Mold Drs. USA

Specializing in Water Damage and Mold Remediation

mold-drs-usaLittle could then-adolescent Jeremy Akers realize that his chronic sneezing, watering eyes, and other allergy type symptoms would result in his launching the very successful Mold Drs. USA, but that’s exactly what happened. Along with his wife, Ashley, this energetic, resourceful, and enthusiastic team of young entrepreneurs has transformed the water damage and mold remediation business into the science that it needs to be in order to deliver the successful results homeowners and businesses expect and deserve. With a strong emphasis on education and training, Mold Drs. USA is the only mold remediation company in the area that has earned the much sought after ACAC certification, representing the highest standard of education in the mold remediation industry today.

Living in East Tennessee brings about more mold growth than living in another state such as Colorado. With the high humidity in our area, mold is a common issue homeowners and businesses deal with. With today’s construction techniques resulting in tighter homes that breathe less and the elimination of many chemicals used to treat mold and mildew, you may find this interview with Jeremy and Ashley very enlightening.

EK: Jeremy, after many years as a child being treated for the allergy type symptoms already noted above, describe for our readers what your parents discovered.

Jeremy: Well, I’m sure they never anticipated finding the damage they found. Since it wasn’t visible to the naked eye, they were shocked. My dad started removing baseboards and drywall and found mold growing on everything. It had more than likely been there for many years and had been the culprit in all my allergies. Funny enough – my dad made things worse since he removed the baseboards and drywall himself. The mold spores were able to basically jump around to other areas of the home since he was not a certified and trained mold remediation specialist. We pretty much had a mold version of a desert sand storm!

EK: Tell us how this discovery led to your interest in mold remediation and the launch of Mold Drs. USA.

Jeremy: I actually started out working for a company in Florida handling disaster insurance claims, which enabled me to see truly the worst of the worst – homes that had their roofs ripped off, homes that had been destroyed by a tidal surge, homes covered in mold from floor to ceiling. After spending some time in the field and gaining experience in a state that has strict guidelines to follow, I decided to move back home and start Mold Drs. USA here in Knoxville.

EK: Ashley, how are mold remediation and water damage alike, and how do they differ?

Ashley: Mold remediation and water damage are alike because they begin with some type of water event. For example, it could be something simple, such as an ice maker line dripping, to a toilet leaking on the floor, to a water heater bursting, to someone accidentally leaving on their kitchen faucet. Or, if you have kids, they discovered that water is as much fun on the walls and floor as it is in the bathtub. Water damage can be minor to severe. We’ve seen small issues such as these, as well as water lines freezing and flooding homes like many of us experienced this past January.

Water damage can be dried a majority of the time with little demolition and damage. However, with mold remediation, the process of drying is very different and calculated. What a lot of people don’t realize is a minor mold issue can get worse very quickly if it’s not handled the right way. Without getting too technical, air flow makes a situation worse. It’s like fanning a fire. Thus, mold remediation and water damage have similarities and differences.

EK: Can parents discern the difference between common allergy symptoms and those that result from mold?

Jeremy: Honestly, there really isn’t a specific symptom. Just like any allergy, everyone’s symptoms vary from person to person. Ashley and I are very different. We joke that she can sniff mold as soon as she walks in somewhere. She’ll have itchy eyes, can’t breathe well, her nose is stuffy, and she feels tired, whereas I may only have itchy skin or no symptoms at all when I’m in a home that has mold. Actually, the only time I’ve ever had bronchitis is after being in a home that had quite a bit of mold in the ac closet. I was only in the home for 45 minutes.

EK: How big of a health risk does mold represent?

Ashley: That really depends on the person. Seriously, everyone jokes that I should live in a bubble since I’m allergic to so many things. Everyone is different, and the health risks they experience are different. Just think of someone that’s allergic to bee stings. Someone can get stung one time and go into anaphylactic shock, whereas another person can get stung and only have to deal with a raised bump on the skin. I personally got allergy shots on and off for 15 years. Mold was one of my top allergies. My allergist would joke with me that if I wanted to feel better and ultimately breathe better, I needed to move out of East Tennessee.

EK: What should parents look for, and how can you help them?

Jeremy: Maintaining a home is a lot of work for anyone. Just like properly maintaining a vehicle, you have to take the vehicle in to get routine maintenance. Your home is even more work. Parents should look for water leaks. You have to be proactive. Most people don’t walk around the house looking at the gutters or stepping foot in their dreaded crawlspace or basement.

If you want to be proactive: 1) make sure the water is draining away from the home, 2) make sure all the shutoff valves inside the house are working properly, 3) look in the crawlspace/basement, and see if there’s anything growing on the floor joists or subfloor (if you see a white powdery substance anywhere on the walls or floor, then the conditions could be right for mold growth), 4) make sure any pumps on your heating and air conditioning units are properly functioning and draining the condensation, 5) look for discoloration around the base of toilets, 6) look for buckling in the floors, 7) foul odors in the home, 8) look for discoloration on the ceilings, 9) look for discoloration around the windows or entry doors, and 10) look for spotting around baseboards and on the walls and ac registers at the floor.

EK: Tell our readers a little bit about the water, fire, and wind damage restoration side of your company.

Ashley: Our other company, Ethos Restoration, handles the water, fire, and wind damage restoration work. If someone has a kitchen grease fire or a whole house fire, we can handle it. If someone has a toilet flood their entire downstairs or ceilings cave in from pipes bursting, we handle that as well. If you have a tree fall down on your house and the roof collapses, Ethos Restoration can take care of that. What’s great is we can handle the damage and prevent it from doing further damage and protecting your home.

EK: Your website emphasizes your commitment to training, education, and certifications. Why are these important, and what should someone look for in hiring a remediation and restoration company?

Jeremy: The state of Tennessee is very lax on who can provide services such as mold remediation for your home. It doesn’t matter if you’re a home inspector or an accountant – say you wake up one day and are tired of your profession and want to start a mold remediation business. All you have to do is put a sticker on your truck and make a business card. That’s pretty interesting and scary, right?

Some states actually require mold remediation companies to have the ACAC certification we hold in order to do business within their state. The ACAC certification requires a resume proving experience in the field and education before awarding a certificate, but not prior to a rigorous exam to make sure you follow the guidelines. It’s for those who take this profession seriously and understand that they can actually make a homeowner’s problems go away and ensure it’s a safe place for their children.

When I started this company, I wanted to be the best at what we do. I wasn’t going to settle for an online open book certificate that many in this area use. I wanted to have peace of mind knowing that Mold Drs. USA was providing the best services. Just as many parents, I, too, have children and want to know they have the best quality of life.

EK: How can our readers learn more about Mold Drs. USA?

Ashley: They can visit our website,, or visit our Facebook page at For a free consultation, they can call 865-945-3000. Our answering service is available 24/7, and if someone has an emergency, we have a 90 minute response time. They can also visit and search for companies that hold the certification. For example, if you search the zip code 37922, you will see Ethos Restoration listed for the Knoxville area.

EK: Anything else you would like to add?

Jeremy: Thank you to Knoxville and the surrounding areas for trusting Mold Drs. USA for nine years. As a locally owned and operated business, we truly appreciate every referral that satisfied customers send our way. We know how important it is to support other locally owned businesses and cannot say thank you enough to our community. If you’re considering hiring another mold remediation or restoration company, it would be worth your time to let us come out and give you a free consultation. With our training, certification, and warranty, we can assure our customers that we’re the best in the business.

Mold Drs. USA

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No Competition Training and Wellness

“Relearn, retrain, rebuild, and enjoy”

no-competition“No Competition” is a totally unique, 12-week body transformation program created to combine the best of yoga, strength training, cardio conditioning, recovery, and nutritional counseling designed to get the body you want that looks and feels great. Erik Andelman and DeeAnn Bower have teamed up to create the program that is not about competition but about starting with your body exactly as it is and transforming it. This is not a boot camp, although you could rightly call it a “booty and abs camp,” because glutes and abs are the foundation of this program.

What does it do?
No Competition teaches participants the techniques needed to transform their body from the inside out and maintain it for the long run. No Competition first rebuilds the foundational muscle groups of a healthy body: glutes, hips, core, and back. This leads to better posture and form, which lays the groundwork for higher levels of fitness. No Competition retrains the body to move more naturally, easily, efficiently, and powerfully.

Who is it for?
No Competition is for people of all ages who:
» Want a complete program that combines all aspects of fitness.
» Want to transform the way their bodies look and feel.
» May have nagging injuries or back pain that may have been aggravated by exercise in the past.
» Want a program that will accommodate their current level of fitness, not somebody else’s standard.
» Want a supportive group environment that is motivating and intense, without being competitive.
» Want a focus on form, alignment, mobility, posture, and safety.

How does it work?
No Competition uses a wide variety of strength and conditioning techniques to strengthen key areas of the body first: glutes, hips, core, and back. During the process, individuals receive individual attention to identify and correct existing weaknesses, imbalances, and restrictions of mobility. Participants are taught self-care techniques to speed recovery between training sessions. The therapeutic aspects of the program are all built into fast-paced group workouts for conditioning, weight loss, and definition. “A better butt equals a better back!”

No Competition camps run September 8 through November 26. The first 20 people who sign up will receive a $150 discount for the 12-week program. Day and evening classes are available.

About the coaches
Erik Andelman and DeeAnn Bower took very different paths on their journeys toward fitness, although ultimately, each became dissatisfied with the usual approaches to fitness that often focused on appearance at the expense of true health. They came together to create this program that could help people enjoy good health again.

Erik is best known around Knoxville as a yoga teacher and massage therapist. He began incorporating strength training into his work with clients in order to correct weaknesses in movement and posture. Erik has a permanently fractured lumbar vertebrae and a lifetime of athletics-anyways under this condition. His motto is “rehab for life.”

DeeAnn has been in the fitness industry for 15 years. With an athletic background in basketball, personal training was a natural career path. For the last 15 years, DeeAnn has helped men and women of all fitness levels transform their bodies through strength training, diet, and cardio conditioning. DeeAnn believes that doing the basics and doing them well always achieves extraordinary results.

To discover the body you want that looks and feels great, call us today at 865-924-2665. Classes will be held at Johnny Long’s Training Academy, located at 2620 Willow Point Way in Knoxville. Employers will also be excited to learn that No Competition Training and Wellness can bring the gift of health for your employees right to your place of business with on-site classes.

No Competition Training and Wellness
Follow us on Facebook

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Consign To Design

With the Stroke of Your Brush

By Kristi Hickey, Co-Owner of Consign To Design

consign-to-designYou can’t deny the growing popularity of decorative paintings of everything, including chairs, benches, bookcases, china cabinets, end tables, picture frames, dressers – you name it. Today’s paint options have opened up a rainbow of possibilities for DIY’ers as they transform ordinary furniture into extraordinary furniture with just a stroke of the brush.

Chalk paint, which is one of the most popular choices of DIY’ers for more than a decade, is facing stiff competition from a variety of competitors – most notably Blackberry House Paint. Blackberry House Paint, available exclusively here in the Knoxville area at Consign To Design, is a chalk-free, water-based paint featuring custom pigments that offer a variety of features far superior to existing chalk paints in today’s marketplace, including:

» Chalk-free
» No VOC’s
» No pre-sanding or stripping necessary
» Superior adhesion
» Purely pigmented for true colors
» Dries free of brush strokes
» Easy to distress wet or dry
» Minimal airborne residue
» Can be used indoors

As if this weren’t reason enough, just wait until you discover our prices, which are approximately 25% less than the paints you are probably already using.

But it gets even better. Available in 4 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz., and 32 oz. containers, you can now save even more by buying just the amount you need and no more. Because Blackberry House Paint covers most applications in just a single coat, you’ll use far less paint than competitive brands that typically require two coats.

With Blackberry House Paints, you can beautifully transform your favorite piece more safely, with far less effort, superior adhesion, and free of brush strokes – all at incredible savings. To learn more about Blackberry House Paint, to discover our rainbow of available true colors, or to learn about our instructional seminars, call or visit us at Consign To Design, visit us online, or like us on Facebook.

Blackberry House Paint – Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary at the stroke of a brush.

Consign To Design
10420-D Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37922

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Twig Children’s Boutique

twigWhen Carolyn Burkhart first looked at the retail space occupied by Twig Children’s Boutique for her exclusive line of high-end women’s apparel, little did she imagine that she would become Twig’s new owner.

“Twig’s founder, Roberta Martin, who relocated with her husband’s new coaching position at UC-Berkley, had already established a popular children’s clothing boutique that had become a favorite of so many in surprisingly so short a period of time,” said Carolyn. “It just wasn’t in my heart to change Twig, so I decided to build on the already successful foundation begun by Roberta.”

Twig Children’s Boutique is the destination for unique, high-quality, brand name apparel from infants to size 14 for girls and size seven for boys, including TEA, Mayoral, Persnickety, Mustard Pie, Pink Chicken, Aden & Anais, and more.

“Our large selection of children’s clothing and accessories that you’ll simply not find anywhere else makes Twig your perfect shopping venue for children and infants,” said Carolyn. “Also, don’t forget to ask about our baby registry.”

Twig Children’s Boutique is conveniently located at 5036 Kingston Pike in the heart of the Bearden shopping district that’s popular for shopping, art, and dining. They are open Monday through Friday 10-6 and Saturday 11-5.

“Grandparents, mom and dad, brother and sister, aunt and uncle, or just good friend – if you have a loved one who has young children, an infant, or a baby on the way, Twig Children’s Boutique has the perfect gift that will be cherished and remembered for years to come by mom, dad, and baby,” said Carolyn. “New merchandise is arriving daily. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!”

Twig Children’s Boutique
5036 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919

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Your Untapped Sales Potential

By Tom Irmen

If you’re a small business owner that finds it necessary to employ salespeople (we call them account executives today), you’re not alone. But hiring and retaining great salespeople can be a challenge. Not that there aren’t great salespeople out there, but they are coveted by their employers who often pay them high salaries and commissions, and a growing number of these superstars have decided to try their hand at self employment for themselves.

But there is even a larger, untapped sales force available to you that will cost you very little and consistently outperform even your greatest superstars. Who am I talking about? Your customers. And all you need to do to unleash this untapped potential is to deliver a product or service that provides a value that’s perceived to be far greater than the price paid.

Sound too simple? It is, but few businesses take advantage of this free and unlimited resource. Why? One reason is that far too many business owners and their salespeople are in hot pursuit of the sale and not the customer experience.

If you sell advertising, instead of focusing on commissions and sales revenue, focus all of your attention on producing results that exceed your clients’ expectations. If you don’t think your client knows the difference, you’re fooling yourself. By focusing entirely on the results that meet or exceed your clients’ expectations, your efforts will lead to referrals, which will lead to new sales. Instead of chasing advertising revenue, you’ll discover that revenue will be chasing you, because revenue growth is the by-product of a successful customer experience and not the reverse.

Put your customers’ expectations ahead of your own, and watch your customers turn into the greatest sales team you’ve ever known.

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Generations ObGyn

Introducing Stephanie B. Cummings, MD

generations-obgynHaving been raised in the small farming town of Wartburg, Tennessee, Dr. Stephanie Cummings values the role her small town heritage played in her development as a person and a physician.

”My mom and dad still live in Wartburg,” said Dr. Cummings. “Even though I left home to pursue my medical career, there was never any doubt that I would return home to Tennessee to pursue women’s medicine.”

After earning an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Dr. Cummings went on to achieve her Doctor of Medicine credentials from the University of Tennessee College of Medicine in Memphis. She went on to complete her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Louisville School of Medicine in Louisville, Kentucky, where she was honored as Outstanding Resident on Outpatient Surgery Rotation.

Having completed her residency in June of this year, Stephanie was confronted with the decisions facing every new physician today – private or group practice or hospital practice.

“My decision was made much easier than I had imagined,” said Dr. Cummings. “Perhaps because I was fortunate enough to have been raised in a small community, I place a high value on relationships. Also, being a woman and recognizing just how much more relational the practice of obstetrics is, my goal was to find a practice that was well established, compassionate, placed a strong emphasis on patient/provider relationships, and provided a full range of services that would meet the needs of all women from their teenage years and beyond.

“After thoroughly researching my different options and Generations ObGyn, I knew even before the interview process was complete that I had found my home. Generations ObGyn offered everything I felt was necessary that would allow me to meet the existing and future health care needs of my patients. I just couldn’t be more excited.”

Generations ObGyn is one of the area’s leading ObGyn practices that balances today’s state-of-the-art technology and advances with lasting compassionate and caring patient/provider relationships. With services including total women’s care, laparoscopic hysterectomy, obstetric, and healthy lifestyles, Generations ObGyn offers women comprehensive health care no matter their age or needs. In fact, Generations ObGyn underscores its commitment to comprehensive women’s health care by offering their patients the services of a double board certified physician, Jeffery R. Dell, MD, who is certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery.

If you or someone you care about are searching for a provider that offers a comprehensive approach to women’s health care that is offered in a caring and compassionate environment by health professionals that value their relationship with their patients, then you are encouraged to call Generations ObGyn today at 865-769-4444, or visit them online at

Dr. Cummings is currently accepting new patients. Most major health insurances are accepted.

Generations ObGyn
9430 Park W Blvd #320
Knoxville, TN 37923

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Pure Luxe


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Kinzel Springs

Welcome Home to Kinzel Springs

kinzel-springsWho hasn’t wanted to get away from it all? Whether you need time away from a challenging career, quality time with your kids or grandchildren, or just a romantic weekend for two, we all need time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate ourselves. But who needs the hassle of a long drive on a crowded interstate in a car packed with luggage, kids, beach toys, and the family dog?

Well, the solution to your private family getaways is easier than you might have imagined. You’re invited to discover your very own custom-built mountain home located in Townsend, Tennessee, in the midst of the Great Smoky Mountains and only 45 minutes from downtown Knoxville.

Tucked into a serene, mist-shrouded mountain setting within a private, upscale, and gated community is your upscale, one-of-a-kind mountain retreat built on a superior homesite with a year-round creek, with 2,500 square feet of open living space, including vaulted great room, three bedrooms, home office, two-and-a-half bathrooms, and kitchen. Your retreat features beautifully finished T&G pine walls and ceilings, wood beams, hardwood floors, massive floor to ceiling stone fireplace, and solid surface countertops. Your expansive deck overlooking a stocked two-acre lake is perfect for family gatherings or a romantic evening under the stars. Your retreat also features plenty of enclosed storage space and a large detached two-car garage. Your wooded homesite has been professionally landscaped with no grass to mow.

In addition, the community also offers homeowners and their guests the exclusive use of its beautiful stacked stone Elkmont Pavilion with walking trail and, of course, the lake. Kinzel Springs is also a great and safe place for bicycle enthusiasts. Property values are safeguarded with protective covenants and bylaws and do not permit the rental of homes within the community.

If you’ve always dreamed of owning your very own mountain retreat just minutes from where you live now and only one-and-a-half miles from horseback riding, three miles from golf, 12 miles from Cades Cove, 14 miles from the hospital, and 15 miles from the airport, then make your dream a reality for you and your family today. Like new, the home is fully furnished, complete with all accessories, and is available for immediate occupancy at closing. For more information, call Hoyl Gill at 865-607-3543.

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Bye Bye Ink Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Regret?

Bye Bye InkWhat might have seemed to be a great idea only years earlier has come back to haunt millions of Americans who are now looking for a viable option to remove unwanted tattoos. Also, the recent tattoo policy released by the U.S. Army threatens to block acceptance by many new recruits hoping to join the military.

But thanks to new, state-of-the-art technology offered exclusively by Bye Bye Ink, you can now successfully remove unwanted tattoos safely and effectively. Using the amazing new PicoSureTM laser technology, Knoxville-based Bye Bye Ink, located at 10732 Hardin Valley Road, now offers individuals wishing to eliminate unwanted tattoos the solution they’ve been looking for.

Bye Bye Ink is Knoxville’s only dedicated laser tattoo removal spa. Using the patented PicoSureTM laser technology, the first of its kind in Tennessee and the world’s first and only picosecond aesthetic laser cleared by the FDA, Bye Bye Ink offers the perfect solution to those who thought their unwanted tattoos were indeed permanent.

“This amazing, new technology is a real breakthrough in tattoo and brown spot removal,” said Bye Bye Ink Laser Specialist, Lauren Brown. “PicoSureTM helps those with unwanted tattoos achieve visibly clearer, ink- and spot-free skin faster. Even difficult colors such as blues and greens, as well as previously treated tattoos, can be removed in fewer treatments with better clearance and improved recovery time.”

PicoSureTM uses state-of-the-art PressureWaveTM technology to deliver ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy into the skin to create a photomechanical effect that targets ink while avoiding unmarked tissue. PressureWaveTM shatters the ink into tiny, dust-like particles that are easily eliminated from the body, resulting in clearer skin with fewer treatments without injuring the surrounding skin.

“I noticed changes within the first week after having my laser tattoo removal with the PicoSureTM laser,” said Bye Bye Ink client, Andrea C. “I had the treatment on two tattoos. One was more than 18 years old, and after my treatment, it is quickly fading away. I would recommend Bye Bye Ink’s services to anyone who is wanting to remove a tattoo they regret.”

If you or someone you know are experiencing tattoo regret, why not let the PicoSureTM specialists at Bye Bye Ink help you eliminate those unwanted tattoos? All it takes is a phone call to 865-474-7900 to set up your no cost, no obligation consultation, or visit them online at

Bye Bye Ink is also proud to offer a very special 10% laser tattoo removal package discount to all active duty and retired military personnel as their way of thanking you for your service to our country.

Bye Bye Ink
10732 Hardin Valley Road
Knoxville, TN 37932

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The Breazeale Clinic

Wow! It’s been an amazing 17 years.

The Breazeale ClinicFirst, we want to say thank you, Knoxville! 17 years ago, The Breazeale Clinic for Plastic Surgery was born. We can’t believe the wonderful ongoing relationships that we’ve experienced through the years. These lasting relationships and our ties to the community are extensive, and Dr. Breazeale’s unwavering commitment to client care is the benchmark of our practice.

Going forward, we are excited about our wide range of services tailored to fit the needs of our community and are extremely proud of our carefully chosen, highly professional staff. There’s a reason our clients feel like family – because our goal has remained the same for these 17 years: exceptional service and exceptional results.

Finding your PerfectFit.

The Breazeale Clinic is proud to offer Vectra® 3D Imaging. This is an amazing opportunity to see how you will look with implants of different sizes. Because “perfect” is different for everyone, Vectra® 3D can be instrumental in helping clients discover their PerfectFit. We are currently running our annual augmentation promotion, Breast AUGust, so join us now through the end of August to take advantage of this amazing offer.

We have something for everyone.

From peels to injectables, we offer a bevy of cosmetic services to treat fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, loss of face volume, and hair removal. So whatever “bothers” you about your appearance, we have a service to address your needs.

We Love Birthdays AND Summer

During the month of your birthday, don’t forget to come by The Breazeale Clinic to receive your Botox® Cosmetic @ $9/unit • Chemical Peel @ 20% off • Juvéderm® XC @ $420/syringe • Juvéderm Voluma™ XC @ $750/syringe. Some exclusions may apply.

Summer Soiree
Friday, July 18

Join us for a day filled with amazing specials and an evening with food and drinks. It’s our annual summer soiree, and it’s not to be missed. Specials are available all day and into the evening. Party is from 5-8. Stay tuned via email, Twitter, and Facebook for more details.

The Breazeale Clinic

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