Pure Luxe

Rediscover the Art of Relaxation, Rejuvenation & Anti-Aging

Good friends and area entrepreneurs, Blake Henry and Tim Varney, recently teamed up to offer East Tennesseans an unprecedented array of innovative medical spa, spa, and salon services designed to exceed expectations.

Influenced in their daily business practices by their strong commitment to their families, Blake and Tim have made it a priority to instill these same values in their team members at Pure Luxe Salon, Spa & Medspa in nearby Hardin Valley and Spa Visage in the Downtown West area of Bearden, which they acquired in 2018. Additionally, they opened a second Pure Luxe Medspa location adjacent to Spa Visage in June.

Blake and Tim invite you to discover the difference their families can make in your daily lives by rediscovering the art of relaxation, rejuvenation, and anti-aging.

In this issue of Everything Knoxville, we are excited to share with our readers this recent interview with Blake and Tim.

EK: Share with our readers the vision behind both Pure Luxe and Spa Visage.

Tim: When Blake and I acquired Pure Luxe in June 2018, we did so with the goal of providing a comprehensive set of the most advanced, non-invasive aesthetic services to the Knoxville area. With the acquisition of Spa Visage in October 2018, we envisioned taking this highly-rated, award-winning spa to the next level by combining it with the large selection of medspa services available from Pure Luxe. We acquired the adjoining space next door to Spa Visage and opened the new Pure Luxe Medspa on June 25, 2019.

EK: Why was it important to you both to instill your strong sense of family values into your daily business lives and those of your team members?

Blake: Both Tim and I traveled extensively in the corporate world prior to acquiring both Pure Luxe and Spa Visage. The primary driver for us to depart from that career path was to be closer to our families. Both of our wives have taken active roles in our businesses, and Tim and I consider it a blessing to be around them every day. Our faith is at the forefront of everything we do, and our hope is that those around us see a biblical representation of marriage and family values.

EK: You have earned a reputation for your innovative approach to business. Tell our readers how they can benefit from the membership programs you offer.

Tim: Our membership programs offer clients the ability to take advantage of monthly complimentary spa services, discounts, and special perks. We offer three membership programs: Silver, Platinum, and Diamond. The Silver and Platinum memberships primarily focus on spa services. The Diamond membership focuses on medspa services with complimentary monthly spa services included. As an example, our first-of-its-kind Diamond membership allows clients year-round unlimited access to $8 Botox/Dysport, as well as $800 vouchers for dermal fillers and $400 vouchers for lasers. The vouchers alone offset the entire cost of moving from the Platinum to Diamond membership.

EK: How important is it to your clients that Pure Luxe and Spa Visage offer a full-range of medspa, spa, and salon services?

Blake: Tim and I believe that people want to develop strong relationships and trust with a facility that can take care of all of their needs in a singular location. The issue was that prior to Pure Luxe, there was not a facility in Knoxville that serviced all areas of self-care spa, medspa, and salon. With Pure Luxe Salon, Spa & Medspa in Hardin Valley, and the addition of Spa Visage and the adjoining Pure Luxe Medspa in Bearden, we are now able to serve all of Knoxville with a comprehensive, one-stop shop no matter where you live.

EK: Many of our readers already know that you offer CoolSculpting, but what other services do you offer that they may be unaware of?

Tim: We offer a full suite of services that include aesthetic, nail, salon, spa, and medspa services. In addition to CoolSculpting, our portfolio of medspa services include Botox/Dysport dermal fillers, laser skin rejuvenation, microneedling, platelet rich plasma, laser vein therapy, laser hair reduction, tattoo removal, and treatments for hyperhidrosis, women’s health, weight loss, hair loss, and wellness injections.

EK: What went into your decision to launch a second Pure Luxe Medspa location?

Blake: Our medspas offer the most wide reaching and advanced non-invasive procedures in the Knoxville area. The addition of our newly opened Bearden facility, adjoining Spa Visage, allows us to better serve Knoxville and the long-standing client base of Spa Visage. We are excited to be able to serve all of Knoxville in a way that a singular facility simply cannot.

EK: I guess it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that the combined Pure Luxe and Spa Visage locations make you the largest medspa, spa, and salon in the entire Knoxville area, offering your clients the most comprehensive selection of services available anywhere.

Tim: Pure Luxe and Spa Visage have serviced the Knoxville area for a collective 30+ years. With nearly 17,000 combined square feet and 70+ employees, Blake and I feel that Pure Luxe and Spa Visage offer the most comprehensive set of services in this market. However, we are still continuing to incorporate the newest proven technologies, procedures, and services to ensure that we bring our clients the best available in the non-invasive aesthetic market.

EK: How can our readers learn more about Pure Luxe and Spa Visage? Do you offer facility tours?

Blake: Both of our facilities have a strong social media presence. By following us on Instagram (@pureluxespa and @spavisageknoxville) or liking us on Facebook (facebook.com/pureluxespa and facebook.com/spavisageknoxville), you can stay up to date with current offers and events. We also pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of product and procedure innovation. Both Instagram and Facebook are the best outlets for new product announcements and procedure education. Our websites (www.pureluxespa.com and www.spavisage.com) detail our services and offer extensive facility/staff pictures. Facility tours are encouraged for both prospective and first-time clients.

EK: In closing, is there anything else you would like to add?

Tim: We would like to take this moment to thank our clients and express our appreciation for their patronage and support throughout the past years. We are honored to have the opportunity to serve you.

Blake: I echo Tim’s comment. We consider it an honor to lead both of these businesses into the future and pledge to do so with integrity and a client focused mentality. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our facilities soon!

Pure Luxe Salon, Spa & Medspa
10780 Hardin Valley Road
Knoxville, TN 37932

Spa Visage & Pure Luxe Medspa
1645 Downtown West Blvd., Suite 21
Knoxville, TN 37919
865.694.9007 (Spa Visage)
865.474.7873 (Pure Luxe Medspa)

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Brothers Bedding

Brothers Bedding Introduces Two New Bedding Collections

This August Brothers Bedding, Knoxville area’s number one mattress store and mattress manufacturer since 1938, is proud to announce the introduction of two new bedding collections: The Hamptons and The Doctors Choice.

The Hamptons Collection is Brothers Beddings’ most luxurious mattress line by far, manufactured from the finest components available, offering exceptional performance and comfort. This new collection is one of life’s genuine pleasures. It is the ultimate expression of caring for both our bodies and minds while we sleep. It features an individual coil unit to eliminate partner disturbance and to reduce all pressure point areas. This unit also features zoned coils for added support and a Quantum edge, which means the entire perimeter has coils instead of encased foam. This collection is offered in a luxury plush, luxury medium, and luxury firm. All models are two-sided flippable mattresses and offer a 20-year non-prorated warranty. With a total coil count of 3,840, this collection offers you a durable, long-lasting sleeping surface proven to resist sagging and settlement.

The Doctors Choice Collection offers unparalleled orthopedic back support and exceptional comfort. It features an 805 coil count system with head-to-toe helical wires. The helical wires allow the unit to offer support using the entire spring system as opposed to individual support springs. Every mattress in The Doctors Choice Collection was designed and recommended by chiropractic physicians in the Knoxville area. They are available in healthy plush, healthy medium, and healthy firm. All models are two-sided flippable mattresses and offer a 15-year non-prorated warranty. If you have back issues or pain, chances are one of these models from The Doctors Choice Collection will help you discover that perfect night’s sleep that you have been searching for.

Whether from The Hamptons or The Doctors Choice Collections, or one of our many other mattress collections – including our famous Latex and Memory Foam mattresses, Tempur-Pedic, and our new arrival Posh and Lavish collection, where natural meets luxury featuring all-natural latex, wool, and Belgium Tencel cotton, giving you the ultimate sleeping experience – Brothers Bedding is sure to have the perfect mattress to meet your individual needs and budget. Visit one of their four conveniently located showrooms to try their new collections and even schedule a tour of their factory to see your new mattress being made right in front of your eyes. This will get the opportunity to test out your new mattress and make necessary changes if needed before they sew it up and have it delivered to your home next day fresh out of the oven!

Brothers Bedding

220 N. Peters Road
Knoxville, TN 37923

5610 N. Broadway Street
Knoxville, TN 37918

906 Callahan Drive, Suite 110
Knoxville, TN 37912

823 Foothills Mall Drive
Maryville, TN 37801


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Emmy’s Frozen Yogurt

Who They Serve Will Truly Amaze You

What would possess a mother of three post-adolescent children, busy housewife, and former educator and athlete to launch a new business? Inspiration from others and a lot of it! Inspiration from her son with autism, inspiration from her two other children and her amazing husband, inspiration from another business who hired her son and others with differing needs, inspiration from other parents, teachers, and community.

Jodie discovered this inspiration through some life challenges that might have overwhelmed others, but she has chosen to look at those challenges as good things in her life – things that have allowed her to grow.

It was Michael Jr. (Emmy), Jodie’s second child, who opened her eyes to an entirely new world. Jodie wanted to create a place of acceptance, understanding, and a place for people with differing abilities to learn work, social, and life skills. She launched Emmy’s Frozen Yogurt in Knoxville. Emmy’s hopes to help those with differing abilities develop the skills needed for other work opportunities and grow in confidence. We also hope to help the community understand people’s differences and embrace everyone.

However, the quality of yogurt is also important and a passion. Most yogurt lovers might be surprised to learn that not all yogurt is created equal. At Emmy’s Frozen Yogurt, expect to find healthy yogurts made from all-natural ingredients, gluten-free, with no artificial flavors, vegan options, and stevia and fruit sugar sweetened.

Emmy’s is located at 124 N. Forest Park Boulevard in Bearden near Earth Fare. You are invited to discover some amazingly tasty and healthy yogurt. Even more amazingly, you are invited to support and encourage neighbors who truly appreciate the opportunity to serve all of you.

Emmy’s Frozen Yogurt
124 N. Forest Park Blvd
Knoxville, TN 37919

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Heritage Family Dentistry

“They Changed My Life”

“I’ve had bad teeth all my life, starting in elementary school,” said Earl Coley, retired Air Force veteran and U.S. Postal employee. “I was on the field watching a Boston Red Sox spring training when I absentmindedly walked behind home plate and was hit in the mouth by a bat. I can’t recommend that for anyone. Anyway, I had many problems during my teen years. I never smiled much and perfected the ‘hands over the mouth laugh.’ I visited many dentists throughout the years but never had much success. I was told I had ‘soft’ teeth – if that is a real thing. Despite having a lot of dental work done while I was in the Air Force, I still put my hands over my mouth when smiling and laughing.

“I was referred to Heritage Family Dentistry and Dr. Bradshaw by my son, who swore they were the best and very friendly. I was wearing a broken partial and had several gaps due to another broken partial, which was unwearable. I had two chipped teeth and other problems as well.

“Dr. Bradshaw and his team examined me and explained that I needed a full mouth rehab with crowns and bridges. I agreed. I was nervous at first from my previous experiences, but Dr. Bradshaw and his team made me comfortable. I never felt any pain, and they made me feel like part of their family and not a patient. I actually looked forward to my visits. They were very professional in every sense of the word. They are the nicest and friendliest people you will ever meet. Each and every person there demonstrates genuine care and concern for you as a patient and friend.

“Today I have the most beautiful smile you will ever see. Family and friends comment on how I’m always smiling nowadays. Eating is a joy now and not painful as before. I recommend Heritage Family Dentistry to everyone – young, old, or very old like me – who needs dental work. Dr. Bradshaw and his wonderful team really changed my life for the better.”

Heritage Family Dentistry
11121 Kingston Pike, Suite C
Farragut, TN 37934

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CH Interiors & Gifts

Hot Summer Arrivals & Events at CH Interiors & Gifts!

Happy July from CH! Thank you to all who braved the storms for our Dog Days of Summer Deals event. This month we plan to entertain and delight you with a Summer Sip & Sample, where we will serve gourmet food samples and offer shopping deals on Thursday, July 18, from 5 to 7 pm. Stop in, beat the heat, and cool down with our summer snacks – bring a friend for a simple and fun ladies’ night out!

Summer heat have you feeling stressed? If so, say hello to pinch me therapy dough: A holistic, drug-free, portable stress-reduction tool. This pliable putty was expertly developed to be the ideal texture for perfect pinchability. When you feel a hint of stress, pull out your container. Gently knead away nuisances, or use it while you’re relaxing to decompress and get back to center.

Each container is infused with placating, spa-quality oils and soft, subtle hues to act as subliminary calming agents. The elements come together to pack a powerful punch against common, everyday stressors. When you’re done, just drop it back in the container, twist the lid on securely, and tuck it away… until next time.

Everything Knoxville July Reader Exclusive: Mention you saw our article in this month’s edition and receive an extra 15% off all Beekman 1802 Luxury Goat Milk and Michel Design Works purchase!

CH Interiors & Gifts
12556 Kingston Pike in Knoxville

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Marsh Wealth Management

Who Does Your Advisor Work For?
By Yvonne Marsh, CFP®, CPA

Trust is a big deal in my business. As I sit with a retired couple watching them sign the paperwork allowing us to manage their investment portfolio, I am reminded of the weighty responsibility our firm has. They are entrusting us to be good stewards of their life savings and to give them our expertise and guidance to help them navigate the unknowns of their financial future. Weighty indeed.

In the preliminary meetings with the couple, they asked one of the most important questions anyone can ask: Are you with a registered investment advisor or a broker dealer? Ah! I could tell they had been doing their homework. The answer to this question is fundamental to understanding how you are offered advice and how your advisor is compensated.

In the broker dealer world, the advisor works for the “house,” operating with the tools pre-designed to give the house an advantage. Don’t get me wrong – they may truly care for their clients’ well-being and be of high moral character, it’s just that they are constrained by a set of products pre-approved by their employer, and the system is designed to reward selling rather than providing conflict-free advice. Legally, all they have to do is provide a product that is “suitable” to you.

In the registered investment advisor world, there is no “house.” RIAs can access virtually all products and use an independent custodian to hold client assets. They are required by law to put their clients’ interests ahead of their own. This is known as the “fiduciary” standard of duty. RIAs are paid a flat percentage of assets rather than commissions, effectively putting them on the same side of the table as their clients. As client account balances grow or decline, the RIA’s income follows suit. There are no commissions for buying and selling.

And just to keep life interesting, your advisor can have a foot in both worlds and be dually registered, effectively switching hats, on an account by account basis. Crazy, right? Here are a few questions to ask your advisor:

1. “Are you affiliated with a broker dealer?” If you see “SIPC” in the small print on their business card, they are.
2. “Does your employer receive money from the funds I am invested in?” i.e. in 2018, Edward Jones received $78.9 million from American Funds, and they acknowledge it creates a conflict of interest. Here’s the link: www.edwardjones.com/images/revenue-sharing-disclosure.pdf.
3. “Do you receive compensation from trading stocks or bonds? Or from purchasing the mutual funds I am invested in?”

When I first got my investment licenses, I spent a painful short year in the broker dealer world. A friend recommended I work with him in that space, and I naively didn’t know any better. I got a quick lesson and left for the RIA world. I’ve never looked back.

Marsh Wealth Management, LLC
504 Ebenezer Road
Knoxville, TN 37923

Financial Planning & Investment Advisory Services are offered through Marsh Wealth Management, LLC (“MWM”), an independent investment advisor registered with the state of Tennessee. Yvonne Marsh is an Investment Advisor Representative of MWM in the state of Tennessee. Marsh Professional Group, LLC, is a TN registered public accounting firm and a separate legal entity from MWM. For a detailed discussion of MWM and their investment advisory fees, see the firm’s Form ADV on file with the SEC at www.adviserinfo.sec.gov.

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Believe RX

Say Goodbye to Your Generic Pharmacy

Now available to serve its Knoxville area neighbors, believeRX will officially open its doors in June/early July. Promising to provide an exciting, new, and fresh approach to the retail pharmacy marketplace, believeRX offers its customers the type of retail experience you may remember from childhood but that you might have thought no longer existed – an experience where you are greeted warmly and listened to carefully, rather than the assembly line, take a number scenario so common today.

If you thought that a compassionate and caring pharmacy was a thing of the past, it’s only because you haven’t visited believeRX. Here are just a few ways that believeRX will make a difference in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

After-Hours Prescription Delivery
“believeRX has made a full-time commitment to our customers,” said Gabriella Bowers, believeRX co-owner. “We decided to put our customers first, even after we have closed for the day. Our pharmacist will be on call from after closing time to 10 pm every evening.”

Established patients at believeRX and their families will receive the best care possible, whether it’s during their normal business hours or an unforeseen late night trip to the emergency room.

“Once the patient receives their prescription, they will take it to our pharmacy, located at 9627 Countryside Center Lane in Knoxville, and place it in our convenient drop box,” said Gabriella. “Call the phone number displayed on the drop box, and then go to the comfort of your home while we take care of the rest. As soon as your prescription is ready, it will personally be delivered to your front door free of charge. This is a huge commitment to our customers but one that we believe our customers deserve. Our commitment to you is to offer you the best care available anywhere and to fully answer all of your questions so that you and your loved ones will be fully knowledgeable about the medications you are taking.”

believeRX also offers prescription delivery service to your home for any specialty medications that you or a family member may require. Many of these medications must be stored and maintained properly at proper temperatures to protect their effectiveness.

“We don’t feel that your mailman should be the individual delivering your life saving medications,” said Gabriella. “That responsibility is best left to our pharmacist, who has properly stored your medication, who will bring it to your home, answer any questions that you might have, and who will make sure you are taking the medication correctly. When you are dealing with a life-saving medication, it’s very important to get it right the first time.”

High-Quality Vitamins and Supplements
“Vitamins and supplements vary widely in their quality and effectiveness,” said Ellen Phillips, believeRX pharmacist and founder. “That’s why we’ve chosen some of the best companies to partner with for our vitamins and supplements. Life Extension has been at the forefront of groundbreaking medical research for more than 35 years. Many of the strategies and supplement discoveries they recommend are so advanced that they’re 10 to 20 years ahead of the medical mainstream. Their revolutionary formulas, amazing breakthroughs, and commitment to health advances have made history.

“Life Extension offers a large selection of high-quality vitamins and supplements for your everyday needs. Their products are created to promote a longer, healthier life and are not only for humans, but are also for pets. Their belief in a scientific approach to better nutrition has always been the cornerstone of Life Extension. They offer a large selection of products to promote healthy living, including skin care, vitamins and minerals, supplements, herbs and botanicals, hormone replacement, weight loss supplements, and lab tests. We share their main focus as we both partner together to help promote greater longevity and help you become the best version of yourself while you’re alive.”

believeRX has also partnered with Isotonix. Isotonix offers powder supplements that become isotonic once the proper amount of powder and water are mixed together. Once the supplement is made in to the isotonic form, the osmotic pressure matches the osmotic pressure of body fluids, which allows the supplement to bypass the digestion process and reach the site of action faster in its most active form. This is what makes Isotonix formulas more effective than standard supplement formulas, because they offer the fastest and most effective way to get the maximum delivery of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients into your bloodstream. The stomach has very little work to do because the pH and toxicity are designed to allow the stomach to quickly release all the nutrients into the small intestine. Isotonix formulas require about five minutes for this process to occur.

Isotonix products are completely free of binders and fillers, which are common in traditional tablets or capsules. Isotonix uses only the highest quality ingredients in their products, from gluten-free, vegetarian, and no detectable GMOs to isotonic-capable drinkable supplements. Isotonic offers great tasting vitamins and supplements, including Vitamin D with K2, Activated B Complex, Turn Down Isotonix Essentials, Calcium Plus, Vitamin C, Multivitamin without/with Iron, Magnesium, OPC-3 Beauty Blend OPC-3, Energy Shots, Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics, Prenatal Multivitamin, Anti-Aging, and so much more.

In addition, believeRX will sell brainMD products, formulated by Daniel G. Amen, MD, who teaches the Brain Health Coach courses. In his studies, Dr. Amen teaches to first fix the brain in order to be successful in everything else, such as weight loss and memory. His products focus on six key areas: Mood, memory, focus, stress, sleep, and everyday.

BrainMD uses three main fundamental key components in all of their products. The first key component is science. Every one of their products has been developed by an MD and PhD based on scientific research. The second key component is ingredients. They source on the purist ingredients in the most bioactive forms available. The third and last key component is testing. Their products are tested for highest potency and purity standards.

BrainMD offers many unique products that are available in capsules, tablets, soft gels, powder, and daily vitamin packets. Your brain is fundamentally who you are, so taking quality supplements can change your life.

“We strongly believe that with our pro-active over-the-counter section, our customers will not only be getting the very best and most thoroughly researched vitamins and supplements available, but also the vitamins and supplements most immediately absorbed by their body,” said Ellen. “This is important because many people are unaware of just how many nutrients their body is lacking, not just from the food they eat, but also from relying on using low cost, poor quality vitamins and supplements or from buying the wrong vitamins and supplements. As is often the case, by the time your body has broken down the vitamins or supplements, you may only be absorbing about 40% of what you have actually taken. People are not only doing their body a disservice, but also wasting a lot of money at the same time. Commit to nourish your body with the correct vitamins and to acquire the necessary knowledge to know what you are taking and for what purpose. This is where our expertise and commitment to your overall health can benefit our customers.”

Your Personal Training Knowledge Team
“At believeRX, we are committed to our customers by offering them a diverse and well-rounded level of expertise not commonly found in most retail pharmacy settings,” said Gabriella. “believeRX founder, Ellen Phillips, has not only been a PharmD since 1998, but has had experience in both retail and hospital settings. She has been in management for most of her career and won The Pharmacist’s Excellence Award in 2016. She has also become a Person Health Coach and Brain Health Coach so she could help her patients fuel their best self.”

Gabriella Bowers, believeRX co-owner, has been a Board Certified Pharmacy Assistant for more than 12 years and is also a Personal Health Coach and Professional Group Fitness Instructor. She strongly believes being a Health Coach and Group Fitness Instructor go hand in hand. Being a Health Coach gives her the opportunity to empower people to make life-altering behavioral changes that will improve their health and well-being. This allows Gabriella to partner with her clients to build a relationship based on confidence and trust and to help them achieve their personal health and wellness goals. Today physical inactivity is a major risk factor of chronic diseases and contributor to premature mortality. At believeRX, they help their customers to take on this challenge as they take on the roles of resource provider, motivator, and partner in the effort to get more people physically active.

More than today’s typical, generic pharmacy, believeRX offers you the opportunity to truly engage their extensive expertise and resources to discover not only your personal path to a healthier lifestyle and greater longevity, but also to discover your life’s full potential.

9627 Countryside Center Lane
Knoxville, TN 37931

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Fields Center for Women

Fields Center for Women’s Health & Robotic Surgery
Combining the Latest Medical Innovations with Compassionate Care

A longtime advocate for advanced medical care access for women in medicine and surgery, Dr. Michael Fields has also championed health and wellness with a specific comprehensive approach to each individual woman. Known nationally for his contribution to quality patient care in the operating room setting, that same passion exists in his medical practice. He is complemented by a phenomenal team of compassionate, skilled health professionals. Fields Center for Women’s Health & Robotic Surgery launched in 2010 and has become known not only for bringing innovative technology into the office setting, but also for their unique, authentic attention to each individual patient.

Led by Anya Zerilla, WHNP, and the exciting addition of Catherine Kingery, WHNP, they offer you a snapshot of this long-standing, unique practice. From body contouring and vaginal rejuvenation to hormone replacement therapy and weight loss, the office is the true definition of comprehensive, holistic care.

Michael Fields, MD, FACOG
Dr. Fields performed the first gynecologic robotic minimally invasive procedure in the region in 2006 and has since become a pioneer in the field. He has contributed to the development of multiple robotic procedures, including endometriosis resection, nerve sparing hysterectomy, removal of fibroids and prolapse surgeries, and teaches these procedures across the nation. He established protocols that are used internationally for a safer and more efficient operating room with a focus not only on patient outcome, but patient experience as well. With a nurse for a mother and a Baptist minister for a father, he stands out in the surgery world with his bedside manner and time spent with each individual patient.

“Our commitment to technical expertise and personal attention to each patient is of utmost importance, whether in surgery or in the office,” said Dr. Fields.

Outside of the operating room, Dr Fields is a proud father of two children and tries his best not to miss a sporting event or extracurricular activity. He also enjoys backpacking and fly fishing. He describes himself as an amateur musician and plays several instruments.

Anya Zerilla, WHNP
Anya Zerilla is a Board Certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner providing gynecological and obstetric care. She also serves as the Director for our Center of Wellness. Anya’s commitment to a comprehensive and holistic approach to patient issues led her to develop expertise in several areas, with a healthy and diverse practice.

“I have a firm belief in creating a safe environment for my patients to address their physical and emotional concerns, recognizing that true care for each patient is not just medications and treatments, but also providing a listening ear,” said Anya.

Spending the last 14 years in women’s care, Anya provides a wide range of services to women of all ages, including adolescents. In addition to offering routine annuals and contraceptive counseling, she is one of the most experienced providers of hormone replacement therapy in the region, including pellet therapy. She also provides management of thyroid conditions and weight loss options and is skilled at combining these disciplines in developing a successful management plan for each individual patient. In addition to her success in the medical practice, she is also a successful mom of two teenage daughters, three rescue pups, and loves cheering on her Volunteers.

Catherine Kingery, WHNP
Catherine Kingery is a Board Certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner practicing for more than 12 years. She began her career as a Labor & Delivery Registered Nurse in 2002, giving her a diverse perspective and knowledge base for women’s health. Catherine believes the greatest investment in life is one’s health, and she dedicates countless hours to help her patients achieve that.

“Preventive health should be a focus,” said Catherine. “During each visit, I believe there is an opportunity to learn the importance of practicing good health and maintaining your body throughout one’s entire lifetime.”

Catherine creates a respectful environment for patients to address concerns, and she believes a collaborative approach that involves the patient is the best way to achieve health goals. Outside of the office, Catherine loves spending time with her husband and two sons, especially watching them play baseball. They also love to travel and, of course, cheer on the Vols.

Advanced Procedures Offered in Office
Votiva by Inmode is a vaginal rejuvenation treatment designed to tighten pelvic muscles and treat the effects of vaginal laxity such as incontinence and loss of sensitivity. It is also an effective treatment for vaginal dryness.

Contoura by Inmode is the fastest rising aesthetic procedure around the world. Safe and effective, this non-surgical treatment uses top-of-the-line technology to permanently eliminate up to 30% of targeted fat cells. By using heat instead of cooling, there is greater reduction in problematic fatty tissue compared to other procedures. Contoura combines a superficial action on the skin, which improves skin texture and treats cellulite.

EndoSee is an in-office fiberoptic scope that allows visualization of the inside of the uterus without the need for anesthesia. This simplifies biopsies and treatment for small polyps, avoiding unnecessary surgery.

Discover how the Fields Center for Women’s Health & Robotic Surgery can help you feel and look your best with the most advanced medical technologies available and a level of compassionate care that you may have thought no longer existed in today’s medical marketplace. To learn more, call 865-288-7300 or visit them online at www.fieldsgynroboticsurgery.com. Discover an entirely new level of wellness and compassionate care.

Fields Center for Women’s Health & Robotic Surgery
10810 Parkside Drive
Knoxville, TN 37934

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“We Believe in You”

“We Believe in You”

While pharmacological activity can be traced back to as early as the 16th Century BC, today’s retail pharmacies play an even more critical role in the healthcare of our nation’s estimated 330 million citizens. Americans are served by approximately 67,000 pharmacies in the United States, which are located in a variety of retail settings, including standalone pharmacies, grocery, and department stores. With the continued consolidation of services in today’s healthcare industry, it’s not surprising that more than 40% of all pharmacies are owned by only 25 pharmacy chains.

Pharmacies nowadays are very much different than the pharmacies many of us remember as children, where most pharmacies were privately owned by a druggist behind the counter. The druggist and the store’s staff had a personal relationship with all their customers. They were neighbors. They attended the same churches and participated in the same civic activities. Just as importantly, they had a professional relationship with their local family physician. Today most of us select our pharmacy primarily on the basis of convenience. That’s not to say we wouldn’t choose a different pharmacy if they provided a higher level of service – it’s just that most pharmacies today have become “generic.” If the name of the pharmacy wasn’t displayed prominently throughout the store, you likely couldn’t tell one pharmacy from the other.

This was the experience of local pharmacist and entrepreneur, Ellen Phillips, who recently decided to really shake things up in the retail pharmaceutical marketplace right here in Knoxville. Armed with 20 years of firsthand experience as a pharmacist, Ellen and her compassionate and caring team of highly trained associates are preparing to launch believeRX, which is designed to dramatically change the way you view your neighborhood pharmacy. Holistic and interactive, believeRX is committed to helping each of you to “Live Your Best Life.”

In this issue of Everything Knoxville, we’re excited to bring you this interview with Ellen, believeRX co-owner and founder, as well as Gabriella Bowers, believeRX co-owner. We’re confident you’ll be as enthusiastic about believeRX and its potential health benefits for you and your family as we are.

EK: Provide our readers with a brief bio of yourself, including your education and professional experience.

Ellen: I’m from Church Hill, Tennessee. I graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy in 1998 with a Pharm D degree. I have both retail and hospital pharmacy experience, with some clinical pharmacy experience, and have been a pharmacy manager for a large corporate retail chain. I’ve been a Pharmacy Preceptor for several Pharmacy Schools, and in 2016, I was awarded the Pharmacist Excellence Award from my employer. I’m also a Certified Health Coach.

EK: Describe some of your past “what if” moments as a pharmacist employed by a pharmaceutical chain where you identified lost opportunities to better serve your customers.

Ellen: There were “what if” moments and missed opportunities with patients I had when working for a large retail chain, where you are required to do things their way. You follow an established routine that doesn’t encourage creativity or thinking outside the box. While I’m thankful for these real life experiences, I’m also grateful for the many opportunities I had to imagine how the services we provided could be improved upon to better serve the needs of our customers.

One terminally ill patient was having difficulty getting his required medications from his doctor’s office. I told him that his time was the most important thing to me. I helped him get the needed medications. Once placed in a hospice, he could no longer come to the pharmacy anymore, but his mother came to get his medication. After he passed, she came to me and said, “You know why we came here, don’t you? We live in Crossville, and my son refused to allow the hospice to send his prescription anywhere else.”

That was a defining moment for me in my career and the foundation upon which we want to build believeRX upon. I’m grateful for the team I have now that came from them for the most part, as well as the patients I’ve met throughout the years. I have patients who have been with me since the beginning of my career, and they place their trust in me to this day!

EK: You’ve expressed your enthusiasm for the team of professionals you have assembled to launch believeRX. Let’s introduce them to our readers.

Ellen: My experience in retail pharmacy introduced me to many of the area’s best pharmaceutical professionals from which we have assembled our amazing team. Our team includes:

Gabriella Bowers – Gabby is a Knoxville native and Farragut High School graduate. She is also co-owner of believeRX. She received an associate degree in arts and science and is a Certified Pharmacy Technician with more than 12 years of pharmaceutical experience. Gabby is also a Personal Health Coach and teaches group fitness classes at several area gyms. Her certifications include Yoga, Primary Aerobic Instructor, Barre, and Les Mills Body Pump. She believes in keeping a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Gabby is married with four children.

Shadrielle Robbins – Shadrielle attended Northwestern State University in Louisiana and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree with a Biomedical Concentration. We began working together 2015, and I was immediately impressed with her ability to handle difficult situations and maintain composure. Shadrielle has a strong work ethic and is currently attending South College of Pharmacy, where she will graduate in May 2021 with a Pharm D degree. We are proud of the fact that Shadrielle is believeRX’s first pharmacy intern.

Carla White – Carla, a Certified Pharmacy Technician, began working with me in 1998. She is also a Certified Nursing Assistant and Certified Dialysis Technician. Carla is definitely a people person. I remain amazed at how many patients ask for her personally. She is also becoming a Certified Health Coach. Carla is the mother of twin girls and a boy.

Megan Dukes Tingen – Megan is a 2012 graduate of the University of Tennessee and has work experience in event coordination and human resources. A few years ago she decided to join the medical field and pursue a career in nursing. She will graduate from South College with her BSN this fall. When she learned that I was going to open my own pharmacy, Megan knew that she wanted to be a part of my team, because we both value preventative healthcare. She is excited to contribute her nursing knowledge to the pharmacy and our patients.

EK: Many on your team are moms. That has to make you more sensitive to the families you serve.

Gabby: Both Ellen and I are moms and are very sensitive to the unique needs of other families. There have been many times in the past where moms just like you have needed something from the pharmacy, especially for little ones, but a trip to the pharmacy was made even more difficult because of a sick child. That’s why believeRX will offer after-hours delivery services. Moms understand moms!

EK: Our readers will be excited to learn about where your first pharmacy will be located and your planned opening date.

Gabby: believeRX will be located at 9627 Countryside Center Lane in Knoxville. Our building is directly across from Food City on Middlebrook. We are scheduled to open in the second half of June 2019, with our grand opening later in the summer.

EK: What differences from the typical generic pharmacy will customers experience at believeRX? Can you provide some examples?

Ellen: believeRX is committed to providing a service level that exceeds your expectations. Clear communication skills, being attentive to customers, and possessing a thorough knowledge of all of our products are just a few of the ways we’ll provide the highest level customer service. But we won’t rely solely on our 33 years of combined pharmacy experience. We’re committed to learning and growing as our industry and the needs of our customers continue to evolve.

Our services include:

» A full-service pharmacy that accepts all prescription insurance plans: If you discover that your medications are too expensive, we’ll work with you to find a lower cost alternative that puts your health first.

» After-hours delivery service: If it’s after hours and you need an urgent medication, we have you covered with our after-hours delivery service. Established patients can use our after-hours drop box for their prescription. Call the after-hours phone number and go home to rest. We’ll take care of the rest, and once your prescription is ready, we’ll personally deliver it directly to your home.

» Specialty medications that are high-cost oral or injectable medications used to treat complex chronic conditions: Personalized pharmacist-patient relationship, handling, and distribution are necessary to ensure appropriate administration. Home delivery is also available.

» Vaccinations (including travel vaccines): We will also notify you when you are due for vaccinations in order to avoid immunization gaps. A series of medical screening tests will also be provided.

» A large selection of Pro-Active Supplements: Not all vitamins are created equal, so innovation and experience matters. We will offer only the latest supplements with multiple health benefits, taking advantage of the newest technologies to deliver cutting-edge formulas.

» Certified Nurse Practitioner: believeRX will also be staffed after hours by a Certified Nurse Practitioner.

EK: What are your hours of operation?

Gabby: We are open 8:30 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm Saturday, and 12 to 5 pm Sunday.

EK: How can you help our readers experience your motto, “Live Your Best Life,” firsthand?

Ellen: At believeRX, expect to discover a level of compassionate care focused on you and your family that you might have thought no longer existed in today’s assembly line response to healthcare. Our team will listen carefully to you and provide you with a level of care designed to meet your unique needs. Not just another generic pharmacy, believeRX is a pharmacy with a heart for your family. Our name says it all. “We Believe in You” and your goal for better health and longevity.

EK: How can our readers learn more about believeRX?

Gabby: Visit our website at www.mybelieveRX.com or visit us during our normally scheduled business hours.


9627 Countryside Center Lane
Knoxville, TN 37931


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