Koko FitClub: Revolutionizing Fitness in 30 Minutes or Less

Koko FitClub
Revolutionizing Fitness in 30 Minutes or Less

Koko FitClub

As is so often the case, necessity became the mother of invention, and Koko FitClub became a reality. Founded in 2004, Koko FitClub was the creation of entrepreneurs and husband and wife team, Mike Lannon and Mary Obana. Overwhelmed by busy careers and a young family, Mike and Mary experienced what so many others experience – greater emphasis on career and family activities and less emphasis on personal fitness.

Recognizing that their desire to get back into shape and still balance their careers and family would be others’ desires as well, this entrepreneurial couple combined their creative skills to launch Koko FitClub. This revolutionary new concept combines technology with the science of fitness to produce truly amazing results when compared to other traditional fitness models.

Koko FitClub is a comprehensive approach to fitness, unlike other plans that often focus only on weight loss or building lean muscle. Koko FitClub’s comprehensive fitness model combines the most important aspects of total fitness, including exercise, cardio, nutrition, and other important health related criteria. By focusing on total fitness, Koko FitClub helps their members achieve an uncommon level of health and well-being that can have a very positive impact on their lives and their futures.

The success of Koko FitClub has grown to 28 states, with two locations here in Knoxville (in Bearden and Farragut). Patricia Kilgore, a Registered Nurse and lifetime fitness enthusiast, realized the life-changing potential that Koko FitClub’s comprehensive approach to fitness offered the community and opened both clubs in 2012.

EK: As a medical professional, does it bother you to see the piecemeal approach to fitness that so many of us pursue?

Patricia: Where do I begin? It drives me crazy! The appeal of a specific “quick fix” is marketed to appeal to people’s emotions. I love the “lose weight while you sleep” promise. We are bombarded daily with unrealistic promises that appeal to our emotions. We know better. To achieve the most effective results and maintain them, we must make balanced lifestyle changes involving our activity level and nutrition. It does take action on our part, but the “no pain, no gain” attitude of yesterday is really not true. We do not need pain to make gains. It doesn’t have to be that hard. That is why Koko is so great. We do the research and planning for you. You commit, and you will get fit.

EK: Why do those of us who wish to enhance our personal fitness avoid this more comprehensive approach?

Patricia: It’s primarily a lack of knowledge. Most of us don’t possess the knowledge required to plan out a comprehensive program that includes exercise, cardio conditioning, and dietary changes that will help us meet our goals. It is also about having been exposed for years to misinformation that is now accepted as factual, when actually there is little or no science to back it up.

EK: Is that why you feel that many people with even the best intentions confuse activity with fitness?

Patricia: So many people in our society today are de-conditioned. We only need to look around us. No one enjoys being overweight, lacking energy, or taking medicines for chronic conditions. People have a real desire to be more fit and healthy, but how does one go about it? Just getting moving is a start and is definitely better than sitting on the couch. However, it does not usually reach the level of intensity required to achieve significant change.

EK: Tell our readers about Koko’s unique approach and the personal assessments you conduct for each member.

Patricia: What struck me immediately when I was introduced to the Koko concept was its simplicity. Yet, the “total package” was all there! What sets Koko apart from other “traditional, older style” gyms is the unique software system and patented Smartraining equipment. When you join a Koko FitClub, you are not just purchasing access to a facility. You are purchasing a customized training program with a built-in support system of FitCoaches that are there to guide and motivate you on your fitness journey. We use our patented technology to bring the knowledge of our world-class personal trainers to each workout session. All workout data is stored on a member’s Koko key to help track and analyze progress. When people visit us for the first time, we offer a comprehensive fitness assessment. This innovative process includes defining goals, identifying limitations, and performing a baseline strength test to determine current fitness levels.

EK: So how do you create a personalized plan to help individuals achieve strength, cardio, and nutritional goals?

Patricia: It is really amazing. Based on information gathered during the assessment and strength test, we recommend a program track. The program is then customized through a series of complicated algorithms to define each person’s fitness level, and the training begins.

EK: You offer members a wide variety of programs and options that can be periodically adjusted. Please explain.

Patricia: As members progress, their program is adjusted based on periodic strength tests and milestones. But that is just the strength component. In addition, we help with cardio conditioning and nutrition. The saying “abs are made at the table” is true. Changing eating habits is as hard as any workout, if not harder. Koko FitClub knows this and offers personal coaching and accountability sessions to help with fuel. We have a number of membership options to meet different budgets and fitness goals. We use a team approach (members + FitCoaches) to ensure all fitness needs are covered.

EK: Tell us how Koko FitClub helps its members avoid high blood pressure, diabetes, and other diseases.

Patricia: We really do change lives for the better as evidenced by results and data our members have shared with us. We surveyed 3,746 Koko members across the U.S. and found the following:
» 38% reported reductions in blood pressure
» 43% reported reductions in cholesterol
» 36% reported improved blood sugar levels
» 78% reported improvements in mood since joining Koko
» 81% reported reduced stress levels post Koko workouts
» 77% report other health status improvements

Every day an article or study is published touting the positive benefits of regular exercise and smart nutrition. Koko FitClub delivers on these promises. Unfortunately, many people living with chronic health conditions are intimidated and hesitate to enter large gyms with no direction. Koko FitClub offers special health tracks for people living with arthritis, diabetes, back problems, and even cancer recovery.

EK: Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Patricia: I think the words of Dr. Deborah Ebert Long, MD, FCCP (Fellow of the College of Chest Physicians), who is triple board certified in pulmonology, thoracic surgery, and critical care medicine, express my feelings perfectly:
“I have been a Koko member for two years. On a personal level, I am amazed to have finally found a regimen that is motivating, effective, and sustainable. As a physician, I recommend Koko on a daily basis for health maintenance, disease management, and prevention. I am amazed at how the concept adapts to any age or fitness level. The constant feedback of performance into the system allows people to progress at whatever pace is appropriate and at a very low injury rate. Without asking people to commit enormous amounts of time or money, Koko provides health results that I have never seen equaled by any other intervention.”

If you are new to fitness, ready to make a change, or need guidance and motivation, come try us, completely risk free. We perform fitness assessments at no charge as a way of allowing people to experience what makes us unique. Ours is a one-of-a-kind, proven approach to fitness that is done in as little as 30 minutes. Our system has worked for thousands of people nationwide, people just like you and me. Let us prove to you that fitness can be simple and how easy it can be to stick with our program. There is a better way, and it is Koko FitClub! As the saying goes, we really do have “Fit Figured Out.”

Thanks for welcoming Koko to East Tennessee. The first three years have flown by, and we are looking forward to many more lives changed! My team and I look forward to getting you started on your journey today!

Koko FitClub

4614 Kingston Pike in Bearden

153 Brooklawn Street in Farragut


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Svelte Body Contouring

Everything’s Coming Up Strawberries
By Jason Crippen, Owner of Svelte Body Contouring

Svelte Body Contouring

You’ve tried everything, including diets, exercise, wraps, and more, but nothing seems to work. A growing number of both women and men are asking themselves the same question: How can I lose those inches that are preventing me from attaining the younger, more youthful appearance I once had?

At Svelte Body Contouring, we like to say that “everything’s coming up strawberries” because of our new, state-of-the-art Strawberry Laser from Lila. This revolutionary body contouring laser literally helps you shape your way to fitness, health, and a happier lifestyle. Also, our laser provides inch loss with the very first treatment, motivating you to stay on track.

But best of all, the Strawberry Laser 20-minute treatment from Lila is:
» Non-invasive
» Painless
» FDA approved
» Medically directed
» No downtime for recovery
» Offers guaranteed/instant results

Is it really possible to lose inches with every treatment? Understandably, that’s the question most frequently asked by our clients. The answer is yes. In fact, we’re so confident you’ll lose inches that you’ll pay nothing if your treatment doesn’t produce results.

Here’s how the Strawberry procedure works. At the beginning of your first treatment, measurements are taken of your treatment area. Completely painless, the treatment requires only 20 minutes, during which time you can read, watch TV, or just relax. The unique Strawberry Laser works by safely expelling water, fatty acids, and glycerol from your fat cells, causing them to shrink and ultimately be carried out of your body in your urine. After your treatment, you can simply return to your normal activities.

FDA approved, the Strawberry Laser will not harm surrounding structures, vessels, or nerves. All you have to lose are the inches and the pounds.

While you’re visiting Svelte Body Contouring, I invite you to explore the many other services we offer, including:

» Teeth whitening
» Esthetician services
» Aesthetic/cosmetic medicine
» Nerium skincare

So if you’re ready to rediscover the thinner, more youthful you and perhaps jump back into your skinny jeans, I encourage you to experience the revolutionary Strawberry Laser that will leave a thinner you with every visit. What are you waiting for?

Svelte Body Contouring
6006 Walden Drive
Knoxville, TN 37919


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The Peach Petticoat

The creation of local entrepreneur and businesswoman, Shanna Jestice, The Peach Petticoat is an eclectic boutique collection of women’s apparel, locally handmade clothing, and accessories, including unique jewelry and other one-of-a-kind items.

While selling many of her items online, Shanna now offers a brick and mortar alternative located at Ironic, which is conveniently located at 5054 Kingston Pike in Bearden.

“We’re excited to be teaming up with Holly and her team at Ironic,” says Shanna. “Their unique, hand-crafted art and décor perfectly complement our varied collection, which includes some very unique painted barn wood signs and home accessories, along with many of my personal funky flea market find specials.”

A self-proclaimed “flea market junkie,” Shanna’s approach to design is to expose and enhance the natural beauty of anything she creates.

“Even if my customers are looking for interesting and fun pieces to enhance their wardrobe or home and have had no success in finding them, I will undertake a personal treasure hunt to find those items for them,” she said.

You can visit The Peach Petticoat at Ironic Tuesday through Friday from 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/thepeachpetticoat.

“Also, while you’re at Ironic, be sure to browse the many unique iron, fabric, glass, and earthenware art, gifts, and home décor items,” said Shanna.

The Peach Petticoat at Ironic
5054 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919

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Premier Eyecare

Are You Over 40 and Still Want to Wear Contact Lenses?

Whether you have been wearing contact lenses or glasses for years or have never had to depend upon vision correction devices until now, if you have been experiencing difficulties in focusing at near, you have options.

Traditionally, reaching the age of 40 has meant either wearing reading glasses, bi-focal glasses, or monofit contact lenses. Multi-focal contact lenses hit the market in the mid-‘90s and have been much improved since those early days. Today’s soft multi-focal contact lenses provide acceptable vision for many but leave others with blurred, distorted vision. Astigmatism poses a unique problem for presbyopic contact lens wearers.

Now we have a much better option for those who have either given up on contact lenses or have not been happy with the vision or comfort they currently get from their contact lenses. Duette Progressives are the latest generation of hybrid contact lenses that combine the comfort of soft lenses with the clear vision of rigid gas permeable lenses. Duette Progressive’s rigid center delivers crisp, clear vision at all distances to let you focus on near objects, as well as enhancing intermediate and distance vision. With Duette Progressive, you can live focused… any time… any distance!

The primary requirements to be successful with contact lenses are clear vision, comfort, and health. Duette Progressives provide crystal clear vision at all distances, advanced materials that are highly permeable to oxygen and block more than 80% of UVA and 95% of UVB radiation, and are very comfortable for all day wear.

For optimal success, it is best to find an eye doctor who is very experienced in fitting these types of lenses. Dr. Brent Fry of Premier Eyecare has fit more than a thousand patients with hybrid contact lenses during the past 10 years. He is currently one of a few select doctors in the country who is on the Synergeyes advisory board to help other doctors around the country learn how to fit these unique lenses. He has also been recently selected as a beta tester for a new hybrid contact lens developed for keratoconus. His experience and passion for fitting contact lenses provides an excellent opportunity for anyone in the Knoxville area looking to be free from glasses.

To learn more, call 865-966-0100 or visit www.premier-eyecare.net.

Premier Eyecare
11121 Kingston Pike, Suite A
Knoxville, TN 37934


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The Town Framery & Gifts Annual Spring Open House

The Town Framery & Gifts Annual Spring Open House
Saturday, March 28
10 am to 4 pm

The Town Framery

The sun is out, the flowers are blooming… it must be time for The Town Framery & Gifts Spring Open House. The shop is exploding with bunnies and flowers and other happy things just waiting for you!

Under the portico, our crafters will have special displays just for the day. We welcome woodworkers Paul Tinnel, Dick Parr, and Ernie Peas, who will be demonstrating his hand-hewn wood crafting skills. Lynda Wheeler will be showing off her fantastic weave art, including purses, scarves, and wall hangings, as well as demonstrating on the loom. This spring we are excited to introduce potter Janet Burdecki. Janet’s work is delightful and whimsical, practical and decorative. Also, Missy Steffey will be on hand demonstrating long needle basket weaving and showing her unique and wonderful creations!

Our Open House is also a great opportunity to get that special piece of art you have had your eye on, because there is no sales tax on any merchandise purchase that day! Resident Artist Mary Wilbourn and Watercolorist Joe Trout will both be on hand to meet and greet. Original art from these wonderful artists, along with new prints from Robert A. Tino and original oils from Ron Williams, will be available.

Don’t miss this exciting annual event of fabulous local artists, great food, sales tax-free shopping, and discount coupon for future framing (no new framing orders at the Open House, please) on Saturday, March 28 from 10 am to 4 pm.

The Town Framery & Gifts
12814 Kingston Pike
Farragut, TN 37934


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The Entrepreneurs

Sharing a Piece of Yourself

By Tom Irmen

Truly successful entrepreneurs share a piece of themselves with every one of their clients and potential new customers. It’s our passion, and by sharing something of value with our clients, we’re not only creating a rapport, but we’re also demonstrating the value we offer to our customers. I’m not talking about an advertising specialty item, like a refrigerator magnet or a keychain. That stuff is meaningless. I’m talking about sharing a piece of yourself – your experiences, advice, or personal insights – that can help propel your client forward.

In our publication, we often utilize article space to help our advertisers to successfully differentiate themselves from their competitors. Because of our many years of marketing expertise, and our in-depth knowledge of our clients’ businesses, we are able to assist our advertisers in composing their own articles, which helps them to differentiate themselves from their competition in the minds of our readers. And the fact that they author their own articles helps them establish an instant rapport with our readers as well. The time we invest demonstrates to our advertising partners that we are fully committed to their success and that we are willing to invest ourselves into their futures.

Success is earned. If you sell a commodity product or service, earning success may not be important to you, but that type of success can also be fleeting. It’s a momentary success that will evaporate when your customers discover an alternative source for your product or service available at a lower price.

You’ll also discover another and even greater intangible when you provide something of real value to your customers, and that is the enormous personal satisfaction that comes from sharing in your customers’ success – a success that resulted in part from the investments you made in your clients.

While writing this article, I received a phone call from a great advertising client with whom we have been initiating and supporting a new marketing strategy for his small business. He shared with me that he just received his single largest order ever for his new service. It’s a combined success that results from sharing something of value with a loyal and dedicated client.

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Cranberry Hollow

Cranberry Hollow

Cranberry Hollow

At Cranberry Hollow, you’ll discover it’s all about customer service! A level of customer service you might have thought no longer existed in today’s hurried world. Our uncompromising commitment to exceptional customer service is the basis of our store’s motto, “They’re more than customers… they’re family.”

Our goal is to assist you with whatever you may need, from selecting the perfect gift for that special someone in your life to creating a totally unique arrangement for that area of your home or office that requires that special touch. We carry a wide selection of items for you to select from, including furniture, quilts, candles, jewelry, scarves, body care, stationary, gourmet foods, rugs, lamps, shades, florals, seasonal items, gifts, home décor, and so much more. We also carry a large assortment of special order merchandise such as bedding, wood furniture, leather and cloth upholstery furniture, interior and exterior lighting fixtures, and rugs to fit any size room.

We receive new items almost every day and as we continue to expand our merchandise lines. We are excited to now offer Scojo New York reading glasses. These classy looking glasses, available in a variety of colors and strengths, combine quality with a designer-inspired look. If we don’t have your strength or color in stock, we would be happy to order them for you.

We have also added Poo-Pourri, which is a very popular item that has been flying out the door. It really does work. Just a few sprays in the toilet bowl before you go and no one will ever know!

If you haven’t tried our famous raspberry jalapeno jam, you don’t know what you’ve been missing! We’ve already sold nearly 3,500 jars in the past 14 months and are the number one retail sales outlet in the country for the manufacturer. You can simply serve it over cream cheese with crackers or use as a glaze/marinade for any type of meat, seafood, or chicken. It’s gluten-free and all natural with no preservatives. It’s simply delicious.

We’ve also added a new garden section in back of the store where we feature a wide selection of garden and house flags, flower pots and planters, metal and box wood topiaries, bird feeders, bird houses, and so much more. Look for this area to continue to grow.

Cranberry Hollow… your treasure trove of gifts for all occasions!

Cranberry Hollow
12556 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37934

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Gallaher Plastic Surgery and Spa MD

Introducing Cutera excel HR Laser Hair Removal and enlighten Tattoo Removal Laser

The hairy truth about shaving

Believe or not, summer is just around the corner, which means impromptu visits to the pool, lake, and even quick weekend trips to the beach. Who would want to miss out on these fun opportunities based on unsightly hair issues? Not us!

We all know being swimsuit ready is not an easy fete. Yes, there are ways of getting rid of hair, such as waxing and shaving. These types of treatments must be repeated and are not permanent. Who has time for that these days?

But there is hope! Have you ever considered laser? On average, we spend about 130 minutes shaving a month. Also, don’t forget all the supplies to go along with that – razors, creams, and smell-good lotions that claim to leave our skin “silky smooth.” Add to that the water used for shaving. We can only imagine the countless gallons of water wasted while shaving… money literally down the drain.

Gallaher Plastic Surgery and Spa MD would like to free you of unsightly hair, leaving you hair-free in all the right places with Cutera excel HR. excel HR is the next generation laser hair removal technology for women and men of all skin types. The total number of treatments varies based on the area treated. Typically six treatments every six weeks apart are recommended. excel HR is the only true premium laser source to achieve the safest, most effective results for women and men. Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our medically licensed aestheticians.

Cutera enlighten tattoo removal

Admit it; a majority of us received a tattoo on a “double dog dare” sometime in our past. Even though the story may be great, the regret and embarrassment is too much to handle in today’s time. At Gallaher Plastic Surgery and Spa MD, we are here to help. Introducing Cutera enlighten tattoo removal laser treatments – the world’s first and only dual wavelength and dual pulse laser system. This is the next generation of pico + nano technology for tattoo removal.

Cutera enlighten is the most up to date technology with the fastest, most effective picosecond achieving the highest peak power in its class, allowing maximum delivery of energy to the desired target. It is the best on the market to treat the most common colors such as black, dark blue, green, and even red.

Patient testimony: At 18, she received a multi-colored butterfly tattoo, along with her friends. During the past four years, this patient received 15 treatments with Medlite C6 laser system. Recently, she received one treatment with Cutera enlighten laser and saw a greater improvement after just one treatment versus 12 treatments during the past four years! This patient cannot wait until her next treatment with Cutera’s enlighten tattoo removal system.

Call today to schedule your complimentary consultation with Donna Cress, APRR, CPSN, or Brooke Nix, PA-C. Both providers have experience with tattoo removal and would love to help you get rid of your “double dog dare!”

Gallaher Plastic Surgery and Spa MD
9700 Westland Drive, Suite 101
Knoxville, TN 37922

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Introducing K Town Specialty

Introducing K Town Specialty
By Christine Schilleci, Owner of K Town Specialty

K Town Specialty

So just what is K Town Specialty? This woman’s boutique is many things, but first and foremost, K Town Specialty is a sportswear, accessories, and gift boutique located in a convenient and popular Farragut retail shopping area on Campbell Station Road, just off the interstate, across from the Apple Cake Tea Room.

K Town Specialty is in a process where we are making an effort to bring the most up-to-date lines for golf and tennis. I want K Town Specialty to be fun. I want women like myself who enjoy looking and feeling “pretty” when we play to come and find that particular line that fits just right. The store will be ever changing while we take in the needs from the women of the community. We’ll also be introducing yoga apparel in the coming months.

If you want to look and feel your best, you’re going to love our Portico Collection from EP Pro. The combination of navy and fuchsia pink for this line will be flattering on any woman. We also offer a wide selection from these apparel lines, rather than the limited selection available elsewhere. Also, unlike shopping online, if you’re like me, you can see, feel, and try on your selection before you make your purchase. Plus, you will still be able to take advantage of K Town Specialty’s competitive prices.

I’m also excited to announce our upcoming trunk show on March 9th. Take advantage of our discounted apparel, and get a sneak preview of spring/summer 2015 and many new accessories and gifts that we’ll be adding. Share with us just what new lines you would like K Town Specialty to add to its collection in the future. Our customers are our marketing partners, helping us to decide just what items we will carry in the future.

At K Town Specialty, you’ll discover not only the latest in sports apparel from the nation’s top designers, but you’ll also find a warm “hello” and a friendly face to assist while you shop. We welcome you to come for a visit and see the quality selection of sportswear and travel bags to jewelry and accessories, and enjoy a taste of our delicious chocolates from ever-famous Sarris Candies. While our main focus is women (sizes 0-22), there is a selection of quality men’s clothing as well. This selection of accessories and gifts will be just perfect for any occasion.

K Town Specialty
620 Campbell Station Road, Suite 4
Knoxville, TN 37934

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After 25 Years in Business WhisperRoom Has Something to Shout About

After 25 Years in Business WhisperRoom Has Something to Shout About


How is it possible that a single company that has impacted everything from the Olympics, to internationally renowned recording artists, to television and radio broadcast stations around the world could remain virtually unknown? Well, if you’re WhisperRoom, Inc., the developer and leading manufacturer of portable/modular, sound isolation enclosures, it’s easy to understand.

From it’s humble beginnings on the patio of founder, Ben White’s, condominium to their state-of-the-art research and development and manufacturing facility in Morristown, Tennessee, WhisperRoom has emerged as the world’s premier source of portable/modular, sound isolation enclosures. Primarily a “behind-the-scenes” technological platform, WhisperRoom makes everything you hear sound better. From broadcasts and voiceover recordings to vocals and instrumental recordings, WhisperRoom gives serious professionals the edge and allows musicians and vocalists to hone their craft in the privacy of their own homes, without disturbing their neighbors.

This month Everything Knoxville is proud to interview WhisperRoom founder, Ben White, and design engineer, Josh Fletcher.

EK: Ben, describe for our readers just what a sound isolation enclosure is.

Ben: A sound isolation enclosure is a fully enclosed booth designed to reduce the volume (loudness) of sound, either entering or exiting a structure. WhisperRooms are designed, using both barrier materials and decoupling methods, to effectively reduce sound waves. For example, someone wanting to practice/rehearse using an instrument or vocals, or for a company testing a noisy product, the primary concern would be keeping the noise, or sound, in. On the flip side, for someone recording voice, vocals, instruments, or in a test environment such as audiology, they are trying to keep the day-to-day noises out of the recording.

EK: As a dedicated jazz saxophonist with a passion to play your saxophone in the middle of the night, how were you able to overcome the objections of your neighbors in adjoining condominiums who perhaps didn’t share your enthusiasm for your late night jam sessions?

Ben: When the saxophone bug hit me, I lived in the Baltimore/DC area, which happens to be one of the best locations in the world for jazz. Frequently I would go out to places like Georgetown to listen to some really great saxophone musicians perform. A friend and I would refer to it as being “in search of sax!” Usually I would get home in the middle of the night. I remember sitting in my 1100-square-foot condo, playing my saxophone without actually forcing air through the mouthpiece. I had neighbors on both sides, below, and above me! Well, after about a year, I decided that I needed to either move into a secluded house or build something, an enclosure of some type, that would allow me to play my saxophone anytime I felt creative! After some thought, I decided to build an enclosure. Of course I had to do this while my neighbors were at work, since I was building this on my 12’x16’ patio. My job at the time, a software engineer, often involved working evening and night shifts, so I was able to build by day and work by night! After about nine months, it was complete, and I moved my portable/modular enclosure from my patio into my dining area. It was a 5’x5’ enclosure complete with a 4’x4’ window, a sealed door, and an acoustically designed ventilation system that would allow airflow without allowing sound to escape. It was great! I could play and record anytime of the day or night without the worry of disturbing my neighbors!

EK: So while necessity became the mother of invention, when did you become aware of WhisperRoom’s commercial potential?

Ben: After months of my friends and I jamming away, with no complaints from neighbors, the thought occurred to me that maybe other musicians could use something like this. I did some research and found that the only sound isolation enclosures on the market, at that time, were made of steel, very heavy, non-portable, and very expensive, all of which made them non-conducive to use in multi-housing situations where starving musicians usually resided. So I decided to quit my job and go for it! I spent about a year better educating myself and seeking professional advice on sound isolation techniques. All along the way, I focused on portability and modularity. It had to be a product that could easily be assembled, disassembled, and relocated by average people. Once the prototype was complete, I filed for a patent, which I ultimately acquired.

EK: Describe for our readers some typical applications for WhisperRooms and why they are so important.

Josh: We have a broad and very diverse client base. Typical applications include residential and commercial voiceover or vocal recording, professional radio/TV broadcasting, podcasting, instrument practice and recording, audiology, equipment testing, and conference rooms. Basically, anytime someone needs to either contain sound or keep sound out, they can use a WhisperRoom.

EK: These sound isolation enclosures are available in a wide variety of sizes. Just how important is their portability?

Josh: WhisperRooms are often used as permanent studios/enclosures but are engineered to be portable, modular structures. Our design allows our clients the flexibility to relocate or reconfigure their WhisperRoom as often as necessary. Some clients choose to leave their WhisperRoom in the same location for years, while others routinely move them to different locations. We also have some clients that utilize WhisperRooms for specific events; for example, NBC, who has 20 WhisperRooms they use to broadcast the Olympics. We built custom crates for them, so they set up the WhisperRooms for the Olympic broadcasts during the events and then store them away in their crates until the next event.

EK: I take it then that it’s not unusual to find WhisperRoom enclosures in private residences?

Ben: Absolutely! Many musicians now have WhisperRooms in their residences. Some are very well-known professional personalities and others are people, just like me, who just want to sing or play an instrument without disturbing their neighbors. However, there are many other applications that require sound isolation in a residential setting. For instance, voiceover recording, which includes everything from radio and television commercial spots to movie trailer announcements, audio books, and online instructional videos, are typically recorded within the privacy of their own homes. Residential settings present their own host of recording problems, such as traffic, barking dogs, lawn mowers, or just the slight noise of an HVAC system or refrigerator compressor kicking on, which can deem a recording useless. WhisperRoom eliminates the issue of ambient noise to enhance the recordings to the professional level. Much of what we hear on the radio and TV is actually recorded from someone’s home from within a WhisperRoom.

EK: To celebrate WhisperRoom’s 25th anniversary, you’re planning a radio remote with Knoxville radio personality Phil Williams.

Josh: Yes, we’re excited to have Phil Williams and Talk Radio 98.7 broadcasting live from a WhisperRoom. Tune in on Friday, February 20, from 3:00 to 6:00 pm.

EK: Ben, we know that you credit much of WhisperRoom’s success to your associates. Is there anything you would like to say to your team?

Ben: Yes, if it wasn’t for my team, many of which have been with the company for 10+ years, this company would be nothing! I sometimes joke that they are more particular than I am and that they treat it as if it were their company! Throughout the years, we’ve all had our moments, disagreements, blowups, meltdowns, etc., but at the core, I know that they truly care about the company, the product, and me! I try to show them how important they are to the company and to me personally.

EK: How can our readers learn more?

Ben: They can call us at 800-200-8168 or visit us online at www.whisperroom.com.

WhisperRoom, Inc.

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