After 25 Years in Business WhisperRoom Has Something to Shout About

After 25 Years in Business WhisperRoom Has Something to Shout About


How is it possible that a single company that has impacted everything from the Olympics, to internationally renowned recording artists, to television and radio broadcast stations around the world could remain virtually unknown? Well, if you’re WhisperRoom, Inc., the developer and leading manufacturer of portable/modular, sound isolation enclosures, it’s easy to understand.

From it’s humble beginnings on the patio of founder, Ben White’s, condominium to their state-of-the-art research and development and manufacturing facility in Morristown, Tennessee, WhisperRoom has emerged as the world’s premier source of portable/modular, sound isolation enclosures. Primarily a “behind-the-scenes” technological platform, WhisperRoom makes everything you hear sound better. From broadcasts and voiceover recordings to vocals and instrumental recordings, WhisperRoom gives serious professionals the edge and allows musicians and vocalists to hone their craft in the privacy of their own homes, without disturbing their neighbors.

This month Everything Knoxville is proud to interview WhisperRoom founder, Ben White, and design engineer, Josh Fletcher.

EK: Ben, describe for our readers just what a sound isolation enclosure is.

Ben: A sound isolation enclosure is a fully enclosed booth designed to reduce the volume (loudness) of sound, either entering or exiting a structure. WhisperRooms are designed, using both barrier materials and decoupling methods, to effectively reduce sound waves. For example, someone wanting to practice/rehearse using an instrument or vocals, or for a company testing a noisy product, the primary concern would be keeping the noise, or sound, in. On the flip side, for someone recording voice, vocals, instruments, or in a test environment such as audiology, they are trying to keep the day-to-day noises out of the recording.

EK: As a dedicated jazz saxophonist with a passion to play your saxophone in the middle of the night, how were you able to overcome the objections of your neighbors in adjoining condominiums who perhaps didn’t share your enthusiasm for your late night jam sessions?

Ben: When the saxophone bug hit me, I lived in the Baltimore/DC area, which happens to be one of the best locations in the world for jazz. Frequently I would go out to places like Georgetown to listen to some really great saxophone musicians perform. A friend and I would refer to it as being “in search of sax!” Usually I would get home in the middle of the night. I remember sitting in my 1100-square-foot condo, playing my saxophone without actually forcing air through the mouthpiece. I had neighbors on both sides, below, and above me! Well, after about a year, I decided that I needed to either move into a secluded house or build something, an enclosure of some type, that would allow me to play my saxophone anytime I felt creative! After some thought, I decided to build an enclosure. Of course I had to do this while my neighbors were at work, since I was building this on my 12’x16’ patio. My job at the time, a software engineer, often involved working evening and night shifts, so I was able to build by day and work by night! After about nine months, it was complete, and I moved my portable/modular enclosure from my patio into my dining area. It was a 5’x5’ enclosure complete with a 4’x4’ window, a sealed door, and an acoustically designed ventilation system that would allow airflow without allowing sound to escape. It was great! I could play and record anytime of the day or night without the worry of disturbing my neighbors!

EK: So while necessity became the mother of invention, when did you become aware of WhisperRoom’s commercial potential?

Ben: After months of my friends and I jamming away, with no complaints from neighbors, the thought occurred to me that maybe other musicians could use something like this. I did some research and found that the only sound isolation enclosures on the market, at that time, were made of steel, very heavy, non-portable, and very expensive, all of which made them non-conducive to use in multi-housing situations where starving musicians usually resided. So I decided to quit my job and go for it! I spent about a year better educating myself and seeking professional advice on sound isolation techniques. All along the way, I focused on portability and modularity. It had to be a product that could easily be assembled, disassembled, and relocated by average people. Once the prototype was complete, I filed for a patent, which I ultimately acquired.

EK: Describe for our readers some typical applications for WhisperRooms and why they are so important.

Josh: We have a broad and very diverse client base. Typical applications include residential and commercial voiceover or vocal recording, professional radio/TV broadcasting, podcasting, instrument practice and recording, audiology, equipment testing, and conference rooms. Basically, anytime someone needs to either contain sound or keep sound out, they can use a WhisperRoom.

EK: These sound isolation enclosures are available in a wide variety of sizes. Just how important is their portability?

Josh: WhisperRooms are often used as permanent studios/enclosures but are engineered to be portable, modular structures. Our design allows our clients the flexibility to relocate or reconfigure their WhisperRoom as often as necessary. Some clients choose to leave their WhisperRoom in the same location for years, while others routinely move them to different locations. We also have some clients that utilize WhisperRooms for specific events; for example, NBC, who has 20 WhisperRooms they use to broadcast the Olympics. We built custom crates for them, so they set up the WhisperRooms for the Olympic broadcasts during the events and then store them away in their crates until the next event.

EK: I take it then that it’s not unusual to find WhisperRoom enclosures in private residences?

Ben: Absolutely! Many musicians now have WhisperRooms in their residences. Some are very well-known professional personalities and others are people, just like me, who just want to sing or play an instrument without disturbing their neighbors. However, there are many other applications that require sound isolation in a residential setting. For instance, voiceover recording, which includes everything from radio and television commercial spots to movie trailer announcements, audio books, and online instructional videos, are typically recorded within the privacy of their own homes. Residential settings present their own host of recording problems, such as traffic, barking dogs, lawn mowers, or just the slight noise of an HVAC system or refrigerator compressor kicking on, which can deem a recording useless. WhisperRoom eliminates the issue of ambient noise to enhance the recordings to the professional level. Much of what we hear on the radio and TV is actually recorded from someone’s home from within a WhisperRoom.

EK: To celebrate WhisperRoom’s 25th anniversary, you’re planning a radio remote with Knoxville radio personality Phil Williams.

Josh: Yes, we’re excited to have Phil Williams and Talk Radio 98.7 broadcasting live from a WhisperRoom. Tune in on Friday, February 20, from 3:00 to 6:00 pm.

EK: Ben, we know that you credit much of WhisperRoom’s success to your associates. Is there anything you would like to say to your team?

Ben: Yes, if it wasn’t for my team, many of which have been with the company for 10+ years, this company would be nothing! I sometimes joke that they are more particular than I am and that they treat it as if it were their company! Throughout the years, we’ve all had our moments, disagreements, blowups, meltdowns, etc., but at the core, I know that they truly care about the company, the product, and me! I try to show them how important they are to the company and to me personally.

EK: How can our readers learn more?

Ben: They can call us at 800-200-8168 or visit us online at

WhisperRoom, Inc.

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Unhealthy Air at Home or Work?

Unhealthy Air at Home or Work?

Best Choice Inspections

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, air quality should be tested for homes and businesses. Examples of symptoms that can result from breathing excessive amounts of certain air particles include chronic sneezing, asthma attacks, sinus infections, frequent headaches, itchy eyes, itchy skin, allergic reactions, chronic coughing/wheezing, and hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

Every day we consume about 1.5 gallons of food and liquids, yet we breathe in about 2,160 gallons of air! We check labels for ingredients and nutritional value, but do you know what’s in the air you breathe?

Best Choice Inspections, an indoor air quality inspection company based in Knoxville, has a new indoor air quality analysis called a TAP Test (Total Air Particulates). Using professional air sampling devices, this simple 10 minute test identifies which particles are too high, and Best Choice Inspections provides recommendations on how to reduce excessive levels. Particulate examples include:
» Mold Spores, Plant Parts, Ash & Char
» Cellulose, Synthetic & Fiberglass Fibers
» Gypsum, Talc & Silicates, Dust Mites
» Human & Pet Hair, Pet Dander, Mica
» Insect Parts & Feces, Soot, Algae

Serving Knoxville since 2002, Best Choice Inspections is an A+ Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau and A+ Rated with Angie’s List. Make a positive impact on your health, and mention this article to get $30 OFF a Tap Test!

Best Choice Inspections

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When Ebenezer Misbehaves

By Tom Irmen

I remember a business mentor telling a group of small business owners that if certain changes were made to our individual business models, we would likely experience the loss of a small number of our customers. I asked, “Which ones?” My question was intended to be humorous, knowing that every small business owner has a couple of difficult clients they probably wouldn’t mind losing.

So why do we keep these difficult customers around in the first place? Well, if this past recession is any reminder, new customers can often be challenging to come by, and as a result, we often place a higher than normal value on client retention. But if you have a customer who is disruptive to your business, it may be time to take a stand.

My recommendation is that you schedule a face-to-face meeting with your client. Forget the emails and text messages. Sit down with your customer and lay all your cards on the table. Tell them that you appreciate their past business, but describe your areas of disagreement, and attempt to reconcile your differences. In the absence of an agreement, part company. Keep it professional.

We have a rule in our own business that we don’t allow any customer to run our company. Now, that doesn’t mean that we are not accommodating or that we don’t accept constructive criticism. But we do not allow a single customer or a small group of customers to interfere with our ability to serve the needs of the majority of our clients.

It’s been my experience that it requires far less time to replace a troublesome client than it takes to please them, a goal that is often unobtainable in the first place. There’s also far less drama and emotional energy invested.

While we’ve all been told in the past that the customer is always right, I believe that this expression should be modified to say that “reasonable customers are usually right.”

Place a high degree of importance on the valued relationships you have with your customers, but never allow those significant relationships to be undermined by customers you will never be able to please no matter how hard you try.

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Introducing Shae Designs Kitchen & Bath Design Studio

Introducing Shae Designs Kitchen & Bath Design Studio

By Shae Seeber

Shae Designs

While I’ve always enjoyed the full scope of my creative work as an interior designer, I’ve discovered that my principal area of design expertise has followed my passion and talent for kitchen and bath design. Everything from workspace and flow to lighting, style, and design captures my imagination, and my interest goes beyond these considerations to include the quality and craftsmanship of each cabinet to the proper installation of your designer kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

My more than 12 years of experience has also helped me learn just what’s important to individual homeowners. As a wife and a mother of three young children, I’ve learned even more about flow, efficiency, and economy.

Imagine your new home’s designer kitchen or baths, or replacing your home’s existing cabinetry, with cabinets that reflect that showcase quality look you hope to achieve but at 20-30% less than standard retail pricing and, in some instances, as much as 50% less. Then imagine that you’ll not sacrifice either quality or features to achieve your goals.

As owner of Shae Designs Kitchen & Bath Design Studio, I offer all of my clients the ultimate experience in kitchen and bath design by combining my 12 years of interior design experience with today’s state-of-the-art 3D color software that allows you to see your proposed kitchen and bath during the design and concept stage and not just a two-dimensional sketch. Also, because I buy direct from the manufacturer, you’ll save up to 30% of what other kitchen and bath design retail stores typically charge and enjoy lead times that are half of what you’ll experience elsewhere.

Also, check out our quality. All cabinet drawers are dovetailed, feature soft-close hardware and 1/2” plywood bottoms, and are all finished inside.

If you’re building your dream home or remodeling your existing kitchen or baths, I invite you to discover an all-new level of design excellence, quality, and craftsmanship that you might have thought no longer existed today – and all at a price of up to 30% off of competitors’ pricing but with no need to sacrifice the showcase quality look that you deserve. Call me today to learn more.

Shae Designs Kitchen & Bath Design Studio

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Introducing The Painted Perch

Introducing The Painted Perch

By Colleen Brock, Owner of The Painted Perch


Although I initially pursued a career in residential mortgage lending, I returned to my true passion for the arts in 2011, which also allowed me to focus on my other passion of becoming a stay-at-home mom to my two small children. I became a DIYer, refinishing furniture for resale, which helped express not only my artistic passion, but also helped supplement our family’s income. It was during this time, after experimenting with a variety of paint lines from different manufacturers, that I discovered Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture Paint. I was won over immediately after trying out my first sample.

I became an exclusive distributor of Maison Blanche, marketing it at the retail level in Farragut two years ago before opening my very own retail store, The Painted Perch, in November 2014. Located in convenient Farragut, you’ll discover everything you’ll need to professionally refinish your own furniture. Also, if you’re a novice, we’ll even teach you what you will need to know to start your very own DIY project.

Maison Blanche is a rich, thick, creamy, luxurious furniture paint that dries to our signature smooth and velvety finish, requiring no stripping, sanding, or priming. Our exclusive formula contains chalk and will adhere to almost any surface.

Maison Blanche Paint Company’s Vintage Furniture Paint does not contain chemical drying agents. This allows for a longer “open time.” The paint is allowed to settle and smooth out as it dries with minimal occurrence of chalk balling and brush strokes and is low in organic volatile compounds, making it eco-friendly. This water-based paint has little to no odor; you can create your masterpiece just about anywhere without fear of reprisal from your delicate senses.

Maison Blanche Paint is available in 42 beautiful colors. Finish and protect with one of their four antiquing waxes, three lime waxes, or two varnish finishes. As if that weren’t enough, also check out our eight colors of shimmer waxes, embossing cream, glazes, antiquing dust, crackle medium, outdoor paint, and our new lime paint.

In addition to our extensive line of Maison Blanche products and classes, we also carry another amazing brand of paint called Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, which is created by a very popular blogger and artist, Marian Parsons, also know as Miss Mustard Seed. This line of paint is truly authentic. It is completely natural, only containing four ingredients, and is VOC free.  Whether you are after a buttery, smooth finish or the authentic “chippy” look, this paint is like no other!  It is currently available in 18 beautiful hues, and an additional six European colors are being introduced this month!  

The Painted Perch also sells painted furniture and home décor pieces. If you’re not so inclined, or if you just don’t have the time, we can even paint your furniture items for you.

So whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice, I invite you to visit The Painted Perch to discover just how you, too, can magically transform virtually any surface, both inside and outside of your home, and achieve the professional results you’re looking for.

The Painted Perch
11020 Kingston Pike, Suite 220
Knoxville, TN 37934

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Transforming Weddings from a Day-Long Event to a Lifelong Experience

Transforming Weddings from a Day-Long Event to a Lifelong Experience

By Kathy Tarr, Owner of Springtree Farms

Springtree Farms

From purely a woman’s perspective, I’m not certain which is the most significant event – my wedding day or the birth of my children. Perhaps because our wedding symbolizes the beginning of our nearly 44 years of marriage and the relationship from which we were blessed with six wonderful children, I’d have to say my wedding day.

But for so many couples, instead of becoming a memorable and sacred celebration, their wedding day has become a blur. Confronted with a multitude of decisions and deadlines, weddings have become a hectic event – a date and time on your calendar, reminiscent more of a theatrical production than the cherished, life-changing occasion it should be. How many of us would like to take that day back and transform it into an unforgettable experience that you would remember and treasure for the rest of your life?

When my husband, Jack, and I first discovered Springtree Farms, our original thought was to create a sanctuary for our family and close friends. But Springtree Farms, laced with rustic and elegant charm and a rich history dating back to 1797, became more than either of us could have imagined. The secluded splendor and majesty of Springtree Farms provided a reflective, restorative, and recreational sanctuary for the souls of our visitors. What folks encountered at Springtree Farms made them not want to leave.

It was then that we became aware of just how Springtree Farms had touched not only our own lives, but the lives of others as well. With our passion and commitment to helping others build and sustain strong marriages and families, we decided to create a wedding venue unlike any other – a customized, once-in-a-lifetime beginning shared with friends and family that would serve as a foundation for a couple’s lifetime together. Rather than the day-long, stress-filled event most weddings have become, our aim was to create a meaningful, life-long, weekend celebration.

Our wedding venues and packages are as varied as Springtree Farms’ natural surroundings. From the “Vista,” which offers a majestic view of Springtree Farms’ rolling countryside and the magnificent Cumberland Plateau in the distance, to the century-old “Parham Chapel,” which offers stunning simplicity amongst a timeless and historical setting, to the lush and secluded “Oak Meadow” surrounding the giant oak framed by the mist-shrouded Cumberland Mountains, Springtree Farms offers every couple the opportunity to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

If you’re currently planning a wedding, I invite you to discover Springtree Farms by calling now to take one of our fun-filled ATV tours. If you know someone who is planning a wedding, I would like to ask you to share this story with them. It might turn out to be the greatest gift you could give them.

Springtree Farms
Located just minutes from nearby Crossville, TN

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How Do You View Insurance?

How Do You View Insurance?


Whether you require insurance for personal or business purposes, people in general fall into one of two areas. There are those who focus almost entirely on price and the second group that focuses first on coverage and then on price.

“At Tate Insurance Group, we feel that we’re unique in the insurance marketplace,” said Scott Tate, President. “We’re focused first and foremost on our relationship with our clients. That important relationship provides the opportunity needed to properly access your exposures and risks and to offer you the correct coverage at the lowest possible cost.”

“If you’re shopping for insurance and you’re asked for a current declaration page, that should be a warning to you,” added Stuart Bilbrey, Vice President. “If a new agent is not doing a thorough analysis, they’re not doing their job, and they’re doing you a disservice.”

The lowest priced coverage doesn’t necessarily assure you that you’re actually paying the best price or that you’re fully covered. For example, many unsuspecting homeowners who have recently purchased homeowner coverage thinking that they were saving money may discover that their savings might have resulted from decreased coverage.

“Due in large part to hail damage claims, many home insurance providers have replaced their prior coverage with ACV, or actual cash value,” said Stuart. “What that means is that in the event of a loss, you’ll receive only the depreciated value of, say, your roof, and not the actual replacement value. For many homeowners, that could cost many thousands of out-of-pocket dollars.”

“The insurance industry is constantly evolving, making it nearly impossible for the average person or business owner to remain on top of this dynamic marketplace,” added Scott. “Many clients who think they’re saving money actually may discover that they’re paying too much in premiums because they’re over-insured.”

Tate Insurance Group is designed for that client who wants to be certain that they have the proper coverage to prevent them from potential personal or business losses. By establishing a relationship with each client, they can make informed recommendations that identify areas where you’re uninsured or underinsured or where you may have duplicate coverage for which you’re paying too much money.

“Knowledge is power,” said Scott. “The better acquainted we are with our clients, the better we can serve them and the better value we can offer.”

The dedicated associates at Tate Insurance Group represent nearly 50 different respected insurance carriers, ensuring that they have just the right insurance for each client’s unique needs and circumstances. Unlike captive agents who represent a single insurance carrier, Tate Insurance Group can recommend the right insurance company for your needs. Their independence means that your options are not limited.

Tate Insurance Group is also a full-service insurance provider that offers:
» Automobile insurance
» Commercial insurance
» Health insurance
» Homeowners insurance
» Life insurance
» Umbrella insurance

The advantage to you comes from the peace of mind that results from knowing that you’re insured against any eventuality that life may throw at you. You’ll also be happy to learn that Tate Insurance Group is a Dave Ramsey endorsed local provider.

To learn more, call 865-862-8233 or visit Tate Insurance Group – your assurance of independent, full-coverage insurance for every area of your life or business.

Tate Insurance Group

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A Heartfelt Message

A Heartfelt Message

By Gail Edwards, Owner of Veronica G Boutique


February is a very special month for me because one year ago, a long-time dream became a reality in a place called Veronica G Boutique. After many months of searching for just the perfect location, weeks of 12-hour days relocating from our former Loudon location, and designing and building out our new space, we finally arrived at the evening before our big reveal. I remember taking a final walkthrough of my beautiful new boutique with tears of joy; everything about the store was as I had dreamed Veronica G Boutique would appear one day!

On February 5, we opened the doors to Veronica G Boutique to a day filled with well wishes and encouragement from so many of our dear friends and loyal customers that had anxiously awaited the opening of Veronica G Boutique. Many new friendships resulted from our new Farragut and Knoxville customers who were delighted to discover a boutique that offered “just what they were looking for.”

We wish to thank all of our customers and friends for your kind support and your many referrals that have made our first year in Knoxville such a wonderful success. We are looking forward to another successful year of sharing all of our wonderful fashions and accessories with you and to meet all of your needs throughout the coming seasons.

This month Veronica G Boutique is featuring comfy resort wear for those of you who have been blessed with a fun trip somewhere warm and sunny. For those anxious for spring, we have several of our spring lines arriving, featuring this season’s popular color of blue and a host of other fun colors just for spring. For those that love a great sale, come enjoy our final winter clearance sale through the end of this month.

Once again, my deepest and most heartfelt thank you.

Veronica G Boutique
11655 Parkside Drive
Knoxville, TN 37934

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ArtXtravaganza 2015 Features Leading Artists, Kicks Off with Patron’s Party

ArtXtravaganza 2015 Features Leading Artists, Kicks Off with Patron’s Party

ArtXtravaganza, now in its 15th year, returns to Webb School of Knoxville’s Lee Athletic Center March 6-8. More than 2,000 original artworks by nearly 70 acclaimed artists, hailing from the Southeast and beyond, will be available for purchase. From oil paintings to sculptures, photography to woodworks, glass and metal works to jewelry, ArtXtravaganza promises to satisfy every taste and budget.

The show opens Friday with a new Patron’s Party from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. Enjoy hors d’oeuvres and an exclusive look at the works by this year’s participating artists. As part of Webb’s partnership with Mooreland Heights Elementary School, a portion of the proceeds supports Mooreland Heights. Tickets for the Patron’s Party can be purchased at

ArtXtravaganza continues Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm. Admission on Saturday and Sunday is free.

Jennifer Bowman and Emily Allison are the featured artists. Bowman’s abstract paintings have been shown on HGTV and are part of the collections of Nashville stars such as Taylor York and Holly Williams. Bowman says her paintings are formed through a process of layering, incorporating molding paste, acrylic and oil glazes, coffee, fabric, and found objects.

Award-wining artist Emily Allison specializes in tin collages and papier-mâché figures. Her mixed media collages use recycled materials, including food tins, plywood, magazines, hardware, circuit boards, and wire. Her papier-mâché figures feature found objects such as wood spindles from chairs or tables, wire and carved teak bowls.

ArtXtravaganza, one of the premier art shows in the Southeast, has helped establish Knoxville as a community aligned with the arts. Reflecting Webb’s tradition of fostering community by enhancing lives through art education and appreciation, ArtXtravaganza helps support Webb’s visual and performing arts program and the arts at Mooreland Heights Elementary.

For more information, call 865-291-3846 or visit, and follow ArtXtravaganza on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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Planet Beach


Spouses Who Share the Entrepreneurial Spirit

It’s estimated that 10 million American workers, or 6.6% of the nation’s workforce, are self-employed. But far fewer are husband and wife teams, and even fewer are both self-employed, having successfully launched two different enterprises.

Such is the story of husband and wife team, and successful entrepreneurs, Justin and Nina Morgan. Justin is CEO of Development & Design Concepts, LLC, a fully integrated land development, custom design, and construction firm that builds high-end custom homes and commercial buildings. Nina, a mom, Licensed Professional Counselor, IFBB Figure Professional, and doctoral candidate, recently launched two Planet Beach Automated Spa locations in Bearden and Turkey Creek, which are the first Planet Beach Automated Spa locations in Tennessee.

In this issue, we’ll focus on Nina and Planet Beach Automated Spa, which has high tech, innovative, affordable services that are revolutionizing the spa industry. In our February issue, we will interview Justin and learn more about Development & Design Concepts, LLC.

EK: First of all, tell our readers a little bit about Planet Beach and how it differs from traditional spas.

Nina: At Planet Beach Knoxville, we currently offer 13 different spa services to service both men and women. We offer everything from massage, weight management, detox, anti-aging, skincare, stress-reduction, pain relief, sunless color, and even teeth whitening. We offer convenience and affordability. With my locations now in Knoxville, luxurious spa services are no longer unattainable. All of our services are between 15 to 30 minutes. You can be in and out in 20 minutes or you can spend a few hours with us; it’s your choice. We offer monthly memberships and session packages to suit everyone’s goals, lifestyle, schedule, and budget. Whether you are a student, career person, or stay-at-home mom or dad, Planet Beach is just what you have been looking for. We are even open seven days a week!

EK: You have extensive backgrounds in competitive sports, fitness, modeling, and professional counseling. How does your professional training and career experience benefit your clients?

Nina: I have always been passionate about fitness, health, wellness, and helping others. It’s all about the total package. We all want to look good on the outside, but we also want to feel good on the inside, too. We can’t focus on just one and lose sight of or neglect the other. Our self-esteem can be in direct correlation with our appearance. Self-care is so important – emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Our expert spa consultants are here to help our members and clients achieve their goals. Our services can help get you on the right track to a healthy lifestyle.

EK: You describe Planet Beach as a one-stop shop for total skincare and wellness. Can you elaborate?

Nina: While similar services exist elsewhere, clients would have to visit numerous locations to be able to take advantage of all the services we offer under one roof. We have a full line of skincare for face and body to clear, maintain, and transform your skin. We also offer relaxation products like masks, spa socks, personal massagers, candles, and melts, as well as nutrition products like vitamins, protein, detox, anti-cellulite herbs, and PB Clean Energy. We carry sunless color products by PB Glow and Sunless Pro, and we have in-spa, home teeth whitening kits, touchup pens, plus much more.

EK: Clients are often reluctant to commit to the high fees charged by spas or to sign long-term contracts. How is Planet Beach different?

Nina: We offer all different types of memberships, which start as low as $29 per month. We even offer month-to-month memberships and session packages. You can even freeze your membership.

EK: You also offer an appointment-based, no wait commitment to your clients.

Nina: Yes, our services are appointment-based. This enables us to keep a client’s wait to a minimum. We will also accept call ahead and walk-ins.

EK: Highlight for our readers two services that are popular with your clients.

Nina: Our most popular service for weight loss is the Slim Capsule. You can lose anywhere from one to five pounds and burn 400-500 calories in just one 28-minute session! Slim Capsule combines heat, light, massage, and natural aromas for a truly powerful and unique multi-sensory experience. The capsule provides the perfect environment to complement any exercise, fitness, personal training, spa, or beauty regimen. Dry heat and radiant heat combine with LED light therapy to enhance your POD experience. Aromatherapy, vibratory massage, and cool facial air complete the pampering and relaxation. Slim Capsule provides the perfect heated environment, maintaining desired heat levels throughout the duration of each session for more effective results and maximum comfort.

Turn back the clock with our second most popular service, which is red light treatment. Red light was first discovered by NASA. It has become very popular in the spa industry, because people are experiencing amazing results. Infrared light is a unique wavelength and can penetrate deeper into the skin. It can stimulate collagen and elastin in your skin. It helps with fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne, scarring, and stretch marks. It’s anti-aging’s dream!

EK: How can our readers learn more about Planet Beach?

Nina: They can visit our website at, or they can visit us on Facebook at or We also have a free Planet Beach app. Lastly, they can call or stop by our convenient locations in Turkey Creek or Bearden!

» Dream Wave Massage
» Yu-me Massage
» Jade Fusion Massage
» Oxygen Therapy
» Guided Meditation
» Andullation Therapy

» PB Glow Sunless Spray Tanning

» Slim Capsule – weight loss and detox
» Sauna-tox – weight loss, detox, pain relief, relaxation, cardio, skin health
» Full Body Hydration
» PB Renew Light Therapy Facial
» Full Body Red Light Treatment
» Teeth Whitening

Planet Beach Automated Spa

6630 Kingston Pike in Bearden

11657 Parkside Drive in Turkey Creek

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