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Premier Consignment

The Smartest and Easiest Way to Buy and Sell

By Aaron Hunt, Co-owner of Premiere Consignment

Who wants to pay the full retail price when shopping, especially for furniture? Most items sold at retail stores today inherently include enormous markups, and furniture and room décor are no exceptions.  That’s why we launched Premiere Consignment. Premiere Consignment offers both buyers and sellers the perfect venue for conveniently buying and selling quality, name brand, gently used furniture, décor, Oriental and area rugs, and art at prices far below their original retail selling prices.

The sellers win because they can conveniently sell no longer used quality items resulting from a relocation, downsizing, or estate sale. Safety is another important consideration, because sellers don’t have to invite strangers into their home or sit and wait for buyers who never show up or who want to negotiate an already agreed upon price for an item. Buyers also have full access to our full-service eBay store as well.

Buyers especially appreciate our large selection, as well as our convenient showroom location and business hours. And because we accept most forms of payment, there is no need for sellers to be concerned about bad checks or handling large amounts of cash.

Homeowners, here’s a great suggestion for the upcoming holidays. Think back to how conveniently guests were able to enjoy your home last holiday season. Did a particular room appear cluttered, or was the traffic pattern or flow obstructed? Was there sufficient seating for all of your guests? Was your dining room table too large or too small? Would a buffet or sideboard have been helpful when serving meals? Reflecting on last year’s holiday events provides you with the perfect opportunity on just how to improve your home for the upcoming holiday season, allowing you to comfortably and efficiently entertain friends, family, and neighbors this Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

Here’s how Premiere Consignment can help. From décor to furniture, we can help you enhance every room in your home or help you find a new home for those quality items that you may no longer need. Why not let Premiere Consignment take the inconvenience out of buying and selling quality, name brand furniture, décor, Oriental rugs, and art while saving you up to 90% off full retail pricing? Premiere Consignment is simply your smartest and easiest way to buy and sell!

Premiere Consignment

320 Lakeside Plaza

Loudon, TN 37774


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Ms. C’s Bed & Biscuits

Santa Chooses Safe Toys for Dogs

We’re often asked “What’s a good dog toy for Santa to bring Fido?” Wrong or poorly constructed toys are dangerous. Toys should be fun, safe, practical, and very durable. What is safe for one dog may not be safe for another. Every dog is different, and dog parents need to select wisely.

Kids’ toys are not dog toys! They may look similar, but your child won’t rip into the toy as the dog does. Dog toys must be made to withstand chewing, crushing, and tearing. The stuffing, exterior fabric, and possible batteries inside a child’s toy may pose a risk to your dog. Be cautious of bright colors (which may have toxic dyes) and hollow toys with non-edible fillings. Tug and twist the toy; if you can break it, your dog can break it.

Exercise caution with rawhide chews. Purchase “pressed” chews that soften and break into small pieces, which are easy and safe to swallow. Avoid large chews made from single sheets rolled and knotted at each end. Never leave your dog alone with a rawhide chew. Dental chews are a better option, as they dissolve and soften once in contact with saliva. Stick with name brand treats “made in the USA.”

Hard nylon or hard rubber toys may be the answer if no large chunks can be broken off, leaving sharp edges. Avoid soft rubber toys, as bits and pieces can come off and get ingested. Nylabone and Kong toys with hard ends and rope in the center are usually a good choice. Discard when the rope begins to unravel. Dispose of torn and broken toys!

Avoid toys with bells/whistles, which can be swallowed. Purchase the appropriate size toy for your dog’s mouth to avoid a choking hazard or intestinal tract blockage.

Dog toys do not have to meet the same stringent safety standards imposed on the manufacturers of children’s toys. Keep your dog safe this holiday season and all year-round!

Ms. C’s Bed & Biscuits

2145 Beals Chapel Road

Lenoir City, TN 37772


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Marsh Wealth Development

What Retirees Are Really Talking About Today

By Yvonne Marsh, CFP®, CPA

There’s so much talk in TV commercials about helping retirees “reach their goals,” followed by images of a couple holding hands on a beach, gazing contentedly at a beautiful ocean scene. I get it – most people do mention to me that they’d like to travel in retirement.  But do you know what retirees really want?  They almost always tell me they want to know they can keep living the lifestyle they are used to living, without the fear of running out of money.  As simple as that. But they are looking for the confidence to know it’s possible, no matter how many retirement years stretch ahead of them.

When you think about it, that’s a pretty tall order. According to the Society of Actuaries, for 65-year-old married couples, there is a 72% chance one of them will live to age 85 and a 45% chance one of them will live to age 90. Do you know someone who lived into their late 90s? I do.

In fact, in retirement planning, we think of longevity risk, or the unknown length of time you’ll live, as a “risk multiplier.”  The longer you live, the more chances you’ll experience major financial risks: Market corrections, costly declining health, rising taxes, and inflation. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the U.S. experienced 11 recessions during the 64-year period from 1945–2009. So your investment portfolio would need to weather four to six recessions in a similar 30-year retirement while still providing you a comfortable lifestyle and not going to zero.  Retirement is not for the faint of heart!

Longer life expectancies make these risks a “when,” not an “if.”  And these risks don’t happen in isolation.  It’s entirely possible for the stock market to have a losing streak at the same time your spouse gets very sick.

Working with a comprehensive financial planner becomes imperative as you plan for a consistent retirement.  Advisors focused on just investing are not going to be able to help you navigate the treacherous financial waters of retirement. We specialize in helping you steer your boat – through the calm currents and the frightening rapids – no matter what’s around the bend.

Marsh Wealth Management, LLC

Fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor

504 Ebenezer Road

Knoxville, TN 37923


Financial Planning & Investment Advisory Services are offered through Marsh Wealth Management, LLC (“MWM”), an independent investment advisor registered with the state of Tennessee. Yvonne Marsh is an Investment Advisor Representative of MWM in the state of Tennessee. Marsh Professional Group, LLC is a TN registered public accounting firm and a separate legal entity from MWM. For a detailed discussion of MWM and their investment advisory fees, see the firm’s Form ADV on file with the SEC at

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Premier Garage

Get Your Garage Ready for Winter

Winter is just weeks away, and colder weather can complicate things. From increased energy bills to icy driveways and slippery indoor surfaces from the rain and snow, wintertime demands some preparedness.

An organized garage can help you and your family live more comfortably and safely through the winter. Custom solutions from PremierGarage of Knoxville can make your garage more functional for winter, as well as the rest of the year. Garage storage cabinets, wall-hanging systems, and a durable PremierOne® floor can transform your garage into functional living space, protect your car, and enhance your home.

Garage Storage Cabinets Eliminate Clutter

Garages are famous for clutter, the catch-all for anything that doesn’t fit in the house. Stacks of stuff that take up valuable floor space means you’ll have to park your car outside and scrape ice or frost off your car. Custom garage storage cabinets capture vertical space, maximize storage, and provide safe, organized storage for all your needs.

» Enclosed cabinets with adjustable shelves let you configure your storage for exactly what you have, whether heirloom china or sports memorabilia.

» Optional locking doors and drawers keep toxic chemicals and dangerous tools secure from curious pets and children.

» Create a mudroom at the connecting door to the house so wet coats, jackets, and boots don’t make it inside.

Wall-Hanging and Overhead Systems Provide More Space

Along with garage cabinets, wall-hanging systems and overhead racks make the space more efficient by getting everything off the floor and freeing up space so you can actually park cars in the garage.  Overhead storage racks are the perfect solution for seldom-used and large items.  Camping gear, sports equipment, and holiday decorations are all common items homeowners store in overhead racks.

Slatwall panels create wall-hanging storage that can be customized with specialty hooks, baskets, and shelves to organize large and small items.

» Slatwall fits over a workbench to keep tools handy or around windows, a water heater, or into a tight corner to provide usable storage.

» Group related items, such as soccer gear or gardening tools, can be kept in one spot.

» Specialty hooks accommodate large items like bikes, golf bags, and wheelbarrows safely and conveniently.

Garage Flooring is Functional and Beautiful

PremierOne industry-tough garage floor coating makes your garage a more beautiful space and is extremely low maintenance.  PremierOne floor coating has a 10-year warranty and

» Comes in a variety of colors

» Stands up to the heat and friction of hot tires

» Is Stain and slip resistant

» Helps reduce allergens

PremierGarage of Knoxville is committed to helping people live better lives through better and safer organization in every area of your home.


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Shelf Genie

Kitchen Solutions

Since every home’s main activities center around the kitchen, it’s important to consider safety and convenience when redesigning or updating this space.  Glide-Out™ shelving improves organization and makes it easier to access items such as dishes, pots and pans, cleaning supplies, and small appliances such as blenders, slow cookers, and toasters.  They pull out the full depth of the cabinet, which improves lighting and makes it easier to see everything at a glance.  They also make it easier to retrieve and replace items without bending and reaching, which avoids strain on the back and knees.

Pantry Solutions

The pantry can easily become a catch-all for food items, small appliances, dry goods, and paper products.  Whether the pantry is in a kitchen cabinet or has its own designated space, organization, access, and storage space are key to maintain usability.  With custom glide-outs, items can be categorized or zoned so they won’t be hidden or lost anymore.  Viewing and retrieving items quickly will assist seniors with food preparation and grocery shopping.  Because Glide-Out™ shelves pull out, there isn’t a need for space to lift items in the back so more shelves can fit in a given vertical space.

Bathroom Solutions

There should be a place for every item in the bathroom, from toiletries and medication to bath towels and cleaning products.  Glide-Out™ shelving in the linen closet or cabinets maximizes storage space and functionality.  To utilize the space under the sink, glide-outs can be customized to fit around pipes.  Seniors will be able to access whatever they need without bending over and reaching into the back of the cabinets.

ShelfGenie® Glide-Out™ shelving can take a space that’s difficult to use and maximize its potential. Whether someone has arthritis, has trouble seeing, or uses a walking aid or wheelchair, our shelving solutions can make a huge difference in quality of life.



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Serendipity Boutique

Re-Imagine Fashion

By Karen Lantry, Owner of Serendipity Boutique

Most everything evolves over time. In the course of just one generation, how we communicate has changed dramatically. We have experienced incredible advances in healthcare, and most of us rely on a single handheld device to make appointments, keep abreast of late breaking news and our personal finances, take photos and videos, stream movies and sporting events, and much more.

My goal in launching Serendipity Boutique in historic downtown Loudon was to help today’s woman evolve in the world of fashion, particularly breaking free from the unwritten fashion rules that suggest we have to dress like our moms. We are not our mothers! I, for one, don’t want to dress like my mother did. And guess what? We don’t have to anymore.

Women should dress according to our body style and NOT our age. You should have fun with fashion and look great at the same time. I have spent many years helping women look younger with the right fashions. Women come to me all the time and say I can’t wear this or that. Pause! You can oftentimes wear this or that if the item is the right cut for your body type.

At Serendipity Boutique, we specialize in carrying today’s latest fashion styles and trends that can defy ages. If you would like to make a splash in a fashionable on-trend leather jacket at 60, we can show you how. And you’ll look fabulous! Do you have an event coming up where you would like to make an entrance? Let us show help you to create that new image you have been searching for. We can even help you conceal those few extra pounds that you’re working on losing.

Are you looking to find that perfect gift for someone on your holiday shopping list? Serendipity Boutique has all kinds of wonderful things for your holiday needs that make great gifts.

I would like to personally invite you to experience an entire new world of women’s fashions that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. In our new upscale boutique, you will discover many exciting new lines from top designers from around the world that will help you to re-imagine fashion. Located in historic downtown Loudon, you are just a few short minutes from a fabulous new you.

Serendipity Boutique

322 Grove Street

Loudon, TN 37774


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Cedar & Twine

A new up-and-coming women’s curated collection of clothing and accessories launched by local entrepreneur, Caitlin Hawk, Cedar & Twine became a passion – a labor of love – for her.

“My vision for starting Cedar & Twine began after I decided to step away from law school and pursue a more creative career,” said Caitlin. “I have always loved colors, textures, and trying out new fashion trends. I’m drawn to a mixture of Anthropologie, Rag & Bone, Free People, and Madewell, which is similar to what our store will be offering.”

Cedar & Twine is passionate about bringing the Lenoir City and Knoxville areas these types of clothes at an affordable price.

“We have picked some incredible vendors to work with, and we pride ourselves on quality items and lines at great prices,” said Caitlin. “Just wait until you try on some of our incredibly stylish fedora hats, another Cedar & Twine exclusive.”

Not wishing to be known as just another boutique, Cedar & Twine selected a space in the historic area of downtown Lenoir City, a very special retail space that had both character and told a story.

“We searched high and low to find the perfect space for Cedar & Twine, and decided on a 110-year-old building on Broadway for our first brick and mortar location,” said Caitlin. “I am especially grateful for the support, encouragement, and the hard work of my husband, our family, and friends who have helped make this dream a reality. We love the character of the building and wanted to create a special experience for all of our customers, where a mom and daughter can both find something they love – unique pieces that are timeless.

“I would like to personally invite you to visit Cedar & Twine to enjoy all of our unique clothing pieces and accessories that would make wonderful Christmas gifts for friends, family, and yourself. We are scheduled to open by Black Friday. Also, you can follow us on Instagram @cedarandtwineknox to stay up to date on all we’re doing, and visit to view some of the items already available!”

Cedar & Twine

100 E Broadway

Lenior City, TN 37771


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Discover Your Home’s Showcase Kitchen & Bath at Knox Cabinet Co.

With their newly launched Maryville super-showroom and warehouse, Knox Cabinet Co. now offers East Tennessee homeowners two convenient shopping venues where you can discover how to transform virtually every room in your home. Homeowners agree that their home’s kitchen is the most important room in their home. Our kitchens are the center of our family’s day-to-day living and activities. Our day begins in our kitchen with our first cup of coffee and continues on throughout the day as we cook, dine, and socialize in the kitchen with family and friends.

With their extensive lines of beautiful and affordable cabinetry for your home’s baths, den, library, and family room, Knox Cabinet Co. can assist you in transforming your dreams into reality. Whether you’re designing a kitchen for your new dream home or re-designing a new kitchen for an existing home, Knox Cabinet Co. will help you discover that showcase quality look that you’ve been searching for.

In this issue of Everything Knoxville, we are excited to introduce you to Knox Cabinet Co. owners and area entrepreneurs, Megan Thomas and her brother, Lane Thomas, and area developer and Synergy Auto Wash owner, Brian Davis. If you are in search of the highest quality kitchen and bathroom cabinetry at near wholesale pricing and a turn-key experience, we know you will enjoy this month’s interview with Megan.

EK: What first inspired you to open Knox Cabinet Co. and then your second location in Maryville?

Megan: Launching Knox Cabinet Co. seemed liked a natural extension of our combined experiences and talents. We have been buying and remodeling existing homes for resale for many years. During this process, we learned the importance of creating dynamic kitchens and baths in the homes we sold. They became the centerpiece of each successful sale. Although we had a wonderful relationship with our cabinet vendor, we began to search for new cabinet lines that offered more options, yet were still affordable. After discovering several new and exciting cabinet manufacturers, we completed our first showroom on Hardin Valley Road in October 2018. Our second and newest location in Maryville makes shopping for cabinetry just that much more convenient for our customers, not to mention the flexibility offered by our large new warehouse. This expansion has also allowed us to add new lines of cabinetry to ensure that we have the right cabinets at the right price points for all of our customers. We like to refer to both of our showrooms as Discovery Centers, where you can discover all of the possibilities that exist for creating showcase quality kitchens and baths in your home.

EK: You have decades of combined residential development, construction, remodeling, and property management experience. How has this helped you at Knox Cabinet Co.?

Megan: Because we were the customers for so many years, we gained an appreciation for what homeowners shopping for kitchen and bath cabinetry wanted from their cabinet supplier. Our goal is to make your experience of shopping for quality and affordable cabinetry as easy and as seamless as possible, creating for our customers that showcase quality look they are searching for while remaining within their budget.

EK: Tell our readers about the many features and benefits of Knox Cabinet Co.’s kitchen and bath cabinetry.

Megan: All of our cabinets are built from all wood construction and all drawers are dovetailed. Just a few of the available options include pull-out trash receptacles, microwave cabinets, spice rack pull-outs, and file drawers for starters. But I’m confident that your favorite option will be the multiple stain and paint options and door styles available for you to select from. We can also provide cabinets in your favorite Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams colors. These are truly high-end cabinets at a very affordable price.

EK: It would appear that many of the standard features of your cabinets are optional with other cabinet manufactures.

Megan: At our price point, you would be correct. Homeowners will find that other comparably priced cabinets do not include the soft-close doors and soft-close dovetailed drawers that we offer as standard features. All of these added features can transform an ordinary kitchen and bath into an extraordinary kitchen and bath.

EK: Many homeowners will be surprised by both the quality of your cabinets and your competitive pricing. How is that possible?

Megan: Our highest priority from the beginning was to feature top quality, affordable, all wood cabinetry that offered the options that we knew our customers would want in order to create that quality, custom kitchen and bath look. We then developed a proprietary business model with low overhead, custom design capabilities, and intelligent logistics and warehousing in order to offer this unique value to all of our customers.

EK: Share with our readers your turn-key approach, including sales, design, and custom installation.

Megan: I believe this is truly another area that distinguishes Knox Cabinet Co. from its competitors. We already understood the retail cabinetry marketplace from the perspective of the customer. We simply set out to redesign the experience to make it easier and more enjoyable for our customers to achieve their dream of creating the look that they envisioned.

Next, we designed our showrooms to feature multiple designer created vignettes to help inspire you to discover that showcase quality kitchen and bathroom within your home. With the assistance of one of our designers, we will guide you through every step of the design process, answer all of your questions, offer recommendations, and even offer CAD drawings using our 2020 design software, which can display your proposed layout design on our 65” flat screen monitors in our dedicated conference rooms.

As I mentioned before, our goal has been to make things as easy and seamless as possible for our customers. Our showrooms are open Monday through Saturday, and our in-house designers can assist you with really anything you might imagine – whether it’s providing an opinion on selections or laying out your kitchen with our 2020 design software. And our customers especially appreciate the quality craftsmanship provided by our expert installation team and their more than 20 years of experience.

EK: Do you also offer a preferred vendor for cabinet countertops?       

Megan: Because new cabinets typically require new countertops, each of our vignettes feature a variety of solid surface countertops on all our cabinets designed to inspire you. We also have samples displayed throughout our design showroom for your convenience. Should you discover a surface that you love, we can provide pricing and arrange to have our preferred fabricator/installer come to your home to measure, fabricate, and install your countertops once your new cabinets are installed.

EK: You offer showroom design services. Do you offer in-home design services as well?

Megan: In the home construction and remodeling marketplace, I learned that it is often difficult to accurately describe the kitchen or bath design that the homeowner is attempting to achieve. In those instances, we offer an in-home design service to enable our experienced design staff member to see your project firsthand. Sometimes it’s not just about the measurements of the kitchen, but it’s the layout and flow of the rooms adjoining the kitchen, doorways leading to the kitchen, and the style of the house that gives our staff a better perspective when recommending a particular layout, as well as cabinetry options.

EK: What is your typical turnaround time for cabinet installation?

Megan: While we are primarily focused on quality and service, we understand that time can be of the essence, particularly when your home is under construction. In these instances, we have developed a system that, with the help of our preferred contractor, allows us to have cabinets installed in our customers’ homes in far less time then you might imagine.

EK: How can our readers learn more about Knox Cabinet Co.?

Megan: We’d love for readers to visit one of our two showrooms, which are conveniently located at 10238 Hardin Valley Road in Knoxville and 1414 E. Broadway in Maryville. Our hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm. Appointments are encouraged and can be made by calling 865-674-5669. Readers can also visit our website at or check us out on Facebook at Knoxville Cabinet Co. or Instagram at @knoxcabinetcompany.

EK: In closing, is there anything else you would like to add?

Megan: We understand that you have many cabinet options to select from, but we would like to encourage your readers to visit one of two our showrooms – even if you are close to making a final decision – to discover the quality of our cabinetry, the wide selection, and competitive pricing available, in addition to our excellent customer service designed to exceed your expectations. Knox Cabinet Co. can also provide your cabinetry needs in your den, library, and family room as well. We challenge you to compare our quality and price and to discover that showcase kitchen and bathroom that is waiting to be discovered in your home.

Knox Cabinet Co.

10238 Hardin Valley Road
Knoxville, TN 37932
1414 E. Broadway
Maryville, TN 37804

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CBD Choice

By Ellen Phillips, Owner of believeRX

CBD (cannabidiol oil) is one of many cannabinoids found in cannabis. Cannabis is the genus name for both marijuana and hemp. Today’s CBD comes from the hemp plant, which is rich in CBD while having negligible THC.

CBD Types

» Full Spectrum (Whole Plant) – Contains all hemp cannabinoids, as well as terpenes (essential oil with healing properties) plus trace amounts of THC. CBD and terpenes produce the entourage effect, which results in a variety of health and wellness benefits. Third party labs include a terpene profile, which shows the levels of each terpene in the product. Do not use full spectrum if drug testing is a concern.

» Broad Spectrum – Cannabinoids plus terpenes but no THC. These products have been processed to the isolate form, then have additional cannabinoids and terpenes added in.

When CBD has a strength, it’s the amount in the entire bottle. For example, 100mg has 100mg CBD per container, not per piece.

» Isolate – Pure CBD that has been isolated from the rest of the hemp plant up to 99.8%. The crystalline isolate CBD powder is usually in a carrier oil like MCT oil.

Oil Types

» Regular – Traditional oil good as an oral drop or mixed with food.

» MCT Oil – Extracted from coconut oil and mixed with honey. Good when cooked, as an oral drop, or mixed with food.

» CBD Honey Tincture – Mixed with honey and good when cooked, mixed with food, and as an oral drop.

» Hemp Seed Oil – Hemp seed is a natural source of protein that contains polyunsaturated and omega fatty acids, vitamin E, and antioxidants.

» Olive Oil – Can be added to salads or foods.

The source of CBD is extremely important. Know where the product comes from. CBD from China is low potency and sometimes contaminated. Pick products grown in the United States

Extraction Method

The best extraction method is CO2 Extraction, which preserves all of the naturally occurring benefits found in the hemp plant. There are some cheap CBD companies that extract CBD with toxic solvents like propane, hexane, or butane, which is extremely hazardous.

CBD should never make someone high. Even though hemp contains small amounts of THC (the chemical in marijuana that makes someone feel high), hemp and marijuana are two different plants altogether.

How can people make sure they are buying the best CBD oil?

1. Read the label and make sure you know what is in the bottle.

2. Find a company that provides independent lab testing on their products and that makes it readily available to their customers.

3. Some companies have a customer experience team available to answer questions.

4. Third party lab testing-the lab checks for potency and for residual solvents and heavy metals. You can call the lab to verify if the report is real.

5. Do they have a current website? More important, does the brand have a website? Look for an address, email, and phone number. Search the address online to make sure it matches the company’s location.

6. Public feedback – A company’s reputation is very important. Don’t just believe ratings on their website; check other sites for negative information. Seek out news articles of police raids where the product might be mentioned.

7. Sourcing – Who is producing the hemp? Hemp from China tends to be low quality and high in heavy metals

8. Transparency – If a brand has their own farm, are they willing to discuss harvesting and processing practices? Would they be willing to let you visit the corporate office? You don’t have to go that far, but transparency and being willing to communicate with customers is very important.

9. Synthetics – If you see a report that a product has even a hint of synthetic cannabinoids, steer clear. If a product gets someone high, there is a big chance that it contains synthetics.


9627 Countryside Center Lane
Knoxville, TN 37931

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