Closets by McKenry

Because we’re spending more time around the house nowadays, many Americans are learning to fully appreciate their homes. Our kitchens are once again a favorite family gathering place where we share our daily experiences. Our family rooms provide a much needed diversion from the world with gaming and new feature movies and old classics streaming on our widescreen televisions. And our beautifully landscaped patios and gardens offer the peace and tranquility that often alludes us with our hectic career and family schedules.

But despite these wonderful features of our homes that we are coming to enjoy more, you no doubt have become increasingly more focused on certain areas of your home that might have become a source of growing frustration for you. Are you going on a hunt to get dressed each morning? Does your car even fit in the garage? Do the doors stay closed in the laundry and pantry because the spaces just don’t work?

How can one family have accumulated so much “STUFF” you ask yourself? Well, the solution to your “STUFF” issues may be easier than you might expect: Closets by McKenry.

For nearly two decades, Closets by McKenry owner and founder, Chris McKenry, has helped homeowners from L.A. to Knoxville overcome their storage and organizational problems. And, more recently, Chris has been helping a growing number of professionals transition from their conventional office places to their new at-home offices that enable busy professionals like yourself to remain both productive and efficient.

Closets by McKenry is locally owned and independently operated and is not a franchise. Chris and his team remain nimble enough to respond to all the latest developments in the storage and organizational marketplace and yet large enough to source these innovative products from around the world. And because of the industry relationships that Chris developed since 2000, Closets by McKenry is able to source everything you’ll need to create the perfect storage and organizational solutions for your home’s closets, garage, pantry, laundry, and home storage needs… and all at the best prices.

Closets by McKenry uses the latest ClosetPro 3D software, a cloud-based system that allows your projects to be designed and visualized in your own home. They are also very proud to support their local and area business economy by being the exclusive Knoxville distributor for Sevierville-based Inspiration Home Closet Systems.

Chris firmly believes that bringing order and organization to our surroundings can enhance our lives and reduce stress. He describes the number one mistake people make in their closets and storage spaces: “Not taking an extra minute to plan and think of their needs. It is not JUST a closet, or garage, or laundry. It is the place that affects your entire day.”

Chris always asks many questions to make sure everything that needs a place has a place, and he loves bringing a smile to a client’s face.

“You have many choices when selecting a closet and storage company,” said Chris. “But what really successfully differentiates Closets by McKenry in the minds of our customers is our love in taking care of them and going that extra mile.”

The Process of Customizing Your Home is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Consultation: Closets by McKenry is currently offering both in-home or virtual consultations, whichever the client is more comfortable with. At that time we discuss your needs, goals, and measure the space.
  2. Review proposal: Closets by McKenry will sit down with you either in the showroom – while practicing social distancing and wearing a mask – or virtually to review the proposal and answer questions. You will have a 3D rendering of your project, along with the total cost and timeline. You will see exactly what your new space will look like, and changes can be made at this time.
  3. Installation: Closets by McKenry’s experienced, friendly installation professionals will safely and quickly install your components – on your schedule – so you can begin enjoying the benefits of “organization by design” as soon as possible!

It’s as simple as that!

To learn how to become better organized and to overcome your frustrations with “STUFF,” give Chris a call today. Chris can also help you create that perfect work-at-home office space that will provide you with everything required to remain productive and efficient in our ever evolving world.

» 2010 – Best Closet Design winner at Los Angeles Organizing Awards
» 2019 – Best Closet Design – Interior Design Society – nationally recognized for Primary Closet at the Alzheimer’s Tennessee Designer Home and Garden Tour

Professional Associations:
» Interior Design Society of East Tennessee
» Association of Closet and Storage Professionals
» Closet Institute of America
» National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals
» Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce
» Knoxville Home Builders Association

The Closets by McKenry showroom is located at 201 Center Park Drive, Suite 1070, in Knoxville. Hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4:30 pm and Saturday by appointment only.

Closets by McKenry
201 Center Park Drive
Suite 1070
Knoxville, TN 37922

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Make Your Home More Stay-cation & Work from Home Friendly

Understandably, most of us are spending considerably more time at home than we have at any other time in the past. As a result, many of us are updating, or planning to update, our home’s interiors and out-of-door living spaces as we facilitate this year’s stay-cation and work from home plans.

Garden centers are bursting with homeowners tidying up existing planting areas or creating entirely new ones. Homeowners are night-scaping their homes with exterior LED landscape lighting to create an exciting new nighttime look. Old concrete driveways are being replaced with beautiful multi-colored, variable sized pavers, further highlighted with beautiful geometric paver patterns. We’re painting inside and out, installing lawn irrigation systems, replacing screened porches with four-season rooms, hardscaping patios and adding built-in grills, ice-makers, and refrigerators. The sky’s the limit as we reallocate 2020’s planned vacation spending to investments in our home to make them more stay-cation and work-at-home friendly.   

At Amish Elegance in Knoxville, East Tennessee’s number one source for beautifully hand-crafted Amish furniture, we would like to share with you some exciting new ways that we can help you enhance your stay-cation and work from home plans. We have some great furniture suggestions for your out-of-door living spaces, including our multi-colored, all hand-crafted Amish outdoor furniture designed to last a lifetime. Our polywood furniture, which resists the harshest elements, will transform your ordinary outdoor gatherings into extraordinary events. Select from Adirondack chairs, bistro-tables and stools, and much more.

For your work from home office, we have a large selection of desks and chairs, companion chairs, file cabinets, bookshelves, art, décor, and lighting. Why settle for particle substitutes when you can own solid wood, Amish hand-crafted furniture that not only will look spectacular, but that will last a lifetime? In fact, many lifetimes.

For every other room in your home, we offer everything imaginable. That’s because most everything we sell, we create. We are your true all-custom source for all of your furniture needs. Why settle for showroom floor furniture from the big box stores when you can have exactly what you want, and at a price that may surprise you?

Most Amish Elegance visitors are surprised to discover that today’s Amish furniture is available in nearly every style imaginable. Hand-crafted from 100% solid American hardwoods, your furniture will be produced using the wood species you select, custom ordered to your exact specifications, with your choice of stains and finishes. And if it’s the softer side of Amish Elegance you’re searching for, spice things up a little with our wide assortment of fabric and leather upholstered furniture.

Let Amish Elegance help take the mystery out of shopping for quality furniture. Bring your photos when you visit and let our interior design consultants help you create that designer look that you’re looking for. Say goodbye to expensive, inferior quality, assembly line furniture for good.

Also, be sure to check out our extensive lines of home décor items, lighting, and art from well-known regional artists to complete your project.

So if you’re ready to create that perfect stay-cation home, work from home office, replace existing furnishings, or add new pieces, visit Amish Elegance and rediscover affordable, all custom, hand-crafted furniture that you might have thought no longer was available. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Amish Elegance

613 N. Campbell Station Road
Knoxville, TN 37934

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Importance of Friendship in Older Age

When you’re a senior citizen, having good friends and being social positively affects you both physically and mentally. Studies have found that socializing can strengthen your immune system, reduce stress, lower blood pressure and the risk of heart disease, as well as sharpen your memory and help you sleep better. Friends cause better overall health because they motivate healthy habits and keep your health on track by helping you stay vigilant.

Loneliness has been linked to a higher risk of depression, dementia, and cognitive decline. Having strong friendships and simply talking to someone can lead to improved self-confidence, increased happiness, and a better outlook on life.

When it comes to building relationships, experts suggest finding supportive people with similar interests. Here are some good ways to meet new people:

» Volunteer. Pitch in to help others or your community – it’s a chance to get out of the house and enjoy face-to-face interaction.

» Take a class. You can find classes by searching online for topics that interest you. Check out local organizations such as the YMCA.

» Get moving. Try an activity that will get you out and moving around. Parkview communities each have a state-of-the-art fitness center and a beautiful, pet-friendly walking trail.

» Get involved with your faith community. If you’re religious, check out events happening at your local place of worship.

» Connect via social media. Sites like Facebook can help you find and reconnect with old friends and join groups that interest you.

» Cheer on your team. An easy way to find people with similar interests is connecting with fans through fan pages and forums. Or gather your friends at Parkview together to watch the big game.

Taking steps toward actively being social in a safe manner and pursing good relationships will set you on a path towards a healthy mindset and lifestyle. Parkview Senior Living values friendship and socializing in their community and offers multiple amenities to help you embody your inner social butterfly.

Parkview Knoxville
770 Broome Road

Parkview Maryville
1413 W. Broadway

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Dog Socialization

Dog owners realize that a balanced diet and exercise are vital to a dog’s health, but many don’t recognize the significance of dog socialization. Instinctively, dogs are pack animals; poorly socialized dogs are not inherent. Dogs who are not socialized become fearful of unusual or new circumstances, and stress has a negative effect on your dog’s mind and body.

Because of the way the brain develops, socializing a dog who has been raised without any canine interactions as a pup gets harder as the dog gets older. During puppyhood and adolescence, dogs are open to new experiences. With proper early socialization, most dogs will be comfortable in a variety of situations. Still, with the right help, older dogs can be socialized.

We received a recent reservation request from dog owners who stated, “My dog is older. She’s never been boarded or around other dogs. We need to board her. Can you assist us?” Yes, but it can be challenging for the dog if not done properly. We suggest an introduction time. Depending on the amount of time between the request and actual boarding, we will begin acclimating the dog to our environment, which is a totally new experience for her. We recommend a visit for a couple hours, followed by half day and full day daycare before her staycation. During this adjustment period, your dog builds her impressions and attitudes about us. She will have a positive experience, which helps build a happy foundation for her boarding.

We’re happy to visit with you regarding your boarding needs and dog’s socialization skills. Discover how doggy daycare can help even the most timid dog become relaxed and happy in a canine only resort while you are away from them.

Ms. C’s Bed & Biscuits
2145 Beals Chapel Road
Lenoir City, TN 37772

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Showcase Quality Looking Replacement Windows from OKNA & Window Works

When asked to describe the major features and benefits of OKNA replacement windows, Knoxville-based Window Works co-owner, Chris Moon, responded, “OKNA windows have earned a well-deserved reputation for their innovation, quality, and performance with their award-winning designs. They have invested considerable time and money in perfecting the engineering of this line of windows. Their elegant design offers homeowners a variety of custom shapes, styles, and colors, providing both beauty and energy efficiency.”

OKNA windows will add value to your home by improving its curb appeal and by saving on heating and cooling costs. OKNA’s vinyl and composite window series provide a maintenance-free, custom look – all backed up with one of the best lifetime transferable warranties available in the industry. 
“Glass is one of the most important components in the creation of a great replacement window,” said Chris. “The glass unit comprises approximately 90% of the entire window. OKNA has designed a proprietary 11-layered, high-performance reflective coating made up of microscopically thin layers that act as a filter, reducing damaging UV rays by up to 80% while helping to lower heating and cooling bills.”
Because your windows and doors are the most significant source of heat transfer in your home, regardless of climate or season, OKNA has designed and engineered their windows to exceed Energy Star energy efficiency guidelines. They have created one of the lowest air infiltration rated windows in the U.S. That is 1,000% better than the industry average, and that’s a lot of energy savings.
“From windows and siding to patio doors and gutters, our team at Window Works does its very best to make every homeowner’s project as simple, affordable, and easy as possible,” said Chris. “As homeowners ourselves, we fully appreciate the benefit of hiring a knowledgeable and reputable company. Our installation teams are made up of highly qualified and trained installers and crew members with 25 to 40 years experience.” 
Family owned and operated, Window Works is committed to providing quality replacement windows, in addition to a large selection of home products at an affordable price.

“We take pride in what we do and the relationships we have made throughout the years with all of our customers,” said Chris. “We strive to be a professional, non-pressure company who values integrity and takes the time to educate our customers on the products we offer. Ultimately, we want to earn your trust on whatever project you may have, no matter how big or small.”

Window Works
10909 Murdock Drive
Knoxville, TN 37932

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Enjoy Your Home’s Outdoor Living Spaces – Without the Bugs!

If your home isn’t equipped with retractable screens, you’re likely not enjoying your outdoor living spaces to their fullest. Why? Because the hot summer sun and biting insects, in larger numbers than ever due to abundant rain and humidity, are probably keeping you indoors. But there’s a solution.

Homeowners across the country are increasingly creating popular outdoor “rooms” such as porches and lanais with kitchens complete with large, permanently-installed grills, refrigerators and work areas, luxurious fireplaces, beautiful lighting, and even artwork specially made to be weather-proof. Unfortunately, hot afternoon sun and biting insects often keep homeowners from using their new outdoor living spaces as often as they might have hoped.

Retractable screens provide the perfect solutions to these problems. By combining indoor and outdoor spaces, these innovative screen solutions enhance and promote the outdoor living experience. They provide shade and allow people to enjoy the out-of-doors during hot summer days, extending the time spent on patios while keeping annoying, biting insects at bay.

Large, motorized screens are a perfect example of how to blend function with comfort. These screens can be recessed into the beams or walls of a building, thereby staying truly hidden when fully retracted. One of the best features of retractable screens is that these screening solutions don’t diminish your views or your home’s aesthetics, as the screens are in place only when needed.

For the ultimate in elegance, many of the retractable screen solutions can be blended into virtually any architectural style. These retractable screens are available in a variety of custom colors and wood grain finishes to complement your home’s interior or exterior color schemes. The screens can also be programmed to come down and retract with sun and wind sensors and can be connected to your home’s automation system to have the screens come down at a specific time of day when extra shade or insect protection are called for.

Start enjoying your home’s great out-of-door living spaces. For more information about retractable screen options, visit

Screens of East Tennessee

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European Fine Hardwood Floors

“They Did Exactly What They Said They Were Going to Do”

“When we decided to update our house, we asked a few neighbors who they used, and a couple of them said European Fine Hardwood Floors,” said Joann Brown, co-owner of Knoxville-based CertaPro Painters. “I had also seen their ad in Everything Knoxville, so I gave them a call.

“I was very impressed when Valera and Svetlana Tomescu, European Fine Hardwood Floors owners and husband and wife team, came to do the estimate.  They took their time taking measurements and answering our questions. They explained the process to us and offered suggestions on things I hadn’t even thought about.

“It was a very large project. Our floors were the old shiny hardwoods, and they stripped both our upstairs and main floor, including our staircase and railings. They replaced all of our air vents with vents that are flush with the floor. We changed the flooring color to a more neutral tone and used a matte finish.

“I would definitely rate them a 10. My biggest concern was the dust from sanding. They assured me that there would be minimal residual dust. I have to say that I had my doubts, but it was amazing how little dust there was. They cleaned up at the end of each day.

“I recommend them all the time. We are a painting contractor and customers always ask for recommendations on different projects. We tell our staff to not be afraid to recommend European Fine Hardwood Floors.  They do what they say they are going to, and they show up when they say they are going to. 

“Remodeling projects are never easy and can be very stressful. We had several different contractors at our home, and working with European Fine Hardwood Floors was, by far, the easiest part of the project. They explained what would be happening each day and did exactly what they said they were going to.”

To learn more about new hardwood floor installation and refinishing, do what Joann Brown did and call European Fine Hardwood Floors today at 865-640-3680.

European Fine Hardwood Floors

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Rediscover a Level of Medical Care That You May Have Thought No Longer Existed

While it is estimated that only 50% of our current health system and only one-third of our physicians will remain in the next decade, is it any wonder that patients who value their relationships with their providers are concerned that the future of medical care is being driven by the bottom line insurance companies? Fortunately, a growing number of private practice medical providers are pushing back against this managed care trend so common in European socialized medical models.

Gallian Medical Group, launched by husband and wife team, Scott Gallian, MD, MBA, and U.S. Air Force veteran and Lauren Gallian, FNP-BC, in nearby Hardin Valley, offers patients a totally new approach to full-service primary care in a compassionate and caring environment. Complete with in-house diagnostic lab, EKG, and X-ray services, Gallian Medical Group offers their patients a level medical excellence not often found today.

“What patients appreciate most about Gallian Medical Group is a level of care that they remember from the past,” said Scott. “Gone are the ‘bus station-like’ waiting room experiences and ‘steeple chase-like’ visits with your healthcare provider. What remains is a team and of experienced and dedicated medical professionals who are totally committed to your individual healthcare needs in a caring, compassionate, and unrushed environment.”

“We wanted to put the focus back on the patient and not lock them into a typical 15-minute box,” said Lauren. “Our patients love it. When I ask a new patient why they selected Gallian, they respond that they felt rushed or didn’t feel they were listened to at their previous doctor’s office. We don’t practice ‘assembly-line’ medicine.”

“Patients want a provider they can stay with for life, not someone that moves on after the provider’s contract expires,” said Scott. “Patients want their provider, not a replacement or substitute.”

“Our incredible medical team, including our newest team member, Gina Bearden, FNC-BC, are the real reason for our success,” added Lauren. “We feel the patients’ relationship with our medical team is as important as the patients’ relationship with us. Our staff is like family to us.”

Medicare patients especially appreciate the level of personalized attention they receive at Gallian Medical Group.

“Our Medicare patients often have more healthcare needs and higher expectations,” said Scott. “We want them to know that we’re here to meet their expectations and provide the quality care they deserve.”

Gallian Medical Group also does not want any patient to ignore their existing healthcare needs during this pandemic. You are encouraged to visit their website to learn about their recommended COVID-19 safety precautions, as well their Telemedicine services being offered.

Rediscover a level of medical care that you may have thought no longer existed.

Gallian Medical Group
10744 Hardin Valley Road, Suite 106
Knoxville, TN 37932

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Fitness Together: A Family Affair

“My family has lived in Knoxville since 2000,” said Margaret Hunt. “I’ve been married to my husband, Bob, for 30 years, and we have three daughters.”

Margaret first contacted Andrew Henderson, owner of Fitness Together, several years ago to learn about their training and the costs involved.

“My youngest daughter had expressed interest in working with a personal trainer because she isn’t fond of group exercise classes, so I contacted Fitness Together,” she said. “We started working with Hannah Maples, a personal trainer, in October 2019.”

Like many people, Margaret had been fighting a life-long battle with her weight.

“My goals were to lose weight, increase my strength and flexibility, and to hopefully maintain this lifestyle,” she said. “I want to be around to meet my grandchildren and to age as well as I can.

“My daughter and I have had an exceptionally positive experience working with Hannah. She is positive, encourages us to do our best, prompts us when we need to improve our technique, and provides regular feedback on our progress. She’s been fantastic.

“We’ve had a great experience. When fitness centers closed for the COVID-19 pandemic, we worked remotely with Hannah via FaceTime. We were also able to check out weight equipment we didn’t have at home so we could continue to work toward our fitness goals. We sincerely appreciated Hannah’s help and the support of the team at Fitness Together.”

“We’re in the process of meeting many of the goals we have set. Physical fitness is a life-long process, so there’s always work to be done on goals.”

When asked if she would recommend Fitness Together to others, Margaret responded, “Absolutely. I think the benefits of working with a personal trainer are that they can help you set goals for your current health status and fitness levels, they can help you stay accountable and not lose heart when meeting your goals come slowly, and if you’re shy or introverted like me, you can work out and not worry too much about looking too awkward.” 

To learn more about Fitness Together and how you and every member of your family can enhance your lifestyle and longevity, contact them right away. Today personal fitness is more important than ever.

Fitness Together

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Shae Design Studio

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