Knoxville’s Only Plastic Surgery Center

Knoxville Plastic & Craniofacial SurgeryConsider This Scenario: After years of thought and research, you (or your spouse/significant other) have decided to have plastic surgery.  You asked a few close friends about good surgeons in the area and chose the one you felt the most comfortable with.  Very few people know about your surgery – most of them know you’re going to be out of work for a week or two, but you have been vague about the reasons.  You don’t want the world to know about your private business.

Surgery is scheduled for 7:30 am at one of the local hospitals.  You asked people about the hospital when you were making your surgical plans, and one of your neighbor’s friends knows someone who works there.  They reassure you it’s a “good” hospital.  The night before surgery you go online for some last minute research about your chosen procedure and review the information from your surgeon.  Since you have to be at the hospital at 5:30 am, you pull up the map on your phone and figure it will take 35 minutes to arrive, which means you have to leave home at 4:55 am.

You’re equal parts excited and nervous about the following day.  You can’t sleep well and get up after a very short night of sleep to leave for the hospital.  Arriving the dark, the main entrance to the hospital is difficult to find – there are three or four to choose from, and none are very well marked.  Entering the hospital, you don’t know where you are supposed to go to check in. You look around a mostly empty lobby until you find someone to direct you to the surgical check-in area, all the while looking at your watch.  You don’t want to be late.

Then you remember your neighbor’s friend.  What if the friend is working and runs into you?  What if the friend sees what you’re having done?  You compose yourself to find the check-in, arriving a few minutes late.  There you have to fill out 20 minutes worth of paperwork before being taken to the pre-operative area, where you spend the majority of the next hour sitting around waiting, nervous and uncomfortable, before final preparations for surgery begin.  After surgery you are wheeled through the hospital in a wheelchair and back to another busy entrance, where your ride home has been instructed to meet you.  After again waiting outside (in public) you are helped into the car and are on your way home.

This is the experience many patients who undergo plastic surgery in a hospital or hospital-affiliated surgery center have.  As you can see, there are many aspects of this experience that compound an already stressful situation and can make the surgery experience unpleasant.  However, there is an alternative to this experience that patients of mine have.

What many people in Knoxville do not know is that the only dedicated outpatient plastic surgery center in East Tennessee sits 10 feet below my office off of Cedar Bluff Road.  Built by Dr. Steven Smith in 2008, the Parkwest Plastic Surgery Center is the only fully-accredited, state-of-the-art surgery facility dedicated ONLY to plastic surgery in this area.

Having a private surgery center is a benefit to my patients for the following reasons:

» Privacy: Knoxville is a little big city.  It’s tough to go somewhere without running into someone you know or without running into someone who knows you.  I think it’s one of the things about living here that is wonderful – you rarely meet a stranger.  However, when you are choosing to have plastic surgery, running into someone who knows you on the day of surgery can be anxiety producing, especially if, like most of my patients, you want to keep a low profile.  At my office and in our surgery center below, the chance “run-ins” are unlikely. My patients who work in healthcare (or whose family members work in healthcare) find this particularly comforting.

» Convenience: On the day of surgery, patients are understandably nervous. By the time that the surgery date arrives, however, most patients have been to my office at least twice.  They know where it is located.  They know how long it takes to get there from home.  They know where to go when they arrive.  By being familiar with the surgery center and the office, there is a significant decrease in stress on the day of surgery.  Also, from the parking lot, it’s only 20 feet before you are standing in the lobby.  Contrast this to any other surgery center or hospital in the area: Circle the parking lot or the parking garage, looking for a place to park, and when you finally find one, you have to find your way from there to the front door, then from the door through the hospital to the surgery check-in desk.  Not only is it time consuming, but it adds stress to an already stressful time.

» Safety: Nothing is more important than safety, especially when you are having surgery.  Surgery is often compared to the aviation industry when it comes to safety checklists and the concept of the “team” approach to care.  A coordinated team that works together every day is probably one of the most important factors in making the operating room a safe environment.  At our surgery center, the team approach to surgery is something we practice every day.  We have the same team – from anesthesia, to the operating room staff, to the preoperative and postoperative recovery staff – day in and day out.  All they do is plastic surgery, every day. Everyone knows each other and what to expect both in and out of the operating room.  This allows us to function as an efficient team instead of each of us putting our head down and having “tunnel vision,” where something important can be overlooked.

» Cost: We’ve all heard the news stories of hospitals charging $50 for an aspirin or handing someone a $10,000 bill for a two-hour ER visit. One of the biggest problems in medicine today is that the costs of everything are hidden until after you receive care.  We do things very differently – you know exactly what things will cost before anything is done, including the charges for the operating room and anesthesia.  In fact, we have these prices published on my website and encourage you to visit our site and see for yourself.  There are lots of reasons that healthcare is expensive, but the main drivers of the rapidly increasing costs are the government and the insurance companies.  With them out of the picture, our center can provide high-quality, state-of-the-art surgical care at a fraction of the cost of most hospitals.

» Luxury: What good is all this if the experience is lacking?  Our surgery center is, modestly put, beautiful.  It is a serene environment that is clean and inviting.  You feel this from the moment you arrive through the front doors until you leave through a private exit after your procedure.

If you are considering plastic surgery or non-surgical cosmetic treatments, we would love to hear from you.  You can visit my website at to see more photos of both our office and the only dedicated outpatient plastic surgery center in East Tennessee, to research procedures and treatments, and to search for pricing information.

Dr. Jason Hall is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who completed his surgical training in Texas, followed by a fellowship in facial surgery at Stanford. In 2015, he established his practice in his hometown of Knoxville after practicing in Houston, Texas, for five years. He is married with two daughters. 

Knoxville Plastic & Craniofacial Surgery
Jason J. Hall, MD
9239 Park West Blvd, Suite 202
Knoxville, TN 37923

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European Fine Hardwood Floors

European Fine Hardwood FloorsRediscover Old-World Craftsmanship

It’s been 11 years since Valera and Svetlana Tomescu fulfilled their dream of immigrating to the United States from their native Moldova in Eastern Europe. They believe that their goal of achieving the American dream was made possible in large part to the generosity of the people of the United States. Despite the many challenges they experienced as newlyweds in this new country with little money and very few possessions, today they are excited to be living in beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee, along with their three wonderful boys.  They also feel fortunate to own their own business, European Fine Hardwood Floors.

As a young boy in Moldova, Valera was introduced to woodworking by his grandfather, who was a master carpenter.  Valera just loved working with wood, and his grandfather nurtured his grandson’s passion for woodworking.  In Europe, where apprenticeships help develop the next generation of skilled craftsmen, Valera was able to become the highly skilled craftsman he is today.  His grandfather would have been so proud to see his grandson today if he were alive.

European Fine Hardwood Floors features new hardwood flooring installation and refinishing of existing hardwood floors using the highest quality materials available, no subcontractors, and the latest technologies available, including “dustless” floor finishing.

Most homeowners assume that despite the promises of dust-free finishing made by flooring contractors, that dust is just a fact of life. Well, “dustless technology” does in fact exist, and Valera and Svetlana are proud to have made the financial investment in this technology on behalf of their customers. They don’t use the bags seen on most refinishing equipment today that allow dust to remain in your home, but instead they use specialized, high efficiency vacuums that remain outside your home that are attached to their equipment using high capacity hoses. This equipment, manufactured by Swedish-based Bona, the world’s number one innovator in the wood flooring industry since 1919, offers you the truly “dust-free” alternative to wood floor finishing that you deserve.

A Bona Certified Craftsman, Valera has earned this much coveted distinction as a result of his years of experience and extensive training and testing by Bona. If you have water or pet damaged hardwood floors, insist on a Bona Certified Craftsman to assure the best restoration results. European Fine Hardwood Floors is proud to be a Bona Certified Craftsman and a member of the National Wood Flooring Association and adheres to the highest standards and guidelines of both organizations.

Why not rediscover old-world craftsmanship at it’s best, a level of craftsmanship that you might have thought no longer existed? Call Valera today, visit them on Facebook, or visit, where you can also view customer testimonials.

European Fine Hardwood Floors

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Don’t Miss These Fun-Filled Fall Classes at Knox Essential Oils

We are excited to announce our fall schedule of classes. We are featuring several wonderful local speakers this go around. Our classes have a limited space of 15, so RSVP is encouraged.

» Boosting Your Immune System for Winter Wellness Using Essential Oils: September 13, 6:30-8:00, FREE – Learn how to naturally ward off all those seasonal threats coming our way.

» Essential Oils for Emergency Preparedness: September 20, 6:30-8:00, FREE – Learn which oils are a must to have in any disaster/emergency situation and how to pack an emergency backpack.

» T-Touch for Pets with Essential Oils with Terrie Irvin: October 4, 6:30-8:00, cost is $5 and will be donated to Small Paws Rescue – Terrie will demo this amazing technique for your pets.

» Immune System Support & Tea Blending with Rachel Milford: October 11, 6:30-8:00, cost is $30, RSVP required – Learn how to use herbs to boost your immune system daily. Class will include instructions on how to make herbal tea blends. Everyone will take home their own bag of immune support tea. This a great way to learn some homemade gift ideas.

» Relieving Seasonal Threat Symptoms with Fire Cider & Elderberry Syrup with Rachel Milford: October 18, 6:30-8:00, cost is $30, RSVP required – Learn how to make these super immune boosting brews. Everyone will take home their own jar of Elderberry Syrup.

» Recharge Your Vital Energy with Essential Oils with Lorrie White, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist: October 25, 6:30-8:00, FREE

» Using Essential Oils for Mood Management: November 1, 6:30-8:00, FREE – Learn how to use essential oils to manage moods and beat the winter blahs. This class is especially helpful for managing family during the holidays.

Be sure to take advantage of these learning opportunities. You may RSVP to or call the store at 865-474-1340. Herbal classes with Rachel Milford will require a deposit.

Knox Essential Oils is located at 4928 Homberg Drive in Knoxville. Hours are 10-6 Tuesday through Friday and 11-4 Saturday.

Knox Essential Oils
4928 Homberg Drive, Suite A-5
Knoxville, TN 37919

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Do You Wish Your Vision Was Perfect?

Premier EyecareIf you see 20/20, does that mean you have perfect vision?  If you are like most people in America, your vision is not perfect, especially without help.

Many refractive conditions exist, but the main three are myopia (near-sightedness), hyperopia (far-sightedness), and astigmatism (distortion caused by a misshaped cornea or crystalline lens).  Depending on the severity of your refractive error, you may have several options, or you may be limited.

Wearing eyeglasses is the standard method of correcting refractive error.  Since our vision is very subjective, it is important to obtain an accurate prescription from an experienced eye doctor.  Of equal importance is the optician fitting your glasses and the quality of the eyeglasses.  Beware of cheap alternatives to high-quality eyeglasses.

Contact lenses are a good choice for those wanting an alternative to eyeglasses.  If you have ever been told that you are not a candidate for contact lenses, it may just be that you require specialty contact lenses.  Prescribing specialty contact lenses can be challenging and requires an experienced contact lens practitioner who is skilled in fitting specialty contact lenses along with the more standard contact lenses.

Refractive surgery is another option.  LASIK is the most popular refractive surgery and does come with risk.  However, many find the benefits outweigh the risk involved.

Dr. Fry has been prescribing specialty contact lenses for nearly 20 years and has been very successful in fitting patients who were told they were not good candidates for contact lenses.  Premier Eyecare has three licensed opticians on staff who are educated, trained, and licensed to fit eyeglasses properly.  LASIK consultation is also available. During your eye exam, you will encounter a friendly, well-trained staff, high-tech equipment, and a comfortable environment.

If you have not been satisfied with your vision, call Premier Eyecare today to schedule an appointment for an eye exam.  You may be surprised to finally see what you have been missing.

Premier Eyecare
11121 Kingston Pike, Suite A
Knoxville, TN 37934

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FALL in Love with elle BOUTIQUE


Our absolute favorite season of the year is upon us, and we couldn’t be more excited about all of our new arrivals. Colder weather means more layers, which means more amazing pieces to style and choose from.

A must-have layering piece we are excited about this season is the turtleneck. Designers went all out this fall with cozy turtleneck pullovers, super soft fabrics, and fresh raw hems to give a cool look shown underneath jackets and sweaters! We have a wide selection to choose from coming in from all of our brands fitting for different styles and needs.

Another layering must-have is a pair of David Lerner leggings. DL is one of our newest lines known for their fashion forward styles and slimming fits. They are perfect for all of those long tunic tees, sweaters, and jackets you’ll be wearing this season to guarantee a slim bottom while your top is “layer heavy.”

Speaking of jackets, our selection this season is out of this world. We have a wide range of price points and styles that we are in love with. Our faux suede leather jackets with cool angles and flattering fits start at just $95. Those are an easy purchase to transition you into fall. But if you love real leather as much as we do – the feel, the smell, the LOOK – don’t worry, we have that to offer, too! We also have the season’s hottest jacket trends coming in with touches of shearling, fur, retro plaids, and cool bombers you will definitely want to get your hands on (and bodies in)!

In addition to all of these must-have layering pieces, you can of course count on our large selection of denim and plaids we all love every fall! Come shop with us Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm!

5508 Kingston Pike, Suite 130
Knoxville, TN 37919

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Fall in Love with Autumn

Veronica G BoutiqueThe promise of crisp autumn mornings and the spectacular palette of fall colors will be enjoyed even more with your visit to Veronica G Boutique.  Our number one apparel line from Parsley & Sage never disappoints.  Discover for yourself their colors of autumn, which include rich blues, greens, browns, and everyone’s favorite, teal.

We’re also very excited about all of the new jewelry designs that we’ll be featuring this season from popular fashion jewelry designer, John Michael Richardson.

Veronica G Boutique is proud to introduce our latest fashion accessory, SHREDS.  Like a scarf but far better, SHREDS are a one-of-a-kind neckwear creation designed and handmade in the heart of America from upcycled textile remnants.  The result is that no two SHREDS will appear alike, offering a totally unique look for each and every wearer.  SHREDS are also available in popular UT colors.

We are also pleased to feature our recent “Strike a Pose” contest winner, Kay Wellons.  Kay decided to enter the contest after learning about it in Everything Knoxville.

“I’m never too old to have a little fun!” said Kay, a retired Knox County teacher and administrator.

And strike a pose she did, as she won the contest hands down.  Kay’s only grandson, Carter, who she looks after four days a week, was at the beach one day with his parents, so she decided to get all dolled up and go for it.

“I followed my own advice to my students to seize all of life’s opportunities,” said Kay.  “I just love Veronica G Boutique’s fashions, as they make women feel younger and more vibrant, in style, and just a little ‘sassy.’  And boutique owner, Gail, is another reason I love Veronica G Boutique.  Gail makes you feel comfortable, spending time with each customer while sharing her knowledge of current fashions.  She also encourages you to break out of the mold.  Veronica G Boutique fashions are versatile and are perfect for a busy and active lifestyle.”

Strike you own pose at Veronica G Boutique today!

Veronica G Boutique
11655 Parkside Dive
Knoxville, TN 37934

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6th Annual National Muscadine Festival

As September arrives, we are busy preparing for historic downtown Sweetwater’s 6th Annual Muscadine Festival.  Free to the public, this year’s three-day event, which is hosted by the Sweetwater Merchants and Property Owners Association, will feature a fine art and craft show, BBQ competition, great food, family fun, live music, and more.  The festival begins on Friday, September 23, at 4 pm and ends on Sunday at 5 pm.

Gallery on Main is excited to announce that several of our artists will be showcasing and demonstrating their art.  Artists will be located just across the parking area from the gallery.

Another Muscadine Festival host, Tsali Notch Vineyard, who has recently partnered with Gallery on Main, will have an expanded role in this year’s event.  They’ll have muscadine juice tastings at their booth near the Memorial Park and gazebo located in the center of downtown Sweetwater.  You can also enjoy wine tasting at the Tsali Notch tasting room, which only recently opened inside the gallery.

Gallery on Main will remain open until dark during the three-day event to give festival goers more time to view the art of a variety of popular local and regional artists.

Discover the fun and magic of this year’s Muscadine Festival.  For more information, stop by Gallery on Main or visit

Gallery on Main

109 Morris Street

Sweetwater, TN 37874


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The Election Distraction

By Tom Irmen

I’m frequently asked by other small business owners whether I believe that presidential elections impact the economy.  The plain and simple truth is that I don’t know.

In my 66 years, every presidential election that I have witnessed has been showcased as the election upon which the fate of the nation rests.  It sort of reminds me of SEC football, where sports analysts convince fans that next weekend’s games are even more pivotal than last weekend’s games.  You know… the ones that they convinced us then were the very games upon which the entire season depended.

There’s no question that the upcoming elections are important, particularly when you consider that the new president will set the tone for our nation for the next four to eight years.  While much is at stake, I don’t believe elections rise to the level of doom and gloom portrayed by a media fighting for market share and increased advertising revenues.

After this election season has ended, which can’t be soon enough for most of us, rest assured that politicians and their pundits and a willing media will begin the seemingly never ending political cycle all over again as they begin to handicap the 2018 congressional elections, which of course will be characterized as the most important election in our nation’s – and the world’s – history.

But until this matchup between The Donald and Hillary draws to its final conclusion, you still have a business to run. If you’re a political junkie, why not re-channel some of that energy to your own election? You know… the election that you participate in daily, where your customers (the voters) decide to select you or your competition (the candidates) with which to do business.  Trust me, it’s more financially rewarding.

Be a patriot.  Vote for the best candidate, and then go out and win your own election.

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Navigating Today’s Financial Planning Marketplace

Financial Partners of TNAttempting to navigate the financial planning marketplace can be challenging, particularly if you are attempting to go it alone. Many investors, whether just beginning their careers or preparing for retirement, discover that retaining a financial planner can prove to be invaluable when trying to navigate today’s financial marketplace. But selecting a financial planner can become just as a daunting task as making do-it-yourself financial decisions.

In this issue of Everything Knoxville, we are pleased to introduce our readers to John Fawaz, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioner and founder of Financial Partners of TN, LLC. Although John may be a familiar face to many of you who have seen him on WATE-TV or heard him speak publicly on a variety of financial topics, it is hoped that our interview will help introduce you to Financial Partners of TN, LLC and answer questions you may have about selecting a qualified financial planner.

EK: John, what inspired you to become a financial planner?

John: My father owned an aluminum manufacturing company with more than 100 employees. At a very early age, after being inspired by my father’s entrepreneurship, I decided that I wanted to join my father in running his business. So I decided to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. During my junior year, I received a call from my dad telling me that his business was failing and he had no choice but to close the plant. Because nearly everything he owned was invested in his business, I found it necessary to support myself. I tried a variety of careers, but what interested me the most was the financial service industry, where I discovered the importance helping clients create and implement a comprehensive financial plan. I only wished that my dad had met with a qualified financial planner. Things might have turned out much better for him. After my work in the financial planning field, I launched Financial Partners of TN, LLC and have never regretted my choice.

EK: Where did you attend college?

John: I graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in mechanical engineering. Although I never pursued engineering, the discipline I learned as an engineering student has proved invaluable in the financial planning marketplace, particularly as I worked full-time while earning my degree.   

EK: People are understandably confused about how to select a qualified financial planner. What advice can you offer our readers?

John: Finding a qualified advisor is both challenging and critical, as many individuals in the financial services marketplace identify themselves as “financial planners.” CFP® professionals, on the other hand, have completed extensive training and experience requirements and are held to rigorous ethical standards. They understand all the complexities of the ever-changing financial marketplace and will make recommendations based entirely on your best interest. I’ve always recommended you do thorough research on any financial planner that you might be considering. The Brokercheck link at is a great resource for learning about a financial planner’s qualifications, experience, and registrations they may hold.

EK: Tell our readers about your involvement with LPL Financial.

John: We are independent Investment Consultants registered with LPL Financial, one of the nation’s leading financial services companies and the largest independent broker-dealer.* I was honored to be LPL’s Patriot Club.  This distinct honor is awarded to less than 10% of the firm’s approximately 14,000 advisors nationwide and is based on an annual production of all registered advisors supported by LPL.

EK: Help our readers get to know you a little bit better. On a purely personal level, what are you most passionate about?

John: Aside from my passion for financial planning, I would have to say traveling. I travel frequently for both business and pleasure. I grew up traveling with my parents and my three sisters and brother.  My sisters live in England, France, and Nigeria. While I have traveled the world extensively, there’s no better place to live or people to surround yourself with than Knoxville and its people. This is my 26th year in Knoxville.  I enjoy an active lifestyle, which has included marathons, half Iron Man Competition, CrossFit, and yoga.

EK: How do the trust, education, and experience you have achieved in your career help you in your financial planning practice?

John: There are many good planners in the financial marketplace today, but I believe that what really makes us successful the fact that three different area financial institutions have entrusted us with providing financial advice to their valued customers. We are the exclusive Investment Consultants for the customers of UT Federal Credit Union, UBank, and Peoples Bank of the South. This is a big responsibility, which I don’t take lightly. I am also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Chartered Financial Consultant, and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and have been a practicing financial planner for more than 18 years.

EK: Our readers may be familiar with you from your appearances on Knoxville’s ABC affiliate, WATE.

John: I’ve been fortunate to have been asked by WATE to provide financial expertise on different financial topics for past four years.  In addition, I am an instructor at the University of Tennessee non-credit program and regularly speak to area groups on a variety of financial subjects.

EK: Tell us about Financial Partners TN, LLC’s philosophy.

John: We take a holistic approach to life planning, no matter where you are in life. Whether you are just getting started in life or winding down a successful career, you have goals and dreams. We engage you in an ongoing conversation about your needs, goals, and objectives to help you pursue the life plan that’s right for you.  The most important lesson I’ve learned in business was from a true professional I consider to be my mentor – the president of UBank. “Treat people like you would like to be treated, and place honesty above everything.”  That is the motto that I live by in my life.

EK: Although the answer may appear obvious to many, why is it important to initiate a comprehensive financial plan earlier in life rather than waiting until later?

John: The biggest misconception is that you need to have accumulated a large amount of money in order to meet with a financial planner, and as younger people are in the accumulation stage, they often postpone meeting with a financial planner until much later. Nothing could be further from the truth. Start planning early and let compound interest and time go to work for you. I meet regularly with older clients who wished they had started planning for retirement much earlier. Planning late leaves you with fewer options, although better late than never. We are procrastinators by nature, and we all live busy lives. Investing a few hours of your time now planning might save you years of disappointment.

EK: You are involved in many organizations. Tell our readers about your community involvement.

John: I currently serve on a variety of non-profit community boards. Giving back to a community that has given my family so much has truly been an enjoyable experience. My community involvement includes the past presidency of the East Tennessee Financial Planning Association and serving on the board of directors of Leadership Knoxville.

EK: How can people learn more about Financial Partners of TN, LLC?

John: Your readers can call our office at 865-558-8182 or visit, where we would be willing to answer any questions they may have.

Financial Partners of TN, LLC
2100 White Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37916

*As reported in Financial Planning Magazine, 1996-2016, based on total revenue

Securities offered through LPL Financial, member FINRA/SIPC. Insurance products offered through LPL Financial or its Licensed affiliates

The investment products sold through LPL Financial are not insured. Peoples Bank of the South and UBank deposits are not FDIC insured. These products are not obligations of the Peoples Bank of the South and UBank of Jellico are not endorsed, recommended, or guaranteed by Peoples Bank of the South, Ubank of Jellico, and UT Federal Credit Union or any government agency. The investment products are also not insured. UT Federal Credit Union deposits are not NCUA insured. The value of investment may fluctuate, the return on the investment is not guaranteed, and loss of principal is possible. Peoples Bank of the South, Ubank of Jellico, UT Federal Credit Union, and Financial Partners of TN, LLC are not registered broker/dealers and are not affiliated with LPL Financial.

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Beyond the Same Old, Same Old BBQ!

If your backyard BBQs are relying on the same old dogs, patties, and buns, why not spice up your next BBQ with a visit to CH Interiors & Gifts’ gourmet BBQ headquarters and discover how to step up your next BBQ from ordinary to extraordinary?  CH Interiors & Gifts has a wide selection of products that will simply amaze family members and guests alike.

How about their Raspberry Jalapeño all-natural jam?  Not just for breakfast anymore, this raspberry jam can be used to create raspberry jalapeño burgers, vinaigrette, salad dressing, Crock-Pot meatballs, pork tenderloin, and served over baked brie.  In fact, to date, they have sold more than 8,000 jars of their Raspberry Jalapeño Jam.

Try their savory Saltine Cracker Seasonings to create to-die-for burgers.  Or try their special mulling spices to create your very own summertime punches, including Summer Sangria.  Also, be sure to check out their other gourmet BBQ items, including Black Bean Salsa, Mango Salsa, Peach Habanero Jam, Pear Cinnamon Jam, and Strawberry Jalapeño Jam – all perfect as dessert toppings, dips, dressings, seasonings, and marinades.

If it’s time to spice up your life by spicing up your next BBQ, then it’s time to visit your BBQ headquarters at CH Interiors & Gifts.

CH Interiors & Gifts

Raspberry Jalapeno Burgers: Sweet with a bit of heat!

» 1 1/2 lbs of ground beef

» 1/3 cup bread crumbs

» 1/2 cup of Raspberry Jalapeño Jam

» 1/2 teaspoon salt

» 1/2 teaspoon pepper

» 6 large basil leaves, chopped

» 1/4 cup fetta cheese, chopped

Mix all ingredients together, form into patties, and grill to your liking. The same recipe is also great for meatloaf!

CH Interiors & Gifts

12556 Kingston Pike

Knoxville, TN 37934


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