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Great Expectations


At Tennova Healthcare, we believe in love at first sight. We see it every day.

Pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting are among the most special moments in life. At Tennova Healthcare, we want to make this a time you’ll remember with joy. That’s why we’ve designed our childbirth centers at Turkey Creek Medical Center, Physicians Regional Medical Center, and Newport Medical Center to offer the comforts of home and the reassurance that – should the need arise – a full range of healthcare services is available close by.

“Being pregnant or planning to have a baby is a good reason to want the very best,” said Lance Jones, CEO of Turkey Creek Medical Center. “At Tennova, you’ll be cared for by a team of skilled, supportive doctors and nurses who are committed to providing you with information, attention, and support throughout each stage of your pregnancy, labor and delivery, and beyond.”

Since not everyone has the same expectations, Tennova offers a wide range of options for the birth of your baby, including rooming in, midwifery services, and specialized care for high risk births.

Allison Peek (31) was excited to learn she was pregnant. Allison and her husband, Douglas (36), were also concerned about the delivery because Allison was considered “high risk.” During her pregnancy, she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, preeclampsia (high blood pressure), hyperemesis (severe nausea leading to dehydration and weight loss), a low platelet count, and a heart murmur. The Sequoyah Hills couple, who both work in the medical sales field, knew they wanted the best care possible for their baby.

“Having a high risk pregnancy and going into labor early was a frightening experience,” said Allison. “My obstetrician, Dr. Michael Fields, and the team at Turkey Creek Medical Center were extremely reassuring. They worked in collaboration with the high risk doctors to ensure that both my baby and I stayed healthy before delivery.”

The Big Day Arrives

Allison delivered a healthy baby girl, who they named Lochlyn, in November. Although she delivered the baby early (at 36 weeks), Allison reports there were no complications or the need for specialized neonatal care for Lochlyn, who weighed six pounds and three ounces at birth.

“It’s hard to describe the gratitude I have for this amazing team of doctors and nurses,” said Allison. “From my prenatal to postpartum care, I felt like the team was constantly cheering me on.”

“Our experience was remarkable from the very start,” added Douglas. “We felt like ‘family’ from the first time we walked into the hospital. Being new, expectant parents can be an overwhelming experience. But the staff made every effort to reassure us, comfort us, and care for all of our needs.”

Tennova offers private labor and delivery suites at its three childbirth centers. They look and feel like home, with comfortable furnishings and warm touches throughout. Each suite includes sophisticated monitoring equipment, and, should you require a C-section delivery, we can handle that in our special operating rooms. Our top priority is always the health and safety of our patients.

“As Douglas and I enjoyed our first few nights together with Lochlyn at the hospital, we were amazed at just how comfortable we were,” said Allison. “We felt almost as if we were at home.”

Families Matter

At Tennova, fathers are welcome at all times and may stay overnight in the birthing suite.

“The labor and delivery suite was comfortable and accommodating for my husband and sister, who joined me for the delivery,” said Allison. “We had plenty of room for all our family who wanted to visit our new addition.”

“Anybody who knows me knows I am not often left without words, but I was definitely taken aback at just how smooth our experience proved to be,” said Douglas. “I really appreciate all of the care and consideration the staff gave us, including the occasional downtime in order to rest up.”

Bonding – the emotional attachment that occurs between two people – is promoted at Tennova’s childbirth centers. Immediately after delivery, parents are encouraged to touch and talk to their baby. With rooming in, your baby can stay with you as much as you wish.

“It was important to me to have my baby at a hospital that valued the importance of mother-baby bonding, especially the tender and early moments of my baby’s life,” said Allison. “The medical and nursing team encouraged Lochlyn to stay close to me but also offered to give me time to rest when needed. I feel like the bonding time we had while still in the hospital was invaluable.”

Allison also praises the support of the hospital’s lactation consultant.

“As a first-time mom, I only had ‘book knowledge’ on how this entire breastfeeding thing would go,” she said. “I was scared and intimidated. My lactation consultant and my nurses patiently worked with me and Lochlyn at each feeding session. By the time I went home, I was confident at nursing and pumping, and Lochlyn could easily latch and eat at each feeding time.”

Allison and Douglas concur that the education and support they received made all the difference.

“We felt it was extremely important to get as involved and prepared as possible, so we attended childbirth preparation and breastfeeding classes,” said Allison. “We were impressed at how knowledgeable and understanding the instructors were with us. The classes were packed with other couples, and we even made some new friends.”

A Happy Homecoming

“I can’t adequately describe the pure joy I felt when seeing Lochlyn for the first time,” said Allison. “The crazy thing is that the joy has continued to grow every day. I never imagined that being her mom would be so much fun. Every minute holds a new discovery.

“I am so impressed by the holistic approach that Tennova has incorporated into having a baby,” she continued. “From the classes to prenatal and postpartum care, it felt like each step was deliberately created to take the surprises out of childbirth and newborn care. It was apparent that everyone was extremely experienced and well-equipped to support and assure new parents.”

“Working in the medical industry ourselves, we know there are many great facilities here in Knoxville,” said Douglas. “However, if you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to have the best experience with the most caring staff and the most memorable moments, Tennova is exactly what you’re looking for.”

Let Tennova help you celebrate a happy, healthy birth. To learn more, visit www.tennova.com.

Every Step of the Way

Tennova Healthcare brings together medical expertise, advanced technology, and comprehensive services to address the unique needs of women of all ages who are embracing motherhood, maintaining wellness, or making life transitions. From adolescence through menopause, Tennova is the place to turn for the information and services you need to maintain your most precious possession – good health.

Tennova offers a full spectrum on services to meet a woman’s healthcare needs and those of her family at six convenient locations:

» Physicians Regional Medical Center, 900 E. Oak Hill Avenue, Knoxville
» Turkey Creek Medical Center, 10820 Parkside Drive, Knoxville
» North Knoxville Medical Center, 7565 Dannaher Drive, Powell
» Jefferson Memorial Hospital, 110 Hospital Drive, Jefferson City
» LaFollette Medical Center, 923 East Central Avenue, LaFollette
» Newport Medical Center, 435 Second Street, Newport

“Whether you need gynecology surgery, prenatal care, or support during menopause, Tennova can help,” said Karen Metz, CEO of Physicians Regional Medical Center. “To us, you’re not just a number or a procedure. You’re a woman – a woman who deserves the best. That’s why we offer services like mammography, bone density exams, pelvic ultrasounds, and massage therapy in comfortable surroundings. We also offer specialized services, including chronic pain management, laser surgery, treatment of sleep disorders, weight loss management, and fitness classes.”

Tennova Women’s Health includes:

» Bone Health – Comprehensive services for osteoporosis, from preventive screening and education to diagnostic and treatment services.
» Breast Care – Education, breast cancer screenings, and advanced diagnostic technology, including digital mammography and breast MRI.
» Cancer Care – Expert care for cancers that affect women.
» Gynecology – Services range from preventive annual exams to treatment of conditions such as endometriosis, bladder problems, and more.
» Heart Care – Preventive, diagnostic, and treatment services for heart disease.
» Women’s Wellness – A variety of fitness, nutrition, and emotional support services just for women.

Physicians Regional Medical Center and Turkey Creek Medical Center have both been named Centers of Excellence in Women’s Health Surgery by the American Institute for Minimally Invasive Surgery. Earning this distinction recognizes Tennova’s surgical expertise and continued commitment to offer women the latest minimally invasive procedures, including robotic-assisted hysterectomies.

Tennova also offers a complete range of maternity services for normal and high risk pregnancies, from pre-pregnancy through delivery, at three locations: Physicians Regional Medical Center, Turkey Creek Medical Center and Newport Medical Center.

Physicians Regional Medical Center is Knoxville’s only hospital offering midwifery services by certified nurse midwives. The hospital is also home to a Level II-B NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), which is equipped to provide advanced care to newborns with health risks, including breathing difficulty, nutritional deficiencies, or other conditions that may occur with premature birth.

To learn more about Tennova Women’s Health, visit www.tennova.com.

Looking for an OB/GYN?
Need help finding a physician who specializes in women’s health? Call 1-855-TENNOVA (836-6682), and we’ll match you up with a doctor who meets all your needs.

Tennova Healthcare
10820 Parkside Drive
Knoxville, TN 37934

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Second Annual East Tennessee Kidney Foundation Golf Classic


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Psychiatric Concepts

Navigating Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or Memory Loss

Psychiatric Concepts

By Gene Pickett, Co-Founder of the Center for Memory Management

While you may have only been impacted indirectly, sooner or later, Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia, will strike your family. Although there seems to be greater awareness today of dementia and memory loss, which affects an estimated 5.1 million Americans, most of us know very little about this debilitating and progressive disease that eventually leads to death in its victims.

But what is oftentimes worse is the negative impact this disease can have on family members who are often faced with becoming caregivers for their loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s. Totally unprepared, they frequently make decisions that can have long-term consequences on both themselves and the patient, without fully recognizing the significance or potential negative consequences of their well-meaning decisions. But it is also not easy to know who to turn to for assistance when you’re confronted with the reality of the dreaded disease. Decisions related to medical and psychiatric care coordination, insurance filings, legal and financial advice, care center placement, and home health services are just a few of the essential issues you will have to address.

Knowledge is power, which is why I have assembled a group of knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate caregivers who can help guide you through the many decisions that will be required as you prepare to help a loved one with this disease. But as important as knowledge is, timing is also critical. Early diagnosis, treatment, and well-coordinated planning can result in far less stress for both the patient, designated caregivers, and family members, assuring that your loved one receives the optimum treatment and care.

At the Center for Memory Management, I have combined my 26 years of experience as a nurse and nurse practitioner and more than 10 years of psychiatric private practice experience with the vast resources of Elder Advocates founder and president, Carolyn Neil. Carolyn’s 28 years of experience as a Registered Nurse and Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, as well as her other licenses, certificates, memberships, and community activities, has provided her with the necessary expertise needed to provide family members and caregivers with the expert guidance, planning, services, and care navigation required to meet the needs of an Alzheimer’s patient or an elderly loved one in need of care.

We are also pleased to announce the newest member of our team, Kristi Osborne, who has her master’s degree in nursing and is now board certified as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

If a family member or loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, or at the first sign that they may be exhibiting any of the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s, I encourage you to contact us here at the Center for Memory Management. Our team can provide you with all the necessary resources, support, and guidance, including:

» Screening and evaluation
» Lab testing
» Physician and Psychiatric care
» Medication management
» Insurance approvals
» Legal and financial advice
» Nursing home or facility admission
» Home health services and hospice

At the Center, we will provide you with the comprehensive approach needed when dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other memory loss conditions. Help is just a phone call away.

Center for Memory Management
2620 Mineral Springs Avenue, Suite A
Knoxville, TN 37917

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Mother Earth Meats

From the Farm to Your Table

By Tracy Monday, Owner

Perhaps inspired by my grandparents, who were Tennessee farmers, I’ve had a lifelong interest not only in farming but in raising beef cattle as well. I love the farm, and I particularly enjoy the more natural approach to farming and ranching. I believe that crops and beef raised for human consumption should be raised as nature intended. This all-natural approach not only enhances the taste of food, but it’s also healthier and safer.

That’s why I launched a new retail shop in Farragut called Mother Earth Meats. Mother Earth Meats features premium quality, all-natural, and grass-fed meats. Our Tennessee farmers only use production methods based on natural sciences. There are no shortcuts taken. Our beef is grass-fed, and our chicken is free-range. Our animals are not given antibiotics, arsenic, or hormones. Simply put, you’ll enjoy the superior tastes as nature intended.

In addition to featuring quality meats and chicken, we also offer our customers a wide variety of grocery items, including local grits, cornmeal, pasture raised eggs, and produce, designed to enhance fresh meat and chicken and which are guaranteed to please even the most discriminating gourmet at your dining table. We also carry a variety of Amish and Native American dry goods.

But Mother Earth Meats is even more than a meat and chicken counter and grocery. It’s also a restaurant featuring appetizers, salads, soups, sandwiches, and burgers. But not just any burger. Try our grass-fed beef burger, bison burger, fresh turkey burger, or one of our elk, venison, or lamb burgers. We also offer free-range pork sausage and our very own Chef Joe’s infamous wings.

How about topping that off with our extensive collection of draft beers offered at our Beer Barn? Our restaurant also offers catering services.

From all-natural meats, chickens, and produce, to exotic meats, including alligator sausage, kangaroo, antelope, caribou, venison, elk, and bison, to our dry goods, to our restaurant, Mother Earth Meats offers you a healthier and faster alternative to the big box food stores or neighborhood restaurant while supporting Tennessee’s small agricultural business community. Store hours are 10 am to 7 pm Monday through Saturday and 11 am to 7 pm Sunday. Restaurant hours are 11 am to 6:40 pm every day.

Mother Earth Meats
11151A Kingston Pike
Farragut, TN 37934

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East Tennessee Dermatology Group Introduces Brooke Nix, PA

et-dermEast Tennessee Dermatology Group is pleased to announce the addition of their new team member, Brooke Nix, Physician’s Assistant.

East Tennessee Dermatology Group is a state-of-the-art facility in Alcoa that provides comprehensive medical, surgical, and cosmetic skin care to patients throughout the greater Knoxville area. With the goal of providing the highest level of medical care available, the caring and compassionate members of their health care team strive to exceed the expectations of their dermatological and cosmetic skin care patients.

“Brooke Nix, PA, is uniquely qualified in the area of medical cosmetic treatments,” stated Dr. Paul Unkefer, MD, and East Tennessee Dermatology Group founder. “Brooke has more than 11 years of both experience and training and is the clinical trainer of Cutera and Allergan, the makers of Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, and Latisse. She also utilizes Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment for pigmented lesions and dilated blood vessels.”

Returning to her hometown of Alcoa along with her husband and two children, Brooke is a graduate of Maryville College, where she earned her BS degree. Brooke earned her BA and MA degrees from the University of Nebraska and completed her physician assistant internship at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

To learn more about how East Tennessee Dermatology Group can benefit you and your family members, they invite you to call them at 865-233-7351 or visit them online at www.easttndermatology.com. Their website is also a great place to learn about their special events and special package pricing on services, including CoolSculpting, Forma, Fractora, Plus & BodyFx. You can also add your name to their mailing list for periodic updates and unadvertised specials. They also invite you to like them on Facebook.

East Tennessee Dermatology Group
133 Associates Boulevard
Alcoa, TN 37701

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The Power of the Testimonial

By Tom Irmen

More than a few advertisers think that testimonials are corny, while others overuse them to the point where they are largely ignored, and a mere handful use them well.

The main advantage that a great testimonial offers is the opportunity for a perceived objective user of your company’s product or service to offer his or her truthful feedback on their experience. To accomplish this, offer your client some helpful guidance. Ask for their feedback as it relates to specifics. Say, their responses to specific questions related to those key characteristics that successfully differentiate your company from your competitors. Also consider inserting a photo of your client using your product or service into their testimonial.

Don’t over edit your testimonials. You may have a degree in communications, but a testimonial delivered in your customer’s own words makes it more believable.

You can also use a testimonial to overcome perceived consumer objections. Let’s say that you are relatively new in your field, and your competition is using that as an objection. A customer testimonial describing your experience, knowledge, and training can become an effective tool in overcoming this perceived objection.

Another important consideration to keep in mind when making use of testimonials is their authenticity. The use of the initials of the person offering the testimonial and the absence of a location places the authenticity of the testimonial very much in doubt and can actually be a negative, which can result in negative and unintended consequences.

Testimonials have the ability to create powerful and positive impressions on potential and existing customers when done properly. Done improperly, they can have the reverse outcome. The difference between a great and mediocre testimonial rests with you and requires only a small amount of planning on your part.

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Consign to Design

ctdMore Brand Names, Greater Selection, and Incredible Savings

By Kristi Hickey, Co-owner of Consign To Design

Thanks to the many hundreds of visitors who attended Consign To Design’s special First Look event on Friday, August 8th. This event showcased some extraordinary furniture, home decor items, and art from some of the nation’s top furniture manufacturers, including Hickory Chair, EJ Victor, Habersham, and Christopher Guy. This event also provided the opportunity to introduce many first-time Consign To Design visitors to the upscale furniture and home decor marketplace, where you can purchase high-quality, brand name items at up to 80% off their original retail price.

For those of you who were unable to attend, we still have a large inventory of items available in both our expanded showroom and existing showrooms. That’s more than 10,000 square feet of savings, and new items are arriving every day.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some photos of just a small selection of items that still remain from our special event and the savings that are available.

Also, if you haven’t already done so, check out our exclusive Blackberry House Paints. A water-based paint with custom pigments, Blackberry House Paints offer DIYers a high-quality, simple-to-use paint to enhance the appearance of furniture, cabinetry, and home decor items. At a price point far below competitive paints, Blackberry House Paints feature maximum coverage, superior grip, true depth of color, self leveling, and layering capabilities – all at a price that will amaze.

To learn more, call or visit us at Consign To Design today!

Consign To Design
10420-D Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37922

Table: Theodore Alexander Castle Bromwitch Collection – $4,100
Chairs: Bernhardt Antwerp Side Chairs – $1,050 each x 8
Retail: $12,500
Consign To Design: $6,500
Savings: $6,000

Large Round Vietri Garden Emblem Vase
Retail: $594
Consign To Design: $250
Savings: $344

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Veronica G Boutique

By Gail Edwards, Owner

Life is often like women’s fashions – things change.

Since first launching a successful women’s boutique in historic downtown Loudon, one of my first surprises, a pleasant one indeed, was the discovery of just how many customers our boutique would attract from the Knoxville area. So when we outgrew the available space in our Loudon location, knowing that we would need to relocate, I decided to move the boutique to Turkey Creek and rename it Veronica G Boutique.

The new name, Veronica G Boutique, reflects not only our new, expanded, and upscale location, but also subtle changes in the women’s fashions and accessories that you’ve asked for. The boutique features the latest styles in keeping with current trends that fashion conscious women 30 and up find desirable. From a wide selection of casual and business attire, women discover that Veronica G Boutique offers them the perfect ensembles for a night out, a casual event, or business event. What women also find attractive are Veronica G Boutique’s selection, reasonable prices, and sizes.

You’ll want to follow us on Facebook as we announce a host of special events, including trunk shows. You’re also encouraged to book a girl’s night out. Invite friends and co-workers, and host a private evening of fun and fashion! Our personal shoppers will be available to help you and your party feel fantastic and achieve the perfect look. Enjoy drinks and snacks, compliments of Veronica G Boutique. Special discounts will be offered for the hostess and guests on your special evening.

I would like to invite each of you to visit Veronica G Boutique in Turkey Creek (across the street from Zaxby’s and next door to Steinway Piano), where you’ll discover the latest in women’s fashions and accessories, including jewelry, all at prices you’ll appreciate.

Veronica G Boutique
11655 Parkside Drive
Knoxville, TN 37934

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Planet Beach

planet-beachWorld’s Largest Automated Spa Now in Turkey Creek and Bearden

By Nina Morgan, Owner of Planet Beach Knoxville

Whether you’re exhausted after a long day at work, a house full of kids, or any number of life’s frustrations, nothing beats a day at the beach, especially Planet Beach. The world’s largest automated spa, Planet Beach, with more than 230 locations worldwide, can offer you all the services of a traditional day spa and more, at a fraction of the cost, which means that spa services are no longer an unaffordable luxury.

When I first discovered Planet Beach, I was convinced that its services, products, and competitive pricing would be received enthusiastically. But as a professional athlete with a graduate degree in Psychology and Counseling, I was even more convinced of Planet Beach’s unique and innovative approach to helping individuals achieve a healthier lifestyle and well-being. Planet Beach will help you look good and feel great! Our well trained spa consultants will help you with your goals of skincare, weight management/cellulite reduction, anti-aging, relaxation/stress-relief, sunless color, and more.

Relaxation Services at Planet Beach, which include four different massage therapies, feature:
» PB Andullation – Vibratory Massage
» Jade Fusion – Hot Stone Massage
» DreamWave Massage
» YuMe Massage
» Oxygen Therapy
» Guided Meditation

Also, get your glow on with our PB Glow Sunless Spray Tanning!

Clients can also take advantage of the renew services Planet Beach offers, including:
» PB Renew Facial – Light Therapy
» Full-Body Red Light Treatment
» Full-Body Hydration
» LED Teeth Whitening
» Slim Capsule – Weight Management
» Sauna Tox – Infrared Heat

We offer convenience and affordability, and you can take advantage of all of these services for just a fraction of what you would pay at a traditional day spa. Just choose a spa membership or session package that best meets your lifestyle and personal goals, and you’ll be on your way to a healthier, happier you.

As a wife, mother, and business owner, I understand just how therapeutic Planet Beach’s services can be to you. To learn more, and to arrange your personal tour, I invite you to call or visit one of our two convenient locations today. Our spa consultants will assist you in a customized spa regime that will fit your personal needs and help you achieve your goals. Take advantage of our grand opening discounts, and join the hundreds of satisfied clients that are already on the road to a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle.

Relax, Glow, and Renew with Planet Beach!

Planet Beach Automated Spa

6630 Kingston Pike in Bearden

11657 Parkside Drive in Turkey Creek


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Mold Drs. USA

Specializing in Water Damage and Mold Remediation

mold-drs-usaLittle could then-adolescent Jeremy Akers realize that his chronic sneezing, watering eyes, and other allergy type symptoms would result in his launching the very successful Mold Drs. USA, but that’s exactly what happened. Along with his wife, Ashley, this energetic, resourceful, and enthusiastic team of young entrepreneurs has transformed the water damage and mold remediation business into the science that it needs to be in order to deliver the successful results homeowners and businesses expect and deserve. With a strong emphasis on education and training, Mold Drs. USA is the only mold remediation company in the area that has earned the much sought after ACAC certification, representing the highest standard of education in the mold remediation industry today.

Living in East Tennessee brings about more mold growth than living in another state such as Colorado. With the high humidity in our area, mold is a common issue homeowners and businesses deal with. With today’s construction techniques resulting in tighter homes that breathe less and the elimination of many chemicals used to treat mold and mildew, you may find this interview with Jeremy and Ashley very enlightening.

EK: Jeremy, after many years as a child being treated for the allergy type symptoms already noted above, describe for our readers what your parents discovered.

Jeremy: Well, I’m sure they never anticipated finding the damage they found. Since it wasn’t visible to the naked eye, they were shocked. My dad started removing baseboards and drywall and found mold growing on everything. It had more than likely been there for many years and had been the culprit in all my allergies. Funny enough – my dad made things worse since he removed the baseboards and drywall himself. The mold spores were able to basically jump around to other areas of the home since he was not a certified and trained mold remediation specialist. We pretty much had a mold version of a desert sand storm!

EK: Tell us how this discovery led to your interest in mold remediation and the launch of Mold Drs. USA.

Jeremy: I actually started out working for a company in Florida handling disaster insurance claims, which enabled me to see truly the worst of the worst – homes that had their roofs ripped off, homes that had been destroyed by a tidal surge, homes covered in mold from floor to ceiling. After spending some time in the field and gaining experience in a state that has strict guidelines to follow, I decided to move back home and start Mold Drs. USA here in Knoxville.

EK: Ashley, how are mold remediation and water damage alike, and how do they differ?

Ashley: Mold remediation and water damage are alike because they begin with some type of water event. For example, it could be something simple, such as an ice maker line dripping, to a toilet leaking on the floor, to a water heater bursting, to someone accidentally leaving on their kitchen faucet. Or, if you have kids, they discovered that water is as much fun on the walls and floor as it is in the bathtub. Water damage can be minor to severe. We’ve seen small issues such as these, as well as water lines freezing and flooding homes like many of us experienced this past January.

Water damage can be dried a majority of the time with little demolition and damage. However, with mold remediation, the process of drying is very different and calculated. What a lot of people don’t realize is a minor mold issue can get worse very quickly if it’s not handled the right way. Without getting too technical, air flow makes a situation worse. It’s like fanning a fire. Thus, mold remediation and water damage have similarities and differences.

EK: Can parents discern the difference between common allergy symptoms and those that result from mold?

Jeremy: Honestly, there really isn’t a specific symptom. Just like any allergy, everyone’s symptoms vary from person to person. Ashley and I are very different. We joke that she can sniff mold as soon as she walks in somewhere. She’ll have itchy eyes, can’t breathe well, her nose is stuffy, and she feels tired, whereas I may only have itchy skin or no symptoms at all when I’m in a home that has mold. Actually, the only time I’ve ever had bronchitis is after being in a home that had quite a bit of mold in the ac closet. I was only in the home for 45 minutes.

EK: How big of a health risk does mold represent?

Ashley: That really depends on the person. Seriously, everyone jokes that I should live in a bubble since I’m allergic to so many things. Everyone is different, and the health risks they experience are different. Just think of someone that’s allergic to bee stings. Someone can get stung one time and go into anaphylactic shock, whereas another person can get stung and only have to deal with a raised bump on the skin. I personally got allergy shots on and off for 15 years. Mold was one of my top allergies. My allergist would joke with me that if I wanted to feel better and ultimately breathe better, I needed to move out of East Tennessee.

EK: What should parents look for, and how can you help them?

Jeremy: Maintaining a home is a lot of work for anyone. Just like properly maintaining a vehicle, you have to take the vehicle in to get routine maintenance. Your home is even more work. Parents should look for water leaks. You have to be proactive. Most people don’t walk around the house looking at the gutters or stepping foot in their dreaded crawlspace or basement.

If you want to be proactive: 1) make sure the water is draining away from the home, 2) make sure all the shutoff valves inside the house are working properly, 3) look in the crawlspace/basement, and see if there’s anything growing on the floor joists or subfloor (if you see a white powdery substance anywhere on the walls or floor, then the conditions could be right for mold growth), 4) make sure any pumps on your heating and air conditioning units are properly functioning and draining the condensation, 5) look for discoloration around the base of toilets, 6) look for buckling in the floors, 7) foul odors in the home, 8) look for discoloration on the ceilings, 9) look for discoloration around the windows or entry doors, and 10) look for spotting around baseboards and on the walls and ac registers at the floor.

EK: Tell our readers a little bit about the water, fire, and wind damage restoration side of your company.

Ashley: Our other company, Ethos Restoration, handles the water, fire, and wind damage restoration work. If someone has a kitchen grease fire or a whole house fire, we can handle it. If someone has a toilet flood their entire downstairs or ceilings cave in from pipes bursting, we handle that as well. If you have a tree fall down on your house and the roof collapses, Ethos Restoration can take care of that. What’s great is we can handle the damage and prevent it from doing further damage and protecting your home.

EK: Your website emphasizes your commitment to training, education, and certifications. Why are these important, and what should someone look for in hiring a remediation and restoration company?

Jeremy: The state of Tennessee is very lax on who can provide services such as mold remediation for your home. It doesn’t matter if you’re a home inspector or an accountant – say you wake up one day and are tired of your profession and want to start a mold remediation business. All you have to do is put a sticker on your truck and make a business card. That’s pretty interesting and scary, right?

Some states actually require mold remediation companies to have the ACAC certification we hold in order to do business within their state. The ACAC certification requires a resume proving experience in the field and education before awarding a certificate, but not prior to a rigorous exam to make sure you follow the guidelines. It’s for those who take this profession seriously and understand that they can actually make a homeowner’s problems go away and ensure it’s a safe place for their children.

When I started this company, I wanted to be the best at what we do. I wasn’t going to settle for an online open book certificate that many in this area use. I wanted to have peace of mind knowing that Mold Drs. USA was providing the best services. Just as many parents, I, too, have children and want to know they have the best quality of life.

EK: How can our readers learn more about Mold Drs. USA?

Ashley: They can visit our website, www.molddrsusa.com, or visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/molddrsusa. For a free consultation, they can call 865-945-3000. Our answering service is available 24/7, and if someone has an emergency, we have a 90 minute response time. They can also visit www.acac.org and search for companies that hold the certification. For example, if you search the zip code 37922, you will see Ethos Restoration listed for the Knoxville area.

EK: Anything else you would like to add?

Jeremy: Thank you to Knoxville and the surrounding areas for trusting Mold Drs. USA for nine years. As a locally owned and operated business, we truly appreciate every referral that satisfied customers send our way. We know how important it is to support other locally owned businesses and cannot say thank you enough to our community. If you’re considering hiring another mold remediation or restoration company, it would be worth your time to let us come out and give you a free consultation. With our training, certification, and warranty, we can assure our customers that we’re the best in the business.

Mold Drs. USA

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