Navigating Today’s Financial Planning Marketplace

Financial Partners of TNAttempting to navigate the financial planning marketplace can be challenging, particularly if you are attempting to go it alone. Many investors, whether just beginning their careers or preparing for retirement, discover that retaining a financial planner can prove to be invaluable when trying to navigate today’s financial marketplace. But selecting a financial planner can become just as a daunting task as making do-it-yourself financial decisions.

In this issue of Everything Knoxville, we are pleased to introduce our readers to John Fawaz, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioner and founder of Financial Partners of TN, LLC. Although John may be a familiar face to many of you who have seen him on WATE-TV or heard him speak publicly on a variety of financial topics, it is hoped that our interview will help introduce you to Financial Partners of TN, LLC and answer questions you may have about selecting a qualified financial planner.

EK: John, what inspired you to become a financial planner?

John: My father owned an aluminum manufacturing company with more than 100 employees. At a very early age, after being inspired by my father’s entrepreneurship, I decided that I wanted to join my father in running his business. So I decided to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. During my junior year, I received a call from my dad telling me that his business was failing and he had no choice but to close the plant. Because nearly everything he owned was invested in his business, I found it necessary to support myself. I tried a variety of careers, but what interested me the most was the financial service industry, where I discovered the importance helping clients create and implement a comprehensive financial plan. I only wished that my dad had met with a qualified financial planner. Things might have turned out much better for him. After my work in the financial planning field, I launched Financial Partners of TN, LLC and have never regretted my choice.

EK: Where did you attend college?

John: I graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in mechanical engineering. Although I never pursued engineering, the discipline I learned as an engineering student has proved invaluable in the financial planning marketplace, particularly as I worked full-time while earning my degree.   

EK: People are understandably confused about how to select a qualified financial planner. What advice can you offer our readers?

John: Finding a qualified advisor is both challenging and critical, as many individuals in the financial services marketplace identify themselves as “financial planners.” CFP® professionals, on the other hand, have completed extensive training and experience requirements and are held to rigorous ethical standards. They understand all the complexities of the ever-changing financial marketplace and will make recommendations based entirely on your best interest. I’ve always recommended you do thorough research on any financial planner that you might be considering. The Brokercheck link at is a great resource for learning about a financial planner’s qualifications, experience, and registrations they may hold.

EK: Tell our readers about your involvement with LPL Financial.

John: We are independent Investment Consultants registered with LPL Financial, one of the nation’s leading financial services companies and the largest independent broker-dealer.* I was honored to be LPL’s Patriot Club.  This distinct honor is awarded to less than 10% of the firm’s approximately 14,000 advisors nationwide and is based on an annual production of all registered advisors supported by LPL.

EK: Help our readers get to know you a little bit better. On a purely personal level, what are you most passionate about?

John: Aside from my passion for financial planning, I would have to say traveling. I travel frequently for both business and pleasure. I grew up traveling with my parents and my three sisters and brother.  My sisters live in England, France, and Nigeria. While I have traveled the world extensively, there’s no better place to live or people to surround yourself with than Knoxville and its people. This is my 26th year in Knoxville.  I enjoy an active lifestyle, which has included marathons, half Iron Man Competition, CrossFit, and yoga.

EK: How do the trust, education, and experience you have achieved in your career help you in your financial planning practice?

John: There are many good planners in the financial marketplace today, but I believe that what really makes us successful the fact that three different area financial institutions have entrusted us with providing financial advice to their valued customers. We are the exclusive Investment Consultants for the customers of UT Federal Credit Union, UBank, and Peoples Bank of the South. This is a big responsibility, which I don’t take lightly. I am also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Chartered Financial Consultant, and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and have been a practicing financial planner for more than 18 years.

EK: Our readers may be familiar with you from your appearances on Knoxville’s ABC affiliate, WATE.

John: I’ve been fortunate to have been asked by WATE to provide financial expertise on different financial topics for past four years.  In addition, I am an instructor at the University of Tennessee non-credit program and regularly speak to area groups on a variety of financial subjects.

EK: Tell us about Financial Partners TN, LLC’s philosophy.

John: We take a holistic approach to life planning, no matter where you are in life. Whether you are just getting started in life or winding down a successful career, you have goals and dreams. We engage you in an ongoing conversation about your needs, goals, and objectives to help you pursue the life plan that’s right for you.  The most important lesson I’ve learned in business was from a true professional I consider to be my mentor – the president of UBank. “Treat people like you would like to be treated, and place honesty above everything.”  That is the motto that I live by in my life.

EK: Although the answer may appear obvious to many, why is it important to initiate a comprehensive financial plan earlier in life rather than waiting until later?

John: The biggest misconception is that you need to have accumulated a large amount of money in order to meet with a financial planner, and as younger people are in the accumulation stage, they often postpone meeting with a financial planner until much later. Nothing could be further from the truth. Start planning early and let compound interest and time go to work for you. I meet regularly with older clients who wished they had started planning for retirement much earlier. Planning late leaves you with fewer options, although better late than never. We are procrastinators by nature, and we all live busy lives. Investing a few hours of your time now planning might save you years of disappointment.

EK: You are involved in many organizations. Tell our readers about your community involvement.

John: I currently serve on a variety of non-profit community boards. Giving back to a community that has given my family so much has truly been an enjoyable experience. My community involvement includes the past presidency of the East Tennessee Financial Planning Association and serving on the board of directors of Leadership Knoxville.

EK: How can people learn more about Financial Partners of TN, LLC?

John: Your readers can call our office at 865-558-8182 or visit, where we would be willing to answer any questions they may have.

Financial Partners of TN, LLC
2100 White Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37916

*As reported in Financial Planning Magazine, 1996-2016, based on total revenue

Securities offered through LPL Financial, member FINRA/SIPC. Insurance products offered through LPL Financial or its Licensed affiliates

The investment products sold through LPL Financial are not insured. Peoples Bank of the South and UBank deposits are not FDIC insured. These products are not obligations of the Peoples Bank of the South and UBank of Jellico are not endorsed, recommended, or guaranteed by Peoples Bank of the South, Ubank of Jellico, and UT Federal Credit Union or any government agency. The investment products are also not insured. UT Federal Credit Union deposits are not NCUA insured. The value of investment may fluctuate, the return on the investment is not guaranteed, and loss of principal is possible. Peoples Bank of the South, Ubank of Jellico, UT Federal Credit Union, and Financial Partners of TN, LLC are not registered broker/dealers and are not affiliated with LPL Financial.

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Beyond the Same Old, Same Old BBQ!

If your backyard BBQs are relying on the same old dogs, patties, and buns, why not spice up your next BBQ with a visit to CH Interiors & Gifts’ gourmet BBQ headquarters and discover how to step up your next BBQ from ordinary to extraordinary?  CH Interiors & Gifts has a wide selection of products that will simply amaze family members and guests alike.

How about their Raspberry Jalapeño all-natural jam?  Not just for breakfast anymore, this raspberry jam can be used to create raspberry jalapeño burgers, vinaigrette, salad dressing, Crock-Pot meatballs, pork tenderloin, and served over baked brie.  In fact, to date, they have sold more than 8,000 jars of their Raspberry Jalapeño Jam.

Try their savory Saltine Cracker Seasonings to create to-die-for burgers.  Or try their special mulling spices to create your very own summertime punches, including Summer Sangria.  Also, be sure to check out their other gourmet BBQ items, including Black Bean Salsa, Mango Salsa, Peach Habanero Jam, Pear Cinnamon Jam, and Strawberry Jalapeño Jam – all perfect as dessert toppings, dips, dressings, seasonings, and marinades.

If it’s time to spice up your life by spicing up your next BBQ, then it’s time to visit your BBQ headquarters at CH Interiors & Gifts.

CH Interiors & Gifts

Raspberry Jalapeno Burgers: Sweet with a bit of heat!

» 1 1/2 lbs of ground beef

» 1/3 cup bread crumbs

» 1/2 cup of Raspberry Jalapeño Jam

» 1/2 teaspoon salt

» 1/2 teaspoon pepper

» 6 large basil leaves, chopped

» 1/4 cup fetta cheese, chopped

Mix all ingredients together, form into patties, and grill to your liking. The same recipe is also great for meatloaf!

CH Interiors & Gifts

12556 Kingston Pike

Knoxville, TN 37934


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Organizing Everyone for Back-to-School

Everyone can benefit from the “back-to-school” mindset. The same principles for organizing the kids can bring order when used by the grownups, too.

Closets by McKenry (1)

Clear Your Space and Head
Review last year’s projects and edit what is no longer needed. Show the kids, and yourself, that it is not necessary to keep everything. Keeping only what is loved and needed makes room for the coming year. Give kids your permission to “say goodbye” to clutter, and help them practice good organizing habits.

Dedicate Space
Create a dedicated space for work and projects around the house. If the only place to study is the kitchen table, have a container handy where each child can store supplies. It will help keep clutter controlled. Be creative and make your workspace a pleasant place where you will enjoy working. Homework is easier when there is room to work.

Splash of Color
Don’t be afraid of using colors to help categorize projects. Using the same color for folders and binders for each class or subject will help keep things organized. If you have a large family, you can even color code the kids – or at least their backpacks or space in the garage for keeping up with extra-curricular activities.

After School & the Garage
When after-school activities begin, the house can quickly become crowded. Make it easier to head to activities by creating space in the garage for everyone’s needs. Whether it’s getting to ball practice or just having a place for the science project, storage is always welcomed.

Getting organized ahead of time will prepare you and your kids for the upcoming bustling school year. For more storage and home organization tips, visit

Closets by McKenry

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Pennington Brow Bar

Glamour 24 Hours a Day

Pennington Brow BarCombine two decades as a freelance makeup artist and licensed aesthetician to the print, media, fashion, and video industries with a passionate entrepreneurial spirit and you will discover Pennington Brow Bar owner and creator, Randy Pennington.

“Because the world has become eyebrow obsessed, the brow business has grown exponentially” said Randy.  “A well manicured brow is a must for all!”

With the innate ability to bring out the natural beauty of his subject no matter the gender or ethnicity, Randy helps his clients reveal an exciting new level of glamour 24 hours a day.  To achieve this, Randy has created his very own Pennington Brow Bar line of affordable, luxury eyebrow cosmetics, in addition to offering concierge, in-home makeup services for weddings and special events, including makeup starting at $75, tweezing brows for $30, and strip lashes for $25.

Those wishing to experience truly beautiful brows will also appreciate that all of Randy’s proprietary eyebrow cosmetics, including brow powders that are made in the U.S.A., can be ordered online at

For that tailored design you’re searching for, call 615-596-7748 or visit online today.

Pennington Brow Bar

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Women’s Health and Medicine on the Move

By Kathleen O. Edmunds, MD

While many independent health practices are being swallowed up by huge hospital conglomerates, I remain a solo practice with an all-female staff where we strive to provide a level of compassionate caring for our patients that is growing increasingly more difficult to find today.  In fact, with our October relocation to an all-new, state-of-the-art medical office in Bearden, we will be expanding the gynecological services we offer to our patients.

With the belief that women’s health care should be affordable, our patients can now take advantage of the Mona Lisa Touch® laser therapy, which treats vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, and urge incontinence at the lowest price in the Knoxville area.  We also offer low cash payment options for Gyn Ultrasounds, Dexa Bone Density Screenings, and 4D Obstetric Ultrasounds.  With so many patients having high deductibles, this may be a better option for many.

My passion for women’s health and medicine has only grown since I first started my practice 28 years ago.  We strive to provide all of our patients with the latest technological medical advancements, at prices they can afford, with an all-female staff committed to your privacy, empathy, and understanding.  Our investment in our newest facility will enable us to maintain our level of patient care that will go above and beyond what you might have come to believe was available.

To learn more about our full-service gynecological medical practice, which I am confident will exceed your expectations, as well as updates on the projected October opening of our newest, state-of-the-art medical office located on Kingston Pike in nearby Bearden, I invite you to follow us on Facebook or visit us at  When it comes to women’s health and medicine, you deserve the very best treatment available!

Kathleen O. Edmunds, MD

930 Emerald Avenue, Suite 712
Knoxville, TN 37917

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GO! Contemporary Dance Works

Experience the Difference

GO! Contemporary Dance WorksThe 43 member GO! Contemporary Dance Works is more than your typical group of dancers.  Consisting of pre-professional and professional dancers, GO! combines dance and athletics to provide high energy and highly entertaining performances. GO!, a member of the Knoxville arts community, is known for blending contemporary ballet and modern dance with daring athleticism.

On October 1 and 2 at the Clarence Brown Theatre, GO! will present TRANSCENDANCE, an evening of contemporary and classical works featuring new works by GO! Artistic Director, core choreographers, and guest artist, Daniel Chait, as well as favorites from the GO! repertoire.

Artistic Director, Lisa McKee, will premier “The Fall,” a contemporary work exploring the fall of Adam and Eve, and “I’m Not What You Think,” a funky, fun jazz ballet. Daniel Chait, formerly of the American Ballet Theatre, and Twyla Tharp will present “Don’t Be Afraid,” a work focusing on one barefoot modern dancer amidst precision pointe work. Other new works will include “JOY!” choreographed by Denise Njuguna, “Turbine” by Darby O’Connor, and untitled works by Jill Frere and Julie E. Cox.

GO! will also revisit favorite works, including “Libertango Cafe,” “PulsE,” “Revivivication,” and “Architecture of Stillness” choreographed by Mark Lamb.

GO! is proud to partner with the Tennessee Arts Commission and Cathey & Co.  Sunday’s matinee is in partnership with Penny 4 Arts, enabling children in area counties to attend TRANSCENDANCE for ONE PENNY with the purchase of an adult ticket.

For more information, call 865-539-2475 or visit

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Art Market Gallery’s August Featured Artists Exhibit

Works by watercolor artist Kate McCullough and glass artist Johnny Glass are on display August 1-28 at the Art Market Gallery. An opening reception is on August 5 at 5:30 pm, with complimentary refreshments and music performed by Patrick Mulligan.

Kate McCullough

Kate first studied art at Villa Maria College and SUNY in Buffalo, NY, before switching to interior design, which was her career until 2008. The fine art bug struck again in 2002 when she decided to pick up a brush again. Kate took courses at the University of Tennessee and workshops with John Salminen, Sue Archer, Linda Kemp, Linda Baker, Paul Jackson, Don Lake, Don Andrews, and Keiko Tanabe.

“I look at life as through a prism of shapes and colors and see the beauty I hadn’t seen before,” said Kate. “The world of painting is a magical place where the looking glass is only limited by my imagination. The goal for my art is to not only reach that deeper place, but to offer something to the viewer that could reach a place in them that has meaning as well.”

This exhibit features scenes from around Knoxville, mostly from the downtown area. Her focus is to present these locations as either a place one may not often notice or familiar scenes presented just a little differently.

Johnny Glass

A Knoxville native, Johnny began his glass career and training in Los Angeles, where he was introduced to glass at Santa Monica College. In 2010, he started Glass by Glass LLC on the west coast, and in 2013, he expanded his market and returned to Knoxville to open Glass by Glass’s east coast mobile hot shop and to finish his education.  He spent three years at Tennessee Technological University’s Appalachian Center for Crafts, studying under world famous glassblower and teacher, Curtis Brock. He recently graduated from TTU with honors and a BFA in Glass.

Glass by Glass brings a new awareness and social practice to the art of glass blowing. Johnny has designed his own studio equipment to be completely mobile, and live glassblowing demonstrations take place at many art museums and craft festivals.

Who, What, Where

Also happening this month is their new contest, “Who, What, Where.”  Stop by and take a guess on “Who, What, Where!”

Art Market Gallery

422 S. Gay Street

Knoxville, TN 37902


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Here’s Where We Drop the Ball

By Tom Irmen

The truth is that if most small business owners were as adept at planning for their retirements as they are at managing the day-to-day activities of their businesses, they would have a lock on their futures.  So why do so many entrepreneurs put off planning for retirement?  Well, for starters, we’re busy, not to mention that retirement is a long way off for many of us.

That’s what you think.  I’m 66 years old, and the span of time from age 35 to today was a little more than the blink of an eye.  You simply will not believe how time accelerates as you age.  And the longer you postpone planning for your retirement, the greater the risks are that your dreams for the future may not live up to your expectations.  The bottom line is that the sooner you start planning, the more secure your retirement will likely be.

Time is of the essence in planning for your future, and you may be well advised to seek the advice of a qualified financial planner in your efforts, as there are far more moving parts to your retirement plan than you might have imagined.  In addition, there are numerous uncertainties as well.  Will you be able to count on the availability of Social Security?  Will Medicare become unaffordable?  Will you outlive your retirement savings? Will you require expensive in-home care as you age?

I would not recommend going it alone when planning for your retirement.  A qualified planner – and here’s where it gets sticky – who puts your goals ahead of theirs is worth their weight in gold.  But start today.  The earlier you start planning, the higher the investment risk tolerance you can accept.  And if things don’t go exactly as you planned, you will likely still have ample time to recover.  Taking these same risks later in life can have unintended negative consequences that you may never be able to fully recover from.

But won’t the sale of my business at retirement be enough to ensure a secure future? Perhaps, if you want to put all your eggs into that one basket.

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Heritage Investors

Successfully Navigating the Uncertainties in Wealth Management

If you have ever asked yourself the question “Who really requires the services of a financial planner?”, the answer might be “you do.”  Once believed to be the exclusive domain of the mega-wealthy, the truth is that each of us can potentially benefit from the services of a qualified and dedicated financial advisor.  The uncertainties in today’s financial marketplaces combined with the accounting, tax, and legal complexities facing Americans of even modest wealth present a daunting task for most of us.

In response to the need to plan for both the present and the future, many of us turn to online financial calculators, books, seminars, and a host of other tools that often create a feeling of uneasiness that results from this piecemeal approach. Others seek the professional advice of a financial planner, but selecting an advisor can be as challenging as creating a financial plan itself.  There seems to be an endless line of professionals, most of who offer an à la carte menu of services that may address a particular client’s needs but ignores the necessity of a more comprehensive approach which recognizes the correlation that one important decision may have on other, seemingly unrelated areas of the client’s life.

Heritage Investors, an independent wealth management firm based in Knoxville who was recently featured in Forbes magazine, has distinguished itself among its many clients as a trusted financial concierge company that provides the comprehensive approach to planning that is often neglected when creating a financial roadmap for the future.  In this issue of Everything Knoxville, we are pleased to feature this interview our staff writer, Michael Filut, conducted with Heritage Investors founders Justin Goodbread and Jim DeTar.

EK: Justin, how is Heritage Investors different from the numerous financial planning companies already in existence?

Justin: When we started our company in 2009, during the height of the financial crisis, we were determined to be different.  We decided early on that we did not want to be all things to all people, but rather all things to a few.  In the financial world, many advisors seek to just gather assets, sell products, or pitch their idea. These approaches often result in confused, angry, and disappointed clients. We recently listened to a new client state, “I’m just another number to my advisor.” How unfortunate. At Heritage Investors, we intentionally keep our client/advisor ratio small, allowing us to create true, comprehensive wealth planning.  We have built a network of trusted attorneys, CPAs, bankers, insurance agents, realtors, brokers, etc. who work with us to offer a comprehensive wealth management approach to our clients.  Many of our clients are busy business owners or retirees.  And while our clients are well educated, they choose to focus on business or recreational pursuits rather than trying to keep up with current interest rates, market trends, estate planning laws, tax reduction strategies, insurance changes, etc. We truly act as our clients’ “private CFO.” We work on behalf of our clients with our team of experts with the goal of building net worth for each of them.

EK: You favor a more comprehensive approach to planning rather than the à la carte selection of services typically offered by many advisors.  Why do you feel this is important?

Jim: The world of finance has drastically changed in the last 15 years.  There are many products, players, laws, regulations, etc. to contend with. Ignoring these complexities can be an extremely costly reality.  We often see the effects of people who utilize this à la carte approach in some areas which can result in unintended consequences in other areas.  We recently welcomed a new client into the Heritage Investors family that had been so focused on fees that they ignored the impact of higher taxation and lower interest rates in the other areas of their financial life, which cost them far more than the small amount of fees they were focused on. By introducing this holistic approach to our clients, we are able to demonstrate the larger picture so often ignored, including business profitability, business succession, buying and selling a business, taxation, estate, debt restructuring, debt elimination, and other critical areas of concern.

EK: Describe your current client mix.

Justin: We currently work with about 50% business owners and 50% retirees.  Many of our clients are retired small business owners, including CPAs, attorneys, dentists, teachers, nurses, chiropractors, optometrists, veterinarians, CFOs, CEOs, financial advisors, bankers, law enforcement professionals, and trades people.  We also advise current business owners, including pool contractors, sales professionals, retired coal miners, and building contractors.

EK: You are both CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™.  Help our readers to differentiate between CFPs® and other financial advisors.

Justin: The CFP® is one of the most recognized and sought after financial designations an advisor can earn.  In all of East Tennessee, there are fewer than 100 CFPs®.  This comes as a surprise to many. Clients should exercise caution when selecting a financial advisor who may lack the prerequisite knowledge and training.

EK: Many people are unaware that making a change, say to an investment or trust, can have a significant impact on, let’s say, their taxes.  They are often unaware of the correlation that exists between these different areas of their lives when making these important decisions.  How does your approach to planning help to avoid these unintended mistakes?

Jim: Estate planning, investment planning, protection planning, business planning, retirement planning, education planning, and tax planning are all affected by a few factors. Because none of us can predict the future, planning must be nimble enough to adapt to future uncertainties.  When we develop a wealth plan, the plan may incorporate many of the areas of planning mentioned or just a few and include multiple contingency plans. An area of great interest for business owners looking to retire or launch a new business in the future is the development of a “10 and Out” plan.  This permits the business owner to accumulate enough wealth during the 10 year period to sell or transfer their business while providing for their retirement while minimizing their tax liability.

EK: You recently provided guidance to a physician that saved him a significant (six digit) amount of money.  Explain.

Justin: Entrepreneurial physicians are savvy, kind, and intelligent and value the expertise of other professionals.  However, they often seek the advice of their peers who themselves are not trained in business. This client worked hard to produce the necessary revenue required to meet his expenses, but he recognized that his approach to financial planning was piecemeal at best.  We noticed that he could drastically reduce the interest on his loans by repositioning assets, so we sought offers from reputable lenders that significantly reduced his interest expense.  In addition, we also discovered several other areas where improvements could be made, including a plan to increase his net income while working fewer hours, the discovery of an important error in his company’s retirement plan, gaps in both his business and personal insurance coverage, and creative financing resulting in a virtual interest-free loan.  This client is now on a 10 year debt-free plan with a projected net worth in the millions.

EK: Would you say that the savings or increased returns on investments that your clients experience generally offset the fees that a client will pay?

Justin: We take the approach that a fee must be fair.  We work closely with our clients to create a wealth management plan designed to maximize the return to our clients. When a client retains us, we enter into a relationship with one principle objective in mind, which is to help our clients achieve their quantifiable dreams.  If we feel that our fee is an obstacle to achieving their goals, then the relationship is likely to fail.  We are proud to state that we maintain a 100% client retention rate.

EK: How have your self-employment experiences helped you in assisting your self-employed clients?

Jim: Both Justin and I love being self-employed.  In fact, Justin, who has never received a W-2 form in his entire working career, has successfully launched and sold three businesses. Our experiences allow us to show our many self-employed clients how to grow and maximize their businesses.  Because most business owners do not view their business as their largest asset, we guide the owner in maximizing the net profit of their business.

EK: Is it true that you offer prospective clients complimentary consultations?

Justin: Absolutely. Many of your readers probably think that a CFP® or Wealth Manager is only for the uber-wealthy. Nothing could be further from the truth. We routinely meet with prospective clients in our relaxed and non-sales charged environment, and we are grateful to our existing clients who routinely refer friends and family. We also appreciate the area CPAs and attorneys who refer their clients to us that can benefit from our comprehensive approach to wealth management.

EK: In closing, is there anything you would like to add?

Jim: We look forward to the opportunity to serve those individuals who desire to create a comprehensive wealth management plan that will allow them to experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their financial house is in order. Heritage Investors offers the type of high touch and high trust relationship that produces results with our customized service and our low client to planner ratio of 27 to 1. If you truly desire the benefits of the one-to-one custom private CFO approach to your financial life, then we invite you to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation introductory meeting with Heritage Investors.

Heritage Investors

11470 Parkside Drive, Suite 201

Knoxville, TN 37934


Heritage Investors is an independent firm with securities offered through Summit Brokerage Services, Inc., Member FINRA, SIPC. Advisory services offered through Summit Financial Group, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Opinions expressed are that of the author and are not endorsed by the named broker dealer or its affiliates. Although the opinions expressed are based upon assumptions believed to be reliable, there is no guarantee they will come to pass. The information may change at any time due to market or other conditions. Past performance is not an indication of future results.

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Turner Orthodontics

Making Smiles Happen

 As the father of four young children, Dr. Andy Turner understands the importance of a beautiful, balanced, and healthy smile.

“Our smile is often the first impression we leave with others,” said Dr. Turner.  “A great smile also plays an important role in how we view ourselves, and our self-esteem – particularly with younger children – can impact just about every area of our lives.”Turner Orthodontics-1

 A life-long resident of Knoxville and a graduate of the University of Tennessee, Dr. Turner went on to earn his dental degree and complete orthodontic training at the University of Tennessee in Memphis.

 Everything Knoxville is excited to be able to feature this recent interview with Dr. Turner.

 EK: Dr. Turner, many people probably share a rather generic view of the field of orthodontics, yet there have been major advancements in this area that benefit your patients.  Describe some of these advancements for our readers.

Dr. Turner: That’s very true. Most people, especially adults, think of orthodontics as the bulky metal braces of the past. But the orthodontic industry has definitely come a long way since our “metal mouth” time period. The braces we use today are much smaller and much more comfortable for our patients. We use special self-ligating Damon® brackets that move teeth even faster and require fewer adjustments than your traditional brackets. They also come in clear, which is a popular option among our teen and adult patients.  In addition to the self-ligating brackets, we offer a completely “wireless” option called Invisalign®, which uses clear, removable aligners to straighten your teeth over time. As you can imagine, this is a top choice for adults.

 EK: The father of four children, how has the patience and understanding you’ve learned at home benefited you with your younger patients and their parents?

 Dr. Turner: Both at home and in the practice, we have a lot of fun. I can easily relate to my patients and their parents.  I understand the struggles that parents have of getting their kids to brush properly, so it’s important that we work as a team.  At the end of the day, I know as well as they do that kids will be kids. But as a team, we can work together to make sure those smiles are cared for in the best way possible.

 EK: I think while many of our readers associate orthodontics with younger people, the truth is that a growing number of adults are seeking your professional services.  Explain.

 Dr. Turner: Yes, that is very true.  More adults today are choosing to get braces.

The only regret they have is that they didn’t do it sooner.  Braces today aren’t what they used to be.  Treatment length is shorter, and if you opt for Invisalign®, no one will even know you are wearing them.  Adults also benefit from improved self-confidence, which can lead to improvements in their professional and personal lives.  

 EK: How important is the communication that both you and your associates have with all of your patients and the parents of your younger patients?

 Dr. Turner: As I mentioned, it’s important that we tackle treatment as a team.  I want my patients and parents to understand what’s happening every step along the way and encourage them to ask questions.  If my patients understand what we are doing and why, I find they are more compliant. And it definitely puts parents at ease having that open communication.

 EK: You were recently honored by Invisalign®  as Knoxville’s Preferred Provider.  Tell us first about Invisalign® and this honor.

 Dr. Turner: Invisalign® is a way to straighten your teeth without braces.  Instead, we use clear aligners that are essentially invisible and can be removed.  The aligners are custom made for each patient, and as you work through a series of aligners, your teeth visibly improve as you progress through treatment.  This option is better suited for some people’s lifestyle and can simplify treatment. We have successfully treated a number of patients throughout the years with Invisalign® and received the designation by Invisalign® as a Preferred Provider.

EK: What words of encouragement can you offer parents whose children might require your services, or adults for that matter?

Dr. Turner: Getting started with braces is extremely easy, and it’s not a decision you will regret. I have seen first-hand how braces can change a person.  It’s amazing watching timid kids covering their mouths when they laugh transform into confident, outgoing teens during just a short period of time. It makes what we do that much more rewarding.  My advice to any parent is to come in for a free evaluation. You can see first-hand our office atmosphere, get to know my staff and me, and better understand the whole process. When you’re ready, we’re here.

 EK: Could you tell us a little bit about your newest location in Hardin Valley?

 Dr Turner: We are extremely excited about our new location in Hardin Valley.  We had the opportunity to design this location from scratch with our patients in mind.  We wanted to create an environment that patients didn’t mind coming to for their appointments. Our team makes every effort to make the experience a fun one for patients, with cool t-shirts, our popular selfie wall, and you never know when “Sweet Ride,” our ice cream truck, might show up. There’s never a dull moment, I can tell you that!

EK: How can people learn more about Turner Orthodontics?

Dr. Turner: Visit us online at or on Facebook at

Turner Orthodontics
120 Capital Drive, Suite 104
Knoxville, TN 37922

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