only as options elsewhere. How is that possible?

Jenny: I think that is one of the things that make me unique. I think that is one of the qualities I’m known for. I want people to walk into one of our homes and think, “Wow, I’ve never seen that before, and I love it.”

EK: Does Luxe Homes & Design also offer renovation or remodeling services?

Jenny: New construction keeps our team quite busy, but if time permits, we occasionally take on remodeling projects for homeowners.

EK: Tell us how Luxe Homes & Design gave rise to Plantation Reclaimed.

Jenny: I have always loved to incorporate antiques or reclaimed materials into our homes. Several years ago I fell in love with reclaimed wood flooring. After extensive research, I found that the price for this type of flooring was beyond many of my clients’ budgets. But because of the growing popularity of this flooring, and because I actually love the process of reclaiming antique wood, we began milling it ourselves. Today we’re selling our reclaimed wood nationwide. I’m very proud of the success of Plantation Reclaimed and look forward to its continued success in the future.

EK: Plantation Reclaimed actually harvests antique lumber as much as 200 years old, correct?

Jenny: Yes, correct. Our barn wood comes from local barns, most with a history and story behind it. A lot of clients love to hear the story behind their floors. It’s exciting to see some old wood that you would normally strike a match to turn into such beautiful and unique flooring. I like to say it’s like reclaiming history one floor at time.

EK: What type of projects has Plantation Reclaimed been involved in recently?

Jenny: We obviously incorporate our flooring into all our homes. We do not just mill reclaimed wood; we also offer an old growth series as well. We mill a lot of black walnut, hickory, oak, maple, etc. We have designers in L.A. that love using our original face barn siding. Our clientele list ranges from California to New York. The great thing about our product lines is that it can be used in both a rustic and even modern design. It’s very versatile.

EK: Your websites are packed with useful information and galleries. What is the best way for our readers to reach you?

Jenny: The best way to reach me is either by email or phone. I’ve discovered that most people prefer to email.

EK: In closing, is there anything you would like to add? Perhaps a Father’s Day wish?

Jenny: Yes, I would love to take the time to tell my dad how much I love and appreciate him. Not many people can say they can work with their parents or any family member for that matter and get along. The fact is we work very well together. He taught me at a young age to be independent and to work hard for things that I wanted. Being self-employed isn’t easy. It’s like being on a roller coaster at times, going through the good times as well as the bad. I’m just glad I’ve had the opportunity to experience all of it with him. I can’t imagine it any other way. Thank you for being supportive of me throughout the years, all your hard work, and your love for me, and here’s to many more years ahead. Happy Father’s Day!

Luxe Homes & Design

Plantation Reclaimed

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Spa 9700

Spa 9700 Didn’t Forget Dad

With its fabulous reputation as a place for women to relax and rejuvenate, West Knoxville’s Spa 9700 often gets overlooked as a day spa that is also very popular with men. Indeed, Spa 9700 is a place where anyone, man or woman, can feel comfortable, but with Father’s Day coming soon, let’s talk about him.

Rather than a hair salon that also has spa services, Spa 9700 offers an environment where men can comfortably and privately enjoy relaxing and therapeutic treatments. The high energy, sounds, and smells of the typical hair salon have been eliminated.

Among the services that appeal to men are an array of gentlemen’s facials, including sport, anti-aging, sun damage repair, and back facials. Waxing, especially in the summer, is also very popular with male clients.

Men also enjoy special treatment for their hands, feet, and nails. That’s right men – hand, feet, and nail treatment. But not to worry, the treatment is done in a private men’s nail room where you can sit and relax while getting a nail service.

And let’s not forget every man’s favorite: Massage. Spa 9700 specializes in custom full or upper body massage. There is no better stress reducer than a Swedish relaxation massage, and for a treat he won’t forget, indulge him with the hot stone massage.

The spa also has a custom built hydrotherapy shower, which a lot of men enjoy. The 12-minute Hydrotherapy Shower Massage has 12 body jets, an overhead rain shower and cold water douse, and it puts forth 100 gallons of water per minute, creating a wonderful pre-treatment relaxation therapy.

There are great options in the retail shop too such as Jack Black skincare and body care, lavender neck wraps, shea butter bar soaps, masculine scented candles, and more. Also, wait until you see the selection of sunscreens guaranteed not to wreck his golf game or fishing trip.

So shop Spa 9700 for the special, deserving man in your life this Father’s Day. He will love it!

Spa 9700
9700 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37922

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Veronica G Boutique

Perfect Vacation Wear

By Gail Edwards, Owner of Veronica G Boutique

I’m not sure what I enjoy more: Discovering an exciting new apparel line or watching the expressions on the faces of our customers when they discover the same line displayed at Veronica G Boutique.

Last month we had the privilege to introduce you to an entirely new apparel line from Bali Apparel. Produced from Batik fabrics, these rich, color-dyed fabrics create the striking designs that our customers have been raving about.

Well, this month is no exception, as Veronica G Boutique is proud to introduce you to yet another new line of U.S.-made apparel from Nomadic Traders. And, best of all, this new line is just perfect for women on the go as the 2016 vacation season really heats up.

Nomadic Traders’ wide range of women’s clothing created by their experienced design team offers the “Nomadic” look, from casual weekend wear to resort sophistication. Breezy rayon batiks designed exclusively for the American market, crisp silk linens, embroidered blouses, hand-painted linens, washable silk, dresses, skirts, pants, and shorts… the list goes on and on. With an unprecedented commitment to quality, Nomadic Traders pulls its inspiration from the cultures in half a dozen countries while keeping pace with global fashion trends.

A unique fashion experience geared towards women 30+ who are searching for on-trend fashions, Veronica G Boutique, which is conveniently located in Turkey Creek, is one of those very few boutiques that provides friendly, personal service, style, and exquisite offerings in fashions and accessories. So if your 2016 vacation planning is about to shift into high gear, I invite you to discover our many exciting lines of apparel and accessories to make your summer-of-fun plans complete.

Veronica G Boutique
11655 Parkside Drive
Knoxville, TN 37934

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Select Sport Horses

Select Sport Horses

Discover our passion for horses

By Jocelyn Gibson, Co-Owner and Founder of Select Sport Horses

thumbnailWe are pleased to announce that our sports facility previously located in Greenback, Tennessee, has recently relocated to our new location at 2304 W. Gallaher Ferry Road in Knoxville. More centrally located, our beautiful new facility is conveniently located for our existing students, as well as the growing number of new students and boarders.

Select Sport Horses has distinguished itself in the equestrian world as a full-service showing facility offering lessons, training, boarding, showing, and quality sale horses. From beginner to advance riders and all goal levels, we provide outstanding instruction in a safe and fun environment. Select Sport Horses is also home to the University of Tennessee’s equestrian team, Huntseat Riders.

Brandon Gibson, co-owner and founder and yes, my husband, is Knoxville’s first and only USHJA certified instructor. He is a wonderful instructor and provides training for horses needing to be started to polishing, showing, and sale. Brandon has captured wins at the most prestigious shows in the nation, as well as USEF National Championships!

Select Sport Horses is competitive at nationally rated shows, and we also attend locally rated shows if necessary for our clients. We also offer a large but select list of horses for sale that you can view on our website and encourage interested buyers to contact us to assist you in your efforts, as we can also search our extensive network of horses offered for sale by the nation’s top professionals. We also arrange international buying trips each quarter.

Brandon and I have differentiated ourselves in the equestrian world with the shared passion, dreams, and goals that are centered around horses. Combined with our more than 35 years of experience in the horse world – riding, training, competing, managing, breeding… virtually all aspects – we offer all of our customers the type of experience that they deserve.

To learn more, I encourage you to call me at 865-724-6773 or visit us at Specializing in hunters, jumpers, equitation, and hunter breeding, as well as young hunter development, we invite you to discover the Select Sport Horses difference.

Select Sport Horses
2304 W. Gallaher Ferry Road
Knoxville, TN 37932

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Next to New

Next To New

Upscale Consignment, Amazing Values

Today’s economy and the “new normal” in consumer shopping trends have given rise to the growing popularity of upscale women’s consignment shops. Not to be confused with clothing thrift stores, upscale women’s clothing shops serve two purposes: They represent a source of revenue for women to essentially recycle their gently worn quality clothing and accessories they may no longer wear, and for other women, they are a source of fashionable, high-quality women’s skirts, blouses, dresses, gowns, handbags, and jewelry at just a fraction of their original cost.

A perfect example of one such shop is Next To New, located at 7212 Kingston Pike, next to Olive Garden and adjacent to The Bed Store. Next To New founder and owner, Jackie Bivens, always delights in the response that first-time visitors have to her shop.

“If your passion for fashion outweighs your budget, we can help you to rebalance your budget with Next To New’s higher-end labels, in near new condition, for 50-85% off their original retail prices,” said Jackie. “It’s really the smartest way to shop and a smart way to make money on those unused designer-inspired fashions, jewelry, handbags, scarves, and shoes in your closet. With consignors such as Knoxville’s socialites literally emptying their closets, our merchandise is better than ever, including a fantastic selection in plus sizes. You will find a lot of undiscovered treasures at Next To New.”

So whether you have some fashionable, gently worn, or never worn items just hanging around the closet that are looking for a new owner, or if you’re searching for that “just perfect” apparel item, jewelry piece, handbag, purse, or much more while keeping your budget intact, plan a visit to Next To New, the perfect location to find amazing items at truly amazing prices. Also, plan on returning often, as new merchandise arrives daily.

Next To New
7212 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919

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Swofford Financial

Four Things Retirees Can Learn About Retirement from Peyton Manning

After 18 years in the National Football League, the Denver Broncos’ star quarterback, Peyton Manning, is calling it quits after a very successful career. We wish him well and hope that he’s made the preparations needed to enjoy a long, comfortable retirement.

Here’s the advice we would give Peyton if he were our client and friend.

1. Don’t make any sudden decisions
Many people who come from high-pressure, competitive jobs feel the urge to do something – anything – when they retire. You might be tempted to fill the void by rushing into a new business, partnership, or buying expensive toys or real estate. Don’t just yet.

2. Don’t jump into businesses or investments you don’t understand
Think very carefully before you put your life savings into something you don’t completely understand, especially if the person asking is a friend or relative. You’ve worked hard to get where you are; don’t threaten it by taking too many risks now.

3. Work with a team of professionals
You’re used to working with the best in your business. Expect the same from your financial team. Talk to a lot of professionals, and look for ones who want to get to know you and your dreams before making suggestions, answer your questions honestly, admit to uncertainty, and don’t make a lot of promises.

4. Have a strategy for retirement
Think about the lifestyle you can afford in retirement and making sure your money lasts as long as you need it. Have a strategy for good and bad markets, and remember that long-term investors have to cultivate patience.

How can we help?
Retirement is a challenging transition, and it pays to get it right. We work closely with our clients long before and after retirement to understand their dreams and help create personalized retirement strategies that take them where they want to go. If you or someone you know have questions about retirement, give us a call.

Swofford Financial
306 Prosperity Drive, Suite 101
Knoxville, TN 37923

Securities and investment advisory services offered through Geneos Wealth Management, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC.

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Premiere Consignment

Estate Re-Sales

By Becky Hunt, Co-Owner of Premiere Consignment

If you’ve never experienced an estate sale or the sale of excess furniture, art, and home décor items resulting from downsizing, you likely will in the future. As you might imagine, it’s a daunting task that leaves most people feeling overwhelmed.

The perfect solution for either an estate sale or downsizing sale is Premiere Consignment. While we offer all of our clients the option of displaying their sale items in our retail showroom, we also offer them the opportunity to resell their items right in their homes. This option eliminates the added expense of moving your items and offers the added benefit of allowing would-be buyers the opportunity to visualize just how your furniture, art, and home décor pieces might appear in their own homes.

Premiere Consignment does it all. We will work with you to price your items, advertise, and conduct the sale at the agreed upon dates and times. It couldn’t be easier. At the end of your Estate Sale, any saleable, good quality items that are left would have the options of either coming into Premiere Consignment or donated to a charity, and you would receive the tax donation receipt.

A full-service upscale consignment company, Premiere Consignment offers its clients the perfect solution to helping you sell your gently used furniture, art, home décor, and Oriental rugs in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible. Our full-service eBay store can also be used to sell many of your other items, including China, collectibles, art, etc.

So whether you have a single item or entire house full or furniture, Premiere Consignment can help you manage the sale of many of your household items worry-free. To learn more, I invite you to call us at 865-458-9721 or visit

Premiere Consignment
320 Lakeside Plaza
Loudon, TN

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Sunrooms Express

Sunrooms Express: Knoxville’s Premier Sunroom Builder

By Barry Smith, Founder & Owner of Sunrooms Express

Sunrooms Express is proud to have built thousands of sunrooms, patio covers, screen rooms, arbors and lattice, pool enclosures, awnings, and more on homes just like yours throughout East Tennessee. But what I’m even more proud of are the friendships that have developed with homeowners during my more than 43 years of industry experience and seeing first-hand just how our projects have contributed to each family’s enjoyment of their existing homes. Our goal is to create affordable, high-quality, and attractive living spaces that allow you, family members, and friends to truly enjoy all four seasons here in East Tennessee.

A complaint-free member of the Better Business Bureau, Sunrooms Express is truly unique. We offer homeowners a total turnkey experience that’s often difficult to find today, from our Knoxville area showroom and two warehouses to our very own factory-trained installers. We offer free consultation, design, fabrication, installation, warranty service, and financing. Also, because we’re licensed and insured general contractors, you don’t have to worry about dealing with uninsured subcontractors as is so often the case in this marketplace today.

We are very proud of the quality sunrooms, screen rooms, and patio enclosures we install, as well as arbors and lattice, pool enclosures, and awnings. But what we’re really excited about is our exclusive new LifeRoom.

The LifeRoom is an innovative, new outdoor living area that will totally transform your out-of-door living. Experience privacy on demand with LifeRoom’s remote control smooth guide screens and their breathe easy pollen guard, which blocks out up to 99% of pollen. Your LifeRoom also offers glazed skylights, radiant heat, and a cool mist climate system that can reduce the temperature up to 40 degrees. LifeRoom options include soft blue LED mood lighting and a complete home theater system that will make you the envy of every neighbor on your block.

LifeRoom is just one more example of how Sunrooms Express allows homeowners to enjoy East Tennessee’s great out-of-doors by transforming existing areas of your home into exciting, new, and affordable living spaces. Combining innovation with a turnkey experience and an unprecedented level of customer service is why Sunrooms Express has earned the reputation as Knoxville’s premier sunroom builder.

To learn more about Sunrooms Express or the all-new LifeRoom, I invite you to call me to schedule a free, no-obligation, no-pressure consultation.

Sunrooms Express
4662 Old Broadway Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37918

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How Will Owning a Small Business Impact My Marriage?

By Tom Irmen

In a nutshell, if you’ve got a rock solid marriage, owning a small business will probably strengthen your relationship. If you have a lousy marriage, owning a small business will likely expedite your trip to court.

Judy and I are often asked how our marriage has survived 33 years of self-employment. Not to say that we haven’t disagreed at times, we truly believe that working together has actually improved our relationship.

Before we entered the world of self-employment, we each had separate careers. I was employed in industrial sales, and Judy worked in research and development for a large pharmaceutical company. Every morning, five days a week, we got into our separate vehicles and headed in separate directions.

The major difference between being an employee and self-employment is that we face each new day as a team. One row boat and two rowers, rowing in the same direction. Our self-employment experience provides us with us with a completely different perspective on life as we work as a team toward our shared objectives. We win together and support each other when things don’t go as well as we might hope.

But you need to make some adjustments in thinking if you hope to be successful in business as a couple.
» Park your ego. Edify both your spouse and your team for their successes.
» Abandon the blame game. Mistakes are inevitable. Focus on solutions. Succeed and admit your shortcomings as a team.
» Divide responsibilities between you and your spouse based on your skill sets.
» If your spouse stumbles, give them the freedom to discover their own solutions. When asked for assistance, offer help with a servant’s attitude.
» Be slow to criticize. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by shooting your life partner.

Owning a small business will reveal a great many things about each of you. How you choose to respond to what you learn will determine the success of both your business and your marriage.

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Shae Design Studio

Shae Design Studio

Your New Standard in Kitchen & Bath Design and Furnishings

thumbnail-3If you are contemplating a kitchen or bath redesign or new home construction, you are invited to discover an entirely new experience in design. Shae Design Studio founder and owner, Shae Seeber, has revolutionized the area’s kitchen and bath design marketplace by combining a variety of disciplines that are often missing from more traditional cabinet vendors.

Shae Design Studio combines the latest 3D kitchen design technology, along with their interior design skills and decade-long experience in residential construction, to provide homeowners with a totally new, turn-key experience. Shae Design Studio is where great design meets functionality. Designed to meet the daily needs of your busy family, their designs also create that showcase designer quality look that you have been searching for.

But what you will appreciate even more is Shae Design Studio’s price tag. With prices up to 30% lower than competing cabinet stores, your money will go even further.

This month Everything Knoxville is proud to share with you their interview with Shae Design Studio founder, Shae Seeber.

EK: Tell us, who is Shae Design Studio?

Shae: We are designers, and we create beautiful and functional living spaces that people want to come home to. Whether you’re renovating, redesigning a space, or trying to select furniture pieces, the designers at Shae have the talent to assist you with all of your interior design needs. From flooring to lighting and anything in between, we do it all and walk you through each step of the process. We are the first ones you will meet, from a complete renovation to styling your space with the latest home furnishings from our design curated studio and showroom.

EK: What makes Shae Design Studio different?

Shae: As a female owned and operated company, we do so much more than sell people cabinet boxes. We want to understand your needs and how you live. Shae Design Studio is a total renovation and interior design resource, and we have things that you will not find anywhere else. We are one of the largest design teams in Knoxville and offer a wide breadth of skills. We’re not looking to keep the same layout in the same old kitchen; we’re looking to take out walls and do whatever we need to do to give your space the most potential. Designers are present from the beginning to the end of the process, and we are physically present at the job site before we even begin the design. Also, because we work in a collaborative atmosphere, I touch base with most projects that come into the studio.

EK: Your new design studio appears to be an interactive environment where homeowners can discover all of the potential that exists in their home’s kitchen and baths. How does your interior design experience benefit your clients?

Shae: During the past 10 years, I have had the opportunity to work on thousands of spaces. I’m very confident in the construction process. Having four children has given me a lot to consider – everything from storage to functionality. A lot of companies only offer single aspects of the design process, but we cover everything. We want to understand your needs and how you live in order to design not only a space, but a lifestyle.

EK: Tell us about your process. Where do I start if I want to renovate?

Shae: Whatever the project is, we begin by sending a member of our interior design team to discuss your space with you. After determining what your unique needs are, we create 3D renderings of your best options to help you visualize what other people often have difficulty visualizing.

EK: Why do homeowners find hiring an interior designer so stressful?

Shae: It’s not the least bit stressful with Shae Design Studio. Our objective is to encourage you to express your exact needs and wants. We are design facilitators who use our skills to incorporate your ideas into your new spaces. Your new design should be a reflection of you and not the designer. We also work within your budget parameters.

EK: Why should the 3D technology you use be important to your clients?

Shae: Our 3D renderings bring your design to life. They help you visualize and connect with the spaces we’re creating for you. Being able to show the homeowner what something is going to look like in advance helps to better connect them with the design, taking the customary guesswork out of the project.

EK: With so many options in Knoxville, why should I buy from Shae Design Studio?

Shae: At Shae Design Studio, you will work directly with designers who are passionate about both you and your story and not the typical sales environment you find elsewhere. Our designers travel extensively to hand select each and every unique piece that you will discover in our showroom. By offering our clients all of these designer-inspired items directly, it allows us to offer our customers the very best prices possible. You don’t have to shop all around Knoxville searching and trying to find all of the elements needed to complete your project. We bring it all together for you. Also, because we know that our furniture will be an important part of your life for many years, we have invested many hours searching for just the right lines that we are confident you will appreciate.

EK: In closing, is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Shae: We are visionaries. We see what others don’t see. We hear your ideas, understand how you live, and collaborate with you to begin the process of bringing your new floor plan to life with our 3D renderings. We launch each design project with an engaging preview so you can begin to visualize the potential we see for yourself. But don’t take our word for it. Discover all of the opportunities that Shae offers, and prepare to be inspired!

Shae Design Studio
10420 Kingston Pike, Suite C
Knoxville, TN 37922

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