Park Place at Farragut

A Traditional Neighborhood Development in the Heart of Farragut

Park Place at FarragutWarm, welcoming porches and flowering courtyards reminiscent of Charleston-style, family friendly communities where neighbors, friends, and families gathered to chat on summer days and autumn evenings are just two of the many amenities that you will discover at the charming neighborhood of Park Place at Farragut. You no longer need to visit Charleston to experience the intricate detailed craftsmanship of wrought iron, custom railings, and tongue and groove ceilings of these exquisite porches and gated, southern garden courtyards.

Crepe myrtles, dogwoods, and magnolias beautifully frame your family’s new home, which features an inviting entrance to your very own, private courtyard. Ah, the courtyards! Shaded, meandering pathways lead to whimsical wonders behind every gate. Graceful arches, fountains, wrought iron gates, and patios are reminiscent of the old southern courtyards of Charleston. Your unique courtyard is your family’s very own out-of-door sanctuary designed to reflect each homeowner’s individual tastes. No two courtyards are the same.

“There are several unique amenities at Park Place that were especially appealing to my husband and me when we decided to build,” said Pam Zachary, Resident Realtor for Park Place. “The homes surround a beautiful park in the center of the community where friends and neighbors often gather. The neighborhood kids love to run and play ball in the afternoon. The lifestyle is easy, and there is plenty of time to relax due to the maintenance-free landscaping and no yardwork. The lawns and landscaped areas are professionally maintained by the Park Place HOA, allowing residents more free time.”

“Relaxing is easy when there is no yardwork,” said neighbor Alex Skaalerud. “Not having to do any yardwork frees up more time to spend with my family and their activities.”

Park Place, located in the heart of Farragut, is only minutes from world-class shopping, entertainment, and sports venues. Its unique Charleston-style architecture is designed and built exclusively by Gerald Cress of Cress Company Incorporated. Gerald has combined his degree in architecture and his more than 15 years of building expertise to make Park Place the unique community that it is.

“A very talented designer and builder, Gerald is gifted with an amazing eye for detail,” said Pam. “His passion for this style of architecture is reflected in every home he designs and builds. Each home captures the grace, charm, and sense of timelessness of old historic Charleston, with each home being uniquely different.”

Park Place at Farragut is very excited to have their first home in the Home Builders Association of Greater Knoxville’s Parade of Homes in October, and several of its residents will open their courtyards for you to stroll through and experience at your leisure.

To learn more about Park Place, and to discover an entirely new future for you and your family at this unique and charming Charlestown-style community, call 865-385-1305 or visit

Realty Executives Associates
Pam Zachary

10255 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37922
865.693.3232 (office)
865.385.1305 (cell)

Park Place at Farragut

Cress Company Incorporated
Gerald Cress


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The Gentle Barn – Tennessee

The Gentle BarnWho could have imagined that a birthday wish from Ellie Laks to her husband, Jay Weiner, asking him to help her “rescue a cow” named Dudley in Tennessee would lead to the founding of The Gentle Barn here in Knoxville?

It all began when an area woman phoned The Gentle Barn in California asking for their assistance in rescuing Dudley, who was taken away from his mother after one month and sent to a beef ranch to be fattened up for slaughter later. As a result of an unfortunate accident, Dudley lost one of his feet and was left to walk on his remaining three legs for eight months. Dudley not only experienced a loss of mobility, but the loss of one of his feet was putting an immense strain on his entire body, and in time, he might lose his ability to walk altogether.

This is when Ellie and Jay, The Gentle Barn in California co-founders, began their search to locate a veterinarian with experience amputating a cow’s foot and fitting the cow with a prosthesis. Their search led them to Dr. Anderson, one of the leading bovine surgeons in the nation, who was located at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Their search also found Ronnie Graves in Florida, who could create a prosthetic foot for Dudley. With everything in place, Ellie and Jay flew to Nashville, Tennessee, to save Dudley.

After five months in the hospital and several surgeries, Dudley was fitted with a prosthesis followed by months of physical therapy. Dudley was ready to go home, but just where would home be? We considered bringing him to The Gentle Barn in California, but the ongoing drought and sandy soil conditions, which could interfere with his prosthesis, were major obstacles. It was decided to keep Dudley on grass and near the University of Tennessee, where he could receive the necessary care he required. Because it was the dream of Jay and Ellie to launch The Gentle Barn nationally with locations in every state, the opportunity presented itself to initiate their dream with The Gentle Barn–Tennessee.

Dudley’s journey, which led to the founding of The Gentle Barn–Tennessee in Knoxville, could not have had a happier ending, except Dudley’s story is really just the beginning. Jay and Ellie have since rescued Destiny, and it was love at first sight for Dudley and Destiny, where he spends his days grooming her and laying by her side under their giant hickory tree. Other residents include Worthy, Indie, and Chris, three horses from Kentucky rescued by The Gentle Barn two years earlier, who were being boarded temporarily in Lexington. They also rescued “Rick Springfield,” the rooster from Nashville, and his two girlfriends, Jesse’s Girl and Rosy. Lastly, Ellie and Jay brought home two pigs, Horton and Henry, who were heading to slaughter. Afraid of people at first, they are now very playful, happy, friendly, and love to roll over for tummy rubs. Also, there will be many more animals who will join these amazing animals at The Gentle Barn in the future.

The Gentle Barn–Tennessee is open Saturdays from 11-1 for visitors to hug and brush the cows, feed the horses carrots, give the pigs tummy rubs, and hold the chickens and as they fall asleep in their laps. Visitors are also invited to sample delicious Tofurky hot dogs and Beanfield chips to discover just how a delicious, healthy, cruelty-free, plant-based diet can be.

During the week, The Gentle Barn–Tennesse hosts inner city, at-risk, and special needs groups of children who share the animals’ stories of abuse and neglect. The Gentle Barn–Tennessee also works with war veterans, domestic violence shelters, senior citizen centers, children’s hospitals, and anyone else who would benefit from the unconditional love, hope, and inspiration of our residents. Through the interaction with the animals and their stories, people learn kindness, compassion, and confidence and cultivate self-awareness and hope for the future, right here in The Gentle Barn–Tennessee.

For more information about The Gentle Barn, visit and purchase your tickets to meet Dudley and his pals today. It can change your life! To learn more about how The Gentle Barn got started, you are encouraged to read the founder’s book, “My Gentle Barn,” available wherever books are sold.

The Gentle Barn–Tennessee

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Putting the “Customer” into “Service”

By Tom Irmen

We all know how to pronounce it, and most every small business owner includes it in their company’s advertisements, but unfortunately, very few entrepreneurs truly embrace it. But those that do experience a level of success that makes them the envy of their peers.

Genuine customer service is more of a personal philosophy than a catch phrase. It’s a core belief that everyone in the organization embraces. It means that your spoken word is more valuable than another person’s written contract. It means that your clients trust that you place their interest ahead of your own. It means going the extra mile. It also means that you don’t promise your customers a 100% effort, substitute a 70% effort, and hope that they don’t notice the difference.

It doesn’t mean that you’re perfect either or that you won’t make mistakes. But it does mean that you own your company’s mistakes and, that as owner, accept full responsibility. You don’t place the blame on anyone else.

In today’s competitive marketplace, many entrepreneurs may feel that they cannot afford to provide the high level of customer service that will truly differentiate them from their competitors. The fact is, you can’t afford not to.

The financial reality of poor customer service is that poor customer service costs far more than great customer service. The cost of returns, rework, multiple customer visits, time wasted, etc., not to mention a dissatisfied customer who freely shares their negative experience with countless others, is far greater than the cost of doing it right the first time.

And here’s another reality. Great customer service will probably cost you far less than you might have imagined. Why? Because mediocrity is so pervasive in today’s society that simply doing what you promised to do is often perceived by customers as great customer service.

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Gallery on Main

Meet Local Artist Allan D. Sibley

GE DIGITAL CAMERAWhat inspires an English man to leave everything behind and move “across the pond” to end up in Monroe County, Tennessee? The answer to the question is, of course, a woman.

Award winning artist, Allan D. Sibley, grew up in England, drawing since he could hold a pencil in his hand. Early on his father said, “I will raise no street painter.” But nothing could hold Allan back, and he applied, was accepted, and attended the Cambridge School of Art in the United Kingdom. He graduated and received the Licentiate to the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers.

As an adult, Allan met an American girl, fell in love, and moved to the United States. He spent many years working for graphic design firms and doing work for international accounts around the world while living in Florida. Life’s journey has had him end up in Sweetwater, Tennessee, where he has lived for the past seven years.

His life travels have taken him far, but his art has always remained his calling. He has a colorful, graphic style and likes to interpret what he sees onto his canvas, whether it is a still life, landscape, or portrait. His work is full of imagination and draws the viewer in to visit his world. Presently he paints, shows his work, and does commissions.

You can have the pleasure of meeting Allan, as he will be working on-site at Gallery on Main in downtown Sweetwater during their 2nd Annual Open Studio Artists’ Tour on October 10th during the event. For more information about the hours he will be on-site and about the event, call the gallery at 423-337-7400.

Gallery on Main
109 Morris Street
Sweetwater, TN 37874

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The Goddard School

Introducing Hardin Valley’s The Goddard School

By Anoula McCarren

The Goddard SchoolAs the daughter of immigrant parents who owned and operated a small business as I was growing up, I’ve experienced entrepreneurship on many different levels. But never did I imagine the response that we have received from parents since my husband, Don, and I launched The Goddard School here in Hardin Valley. While it is the goal of every business owner to satisfy their customers, it’s difficult to express the overwhelming and positive response we receive from our students’ parents.

“Matthew has enjoyed every single day, has grown both emotionally and developmentally, and has developed many great friends that we hope to see in kindergarten,” said Matthew’s mom, Nicole. “Thank you for the great work you do and the tremendous amount of patience and love you have for our children. Our family will treasure the memories as our youngest journeys to kindergarten well prepared.”

I truly believe that one of the greatest rewards that I and our team of trained professionals receives is the knowledge that, in our warm and nurturing environment, we help your youngest family members begin their social and academic journeys that can make all the difference in a child’s life. Not a daycare, our team of dedicated educators include certified undergraduate and graduate instructors who help provide your infant through school age children with well defined pre-school educational opportunities that will help them make the most out of their future social and academic experiences. Fully accredited, The Goddard School offers students an award-winning curriculum designed to guide your infant’s early learning experiences, resulting in a lifelong love of learning that allows each baby to develop at his or her own pace.

Our toddler program encourages your child’s natural curiosity in a fun and active learning environment, while our preschool program introduces preschoolers to cognitive skills, social skills, language skills, and art skills. Our pre-K program focuses on kindergarten preparedness, encouraging cooperative play and collaborative problem solving skills, all customized to your child’s progress, needs, and age.

Parents also appreciate receiving daily reports for each of their children describing the day’s curriculum, student progress, and memorable moments, all designed to help inform them of their student’s individual progression.

Due to the success of early childhood development programs, the overwhelming response of our parents, and our growing “wait list,” we are pleased to announce that The Goddard School in Hardin Valley will be adding 3,100 square feet of classroom, gym, and multi-purpose facilities to its existing campus beginning this fall, which will allow us to accept additional students in the months ahead.

There are very few things that we can offer our children that are more valuable than a great education, which we believe begins early on in your child’s life. While we don’t know where life’s journey will ultimately take our students, we’re confident that we can assist you in assuring that his or her journey will be joyful and productive.

If you would like to discover just how The Goddard School can help prepare your child for a lifetime of social and academic success, I invite you to call or visit me. Let’s begin together!

The Goddard School
10720 Virginia Pine Way
Knoxville, TN 37932

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Workout Anytime

No More Excuses!

By April Nitzsche, Master Personal Trainer

We all have excuses as to why we can’t workout. Maybe your schedule is too busy or you’ve had a few injuries holding you back. It’s time to put yourself first and get consistent about exercising in spite of your excuses!

My trainers and I are very creative about getting around injuries and working to help you come up with a plan that works with your busy schedule. Remember, we are open 24/7! So it’s time to improve your health, lose weight, or get that fit bod you’ve always dreamed of.

Workout Anytime provides the customer with the Rolls Royce of fitness equipment in a clean and comfortable environment – all for $15 per month with no term contracts! Visit our Facebook page at and see what our customers are saying about their experience and service here.

I would like to personally invite you to stop by one of my two locations, Bearden or Maryville Workout Anytime, for a “no strings” attached tour of our facility. We want you to experience the difference Workout Anytime has to offer.

Workout Anytime in Bearden and Maryville is locally owned and operated by Kurt and April Nitzsche.

Workout Anytime – Bearden
6739A Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919

Workout Anytime – Maryville
141 Foothills Mall Drive
Maryville, TN 37801

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Facial and Skincare Specials at Spa 9700

Spa 9700’s annual fall focus on skincare will feature the latest in skincare treatments and facials from Eminence and Glo Therapeutics, including some specials on chemical peels!

After a summer of beach trips, forgetting to apply sunscreen, and watching wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation become a problem, most people are ready to try to fix it, but how? Chemical peels are one of the most effective methods for improving damaged and aging skin. Many options are available, including everything from brightening the skin to correcting conditions like hyperpigmentation, scarring (such as in acne), wrinkling, and uneven surface texture. Also, they’re not just for the face. Other common areas to treat with peels are the chest, back, arms, hands, and feet.

What is a chemical peel? In basic terms, acids are topically applied to the skin with the goal of stimulating cell turnover, resulting in the shedding of dead skin cells. Most of the “chemicals” are naturally derived from plants, fruits, and vegetables. The level or depth of the peel is determined by the makeup of the acids involved. You don’t have to fear chemical peels! When choosing which peel is right for you, enlist the help of one of Spa 9700’s experienced estheticians. She will analyze your skin, discuss your goals, and make recommendations for the best treatment. With the flexibility provided from a variety of peels, Spa 9700 can tailor your treatment to your lifestyle. Fantastic results can be attained from even gentle peels, and both Glo and Eminence now have at-home peels you can incorporate into your regular routine.

Skincare events happening this fall include:

  • Glo’s Vitamin C Facial repairs and protects sun damaged skin and corrects the signs of aging to improve skin tone. $15 off in September. (By appointment)
  • 20% off any chemical peel from Glo or Eminence during October. (By appointment)
  • Girls’ Night Out, October 8, 4–7: Glo’s Antioxidant Express Repair Facial $30 (normally $55). Free makeovers by Glo Makeup Artist, Leslie Boler. (By appointment)
  • Purchase $75 in Glo Therapeutics’ skincare and receive a free Renew Serum. Purchase $50 in Glo makeup and receive a free lip product of your choice. (Girls’ Night Out Only)

Spa 9700 has a complete selection of facials, chemical peels, and skincare sure to set you on the path to the best skin of your life!

Spa 9700
9700 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37922

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Veronica G Boutique

Discover All-New Autumn Apparel at Veronica G Boutique

By Gail Edwards, Owner

New fall merchandise from our featured designers is arriving almost daily at Veronica G Boutique as we help you prepare for autumn. From wall to wall and floor to ceiling, you’ll discover a wide selection of all-new apparel for your fall wardrobe that will make the transition to lower daytime temperatures and cooler evenings an easy one. You’ll also enjoy our affordable prices.

Speaking of prices, we would like to invite you to take advantage of our month-long sale on most of our merchandise in the boutique as we make room for our new fall lineups. There will be unadvertised specials throughout the store on our remaining summer apparel, as well as some of our newly arrived autumn merchandise. If you enjoy Black Friday sales, you’re going to love our September month-long sale.

Also, for those of you who are familiar with the retail trade, you know how daunting merchandising, restocking, and maintaining a retail shop can be, with owners and associates often working into the late nighttime hours to prepare for the very next business day. To help us offer all of you the very best shopping experience possible, and to lessen the demands on our team, we will now be closed on Mondays to allow our staff to not only offer you the quality shopping venue you’ve come to expect from Veronica G Boutique, but also to give our associates the much deserved rest and time with their families that they’ve earned.

So circle the entire month of September on your calendar, and take advantage of great prices throughout the boutique – not only on our newly arrived items for autumn, but on our remaining summer merchandise, too.

New hours:
Tuesday-Friday 11 am–5 pm
Saturday 1–5pm
Closed Sunday & Monday

Veronica G Boutique
11655 Parkside Drive
Knoxville, TN 37934

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Institute for Female Pelvic Medicine

Why Choose the Institute?

Institute for Female Pelvic MedicineThe answer to this important question can be found in three categories, namely:


Dr. Jeffrey Dell is currently in his 20th year of practice in Knoxville. He was one of the first physicians in the U.S. to become Subspecialty Board Certified in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (FPMRS) and founded the Institute 15 years ago to provide a center dedicated to the advancement of female pelvic floor medicine in East Tennessee. In addition to seeing patients from all across East Tennessee, Dr. Dell and the Institute for Female Pelvic Medicine have been a national referral Center of Excellence for the management of complications following surgeries with mesh and slings and have evaluated and performed complex surgical procedures on numerous out-of-state patients from across the U.S. Dr. Dell has published numerous articles in peer-review journals and has lectured extensively nationally and internationally in academic forums.

One of the most exciting recent developments in female pelvic floor health is the MonaLisa Touch®. Dr. Dell and the Institute are one of only three training centers in the U.S. where all providers must be trained before beginning to perform the procedure. As such, Dr. Dell has performed hundreds of procedures and has a level of experience and expertise that is unparalleled currently in the U.S.

“We have instruments and technology advancements, as well as experience on the treatment of vulvar and external tissues, that other centers currently do not have,” says Dr. Dell.

The Institute for Female Pelvic Medicine is completing the U.S. patient trial for the treatment of lichen sclerosis, a painful inflammatory condition affecting many women, and has seen very encouraging results. These evolving treatment protocols are being developed in conjunction with the Italian physicians and engineers who pioneered the technology a few years ago in Florence and Milan. Virtually all questions, issues, or clinical scenarios in the U.S. are funneled through Dr. Dell and the other two training centers on a weekly basis, again providing an unparalleled knowledge of the technology at the teaching centers.

Finally, patients who come to Dr. Dell and the Institute for Female Pelvic Medicine for treatment appreciate first-hand not only the passion he has for what he does, but the compassion he has for his patients and their families. That compassion is also shared by the team members of the Institute who are all considered valued members of the patient support staff. Our vision is to provide a “concierge” level center that is quiet, sophisticated, accommodating, and unlike any other center in the region.

Joining Dr. Dell at the Institute are Dr. Lionel McCollum and Teresa DeBusk, Nurse Practitioner, each with more than 30 years experience, to provide all aspects of general gynecology and routine care of women as needed. To learn more, call 865-769-4488 or visit

Institute for Female Pelvic Medicine
10133 Sherrill Boulevard, Suite 100
Knoxville, TN 37932

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Dynasty Nail Spa

You’ll Not Only Feel Your Best, But You’ll Look Your Best

Dynasty Nail Spa

The best just got better with the opening of a second Dynasty Nail Spa at 155 North Peters Road. In addition to Dynasty’s first salon located at 254 Morrell Road near Bed, Bath & Beyond, now you have two convenient locations for all of your nail needs.

So just what are people saying about Dynasty Nail Spa? Everything Knoxville asked long-time Dynasty Nail Spa customer and area resident, Pattie T. of West Knoxville, just that.

“There are three reasons that I chose Dynasty Nail Spa and why I’ve continued to come back,” said Pattie. “First, the nail spa is meticulously clean. Second, all nail cutting instruments are sterilized in an autoclave. And third, there is a genuineness amongst the team at Dynasty Nail Spa that I just haven’t experienced elsewhere. They care about each and every customer and surprisingly remembered my first name after only my first visit.”

Dynasty Nail Spa offers customers a wide variety of both services and packages just right to meet your individual needs. From hands to feet, you can select from a variety of standard and premium manicures and pedicures at very affordable prices. Select from gels and acrylics offered with a large choice of special finishes in addition to convenient nail repair. You’re encouraged to visit either of Dynasty Nail Spa’s two convenient locations to learn more.

If you would like to truly look as great as you feel, then we invite you to discover the Dynasty Nail Spa difference. Just like Pattie of West Knoxville says, “If you’re in search of a meticulously clean and sanitary spa and a level of customer service that will exceed your expectations, then I would highly recommend Dynasty Nail Spa to all of your readers.”

Dynasty Nail Spa

155 North Peters Road
Knoxville, TN 37923

254 Morrell Road
Knoxville, TN 37919

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