Driven Technologies

Driven Technologies

When Tennessee Urology Associates IT Manager/Compliance Officer, Scott Hawkins, undertook the challenge of identifying a new IT managed service provider, little did he know that his investigation would lead him to Driven Technologies, a sister company of Chattanooga-based MSA Digital, which was founded in 1974 solely as a copy machine sales and servicing dealer. Having recently relocated from Indianapolis, Scott was unfamiliar with the area’s managed service providers. But after interviewing a number of providers, he found himself intrigued with Driven Technologies. Although smaller than other providers, Driven Technologies appeared both more agile and responsive to the growing computer network requirements.

Tasked with the responsibility of maintaining a network system that supported a large staff of medical care providers in seven separate offices, Driven Technologies has exceeded the expectations of Scott and Tennessee Urology Associates’ many users. Cost-effective, secure, and predictably reliable, Driven Technologies proved to be the ideal solution for Tennessee Urology Associates.

In this issue of Everything Knoxville, We are pleased to provide this interview with MSA Digital’s Knoxville-based Technology Consultant, Yvonne Malewski.

EK: Tell our readers just what a managed service provider is and what critical services they provide.

Yvonne: From individualized services to full-scale managed solutions, Driven Technologies helps businesses manage their technologies better and more efficiently. With a truly holistic approach to partnership, we’ve built our company on keeping the business goals of our customers in mind while constantly adding value through all phases of projects and across all major technology verticals. This can range from your one-person operation to 1,000+ employees.

EK: Some businesses with larger networks, often spanning multiple locations, rely on their own internal resources to provide these computer network services. Describe the recent trend for a growing number of companies to outsource these responsibilities to an independent managed service provider like Driven Technologies.

Yvonne: We are definitely seeing a trend in IT now towards innovation, utilizing various tools and alternative strategies such as cloud and managed services. The cloud can be utilized for many things, including application as a service and data center/network resources. Managed services can be utilized to support and augment the existing IT organization and, in some cases, provide additional cost savings.

The reasons for the shift towards managed services specifically starts with a simple question: Can we benefit from IT support provided by individuals located outside of our organization, and if so, is there a cost benefit to doing this as well? That’s a great question, but to frame it properly, let’s first talk about what business trends are pushing IT employees and how IT staff is facilitating the trend.

Uber, the world’s largest taxi service, doesn’t own any taxis. Airbnb, the world’s largest hospitality group, doesn’t own a single hotel. Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, doesn’t create content, and Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has no inventory. These innovations are fantastic and create new opportunities for organizations to go to market and engage with their customers in many new and exciting ways. Technology innovations are also allowing organizations to conduct business internally in new ways, as well allowing 61% of the work force today to work remotely. Providing mobility on campus through ubiquitous wireless coverage and allowing individuals to bring their own devices to work are now expected by employees, guests, and contractors.

So how are IT organizations keeping pace with supporting far more devices, providing access to more robust applications, preparing for disaster recovery and back-up solutions, and defending against cyber threats, all while being asked to reduce cost? The answer is difficult and unique to each organization and requires many things, including additional training and research, use of centralized management tools, improved network and data center design and architecture, use of automation, and a great support structure.

The problem is that in smaller organizations (a couple of hundred desktops or less), you’re talking about a one to three man IT shop where each person wears many hats and is already maxed out in time and day-to-day responsibilities. Where are they going to get the time to learn all of these new skills, where’s the budget for all of the new tools and classes, and what happens if one of these key employees gets frustrated and leaves, taking their knowledge about the environment with them? Filling that gap and losing that knowledge base can be detrimental to the business. In many cases, the answer is to partner with a managed services provider to manage a piece of the IT infrastructure so the team can be more strategic and focus on the more difficult and meaningful projects like virtualization, network and data center upgrades, re-architecting the current network or DC for optimization. In other cases, an IT organization might say “we have expertise in some areas like desktop management, network and data center implementation, and support; however, we require assistance in designing and supporting our wireless infrastructure and security.”

There is no one answer, as every organization is unique in the skills that they currently have and strategy that they employ, but utilizing an outside service to fill the gaps in personnel where needed can help add additional expertise where needed, provide relief to an already overstressed and overburdened organization, and be a fall back plan for a business and a receptacle for knowledge transfer in the event that they lose a key IT employee.

EK: Driven Technologies provides an extensive list of critical services necessary to meet the growing needs placed on your clients’ growing computer networking demands. Describe several of the most important services that you provide.

Yvonne: Driven Technologies has a number of services we provide. We classify each in its own Technology Vertical and provide managed service, proactive monitoring, and support, as well as project related services. These range from SECURITY (firewalls, policy, social engineering and penetration testing), DATA CENTER (server storage, disaster recovery, load balancing/application delivery), NEWTORKING (routers, switches, design, SDN/SD-WAN), WIRELESS (AP’s, Per/Post mapping, security configuration), and MANAGED SERVICES (support account all verticals, custom support agreements, patch management).

EK: How has the growing public concern for security and privacy, not to mention liability, changed the manner in which you address these issues with your clients?

Yvonne: Security is on the top of everyone’s radar these days. Cyber hackers are getting more sophisticated, targeted in their attacks, and professional in their approach every day, and it is very difficult and likely impossible to prevent a well-funded cyber attacker from breaching the walls of their target.

If an organization is interested in optimizing their security dollars and partnering with someone who focuses on security solutions as a whole and not just selling hardware and software to provide security solutions, they will often employ the services of a security based managed services provider. When choosing a managed security provider, it is important to choose one that understands the security lifecycle process, the layered approach necessary to provide optimal security solutions, and one that is able to provide more than just one manufacturer’s security products.

EK: With the need to provide routine performance monitoring, preventative maintenance, optimization, and security backup management, it would seem that many businesses might lack the capacity internally to provide these services. Your thoughts?

Yvonne: That is correct! We talk to customers all the time that have some or all of the tools to facilitate some or all of these functions but don’t have the time or personnel to provide the care and feeding that these tools require. Sometimes we find that the tools that they have are outdated or were never really installed and integrated properly, so they’ve not been useful to the organization in a meaningful way. In other words, the systems are there, but the human resources required to operate them are not, or vice versa. This is where a managed service partner can provide a tremendous amount of value by delivering a current relevant tool set or personnel to support these needs.

EK: What size networks does Driven Technologies support, and how can a company or organization that might have use of your managed services learn more?

Yvonne: Driven Technologies provides services to businesses from 20 desktops to Fortune 500 companies. Some of our customers require remote support only, and others require a combination of full-time or part-time on-side support. We provide project related services, managed services, and sell hardware and software solutions to help our organizations achieve their business goals. Driven Technologies can often save a customer a tremendous amount of money, provide additional expertise and support to their current IT team, and facilitate business growth through technical solutions while protecting the organizations from cyber threats and increasing uptime and availability.

To learn more, you are encouraged to visit or contact Yvonne Malewski at Driven Technologies of MSA – Knoxville at 865-323-2459. Additional offices include Chattanooga, Atlanta, Dalton, and Houston.

Driven Technologies of MSA – Knoxville

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CH Interiors & Gifts

The Best of Both Worlds: CH Interiors & Gifts and Knox Graphics & Designs

By Jesse C. Boling

This month I’m excited to announce the launch of a brand new companion business to CH Interiors & Gifts called Knox Graphics & Designs. Both family owned businesses will share the same retail space at 12556 Kingston Pike in Farragut.

While most people will associate me with our family owned and operated business, CH Interiors & Gifts, most of you are unaware that I’m a graphic designer and previously owned an area graphic design business. With a strong desire to pursue my passion for graphic design and to continue to offer the unique home décor items and gifts that CH Interiors & Gifts has become so well known for, I’ve decided to pursue both opportunities.

This Valentine’s month at CH Interiors & Gifts, you’ll discover our exciting new lines of beautiful spring décor that will be arriving each week. We’ve also just returned from market, so expect to see some new décor and gift lines, including some savory new gourmet food items. And yes, we’ll continue to feature our ever-popular Raspberry Jalapeño Jam. To date, we have sold a record breaking 10,000+ jars. Other items featured include primitives, colonial, folk art, Americana furniture, quilts and linens, rugs, candles, cards, florals, custom wood signs, jewelry, scarves, lotion, gift baskets, and more.

At the newly launched Knox Graphics & Designs, you’ll discover everything from signs and banners to t-shirts. If you’re looking to make your business stand out in the crowd, we can help with signs, banners, vehicle wraps, vehicle graphics, marine graphics, window decals, t-shirts, embroidery, and more. Knox Graphics & Designs can help you design, create, install, and maintain all of your business’ graphics, as well as create logos, web designs, business cards, brochures, and just about any marketing materials you can imagine.

Whether for your home or your office, you can now enjoy the best of both worlds with our companion companies, CH Interiors & Gifts and Knox Graphics & Designs.

CH Interiors & Gifts

Knox Graphics & Designs

12556 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37934

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Marsh Professional Group

Helping Your Aging Parents

By Yvonne Marsh, CPA, CFP®

The passage of time can catch you off-guard – years fly by, and suddenly you realize that your parents might need help when it comes to managing their finances.

Whether that time is imminent or somewhere in the unknown future, a critical first step is simply having a conversation with your parents about their finances. Make sure you are covering these topics:

» Bill paying: Do they have enough current income to pay their bills, and do they have a process to make sure payments don’t accidentally get missed? This is especially important for annual life insurance or long-term care insurance premiums. Policies they have been paying for years could lapse due to non-payment.
» Do they have critical legal documents in place? We all think of a will as important, but do they have a financial power of attorney that will allow someone to act in their place if they are incapacitated? How about a living will and a healthcare power of attorney?
» Do they have long-term care insurance that can help pay for their care later in life? It’s good to know what your financial responsibility might be in the future if they haven’t made any long-term care plans.
» Are their IRA beneficiary designations up to date? Keep in mind that beneficiary designation forms are the “will” for IRA accounts. Additionally, there are critical tax consequences when IRA accounts are passed to the next generation without properly completed beneficiary forms.
» Do you know where their investments and life insurance or long-term care insurance policies are? I have witnessed first-hand how hard it will be for you – as the adult child financial caregiver – if you have to search for this information.
» Are accounts titled in such a way that the will would be circumvented? For instance, if your mom has a joint bank account with your sister, your sister will own the entire account at your mom’s passing, no matter what the will says.

Talking about money with your parents can be tough, but who knows? They might be waiting for you to start the conversation. Visit to obtain a free copy of our white paper discussing this topic in more detail, or call us today for a complimentary meeting.

Marsh Professional Group, LLC
1341 Branton Blvd, STE 105
Knoxville, TN 37922

Financial Planning & Investment Advisory Services are offered through Marsh Wealth Management, LLC (“MWM”), an independent investment advisor registered with the state of Tennessee. Yvonne Marsh is an Investment Advisor Representative of MWM in the state of Tennessee. Marsh Professional Group, LLC and MWM are separate legal entities. For a detailed discussion of MWM and their investment advisory fees, see the firm’s Form ADV on file with the SEC at

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Plantation Reclaimed

Five Creative Ways to Incorporate Reclaimed Wood in Your Home

Reclaimed wood offers an incredible story that’s taken centuries to write. Some pieces may come from 18th and 19th century barns. Others may come from warehouses and factories built during the Industrial Revolution. Because of its varying origins, reclaimed wood exhibits characteristics that cannot be replicated, and no two boards are alike. You can sometimes discover exceptionally tight grain patterns, nail holes, weathered colors, rich patinas, saw marks, or other stunning characteristics in these one-of-a-kind products.

You will be able to create a space as unique as your taste with genuine reclaimed wood. And because there are so many ways to incorporate it in your home, from floor to ceiling, your only limitation will be your imagination.

Here are just a few ways you can incorporate reclaimed wood into your home or office:

1. Wide Plank Flooring
Reclaimed wood offers a remarkable and durable wide plank flooring experience. It is often available in much wider widths and longer lengths than today’s typical hardwood flooring. Antique Historic Planks may contain a blend of original saw marks, mixtures of grain patterns, and light and dark boards.

2. Reclaimed Wood for Ceilings
Reclaimed wood can also create stunning ceiling treatments. Authentic Reclaimed Barn Siding is a perfect solution for this application. Our Reclaimed Barn Siding comes from antique barns and other wooden structures that our craftsmen de-nail, hand inspect, and kiln dry to ensure it is of the highest quality. Grey-Brown Barn Siding is particularly unique in that it renders a weathered patina from direct exposure to exterior elements during its lifetime.

3. Reclaimed Wood for Walls
We weren’t joking when we said reclaimed wood could be used for floors, ceilings, and everything in between. If you are looking for a product to create an accent wall, reclaimed wood is the perfect solution. An accent wall of Grey-Brown Barn Siding, with its nail holes, deep grain texture, and weathered knots, can transform any space.

4. Fireplace Mantels
Reclaimed Fireplace Mantels are historic masterpieces of both beauty and style. We handcraft our Fireplace Mantels from generations’ old historic beams that supported old agricultural and industrial structures. Our Hand-Hewn Mantels feature original axe marks, while our Rough Sawn Mantels offer a smoother surface.

5. Reclaimed Trim & Baseboards
Even in the largest projects, the smallest details often make the biggest difference. The addition of Grey-Brown Barn siding, window trim and baseboards will perfectly complement the other reclaimed wood elements in your home or office.

We would love to demonstrate for you just how reclaimed wood can be creatively incorporated in your residential and commercial projects, from those applications already listed to beams, wooden vents, stair systems, and more. To learn more, you are invited to contact us to discover how reclaimed wood products can create the totally unique “showcase” look you’ve been searching for in your home or business.

Plantation Reclaimed

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Elle Boutique

Bubbles, Bras, Bags, and Bling

Get Ready for the event of the month taking place on Thursday, February 9, and Friday, February 10. Bubbles, Bras, Bags, and Bling is all happening in one spot from 10 am to 6 pm at elle Boutique!

What exactly is that? We’re so glad you asked! To put it simply, it’s a two-day event featuring some super fun shopping and super awesome people that you won’t want to miss!

To give you some details…

Bubbles: We provide yummy champagne, and you drink it while you shop. Say no more, right?!

Bras: Is referring to… well… bras that we carry! But more so the brand of unbelievable intimates, robes, and pajamas we carry from Eberjey. Eberjey is a beloved worldwide lifestyle brand that creates pieces that women feel their absolute best in and is exclusively sold at elle Boutique. Come shop the collection that just arrived for Valentine’s Day!

Bags: A part of the event you will not want to miss! Join us as we welcome the talented designers, Jill and Tracey, from Michele Ma Belle to elle! These amazing girls re-vamp genuine Louis Vuitton bags with the most amazing accessories consisting of patches, fringe, fur, brooches, key chains, and more, creating fabulous, one-of-a-kind bags you have got to get your hands on!

Bling: Last but certainly not least, come check out the bling from the most talented jewelry designer we know… Melody Vintage Jewelry. She has been working around the clock creating a special collection just in time for Valentine’s Day shopping!

So mark your calendars for February 9th and 10th, and get ready to enjoy the first elle shopping extravaganza of the new year.

elle Boutique
5508 Kingston Pike, Suite 130
Knoxville, TN 37919

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GO! Contemporary Dance Works

A Swashbuckling Ballet: The Barbarosa

The Story of the Legendary Pirate Anne Bonny

Join GO! Contemporary Dance Works and set sail to the high seas in a spectacular ballet performance of swinging pirates, mesmerizing mermaids, and clashing swords in The Barbarosa on February 11 and 12 at the Bijou Theatre.

The Barbarosa, both dangerous and grandiose, is an insightful look into the life of the legendary pirate Anne Bonny.

“Historians don’t really know that much about Anne,” said Lisa Hall McKee, director. “She actually only shows up in history for about three years, yet she is one of the most recognized pirates known today. Act one will explore Anne on her father’s North Carolina plantation. I assume she wreaked havoc everywhere she went on that plantation, which gave us a lot of opportunity for light-hearted, playful, even comedic choreography. I also assumed she was haunted by her unconventional past. That premise led to darker, emotional works that are heartbreaking and moving.”

Act two takes a large turn, with Anne as a pirate on The Barbarosa. Dances with swords, knives, and treasure chests will depict the day-to-day pirate life and include expansive aerial work.  

“GO! is known for incorporating aerial into our story lines, and this ballet almost demands it to create a realistic, larger than life feel of a pirate ship,” said McKee. “Amidst all the excitement of treasure checking and sword play will also be tragedy and conflict. While she is an exciting historical figure, she is also a tragic figure.”

The role of Anne will be danced by Harper Addison, a San Francisco dancer who recently located to Knoxville.

“Harper is really absorbing the grit of Anne,” said McKee. “She is lovely and very diverse. She is very dynamic and emotional in this role. Knoxville is going to love her!”

GO! Contemporary Dance Works is known for its edgy choreography that extends way beyond the average dance goer. A 501(c)(3) organization, GO! serves its community through outreach and partnerships with the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, Knoxville Opera, and Knox County Schools, as well as other local non-profit organizations.

Tickets are available at or by calling 865-539-2475. Advance tickets are $27 and $22. At-the-door prices are $30 and $25. There’s a $5 discount for seniors, students, and children. This performance is brought in part by the Tennessee Arts Commission, Scripps Howard, Cathey Co., 91.9 Radio, Red Arrow Industries, Gables & Gates, Sheri Good Realtor, and Studio Arts for Dancers.

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Discover Upstairs at The Mansion

Discover Upstairs at The Mansion

Since it first debuted on Tuesday, January 10th, the all-new Upstairs at The Mansion restaurant, located within Sweetwater Flower Shop, has opened to the delight of a great many restaurant goers who have enjoyed dining at the shop’s popular eating destination. Located on the shop’s second level, Upstairs at The Mansion features an upscale antebellum décor complete with raised ceilings, crystal chandelier lighting, rich, decorative wood molding, and exquisite table linens and place settings. The perfect oasis from shopping, Upstairs at The Mansion offers busy shoppers to Sweetwater’s iconic historic downtown retail district the perfect venue to pause with friends and family.

Upstairs at The Mansion, under new executive chef Josh Russell from North Carolina, will offer patrons extended hours of operation.

“Our new hours will be from 11 am to 5 pm Tuesday through Saturday,” said Josh. “We will consider additional adjustments to our schedule in response to customer demand.”

As always, Upstairs at The Mansion will be available for special events, including corporate, small weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and more. Please make a note of the Mansion’s new phone number, which is 423-371-4100.

“While you may notice some menu changes, we will continue with our tradition of offering sandwiches, soups, and salads,” said Josh. “Because we are here to serve you, we encourage your suggestions and comments on future menu additions as well. We thank you for your patience during our transition and are confident that you will remain pleased with both the selection and quality of our menu items and our attentive wait staff.”

While you’re visiting, take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy two floors of pure shopping delight at Sweetwater Flower Shop, which features a large selection of fresh flowers, florals, gift and home décor items, ladies’ apparel and accessories, designer-inspired jewelry, art, and more.

Why not plan a Valentine’s Day outing to historic downtown Sweetwater and double your fun with a visit to Sweetwater Flower Shop and Upstairs at The Mansion restaurant? Reservations are welcomed and encouraged for large parties.

Upstairs at The Mansion
118 W. North Street
Sweetwater, TN 37874

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Avoiding Established Competitive Marketplaces

By Tom Irmen

Many would-be entrepreneurs contemplating the launch of their first small business venture understandably try to target what they believe to be a brand new niche market rather than attempt to penetrate an existing marketplace dominated by established competitors. But don’t be too quick to write off those established markets.

Quick printing franchises dominated the personal and small business printing industry in the ’80s and ’90s. You couldn’t close your eyes and throw a rock without hitting one of these franchise locations.

The new owners of an existing franchise carefully analyzed the competitive landscape that existed in their suburban Chicago location. Here’s what they found:

» Printers assessed additional charges for color printing
» No delivery service was offered, requiring customers to pick up their printing orders
» Printers relied entirely on walk-in business, ignoring the opportunity to identify potential new clients

Based on this information, these resourceful owners began offering a color print schedule that eliminated the customary upcharges, which resulted in an immediate savings for their customers and an increase in sales for their printing franchise.

The owners also invested in a delivery and pickup vehicle that brought them into direct contact with their customers’ decision makers, which helped not only to foster valuable new relationships, but also provided them with the opportunity to introduce these same clients to all of the printer’s services that they might benefit from. Sales skyrocketed.

Finally, the owners made a strategic decision to target mid-sized companies that were being underserved by both small print franchises and larger printing competitors. After just months, these innovative small printing franchise owners began receiving individual print orders that exceeded their earlier combined monthly sales.

The net result? These innovative entrepreneurs became the third fastest growing franchise out of more than two thousand locations nationally in just three years.

There is a distinct advantage to targeting an existing marketplace, even one with multiple, established competitors. That is, customers understand and accept the need for the products or services being offered. Why not offer many of the same products or services already being offered, but where you can differentiate yourself by providing a new twist(s) that will be perceived as offering even greater value to your targeted customers? You may actually discover that it is easier to penetrate an existing competitive marketplace than to create an entirely new one.

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Southeastern Dermatology

Medical • Surgical • Cosmetic

In this issue of Everything Knoxville, we are especially excited to feature Southeastern Dermatology and their team of compassionate and caring medical professionals. First launched by board certified dermatologist, Dr. Matthew Doppelt, in 2003, Southeastern Dermatology has become one of East Tennessee’s most recognized leaders in the treatment of skin disorders and the enhancement of the skin with their state-of-the-art cosmetic dermatology services. Selected by working physicians in Knoxville’s medical community as one of Cityview Magazine’s Top Docs for 2016, Dr. Doppelt and his highly trained team of conscientious medical caregivers have earned Southeastern Dermatology a reputation for providing a level of care that you might have thought no longer existed in today’s medical marketplace.

Providing patient-focused treatment for all their patients, Southeastern Dermatology offers an extensive array of services in the fields of medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology. To help you become better acquainted with Southeastern Dermatology, we bring you this interview with Dr. Doppelt.

EK: Dr. Doppelt, tell our readers a little bit about your background, education, and training.

Dr. Doppelt: I was born and raised in central Illinois. My father was a pharmacist, which is how I was introduced to the healing power of medicine. I graduated from Southern Methodist University with a bachelor’s degree in biology. From there, I completed a special masters in physiology program at Georgetown University before earning my doctorate degree at Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Prior to my dermatology residency, I completed an internal medicine residency through a major teaching hospital affiliate of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, as well as Nova Southeastern University. It was during my internal medicine residency that I realized my true medical passion was for the practice of dermatology. To pursue this goal, I completed my dermatology residency through NSU and the North Broward Hospital District in Fort Lauderdale, where I had the honor of serving as Chief Resident during my third year.

Because fields of medicine, including dermatology, advance rapidly, I keep up to date with these advances by maintaining an active membership as a Fellow of the American Academy Dermatology and the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, in addition to regular participation in continuing educational seminars and hands-on training classes. I am also frequently accused of “geeking out,” as you are as likely to see me reading a medical journal as you are to see me reading Car and Driver (another passion).

EK: Many of our readers may not know the requirements to become a board certified dermatologist. You completed a three-year residency in dermatology after earning your medical degree, and you were also required to pass a board examination to become a board certified dermatologist. For individuals seeking dermatological treatment, why should your level of expertise be so important to them?

Dr. Doppelt: To become a board certified dermatologist, one must first complete four years of medical school. After medical school there is typically at least one year of a medical internship followed by three additional years of a dermatology residency. After completing an approved residency, a candidate must then sit for a certifying board exam. As you can see, there is extensive training after medical school required to obtain this specialty degree. This is precisely why individuals with dermatologic conditions should seek out a board certified dermatologist.

EK: Your patients repeatedly describe you as a compassionate and caring healthcare provider possessing an excellent “bedside manner.” Tell us about your passion for both medicine and your patients.

Dr. Doppelt: What first attracted me to medicine was the ability to serve people by helping to heal people. The knowledge that you can help relieve suffering or discomfort in patients brings me and my team a great deal of personal satisfaction. The practice of dermatology allows our team to do this while building relationships with each of our patients and their families. In a way, dermatology is unique in that the diseases we treat are often visible for others to see. For instance, it is both gratifying and humbling when you can treat a depressed psoriasis patient who is too embarrassed by their disease to go out in public. Working together with the patient, we help to restore not only their health, but their self-confidence as well, as they can once again enjoy going out in public in shorts and a t-shirt. They say thank you with their smiles. It’s more gratifying than I can express in words. We have instilled a unique culture of excellence at Southeastern Dermatology, where you will never be treated like a mere number, but rather as a member of our extended family.

EK: You recently became an adjunct professor at Lincoln Memorial University – Debusk College of Osteopathic Medicine. What does that mean for your patients?

Dr. Doppelt: In 1993, I was given the opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming a physician. I credit much of my success to the physicians who dedicated a portion of their time to teaching and mentoring the next generation of physicians. I feel a sense of responsibility to continue this fine tradition. The enthusiasm for learning that the medical students bring to both the classroom and our medical office is contagious. What this means to my patients is that from time to time, a medical student will be shadowing me in our office and the exam rooms. The staff always informs the patients when this is the case and asks for their permission for the student to participate. This offers both our team and our patients the opportunity to invest in the futures of these aspiring medical students. And no, our students are not offended if a patient declines.

EK: There are three distinct areas of dermatology services that Southeastern Dermatology offers – medical, surgical, and cosmetic. Briefly describe each.

Dr. Doppelt: One of the things I love about the practice of dermatology is that I never get bored because of the variety of conditions that I can treat. At Southeastern Dermatology, I have tried to create three centers of excellence – medical, surgical, and cosmetic. The medical center of excellence focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases of the skin, hair, and nails. Conditions may be as common as acne, rosacea, eczema, or hair loss, but they may also be uncommon and require a dermatologist to properly diagnose and treat the ailment. The evaluation of skin lesions for cancer is another important aspect of medical dermatology. The surgical center of excellence focuses on the excision of both cancerous and non-cancerous lesions with skillful reconstruction to minimize the appearance of scars. The cosmetic center of excellence focuses on providing customized treatments using the latest technological advanced treatment devices, procedures, and products. Because no two patients are alike, we avoid the “cookbook” approach to treatment which seldom provides optimal results, choosing instead to develop a treatment plan as unique as the patient.

EK: Let’s examine cosmetic dermatology more closely. What makes the cosmetic services offered at Southeastern Dermatology unique? You appear to be unique in that you are the only cosmetic dermatologist in the Greater Knoxville area. Why is that important, and how does that differentiate you from other practitioners offering cosmetic services?

Dr. Doppelt: Dermatology and plastic surgery are really the only two specialties of medicine that have aesthetics at the core of their training. As a cosmetic dermatologist, I have honed that requisite core training through years of experience, advanced training courses, and being mentored by some of the most respected cosmetic dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the nation. I have also assembled a talented, compassionate aesthetic team to support me in this endeavor. We have a full-time product educator and cosmetic coordinator, as well as a highly capable aesthetician. At Southeastern Dermatology, careful individualized treatment planning, skillful, artful, and precise execution, and continued engagement through followup combine to provide superior results and the greatest patient value.

EK: Is it true that you personally perform all cosmetic injections?

Dr. Doppelt: It may come as a shock to your readers, but there are more than 1,000,000 individuals who could legally perform cosmetic injections in the U.S. The question that individuals should ask is, “Who will be performing my injections?” It is because of my passion for cosmetic dermatology that I personally perform all of the cosmetic injectables in my office. I don’t believe that someone seeking cosmetic injections should select their treatment options based solely on price. In the field of cosmetic medicine, we call this “commoditization.” Looked at another way, we all have access to paint, but it takes an artist to create a masterpiece.

EK: Cosmetic dermatology is an area of medicine that is evolving rapidly. Talk about some of the newest technological advancements and state-of-the-art services and procedures you offer.

Dr. Doppelt: New tools for aesthetic enhancement are continuously being developed and brought to the marketplace. I consider it my responsibility to thoroughly research each of these opportunities and only provide those that I feel offer the greatest value and results to my patients. We now have a large variety of injectables available to our patients, and the understanding of their unique properties and characteristics is essential in recommending the appropriate products to achieve optimal outcomes for each patient. Some of the newest injectable products available include Volbella for fine lines and wrinkles and Kybella, which permanently destroys fat under the chin. Southeastern Dermatology is proud to have been selected as the exclusive provider of the Picosure Laser, which has revolutionized the process of tattoo removal. We are also the preeminent provider of Ultherapy in East Tennessee. This non-invasive procedure utilizes ultrasound to lift, tone, and tighten the skin on the face, neck, and chest. We also offer non-invasive body sculpting in the form of SculpSure, as well as minimally invasive laser assisted liposuction, better known as SmartLipo and SlimLipo. We offer many other medical devices and treatments as well to assist you in addressing any of your cosmetic concerns.

EK: Whether a patient is seeking a medical, surgical, or cosmetic procedure, having all of these service available through a single provider would appear to be in that patient’s best long-term interest.

Dr. Doppelt: I whole heartedly agree. There is considerable overlap between the various facets of dermatology. Many of my medical patients go on to become surgical and cosmetic patients. Conversely, I have had numerous patients come in for a cosmetic procedure and during my assessment discover a skin cancer. I have even found two melanomas on BOTOX® patients. Fortunately, they were both early melanomas, which I was able to excise. We can now joke with the patient that “BOTOX® may have saved their life.”

EK: Provide our readers with some details on your new facility.

Dr. Doppelt: I moved to Knoxville in November 2003 and started my practice on the campus of Baptist Hospital in downtown Knoxville. As Baptist initiated consolidation plans, we elected to move our practice to its current location. I remember moving into the current location thinking that was all the medical space that we would ever need. However, the response from our patients to our unique approach of the practice of dermatology has led to growth that exceeded our most optimistic expectations. The opportunity to build a new office with about twice the square footage of the current office presented itself last year, and we should be able to relocate in to our new home in April 2017. The new office, which is adjacent to our existing facility, will be even more technically advanced, yet remain warm and inviting. We are already making plans to expand our centers of medical, surgical, and cosmetic excellence.

EK: In closing, is there anything you would like to add or say to our readers?

Dr. Doppelt: It is a great privilege to serve the dermatologic needs of the people of Knoxville. The growth of Southeastern Dermatology is really in thanks to our patients. The majority of new patients coming into the office are through personal referral. I often tell patients that the best compliment they can pay our team is to refer a family member or friend. If you have any medical, surgical, or cosmetic dermatology needs, I would like to personally invite you to discover the caring difference we offer at Southeastern Dermatology. Have a happy, healthy New Year!

Southeastern Dermatology
1924 Pinnacle Pointe Way, Suite 300
Knoxville, TN 37922

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Decorating Den Interiors

“Discover” Window Coverings

By Sandy Kozar

Beginning with this issue of Everything Knoxville, I am excited to introduce our new “Discover” series of design-inspired feature articles that we hope will inspire you. In this and future issues, we will explore new and exciting interior design topics. In this issue, we will attempt to answer many of the questions asked by homeowners to design professionals related to window coverings.

What is meant by the term “window coverings?”
Window coverings created by design professionals are custom made blinds, shades, shutters, draperies, sheers, cornices, valances, or any fabric treatment used on and/or surrounding a window that provides not only aesthetic beauty to any room in your home, but also offers other features, including privacy, UV protection, and energy savings.

What do you mean by “custom made?”
Every aspect of the window and the area around it is considered when designing a custom-made window covering. We consider what is above the window: Are there any obstructions? What is the design style of the room? Do you want more light in the room or less? Also, other aspects such as size, how your windows open/close, and if they’re framed or unframed are considered. We combine all of these factors, analyze them, and select the correct fabric weight, style, and color to create the perfect custom window treatment for your home’s windows. Your custom designed window treatment then goes to our professional workroom where it is hand-crafted by experts. Then we professionally install and dress your window.

How do I know which covering is right for my windows?
Our design professional will visit your home to measure, ask if there are any energy related issues, and talk to you about the many other important elements to consider when designing a custom-made window covering. These are important first steps prior to offering our recommendations.

What if I have a beautiful view that I don’t want obstructed?
That’s not a problem. If you enjoy beautiful views, rest assured they will remain! Our years of experience in homes just like yours enables us to recommend the perfect widow covering to both protect and enhance your views. We offer the right products and the expertise that provide needed privacy when closed but that spectacular view when open. The combination of your vision and our expertise come together to create the quality look you have dreamed of.

We hope that you have enjoyed our first series of “Discover” and that it has answered any window covering questions you might have had. If you require additional information, please feel free to give us a call and “Discover” why we are the design professionals! And remember, our in-home consultation is always complimentary!

Join us for a “Discover” class: “Window Coverings” on January 19 at 10:30 am.
Limited Seating – call (865) 982-6368 to reserve your seat. Refreshments served.

Decorating Den Interiors
Sandy Kozar & The Kozar Design Team
Interior Design Professionals

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