Plantation Reclaimed

Incorporating the Beauty and Sustainability of Reclaimed Wood into Your Story

Dedicated to the preservation of our remaining old growth forests, Plantation Reclaimed reclaims the unique species of wood discovered in centuries-old tobacco barns, old abandoned barns, and warehouses that might otherwise deteriorate to an un-useful state. In this issue of Everything Knoxville, we are excited to feature Plantation Reclaimed founders and owners, and daughter and father team, Jenny and Jim Blalock. You’ll learn how this antique wood can be incorporated into both new and existing homes in a variety of applications, including flooring, siding, mantels, and beams, just to name a few. The sheer beauty and rich patina from these reclaimed pieces of history simply cannot be replicated.

Jenny has also successfully combined the entrepreneurial skills she developed early in her life while working alongside her father in his plumbing supply business with both her skills as a general contractor and her talents as an interior designer. She is the founder and owner of the highly recognized and award-winning new home construction company, Luxe Homes & Design, which has earned a reputation for designing and creating homes that not only meet the existing needs of each and every member of your family member, but anticipates their future needs as well.

EK: Describe how you successfully create an authentic sense of style using reclaimed antique wood in homes and offices that is difficult to achieve using modern building materials.

Jenny: Reclaimed antique wood is unrivaled in terms of its ageless beauty and charm and is unparalleled in its architectural quality and character. Using authentic reclaimed wood in your home or office adds great character that you cannot duplicate using newly sawn wood alternatives.

EK: You describe reclaimed wood as pieces of living history. Explain that for our readers.

Jenny: The barns of yesterday are pieces of a living history. They have a story to tell. Some will tell of hard times during drought or floods, disease, and war. They may also tell a happier story of hardworking families brought together and succeeding. By incorporating reclaimed wood into your home or office, you are restoring a part of history. As we like to say, “Reclaiming history one floor at a time.”

EK: You also describe salvaging antique lumber as environmentally responsible. Why?

Jenny: We are dedicated to the preservation of our old growth forests, protecting them as a legacy to future generations.  Our unique, antique wood comes from tobacco and abandoned barns and warehouses and other structures as much as 200 years old! Not only is it environmentally responsible to recycle antique lumber, but the character and unique patina of each piece of reclaimed wood, which occurs naturally over decades and centuries, just can’t be replicated.

EK: Why is the use of reclaimed wood important for home and business owners wishing to create that one-of-a-kind appearance?

Jenny: Using reclaimed wood in your home or office offers you that one-of-a-kind look that cannot be duplicated. Therefore, each floor, accent wall, or beam will never appear alike. That is the natural beauty inherent in every reclaimed antique board that you just won’t find using today’s manufactured products – it’s the real antique deal.

EK: How affordable is the use of reclaimed lumber?

Jenny: There is a great deal of labor involved in reclaiming antique lumber. From disassembling old barns and warehouses to the finished products we sell, there are a great many steps. Reclaimed wood must first be removed, transported, sorted, de-nailed, and kiln dried before being milled into the finished product. During the process, each piece of wood must be handled dozens of times before it’s finally installed in your home or office. We strive, however, to ensure that our pricing is as affordable and competitive as possible.

EK: Describe some of the creative uses for reclaimed wood at home or at the office.

Jenny: With the wide variety of hardwoods we mill that are available to be used for flooring and siding, we have the perfect opportunity to really get creative. By combining our talents with our clients’ desires, we create our one-of-a-kind masterpieces. We can customize any flooring or siding to have rounded edge beveling to provide more of a plank look. We can even custom mill any species of un-reclaimed wood. We take pride in being a custom mill shop dedicated to creating the finished look you want. We are also very proud of our custom designed barn doors, shutters, tables, and countertops, which offer you that extraordinary, one-of-a-kind look you’ve been searching for.

EK: Tell our readers about the different types and species of reclaimed lumber available for them to select from.

Jenny: Some of the most popular items you will discover on our website include our Highlands Hit, Skip Oak, and Tennessee Tavern hardwoods. We also sell of large quantities of our Original Face Barn Siding for accent walls and ceilings and hand hewn or rough sawn beams for ceilings or mantels. Also, our black walnut flooring is one of our most popular items in our old growth series of flooring. From oak to pine, Plantation Reclaimed can custom mill just about any type of wood. If there is something else that you are interested in, contact us and we will try to make it a reality.

EK: Where is your antique wood sourced from, and where is it milled into the different types of products Plantation Reclaimed offers?

Jenny: We are committed to buying locally and supporting small area businesses. Although we ship our products nationwide, our products are all sourced locally and are milled right here in Knoxville.

EK: How do you feel that reclaimed wood enhances your home or office’s value?

Jenny: When purchasing any of our products, whether it’s flooring, siding, beams, or doors, we believe it adds a truly unique and intrinsic value to your home, and you’ve added something of historic significance to your home that cannot be duplicated. No antique wooden floor, accent wall, or barn door will ever be alike. Reclaimed wood adds that one-of-a-kind appearance, character, and warmth to your home or office that is unavailable with any other building material.

EK: Describe your customer care experience.

Jenny: Plantation Reclaimed is dedicated to providing you with the very best customer care experience possible. We want each of our clients to love their finished products as much as we do. You can depend on us to provide you with quality products that add value to your home or office. We stand behind it. That’s our commitment from my family to yours.

EK: You have a spectacular gallery that can be found at, which can serve as inspiration for home or business owners open to the idea of using reclaimed antique lumber in a future building or remodeling project. For our readers who might wish to learn more about either Plantation Reclaimed or Luxe Homes & Design, what is the best way to reach you?

Jenny: Thank you for recommending our website as a resource for our clients. We are very proud of the reclaimed wood products produced by Plantation Reclaimed and enjoy sharing our clients’ photos in our online gallery. They really have served as an inspiration for new clients. For your readers wishing to contact me, the best way to reach me is either by email at or by phone at 865-243-4604. I’ve discovered that most people prefer to email.

EK: In closing, is there anything you would like to add?

Jenny: First, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our many customers for both their support and encouragement since first launching Plantation Reclaimed and Luxe Homes & Design. I would also like to thank my dad, who works so hard alongside me every day. I’ve had the honor of working with him for 20 years now. Many people have told me throughout the years that they could never work with their parents, but despite the inevitable ups and downs of self-employment, these challenges have actually strengthened our relationship. Whether building homes for people like you or milling antique reclaimed flooring for your home, my dad shares my passion for quality craftsmanship and personal integrity. We absolutely love what we do and feel blessed to be able to serve our customers each and every day. 

Plantation Reclaimed

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Ready or Not… Here They Come… You Can’t Hide!

That’s right… the holidays are quickly approaching, and we’re here to help you make this your year of being ahead. To kick off the holiday season, we are celebrating BIG by bringing you a double designer trunk show on Thursday, November 2nd, and Friday, November 3rd! Our trunk show will feature Melody Vintage Jewelry and Michele Ma Belle Designs.

Our local jewelry celeb, Melody Stallings of Melody Vintage Jewelry, will be bringing you her latest pieces she’s been working on especially for the holiday season full of unique vintage pendants, pave diamonds, hand cut deer hide, chandelier chain, and much more. This is a great time for you women to treat yourselves, create your Christmas wish lists, or stock up on some great gifts for others!

The two ladies behind the designs of Michele Ma Belle will be with us as well with their newest re-done vintage Louis Vuitton handbags, belts, key chains, and more. These are a sight to see and would make someone super happy this holiday season. We will be shopping, sipping champagne, and celebrating the new season from 10-6 both days, so come join us for all of the festivities!

On top of these special holiday items that will be shown at the trunk show, we are also excited to offer you a wide range of other gifts this season in a variety of price points for those perfect teacher, aunt, sister, best friend, and stocking stuffer type gifts. Some of our favorites include pre-boxed pajama gift sets from Eberjey, all natural, non-toxic, organic skin care products from Babescrub and Herbivore, Capri Blue candles, Sara Happ lip gloss, Ceri Hoover handbags, Mantraband bracelets, and more.

Keep up with all of our upcoming holiday festivities, including Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Christmas parties, and more, by signing up for our email list on our website at

5508 Kingston Pike, Suite 130
Knoxville, TN 37919

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FML Painting

By Florin Leuciuc

When my wife and I launched FML Painting more than 15 years ago, our goal was to provide homeowners and business owners with a superior customer service experience that is increasingly difficult to find today. In creating this experience, we turned to our experiences in Europe, where skills such as painting were regarded as an art performed by highly skilled craftsmen that invested years learning their craft as apprentices before becoming fully qualified craftsmen.

At FML Painting, our painters progress in their craft as apprentices under the careful supervision of an experienced painter. This commitment to quality is to also offer each of our customers an unconditional guarantee on all work we perform. Also, to provide a completely turn-key customer experience, we also offer pressure washing, drywall repair and finishing, and remodeling. And because all of the work we offer is performed by our own employees, you never have to worry about the challenges that often result from painting contractors who rely almost entirely on subcontractors.

We have earned a reputation of listening carefully to each of our clients before recommending the necessary services to achieve our customers’ objectives. We remain focused on the quality of the work performed. With a close eye on affordability, all work is performed in a safe and efficient manner with as little disruption to your daily routine as possible. And we finish on time.

If you own a home or business and are considering an interior or exterior painting project, I invite you to discover the FML Painting difference. Rediscover the old-world craftsmanship you’re looking for but thought no longer existed today.

There’s no need to accept poor quality workmanship so prevalent today. A complete turn-key experience, no subcontractors, quality materials, highly skilled craftsmen, fully insured, and affordable is your guarantee of the very best customer experience available from FML Painting. Let FML Painting transform your next painting project from ordinary to extraordinary.

FML Painting
245 Long Bow Road
Knoxville, TN 37934

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Closets by McKenry

Designing a Great Laundry Room

Does your laundry room have a “Caution, Do Not Enter” sign on the door? A good, working laundry room should not be closed off from the rest of the home, but open for use.

Laundry rooms should have the same attention to detail as other rooms in the home. After all, work is more pleasant when you enjoy being in the space. A well-organized laundry room also allows family and guests to help themselves when needed.

Just like any organizing project, start by discarding what is no longer needed or wanted. Then send those items that should be elsewhere in the home on their way. Now you are starting with a blank canvas to design a room that is aesthetic and functional.

Create “zones” for various chores. These include guest supplies, house cleaning, laundry, linens, ironing, and even entertaining. When we design spaces, we ask questions to define your needs. Are drawers needed for smaller items? Do some shelves need to be deeper than others? What is going in the space?

A well-designed laundry room makes delegating easy. Kids can help by folding clothes if there is a space dedicated for doing so. A drying rod can handle delicate items after they are removed from the washer, helping decrease the “chore” of laundry.

Staying organized will help you focus on enjoying your family, friends, and fun during the holidays and all seasons of the year. Overnight guests tend to feel more welcomed if they are invited to help themselves when in need of more towels, soap, or tissue. If your area just doesn’t seem to work for you, think about creating a blank canvas to paint an organized home for your family.

Closets by McKenry offers custom-designed spaces to meet your needs. To learn more, call 865-249-6382 or visit

Closets by McKenry

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Spa 9700

Think Spa 9700 This Holiday Season

Here we go again… that time of year when there are not enough hours in the day and not enough of you to go around. Your list of “to dos” is long, and the last thing you have time for is to relax.

We can help at Spa 9700! We have assembled a fantastic selection of gifts for men, women, and children sure to shorten your list. Spa 9700 will make your shopping a pleasure, plus schedule your much-needed relaxation time! The extensive gift boutique has carefully selected unique gift items such as Sonoma Lavender neck wraps, P J Harlow and Cats Pajamas, and affordable, on-trend jewelry. There are also many options for candles from the Murano glass of Lafco to the holiday versions of Capri Blue’s Volcano and the timeless Frasier Fir by The Thymes. Of course you’ll also find Christmas ornaments and other decorations from Glory Haus, Patience Brewster, and Demdaco. The selection right now is incredible! That’s just a start. You’ll want to investigate for yourself.

Best of all is the fact that you can do all this shopping and then enjoy one of Spa 9700’s seasonal massages or facials. Maybe what you need is a manicure or pedicure for those holiday get-togethers. While you are relaxing, the elves at Spa 9700 will put your carefully chosen gifts in one of our beautiful gift bags sure to earn you the adoration you deserve. Also, let’s not forget the one-size-fits-all Spa 9700 gift certificate, a Christmas tradition for many years. They make great stocking stuffers, too!

Go ahead pack your schedule full of family and friends and all the festivities, then we’ll see you at Spa 9700!

Spa 9700
9700 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37932

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Fish Window Cleaning

Make This Holiday Season Enjoyable, Not Stressful

By John Randazzo

Are you ready for the holidays? These can be wonderful times to share with friends and family, but it’s also stressful when you are the one who must plan the meals and entertainment, buy the gifts, clean the house, and organize the decorations. Here are a few tips to help you get through the upcoming holidays:

» Begin by making a holiday “to do” list of everything you need to accomplish. Decide which tasks you’ll handle yourself and which ones you can outsource.

» Plan your meals and entertainment. Get out your recipe books, and decide what you’ll serve. Make your grocery list, and place your orders early for turkey, ham, or other special order items. Get your groceries delivered to save you extra time.

» Make your gift list, and see what can be purchased online so you can avoid the rush of holiday shoppers.

» Get out the decorations, and recruit your family to help unpack and hang them.

» Get your home ready to shine when you entertain friends and family – dust furniture, change linens in the guest room, run the vacuum, polish the silver, dust the baseboards, clean the bathrooms. Keep cleaning products handy for fast touch-ups and easy maintenance after deep cleaning.

» Let Fish Window Cleaning add the final touches to make your home sparkle:

  • Clean chandeliers and mirrors.
  • Dust and clean hard-to-reach ceiling fans.
  • Clean skylights and solar panels.
  • Reach and thoroughly clean fixtures in high ceilings or on walls.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts outside your home.
  • Clean awnings.
  • Pressure wash concrete surfaces, siding, gutters, soffits, patios, and decks.
  • Clean all your windows, inside and out. Detail the sills, frames, and tracks and clean screens.
  • Take advantage of our FREE estimate offer and 100% guarantee on all our work.

» Call Fish Window Cleaning early to make an appointment, as our holiday schedule fills up quickly.

» Make time to have a happy and memorable holiday season with your friends and family this year!

Seasons greetings!

Fish Window Cleaning

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Mar • ket • ing

“The technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service”

By Tom Irmen

While most entrepreneurs can offer you a superficial definition of marketing, and while perhaps believing that their respective companies are efficiently implementing a well-thought out marketing strategy, the fact is that very few small businesses effectively market the goods and service they sell.

Many small business owners continue to view marketing and advertising as one in the same. Also, the strategies they employ are oftentimes fragmented and lack the comprehensive approach required to transform mediocre results into superior results, usually with the investment of far fewer resources.

The most successful small business owners I have observed during more than three decades share many common characteristics:

» They have a clear understanding of what “marketing” constitutes
» They have a long-term perspective
» They clearly differentiate themselves from their competitors
» And, most importantly, they are “tenacious” in implementing their strategies

Successful entrepreneurs avoid the “new idea of the moment club,” where marketing strategies are changed or adjusted with every new day. They also understand that advertising is just one vehicle for implementing their successful marketing strategies.

In order for your marketing strategies to succeed, they must be bold, comprehensive, and clearly communicated to your associates and your existing and prospective customers. You must articulate not only how you differ from the competition, but, more importantly, how your customers will benefit personally from your unique, differentiating characteristics.

Successful entrepreneurs also carefully evaluate existing advertising platforms, selecting those that most efficiently and cost-effectively communicate their messages to their target audience. These different platforms support each other, rather than act independently, and are designed to achieve both your short- and long-term marketing strategies.

Procrastinators will suggest that they lack both the time and expertise necessary to implement a successful marketing strategy, but the truth is that they usually end up investing far more time and money in their piecemeal approaches to marketing, which often fails to deliver the desired results.

These successful small business owners I speak of belong to a unique 5% club, which enjoys 95% of the success achieved. There are no obstacles preventing you from joining this elite club except a genuine commitment from you to win.

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Shae Design Studio

Home for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping, and the hustle and bustle of the holidays is right around the corner.

You may be getting ready to pull out all your boxes of decorations to get your home ready for the holidays. It is so exciting to see those favorite pieces again and incorporate them into your home after being packed away for so long. After all, holiday decorations are a huge part of a family tradition.

Adding a few new, meaningful pieces to your collection will be sure to surprise your family and be a wonderful addition to your holiday traditions. As you walk into our showroom, you will see many different setups and displays. Each one has its own distinct style and is designed by one of our own designers. During the holiday season, we incorporate our new seasonal items into each setup to show our customers how to use them to decorate their home.

We offer products to fit every budget and design style. With more than 40 vendors to choose from, finding the perfect piece for your home is easy and affordable. We also carry hundreds of in-stock items that you can take with you!

The holidays are meant for family gatherings and company, and this can sometimes be overwhelming. The designers at Shae Design Studio want to help you get your home ready for this special time! Whether you need a few new pieces to replace some old furniture that you have had for years or if you need help with an entire home project, we can do it all! Having a designer help you get ready for the holidays makes for a stress-free, relaxing time with your family.

Whether it’s a little inspiration you need or help with a project, Shae Design Studio can meet your needs! Our designers are passionate about helping people make the right selections for their home from start to finish. Getting ready for the holidays can be overwhelming, but with the help from Shae Design Studio, you can tackle even the hardest projects.

Shae Design Studio
10420 Kingston Pike, Suite C
Knoxville, TN 37922

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Knoxville Plastic & Craniofacial Surgery

For You, For All

By Jason J. Hall, MD, FACS

Every once in a while, usually in the quiet of the early morning hours when I’m the only person in the house that is awake, I get a chance to reflect on what it is that I do every day. Those moments, sitting in the stillness (in front of the fireplace… sometimes with the AC on), it dawns on me the magnitude of what I have the privilege to do as a career.

Sure… you probably watch “Botched’ (as I do occasionally – it’s hysterical) and think that my job as a plastic surgeon is nothing more than a never-ending parade of Michael Jackson wannabes, Human Ken dolls, and Kardashian acolytes. If you were a fly on the wall, though, you’d see the truth. You’d see the mother of three who wants her body back because she doesn’t feel like herself anymore after having children. You’d see the 20-something who feels insecure about a nose that is crooked or much too large for her face. You’d see the 50-something who feels like he’s 70 and wants his face and neck rejuvenated. And you’d see the scared parents of a child that was born with a birth defect, needing her skull completely reconstructed. And that is all on a random Tuesday in September.

The question that I asked myself when I began a career in plastic surgery is, “What is the common thread between each of these patients?” Not the procedures, certainly. Plastic surgery is the last true “general” surgery discipline left. We operate from the head to the feet and on most body parts in between. What these patients have in common is that I am able to help improve the quality of each one of their lives. The mother of three will now go out with her husband and friends feeling more confident in the way she looks. The rhinoplasty patient will no longer feel insecure about her nose. And the child will not grow up feeling as though she is different from her peers. Seeing a patient through a physical transformation that improves their psychological well-being, as well as their overall level of confidence, is truly powerful. In many ways, this mirrors what happens when we give back to others. The emotional and psychological boost we feel is worth much more than what we give away, whether it is our time, our money, or our service.

Plastic surgery, at its core, is about improving the quality of life for each and every patient we come in contact with. Nowhere is this better exemplified than in the field of mission surgery.

In the developing world, being born with a cleft lip introduces a whole host of problems that don’t exist here in the US. The child and their family are socially ostracized. Also, children born with a cleft palate are at high risk to starve to death – without help feeding early on, many of these children are unable to get enough nutrition to grow.

Without intervention of a host of medical mission organizations, most of these children would never have the chance to live a full life, if they made it to adulthood at all.

From day one, my practice has been dedicated to helping fill the need for charity in our community and across the planet, both by example and by inspiring others to give back themselves. For our employees, we provide extra paid time off to participate in mission work of their choosing, as well as a small stipend to offset the cost of travel. For our patients, we created the “For You, For All” program. This program allows you to participate in global medical missions and help children who would otherwise go without the surgical treatment they need. Participation in the program is easy – by choosing to come to our practice, you automatically help without even knowing it. For every dollar you spend – on Botox, filler, skincare, lasers, and even surgery — a portion of that is donated to mission organizations that provide surgical treatment to children in developing countries.

Whether it is donating to your favorite local charity, volunteering your time at church, or traveling across the planet to help folks you’ve never met, please get involved. Let’s all strive to leave the world a little better than we found it. Together, we can truly make a difference.

Knoxville Plastic & Craniofacial Surgery
9239 Park West Boulevard, Suite 202
Knoxville, TN 37923

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Bobby Todd Antiques

“Making Spirits Bright”

The Bobby Todd Christmas Open House

Bobby Todd Antiques is hosting their annual Christmas Open House on Thursday, October 19, from 10 to 6 at their new location in Knoxville at 4514 Old Kingston Pike in the iconic UP and Down Gas Station Building in the Bearden district. The Open House continues on Friday, October 20, and Saturday, October 21, from 10 to 5 and Sunday, October 22, from 1 to 5.

Each year Bobby Todd is transformed into a Christmas wonderland that captivates children of all ages. From the magical holiday displays to the whimsical and nostalgic holiday décor inside, Bobby Todd evokes a vintage spirit that will take you back to cherished childhood memories. Featured Christmas lines and artists include Byers’ Choice, Lori Mitchell, Shiny Brite, Cody Foster, Bethany Lowe, and Joe Spencer.

Bobby Todd’s sales associates have been as busy as Santa’s elves displaying these unique holiday décor items. During the Christmas Open House, Bobby Todd will also unveil their newest gift selections, quality antique furniture, and colorful accessories for your home.

As always, Bobby Todd offers complimentary holiday gift bag packaging, which makes it the perfect place to “wrap up” your Christmas shopping. Watch eyes light up every time someone receives a gift in a Bobby Todd gift bag.

During the Bobby Todd Christmas Open House, be sure to register to win fabulous door prizes, enjoy scrumptious holiday treats, and visit with old friends and make new ones.

The Knoxville store has officially transformed into Bobby Todd, with new signage and all the wonderful merchandise that you have come to expect at Bobby Todd. Parking is available on the upper level where the retail shop is located and also on the lower level in front of the Bearden Beer Market.

For more information regarding the Bobby Todd Christmas Open House, visit and click on the events tab or like us on Facebook. Make the Bobby Todd Christmas Open House a part of your holiday tradition!

Bobby Todd Antiques
4514 Old Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919

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