Synergy Auto Wash

Hands On… Dirt Off!

Synergy Auto WashNow celebrating its third anniversary, Synergy Auto Wash’s commitment to ensuring that every vehicle they hand wash is 100% safely cleaned has propelled them to the top spot in Knoxville’s full-service marketplace. At Synergy, no automated equipment, such as soft cloths, ever comes in contact with your vehicle’s exterior surfaces, ensuring that the dirt and grime from cars washed prior to yours, some of which adheres to the soft cloths used by the competition, never comes into contact with your automobile. Dirt and grime embedded in soft cloths can become abrasives, which damage your vehicle’s protective clear coat, paint, and other exterior surfaces, including mirrors and wheels.

Customers also aren’t forced to clean the dirt and grime left behind by fully automated car washes. While competitive washes may promise you a 100% clean car, they often fall short of that, hoping that you won’t notice the difference. Because Synergy hand washes every vehicle, their trained staff also inspects every vehicle they wash, ensuring that any areas needing additional attention don’t go missed.

In this issue, we interview Synergy Auto Wash founder and owner, Brian Davis, to discover the success behind his true passion to deliver 100% clean vehicles to his clients, 100% of the time.

EK: Nearly three years after opening, how would you describe your experience thus far?

Brian: It’s been an incredible journey. The overwhelming, positive response from our customers has exceeded even my most optimistic expectations. As with any new business, the inevitable learning curve pointed out a few areas where we needed to improve, but through the patience and understanding of our clients, we addressed and overcame those few challenges. We also continue to evaluate ways we can get even better in order to remain the best.

EK: What would you say has been the biggest challenge you’ve encountered?

Brian: I’d have to say perception. Every express and full-service car wash that has ever been in this area has been automated. Most car owners don’t know there is an alternative, because that’s all they’ve ever known. I’m always afraid when I explain to someone that we hand wash, they think of us as a few guys hand washing their car and cleaning the interior all in one place, which is a slow process. We have a conveyor, arches to apply chemicals, and blowers to dry the vehicle just like all the other car washes in town. The difference is that we have employees in our tunnel that hand wash a customer’s vehicle while it is going down the conveyor opposed to automated machines like all the other car washes in town.

EK: What has been your greatest disappointment?

Brian: I’d say the frustration that comes from trying to understand why car owners are willing to pay the same price, and often more, for an inferior wash.

EK: So you’re really convinced that a hand car wash is superior?

Brian: There’s no doubt about it. All automated car washes have soft cloths that are going back and forth and spinning along your vehicle. When these cloths are wet, the dirt and grime from the dirty vehicles in front of yours sticks to this material. Just imagine the soft cloth reaching into a dirty truck bed, picking up dirt and debris, then running across the hood of your vehicle. At Synergy, we hand wash each vehicle just like some people wash their own vehicle in their driveway. Every few seconds we clean the mitts to remove any dirt or grime from not only your vehicle, but the vehicles in front of yours. 

EK: How is Synergy different from other area hand washes?

Brian: Assuming they take the same care in selecting and training their car care team and use the finest car care products, I’d say we both deliver a 100% clean car. The major difference is how we at Synergy have combined technology and superior customer care to create a level of efficiency and quality that sets us apart from the competition. At Synergy, we will deliver a 100% clean vehicle at the same price, and perhaps lower, than you’ll pay at other full-service car washes, and usually in the same time or even less.

EK: In closing, do you have anything else you would like to say to our readers?

Brian: Just that we would like to thank all of you for your support and encouragement, and if you have never visited us, I would like to invite you to discover the Synergy difference. Once you’ve tried us, we know you’ll be back. I also invite you to visit us online to see our complete menu of services and our money saving packages.

Synergy Auto Wash
10500 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37922

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ShredPro Secure

Searching for Security in an Unsecure World

By Cathy Stooksbury, Owner of ShredPro Secure

I must see a dozen or more messages, advertisements, and news stories a day about individuals and families who have had their financial information and even their identities stolen. As recent headlines indicate, even major corporations, including Target, JP Morgan, and Home Depot, are vulnerable. Corporations worldwide are now taking unprecedented steps to protect our confidential personal, medical, and financial information. However, you are not defenseless; you can take steps to protect your financial information and identity. Protecting businesses, individuals, and their families is the mission of ShredPro Secure.

Founded in 2011 by my late husband, Steve, ShredPro Secure’s mission is to partner with area businesses and individuals by destroying unneeded documents in the most efficient, secure, and cost-effective manner. Improper document disposal can result in not only financial hardship and litigation, but it can also jeopardize one’s personal identity. ShredPro Secure offers the critical shredding services needed to prohibit unscrupulous people from gaining access to your sensitive information.

As a female-owned business serving thousands of East Tennesseans, ShredPro Secure safely destroys sensitive material that could spell disaster in the wrong hands. True to my husband’s legacy, our business continues to thrive because of Steve’s example of honesty, integrity, and work ethic. At ShredPro Secure, clients are people, relationships matter, and our customers speak directly to an owner instead of the voicemail at some corporate office in another state and sometimes even another country.

ShredPro Secure offers its customers service, value and peace of mind:

  • A local female-owned business that reinvests back into our community
  • NAID certified firm with an AAA rating with bonded and background checked employees
  • “On-site” document shredding using the most advanced technology available in the industry
  • An environmentally responsible business that recycles 100% of all waste
  • Customer service and communication with “real” people, not an impersonal, frustrating, automated system
  • One-time “purge” services offered or ongoing, scheduled “auto” service
  • IT destruction plans that include hard drives, phones, thumb drives, x-rays, and other items
  • Community shred days available for promotions and fundraisers
  • Free orientation, employee training, and document disposal programs for healthcare providers to comply with HIPAA mandated guidelines
  • Straight forward, upfront pricing with no hidden surcharge fees

Whether you are a business dealing with the regulatory burdens of HIPPA or FACTA Disposal Rules, a business facing potential liability or damaged reputation from compromised confidential information, or simply a private party seeking to avoid the financial risk or identity theft associated with mishandled documents, our compassionate, caring team of ShredPro Secure professionals can provide the comprehensive approach and effective tools needed to reduce your chance of becoming a victim. Secure your business and identity today by calling the professionals at ShredPro Secure. Tomorrow could be too late!

ShredPro Secure
448 N. Cedar Bluff, Suite 336
Knoxville, TN 37923

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Consign To Design

Has It Been Four Years Already?

By Kristi Hickey, Co-Owner of Consign To Design

Consign To Design copyI had to do the math several times in my head, but yes, Consign To Design is four years old this month. This labor of love began with my husband, David, working full-time and me working part-time. Our 5,000 square foot space looked enormous, and it was difficult to imagine that we would ever be able to fill it.

But here we are. Thanks to all of your business, support, and encouragement, our success has exceeded our expectations. With our showroom space nearly three times larger, a separate entry center, and expanded warehouse space, you have helped make Consign To Design a reality for us and Knoxville’s largest upscale furniture consignment showroom.

Thanks to your support, our entire showroom is separated into multiple vignettes that are designed to help you envision how our furniture, home décor items, and art can function in your own home.

We’re also very proud of our new proprietary line of specialty paints available from Blackberry House Paints. These chalk-free paints contain no VOC’s and require no pre-sanding or stripping. They offer superior adhesion, dry free of brush strokes, and can be used safely indoors. Repurpose your furniture, cabinets, and home décor items with this superior paint at just a small fraction of the price of other competitive paints. Be sure to ask about our paint classes, which are coming soon.

Also, be sure to check out our extensive line of Department 56 collectables available at significant savings. They are literally stacked from floor to ceiling.

For November, we will feature our Holiday Open House on November 13 from 5 to 8 pm. We have invited a number of vendors to participate, and refreshments will be served. On November 19, we will host our fourth anniversary celebration. Look on our Facebook page for more details, or sign up for our newsletter by going to

I’ve also included a few photos of some lovely dining room tables that we have available at up to 80% off their original retail prices. I thought you would enjoy the holiday tablescapes as well.

Consign To Design
10420-D Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37922

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The Lily Pad Boutique

Holiday 2014 Fashion Trends

The Lily Pad Boutique copyKick off your holiday season in style! Decorations aren’t just to be used in your home or on your tree this year – holiday fashions are all about shine!

Whether you choose “pleather” for a little bit of sheen either on jackets and tops or pants and skirts, you’re right on target. Enjoy the inventive details… laser cut motifs, smooth as leather touch, and cutting-edge materials.

Look for the shine of gold or silver threads woven through fabrics as Lurex becomes a key eye-catcher. A soft shimmer pervades the glimmery fabrics whenever a small touch of Lurex weaves its way into a simple design… head-to-toe lavishness!

The holiday sweater as we knew it has softened into the sporty, chic lifestyle, which is now upon us. Effortless dressing with a clean style, maybe in French terry or soft sweater knits, is that dressed down look we all love… perfect for the woman on the go who is active and trying to balance her life. She can go to lunch with friends, run errands, and keep it on for dinner with her husband. This style is perfect for women of any age!

Skirts and pants are running the gamut this season with so many lengths of each available. A full leg pant or a skinny? A straight, short skirt or long and flowy? Let our sales associates help you choose the best look to top off each one; remember, that’s what we’re here for, what we love doing, and what we’re trained to do… assist in finding the best look for you!

Plan a day in Sweetwater, where you’ll find the fashions, footwear, faces (by Renee), and fun, too! Kick your holidays off in style!

The Lily Pad Boutique
209 N. Main Street
Sweetwater, TN 37874

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Succeeding in a Roller Coaster Marketplace

By Tom Irmen

The last five or six years have been a virtual roller coaster ride for most small business owners. As a business owner for more than three decades, business has always been tumultuous, but this most recent recession has certainly served to accentuate these common marketplace swings. But innovative, forward thinking entrepreneurs have taken advantage of today’s marketplace conditions while other small business owners have chosen instead to become victims of our recession.

One innovative entrepreneur, the owner of a retail printing store, introduced a new technology that resulted in a while-you-wait printing advantage that allowed its retail customers the opportunity to wait five to 10 minutes for their printing order rather than to have to return days later. Customers loved the convenience. In fact, only months later, sales from this new technology eclipsed existing sales from the former printing technology offered by this printer.

This same print store owner also introduced free pickup and delivery for its customers. Recognizing that the owner was unfamiliar with many of their customers’ businesses, the owner elected to make these deliveries personally. The owner now had the opportunity to visit customers and learn more about their businesses and to discover all the missed opportunities for additional sales that existed. Sales began to rise precipitously. In fact, this printer received two orders from one client that totaled more than three times the printer’s average total monthly sales volume.

Just 18 months after this printer initiated these innovations, this franchised printer became the third fastest growing printing store out of more than 1,000 locations nationally. This owner was also able to sell this business for 350% more than the original purchase price paid after only three-and-a-half years.

Can innovation change your business? Absolutely! But first you have to decide not to become a victim. Secondly, you have to determine just how to break out. What are your customers telling, and what are other similar breakaway companies in other cities doing? Watch and listen carefully for the answer.

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Christian Brothers Automotive

Finally – Automotive Repair You Can Trust

By Cory & Jen Beilharz, Owners of Christian Brothers Automotive

Christian Brothers AutomotiveWith automobiles representing the major investment that they are, we’ve often wondered why so many vehicle owners ignore the recommended routine services that are necessary not only to protect their investments, but to reduce the likelihood of even higher repair costs that so often result when this service is ignored. Today’s vehicles are so sophisticated that many owners simply might not understand the service levels that their cars require. But, we also believe, and justifiably so, that many car owners are leery of automotive repair facilities that we’ve all heard of who misrepresent the repairs your vehicle requires, resulting in unnecessary and expensive repairs.

Believing that each of us has the right to expect to be fairly treated by honest, ethical, and experienced automotive car care professionals, we opened Christian Brothers Automotive in West Knoxville – a state-of-the-art car repair facility that we can feel comfortable taking my family’s car to for service, and a facility that I could feel comfortable recommending to my friends, family, and neighbors.

One of more than 100 locations across the nation, each Christian Brothers Automotive owner is committed to a higher standard of personal honesty and integrity than is commonly found in business today. At Christian Brothers Automotive, you’ll discover:

  • Owner onsite every day
  • Clear, concise written estimates
  • Complimentary courtesy inspection on each visit
  • Free courtesy shuttle
  • Clean repair and customer waiting areas with free Wi-Fi
  • Straight talk with no technical jargon
  • ASE trained service technicians
  • State-of-the-art facility with manufacturer specific diagnostic tools
  • 2-year/24,000 mile warranty, whichever benefits you most!

If you’re interested in protecting the investment in your vehicles and are in search of the type of service facility that can provide for all of your automotive needs but offers you the experience, honesty, and integrity that is often difficult to find today, we invite you to discover the Christian Brothers Automotive difference.

Christian Brothers Automotive
10406 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37922

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Meet MediSpa’s Cosmetic Injector, Brooke Bentley, FNP

MediSpa copyKnoxville Dermatology Group has earned a 43-year reputation for providing East Tennesseans with the highest level of dermatological care by combining highly-skilled and personal clinical expertise with today’s advanced technology. Its medical teams are among the most skilled and experienced practitioners in Tennessee. Knoxville Dermatology has a dedicated team of seven physicians, including founder Dr. Clark Julius, Dr. Anthony Meyers, Dr. Lawrence Bushkell, Dr. Lee Dittrich, Dr. Matthew Hanggi, Dr. George Keough, and Dr. Allison Legler, and four physician assistants, including Amy Browning, PA-C, Paul Maben, PA-C, Waynette Kingman, PA-C, and Katie Hageman, PA-C, as well as cosmetic injector Brooke Bentley, FNP, in the practice.

Fifteen years ago, Knoxville Dermatology Group opened MediSpa to provide the community with a vast array of cosmetic dermatology procedures and services. Using both state-of-the-art equipment and expertise in the latest advancements in aesthetic treatments, MediSpa at Knoxville Dermatology Group is dedicated to helping you look your very best, while improving the health of your skin.

Advanced medical cosmetic procedures are offered by MediSpa’s newest addition to the team, Brooke Bentley, FNP, who has seven years of experience in cosmetic dermatology. Brooke graduated from East Tennessee State University and owns an integrative medical and cosmetic practice in the Tri-City area. For the past four years, she has been a clinical trainer for Dysport®, Restylane®, and Perlane®. MediSpa’s medical procedures include Botox® Cosmetic, Dysport®, cosmetic fillers, laser treatments, and sclerotherapy (leg vein injections). Among the cosmetic fillers available, MediSpa offers the new, FDA-approved Juvéderm Voluma® XC for a refreshed lift and volumization to the cheeks and midface to correct age-related volume loss.

Today MediSpa has four licensed aestheticians with a combined 30 years experience in chemical treatments, facials, laser hair reduction, medical microdermabrasions, dermaplaning, and laser genesis, as well as eyebrow and eyelash tinting, facial waxing, and makeup application.

If you’re looking to enhance your appearance by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and improving your skin’s tone and texture, then Brooke Bentley and the experienced, compassionate, and caring medical professionals at MediSpa at Knoxville Dermatology Group are here to help you. With two convenient locations in Knoxville and Sevierville, MediSpa is able to provide medical cosmetic services for both men and women. If you have questions about any of the available procedures, or to schedule your appointment, contact the West Knoxville office at 865-342-5823 or the Sevierville office at 865-868-4683, or visit Be sure to take advantage of the specials offered at our 9th Annual Christmas Open House event taking place on December 2nd at the Sevierville office and on December 4th at the West Knoxville office. You deserve radiant skin to show the world, and MediSpa can provide you with just that!

MediSpa at Knoxville Dermatology Group

280 Ft. Sanders West Blvd.
Building 4, Suite 118
Knoxville, TN 37922

740 Middle Creek Rd.
Suite 111
Sevierville, TN 37862

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Cranberry Hollow

“They’re More Than Customers… They’re Family!”
By Jesse C. Boling, Co-Owner of Cranberry Hollow

Cranberry Hollow copyMany people are familiar with the very popular Cranberry Hollow, which was launched in Lenoir City in 2003 by husband and wife team, John and Sue Boling. It was their passion. They just loved their customers and considered them their extended family. So their decision to create a gathering place within Cranberry Hollow called the Buttercup Restaurant & Tea Room one year later was a welcomed decision that was featured in Southern Living magazine and earned them a nationwide award as retail store of the year.

Unfortunately, the recession took its toll on both the retail store and restaurant, and along with too many other businesses, was forced to close in 2008. And tragically, John, a former Vietnam veteran, lost his ongoing battle with cancer several years later.

But in true Boling fashion, my mother, Sue, and I reopened Cranberry Hollow in West Knoxville in late 2013, and this month we are celebrating our first anniversary in our new location. Expect the same friendly, homespun surroundings. Also, for our former customers, there remains the same family feel to Cranberry Hollow that John and Sue created and which I strive to maintain every day.

With our foundation rooted in the past, and with our eyes clearly on the future, we invite you to share our treasure trove of American, hand-crafted furniture, quilts, candles, jewelry, scarves, rugs, lamps, gourmet foods, stationary, prints, custom-made signs, and our season and everyday home décor items with you. Almost every product available is made in the USA.

We would also like to personally invite each of you to attend our Christmas Open House from November 20th through the 23rd, where you’ll discover something for everybody on your holiday shopping list. Be sure to check out our award-winning jam that has sold nearly 1,400 jars in just the last 12 months.

From our family to yours, we thank you for your support and encouragement. Also, visit our e-commerce store at, and be sure to join our nearly 4,400 Facebook fans.

Cranberry Hollow
12556 Kingston Pike

Knoxville, TN 37934 


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Introducing James Freeman Interiors & Gifts

By Barrie Fisher

James Freeman Interiors26 Gifts copyLike so many, I was blessed with a true life mentor in my grandmother Dean.  As a young child, she shared her passion for fabrics, colors, sewing, and design.  I started my career in interior design by sewing custom draperies on Dean’s sewing machine, which I now display in the store as a reminder of how she inspired me.  After acquiring considerable experience working from North Carolina to Florida during the last 25 years, I have gained the support and encouragement to launch James Freeman Interiors & Gifts located at 108 S. Gay Street in downtown Knoxville.

At James Freeman, you’ll discover a treasure trove of lovely accessories and art for your home, as well as a wonderful selection of gifts for the holidays or any occasion that you’ll not likely find elsewhere.  I have shopped markets throughout the U.S. to bring you truly creative and inspired giftware that will be cherished for many years to come. In store you’ll find exquisite yet affordable glassware and pottery, seasonal-inspired candles, preserved botanicals and floral arrangements, as well as fabrics, rugs, drapery panels, custom furnishings, an array of lamps, and much more.

In addition, James Freeman is home to our interior design services, where we begin the unique process of discovering each individual’s design tastes and preferences, from the consultation and the floor plans to the finishes and furniture.  At James Freeman, we take an integrated approach to each design project.  We take the confusion out of interior design and listen carefully to help you achieve your vision. It is a privilege for me to mentor two very special and talented in-house designers, Ethan York Adams and Jen Kenley, whose unique talents I look forward to introducing our clients to.  Our team approach to interior design will transform your home into a sanctuary.

All of us would like to personally invite you to visit us in historic downtown Knoxville to discover all that James Freeman Interiors & Gifts has to offer.  We’re just minutes from where you live, and there’s plenty of on-street and nearby parking.  For more information, including directions, visit or give us a call at 865-522-3230.

James Freeman Interiors & Gifts
108 S. Gay Street
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Marble Alley Lofts

The Next Step in Historic Downtown Knoxville’s Revitalization

Marble Alley Lofts
Marble Alley Lofts is a new, exciting, and upscale mid-rise apartment community coming to life in the very heart of historic downtown Knoxville at 300 State Street. This new venture is the creation of developer Buzz Goss, who has described Marble Alley Lofts as a “transformative piece” in Knoxville’s evolving downtown landscape. Several developmental phases are planned, including residential apartments and retail and commercial spaces. Constructed by TDK Construction, Marble Alley Lofts has selected RAM Partners, LLC as its property management agency, which is directed by Ram Partners, LLC Area Vice President Gabriele Preston.

EK: Tell us a little bit about this exciting new community.

Gabriele: Marble Alley Lofts will feature 248 one- and two-bedroom apartment homes of which a portion will be completed and ready for occupancy in the September to October 2015 timeframe. Our company, RAM Partners, LLC, will be responsible for leasing and managing the community. We have worked with and managed a number of other developments built by TDK Construction, who is one of our best clients. They have a strong commitment to unsurpassed quality and are very responsive to the evolution in architecture and the needs of the community’s residents. Every community they build seems to surpass their last. Their homes are functional and professionally designed with the latest multifamily living amenities.

Like some of their other communities, Marble Alley Lofts will also feature granite kitchen and bath countertops, stainless steel appliances, and hard surface plank flooring in the living and dining areas. A majority of our apartment homes will include additional special features such as built-in bookcases, kitchen islands, double sinks, and garden tubs in the master baths. Amenities include a saltwater swimming pool and generous indoor and outdoor gathering spots, including a game room with billiard and card tables. Flat screen televisions, computers, and a printer will be integrated throughout these spaces.

EK: Who will Marble Alley Lofts appeal to?

Gabriele: Well, I think everyone, but especially those who work downtown or come here to be a part of the area’s unique ambiance. We’ve received numerous inquiries from people that want to live downtown but not in a student housing setting, and Marble Alley Lofts fits this demographic. It is a traditional mid-rise community that makes no special provisions for students. So, in other words, potential residents will have to meet the income and credit criteria to qualify for an apartment home here.

EK: Adequate parking can be challenging downtown, especially on game days. What are your plans to meet your residents’ parking needs?

Gabriele: There will be a five level private parking garage for our residents and their guests. Residents will never have to worry about where to park. In fact, they don’t have to own a car at all.

EK: What do you mean they don’t have to own a car?

Gabriele: Residents can walk to get to nearly everything they need or desire, whether it’s to eat, buy groceries, go to the movies, or take care of their dry cleaning or banking. All of these conveniences are walkable. In fact, ranks Marble Alley Lofts a 92 out of 100, calling it a “Walker’s Paradise.” Plus there’s public transportation – the KAT bus or the free trolley – serving the major tourist attractions, and there’s a car rental business that will actually pick you up.

EK: These apartment homes are still a year away from completion. Can someone reserve an apartment now?

Gabriele: Absolutely! In fact, we expect to pre-lease most if not all the homes before the building even opens its doors. Those that are interested can get on board by visiting our website at and completing a Guest Card. A representative will be in touch with them to answer their questions and help them reserve a home. Also, if one is already renting an apartment at a RAM managed community, they can be given priority status at a discounted rate.

EK: Will people really lease an apartment before they can see a completed unit?

Gabriele: That’s a good question, and the answer is yes. The technology we utilize today is incredible. We hired a designer with an architectural background, and he has taken the construction plans and developed real life animated images and a video of what the apartment homes and building will actually look like. It’s amazing the level of detail, right down to the subway tiled backsplash in the kitchens. These images provide you with the actual look and feel of what the Marble Alley Lofts will become. You can view these images along with the floor plans on our website. We also have actual samples of the finishes, so if someone is interested, a representative can meet with them and show them the sample cabinetry, granite countertops, etc.

EK: What everybody wants to know is how much the apartments will rent for?

Gabriele: Prospective residents are going to qualify for the best rental rates now. The earlier you rent an apartment home, the lower the price is, because as demand increases, so does the rent. Right now our smallest one-bedroom homes rent for $979. The larger one-bedroom homes, which are 742 square feet, are renting for $1,269, and the two-bedroom apartment homes start at $1,729. A parking space is also included with the rent.

EK: If someone would like to speak with you or a representative, what is the best way to do that?

Gabriele: I would encourage those that are interested to go and look through our website first at One of our Leasing Consultants, Candace or Tracy, will follow up on all Guest Cards. If someone would like to speak to me, they can either send me an email at or reach me at 865-288-0141.

EK: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Gabriele: I really would like to invite all of your readers to discover for themselves all of the wonderful opportunities that Marble Valley Lofts can offer them. I am confident they will be just as impressed as I was when I was first introduced to this truly one-of-kind experience.

Marble Alley Lofts

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